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MAhuH 1984 
No. 2 


11 ■! TJSr rf 1 















:\RZONe & ^ 

Ht- nmer STEVE TURNER *t 


Kong games-we compare versions 


Currah y Speech 
& cursor joysticks 



sm^kAftOfteoucATfON • unuries 

Choosing which game to buy from the mountain available is a difficult job, 

especially when everyone claims to produce the best on the market. But how oan 

you tell the best from the rest?. To help you decide, read on, . . . 

Vk^ V H f 1 



L&l your S0ectrum b€r your gurtie in & lotally n#* 
ilimtns^Qn in adv«n¥yres in |he Ifue spifi of 
ir«ditiCH>Bl to^ play laa games where VO U deatq n 

"I hnv^ tmtn ift Dungeoni and Dragons Ian for 
a«wrai years The package pfovidas exceHent 
enieriainrnent (or &ii fani ot tne culH snd ahould 
l>rove a goo^ mifodycilon lo i^e game 

Sinclair U«f 
"HigMiy r«€Ofnmemlid lof <t« versaFity, qr»ginaNiy 
i^qualily D«linBte<^ WfCH wiorth obta^^ng ' 

ZK Cofliputing 

ZX Sp#ctrMm 4«K C7.50 

Wottar> by Gratiarri Slallord 


A1 last' a ver^ior^ as fasf and turfous and as 
fru$C^ai»nal> addictive a;& ih& arcade Ongihnal 
Landers Mursnis, Bombers, Pods. 5 warmef tend 
much mgcH mofe combine tc^ pfpdwce tbp 
ulTrmaie space garnet 

ZX Spectrwm 4aK G6.50 

WfiiieF> by SsriTQfi Braftet and i^eil Moirershead 

Piease send &Ai fof our latest eataiogue «nd 
del a I ^s ol out larthcofupng so^rwBf« 
Caial^giie Ff^lE *ilh every order P^P inclwlert 
B«aae a<»d CO SO per iiami for ovei^seas ortlera, 

Rea»e make cHeauea/^O's payable lo: 




What the 
real critics say. , , , 

Very rarely have 
software titles produced 
such universal acclaim 
as *Haits of the Things' 

and The Dungeon 
Master'. Now. with three 

brand new programs. 
Crystal continues to set 
the standard of software 

excellence. The 

difference is obvious - 

the choice is yours: 

The Best or The Rest, 




The yitimai^teatol kofltc pr^ddedsuciK^n^Can you 
solve ihe hidden rnyiteries of ihe Souih Pacilic 
Island on which you have been sTranded - and 
esCApe Aliv«> A briliianl classic sly^e advenlure 
game lo fae^n^ie and Iruatrate you for monihs" 
lXftp«0truni4SK CT.M 

Written lay U^t^m n. Smlll^ 







A stunnmg muih-teve^ maie arcaa^e adventure 
""EMcelteni and dangefousiy addictive • could 
fshange fhe S(3#ctrum games acena 
overrHghr Sinclair Us*^ 

Sp^ctaou^ar - One o* I he best games iVe seen, 
imeiy baianead t^rwe#n ^Empiicrly and 
B0diclrveneai ^ superb graphics and c&louf - I 

_. Popular Computing Weekly. 

Written by Nell Motiefiii#Ad. S^mon Bfattei and 

Martin Horalay. 

Pl«aa« SupisFy; 

InvBiipn o^ the Body Snatchas D 

Rofnm«r» Revarige G The Island G 

Halla ol the Things O The Dungeon Master D 

Calaiogue (p4eiw enclose SAE ^^n x gm.) p 

I enciote ohequayPO fo^ ... .* .^. 

NAME....... .-.-. .* 


A bMl^lBnt interpretation ol the most vtSMft^iy 
slunnkng arqade game of all Ume. Superb h^h 
resolution 3D graphics with ful^ perspechire plua 
a host of new and excMmg leatufes rriahe 
ftomfnei 5 Riv^J^a tha mo*t sp#ctacylar game 
evaf prcK^uted fof youf Spec I rum' 

2JI Spectrum 4SK ti^SO 

Writlen by Martin Horsiey 

DEALERS! For delaiJa ot our *jic*JJam 
aesler discounts (Inclydmg export) 
ring Chrja Clarice on 0^1 -^05-3603 

PROORAMMERS^ Written any good 
^Qttware? Mhd it to ua^or evalual^on and 
detaOs of our excellent royalty acheme. 

■ ***** ** *■-««'«• -I ■- •-« 

M '•) 


11h« vMf ift 2934 DhLrlhiym tSivatate a^* 

humaniVi most prizied pott^ssion tMcaij^a itvey 

am th« AMfOy source of «very ApiM cnilser. The 

SekSdelx humanist/s enemie* have an enormous 

StdcR of crystals m vacuym vauHs. buried b«r>eath 

theif military HQ The crystals are held in 

siructured arrays, guarded by laser- arrfied Droid& 

perKlifbg tiieir Ifansf^r to an ^nvaSJOri Heal 

Yoy have teen sfnuggied: mr^ the ^i^ults with a 

lirnited oxygen s^jppfy Voyr orders are lo LIFT «he 

crystals t>efofe the OroKis cut you dowrt. . . 

7 scfo«fi^ 3 tlvw, hJgh score Labia, arcade quality. 

to^t machinf) codQ actk^a choow your cNun ke^. 

Kempffori Joystick oomp^tibie. Fof the 1 6K or 

4SK ZX Sp^drum. CC OCT 






I'm Wn, Vm late, l have gol \a gee Ehere. Just put 
my fool down and hope. Whal a tiend. f II n«ver 
make it Up the kerb - that's slowed me down, 
f'm off [he road completely now^ Nice scenefy 
arourKi here. Pretty ftowers and a laHe. Whal am ( 
doing? 1 must get back on the road, Oh, fhis ia 
hard \1\ never do i\ 

Steer your car ro^/Kl a lofiuous arcuir o* roads, 
bfaking and aooale^ating as you 90 Avoid the 
kart), islands and ttBtkeo c&r% Learner and 
^professional levels Kempstoo loysliCK ovnpatibte. 
4dK ZK Spectrum only. BE BC 


The magnrfBcenl Fantasia Diamond, heidoom o* 
vour househ^kji has baen alolen and taken to an 
imposing loftr&ss. Vou celled on the servtoos oi 
Borts the masterspy. but he has been cauaht and 
ifn prisoned by She Guardian, who patrols iha 
rooms and con^idora ol the Foftreas, looking for 

Now you must go ar^ raiheve the Diainond and 
rescue Boris. On the way you will meel many 
pharadera some evil and some friandty, Vo^j will 
have to leam 10 elicii the help ol the friendly ones 
in ordar to compile youf tasK biJt remember Ihey 
Nave their own lives to lead, so they may not 
dh#^y^ do ^ yOij ask 

A most enjoyaWe and ohailenfllng graphic 
sdvantyFa for the 4a K ZX Spectrum. 


ft f'fi-.^j 



Ar» you ((MJklna tor a pubHsher for wouf program*? H so, 
Mfty not drop u» a lln« or Iwitsr stlfl send In m sumpltt of 
yoiir worht for fast •valuation and prompt raply. 

Mail order to: 



Penguin Pulvirizin! 


The Fastest Digger around, 

Metal Mayhem at the 

certainly IS. 


t ol the BOBOTRONS 

ir Apocolypse NOW! 

ed out CPU. 




Selected titles available front fiaats, 

W.H.Smiths, J.Mensies 1 
^ good computer $torq|^| 

J^ ggtgr En quiii^/u tfelcoiasJfilLP ^ -748-4 1 
•AUgames Just £5.95 inc VAT and P&P * j^ 

SUversoft Ltd, Londoi^House, ZJHtlZ King St, 
^ WG i 



TiiiMii I 

Rof if Ktan 

ONv#r fwf 

Franco F fey 


John Ecf wards 

I'/Qcf ycf/dn tf«c/gfi«r 

Mictuiel Arientj 

^ 1904 Nflwsiiaid Ltd 

Cr»ift (W/ero 15 pubiisf^ftd 
monthly by N^ifmU^d Ltd. 
POiOMi O.Ludlow. 
ShropsTiifeSYB IDB 
Tef 0S&4 562O 

Nciffiftliirkilniay be 
reproduced m whole or in part 
withourl written consenl Trom 
tN copyrif ht holders 

Mono printing. typ#Mlting 


Feb Edge Lilho Ltd 

3-4 The OvflS, London E2. 

Colour pfinling by 

Allan-Denver Web QtHBl Uld. 

Noflhr^eld, Mifton Keynes. 

Coloy r ortgmal^on by 

Scan Siudios, 44 Wallace Rd^ 

London N1 


Wells Gftrdner . Darion & Co 

Fey gate, Horsham, W Sysseic 


Sybscrtplions: 12 ^sues £3 00 
UK Mainland [posi Included) 
Europe: 1 2 isstret £15 (post 
Single coiJyJSp 

II you wouPd Iik0 to contri^butt 
to CRASH please wnd ariicles 
or ideas for projects to ih« 
fiba¥eeddr$as Artic:iea should 
be lyp#d We cannot 
undertake to return them 
unit ss accompanied by i 
Slarnp^ed addressed initio pe 

Coivr tUiitirmUon: OHwmr Fr«y 


We \ook a I computer retell outi«ta. in \m^, ttie tint 
of an oc€«s kon^il «efl#s^ irw CRASH l*«m ^tmdtu$ 
CHJl W.HSiT^ith 


Frtftoo Fmy Ir^terf acfis wKh t^ CkintH 
Micro»p»ech unit 


We begin an occs^loaaE look at acJuoatkmal soft- 
w^re and aom^ r^vieiwa. 

EommAL ft ¥Dun letters 

Plus Advertrsers lnde)c end Reviews. 


A ivlaf rouH'dup for the montli. 


Ifif Oiif second cofnparitors we ROLL OUT THE 
BARREL and \akB a look at KONG games 


jl Cfos 


mmi HOTUME charts 


h'i.O *.n 

i^'cxn .jtr^imQ U2m ^uni^ 

^ ?»* -^dge of Ad vefil uf e ga mm 

m month from among the eeYabllaih^d 
gmim^ ih«i ate avaltiblt. 


INCLUDE GAMES FROM Ulttma^ir Pmsofn©. Sllvw^ 
sofL M*krcsgflii, mbi e Pro- 

^romiiigs' ^ -- 


Issue 3 (Aprllj will be on sule from Friday I6lli. 


RUN IT AGAIN takes command of rrylssile corr^mand. 

CRASH Reaclers QueBtlonalre — your chance to tell us how to do Itt 

Plui the news roundup, fevievvs^ articles and guide. 

A Ntwstieid Pyblicftion 


montii, to avoid op«n warfare in the office 
we decided to award tha five contenders 
equal status... 

0X^^ page 


A NeiM^f i#Ie:^ Pybllulion 









ONLY £C50 EACH rr;::,::cr?sis 


yyilpKi iN ptH vw«f v^r m ^m jHu^Mv Um m l|« UK 

■■■^V Li- ^^^~ ^^^— -V^^V «HI^ ^^^b «Ahh* 

1,^11 liimn (OVFtxh Df 

— >< — 

Okay, I dqr» !dk« my cDMpiJlw Id fh« tdg* of mdfdicnm, S«nel m* ifn felowi ng; 



Uhitioffi Pby Th« Gome is m trad* nam* of AsMiy CismpuVert and Groplw lid. The Gfwt Ashby ^ b Zoudv Lticnlinhir«, Tri {0S30) 41 1485. D EHilcr efi^urm Wcome. 


Send foi 

IUlhrnate Pby TK^ Game, 
The Green, 

I A$hby de Jo ZoucK 
I Lekesref shire. 








. •jciATH chasp 

For any Spectrum 


Trade Enquires 

PRISM 01 253 227Hi^ 



k Hi^n. wjiiiJk I Mj # I ft wii^^ VJ t'l t*l \Mi ■ ^HL^i*!'^ lflli^«lL,<l 

Software Ltd 230 Lavender Hill London SV* 


f\mioi 111 may I taice thlg. 
oppoftuntty To ihank Qv«ryon« 
of yoy wf^ ha^ wnttsn lo 
CRwHl to &ay ho^ir much yau 
kiKtdlhe launch i-ssueot the 
magaiine A maoaiinci Ilka 
CRASH nahas so Heavily on tha 
goodwill oMts read or 9 and tha 
suppon of I he software 
hoiiiStas- 1 can alraady aae that 
wm ara Qotng to gnat a lot of 
faadback Irom yoy, and you 
can ba sura that wa shall do 
QUI lavai bnasi to incorporare 
mf klus you may hava Bui I 
aliould also iiHe la Ihank tna 
softwara housaa who hava 
bmn to ganeroua w)m thakr 

A magazine hi a living anllly 
— a kind of ihraa-way 
partnorahip4>alwaen publi^ahar, 
raactar and advait^Mr ah^ all 
Ilia adwrttaaf ka tha ooe who 
piodiioes tha gamea ihat you 
wanl iQ buy. What ihe 
magazirie ha^ to do fca act as a 
forum for mf omiation — and 
Ihat'a what wa Inland to te. 
TTiat fs a major reason Iqc tha 
CRASH HOTLINE (which is 
obviously proving very popular 
too^f W offars ih« read^f an 
opportunity to tell us (and in 
turn tha aoflwar& houses) whai 
you anjoy. Thera may ba some 
iaalhing troubles with iha 
HOTUNE because it has 
aitc^Kiad our eKpectat^ona, is 
you may find It conslarilly 
angngad! We apoiofiaa for any 
hriconvanjenca, and auggast 
you uaa tha wnlta-in coupon if 
you hava problanna Wa are 
doing oyr baat to maka lurthar 
arraiiQ»moma lo expand iha 

Kma ayatafn to cope Bui 
p If up^ 

Along iha samt Iknaa ot 
sussing out what you liKa, we 
am planning a CRASH 
OUESTIONAIRE for kssye thraa. 
Tha more people who fill thia 
in, tha belief and mora 
accurate iha raw lis wUI b«. II 
will halp us In prM^ntkng 

Information in a way you 
prafer. and we hope it will ba ot 
benalil to the software 
producers too. So look out for 
tfiat next mpnih. 


rd ilktt to thank raadara for alt 
Ihe nice letters that wa hava 
received already (as I write 
CRASH isssue 1 has only bean 
on Bale for a week| and quite a 
number of you aMprassed an 
interest in our comic ^Xup THE 
TERMtNAL MAN. So to satisfy 
your cyrioslty, hare a few 
daiaiia aboul the two paopla 
who maka the stnp poasibla. 

Artist Otl¥#r Fray, who la also 
deaionar lor CRASH Magaiina, 
has been drawing comic si rips 
fof lonoar than ha caras lo 
fafnemfeaf starting off wWh 
IPC's War PictufB UtffBry 
serias of which he did ov^r 
iwanty. Some aw b^ing 
reprinted avaft now. Ha has 
afao dona a lot of llluslrallva 
wc^k fonhe ofd iooir S Laam 
and drew thai publication's 
atrip Tha Trli^an Emptrt for over 
a year before the comic was 
atopped, He had a close brush 
With Superman too, if you've 
seen ihe film (the f I rat part that 
Is}, perhaps you remember at 
tha vary t^eglnnlng, the litila 
boy reading his Superman 
comic that then turned Into the 
title sequence? Tha whole 
oomic book was only two 
special ly drawn pages whicli 
Olfvei did for director Dick 
Dom^ar to use in the film. 

In recent months Oliver has 
been husy with several Oim 
Dara si rips for iha Emgtw 
annuals, and has also drawn 
tha weeklyyarsion in Ihe 
comic. In ihi Terminal Man. 
Oliver has been partiy 
letponsibla for pi anting the 
iim of the Idea in the wrrter's 




aiiliy Cvnautfr (l«m« 

dftmn offtw^ t 

€«M CompMlar S^inMiiiiorii 

COmM kfO i yil pi w 

&Hl^ MIcra Gmmi* Aetk3«i 


Gumn Con^^iuiv C^impeiaifiii 

^ ^ ^ li ifiiaQFaiiiOi'i 










S«w»n^ Softwnif a 











QHvtr Fray peau tar i CRAW 
MICRO pi^klfYftlHL 

Author Of tha The Tarminal 
Man IS Kalvfn QMtwIt Kelvin 
wanted lo be a pilot. Two 
physical drawbacks th waft ad 
this ambition: lass than perlact 
eyesight (medically 
undAairabla) and a prcpensuy 
lo throw up during aerobatics 
[undaalrabia for ciaanera ot 
cockpits*. He iherefore 
resigned himself to a non- aerial 
life many years ago and was 
da lighted, shoriiy aHerwafds, 
10 discover that he rvot only 
anioyed writing aboul flying but 
that piaopla were willing to pay 
him money to do It, 

His writing career started on 
Ihe comic Action in 1975. 
script Ing a World War 1 tala 
calfad SukMe Club, A long 
enthusiasm foe aciance liction 
was rekindled when he realised 
there was no SF comic in the 
UK. The resuli was the vary 
successful 2000 AD comic 
launched in 1978 and a top 
seller today. KaMn became Its 

Srnce than ha has handled a 
number of strip characlars, 
from Dan Dara m the UK to 
Siorm in The Natharlands, He 
conimuas to handle leafura 
work, particularly in aviation, 
since he diaoovared this gel a 
him ireefltghteinan 
assortment of flying machines. 
He cannot deci« what has 
been his E>Mt aerial experience 
— playing at the Battle of 
Britain in a Tigar Moth v 
Chipmunk dogfight ovaf Kent 
waa good, but so w«i bt^ng 
largei for iha d«y* tor an RAF 
rescue Sea King In Norfolk. 

A !MTlfl«d Kvlvin Qowisll timi 

btnatth an RAF ratetie S«a Kiiig 


RiQlogriphY ^ Ian KenfisOy 


m Mtk V 

In last month's Itaua we^ave 
an Incorrect price In the review 
Brtiamtta. The price of tsss 
qMOliel ahouid have read tBM 

AliOp in our iSuide sactkHi 
ttia rwlew JUNGLE TROUBt^E 
itiould have aaertbed the game 
firmly to Dyrrall Software, the 

Koducars o1 iha gameH as 
eriech are actyatly Durra^rs 
dlilributor mmi have no hand In 
tha wfftlr>g or produE^ing o1 Itie 
g^m^, Wa apologisa for our 

A Nau4li*l£^ Pubticdiior^ 


|JibTTtlia>ii> »>i »i> mi > 

Bach month fU b& choosing ihB best tBttBr from the 
pos!bag\ and. as welt as publishing it. nis9fHlth& writBr£12 
worth of MottwBm of hm or h&r choiCB (it can be- two c^^SQttes 
B& (orrg as fh&y com& within the Cl2i. /V© hard to growt on 
bBndBd knee to the editor for this, so you'd bettm be grat^tui! 

S$nd your letmrs to Uoyd Marfgr^m, CRASH Forum, PO 
Box 10, Ludfow; Bhropshfte SYS TOfi. t cani promise toprmf 
ev&rythsng that comes m because spece ^s pmcious f Tm told^ 
buf nt do my best. 

I «fft ilKKkwl Id &M lust haw 
fiMfty tottin. we bmv0 r«cei>i«cl 
■hvidy. Oori't get irie wrong, 
l^m iKkt comptiTntng — but 
iren't yo4i ill suppOMd to b$ 
bAfigtfhg away at that 
colK«p$In(| kay board or 
something? Stilt, I guess it's 
only fair thai after us boding 
you half to deatli, you should 
be able lo g«E youf own 

Ser1ou$lv Ihougti, Hi ink you 
)or the let I era. Quite a lot ha^e 
made the CRASH tearri b^u^h 

Ui the roota of Hieir dyed iiatr. 
Thece are some Ihat if we 
prlniled them would make 
people belfieva I made them up. 
In the event II waa e toi^ laik 
lo pick out a wtnnaf , eepecfaUy 
ae some cuie coolclei of tared 
me bribes in the forni of fiatlery 
(Ifll get you nowhere '} Afler 
eome reflection I thought thli 
plea Irom Mr A&hion lo treat 
the ilmuiatkifi game with more 
retpeot was (tie beel of ^^me 
very good letierv. 

rsic^fail, C4^ 

ttufir '^' 

howevSl . 

Them ara tiaalciir^ two typtt of 
-- finle^y and ro^ Jilt 

il1aMrigmerit?^4- = 

vtykj'ii ^ Notody^nowi 

hfsm aet-itit ^t. ■ -^^p- t:.m cjoss the 
IWd er ho« easy it wIEt b# ro laser 
fm antfi ipaoa i:r»ll Accord nfili^. 

ppeed i» irmiie^iifil >- trse gem$a 

lleiigrMir can. prog^'^'T-. iJ>* i Ait-*' .l>, 

ll^l or alow AS tw 

Pwoe Qirtiai the 

i Ontheothathd 

tlianiei mutt bi ea leelkti^ «i 
ipfv!i?'b4« Ye-^, molor^lkai ^en trevfl 
f ^1 3artd al i»ed and 

. . ij«ji faji t wm?lNer lh# 
tffli^rii 1.:^ i.j7ui4Aled or n. 
^ ButpJeiseriHtiembi 
ir~ *s an a* -Pi N fafifig i c^n aLr^-ar^ 
>|i^ in«l ftu&mani^tt9 ^ dive aa 
ilowly ae Mut- ' ^ iivoekt^ 

K have bee>^ 'P werperrtif 

for eom6 ya^r. .p .. r^fHwKm^^ 
leams io me to C^e rh« flirM real and 

1(^1 'riei 


I tiave jyst bought \fm lifal edlKcKi ol 
CPUiSH and I c^wPOt w^t for the 
saoorvd ocie to come out Alltiough I 
iim mrf yet a Spectminn owfier . 1 hopv 
to be ona soon, ea I have riajd one on 
ordar lor Iha paal trirae weeks. 

I hava aleo bought a numba^ ol 
01 her maga^iri^^ anc[ ^hware 
lev lews ^ji I inim go imo ao 

mych ElatailF aa CRASH Ttii$ 
mapaiina w^H cerlmifiiy rmlp me and 
I hopa man^ others in ct^oo^ng the 
best prOdrafTis to buy. I atio I4ked 
ihearticfe on Intarfacesand 
^qry^tlcki and 3 hope you continue lo 
iinciude ilam& like ihift oaeh month/ 
All Jn all, 75^. well $pentr Keap yp 
tho oood woftc. 

DM. Markidie, Marshal t BowS, 


JMSt Ihmifllii fd wiife to say Mitiat a 
great mag yWrv writing. Does that 
gel nm tha 12 qiMtf? NoT? Ah wall, 
we a^ays Uit^ m hope' Anyway, at 
iS-it ua SfHjrtocratic Hac:Mir« 
(Spactrum mera with ao alfirHly to 
modftma, aliarnatlve daiabesea. 
shoatlfiQ rnany a grsen rrta^i and 
loud noreeij have got a {lecvrtt 
mAgAzinetbat daela apacHtcally 
with I he Spectrum Nlinyre«der& 
may hot know it bul I tie be&l add^in 
for il^ Spectrum in my opinion be 
the Priam vn 50M modem. It'a 
grciei ^uo EsipsctalFy u^ng Mioonal 
- all that sorware wifh no postal 

Afr fOir my fa^DurUe software^ thai 
UBS lo ba Lun^r Jafmwn, Atic At0^ 
(completed). A^r ^trfacir and 

Oh well I suppose I've aaid 
enoiigh, no 1 get the CIS? gro^, 

Stepttan Lacey aka The Mad 

Kaep up 11H» unlv^eJleo c|uaf ity ot 
latter whUng. 5te|>hen, end you 
pcHild eerr^ youfselt a loftune In no 

llmei - IM. 

■ uwM 4 4eK Spectrum, with wfiich 1 

lamvifypleaaed, buE I'm already led 

up with tha keyboani tarsnl w^ ait>^ 

I neve thought about tH^ying a Fie it 

I Invoiws openHnj up ir>e compiler 
whjch makes th(} guaranlea Invelkj. l 

I wee wonclering wtiether anyone 
makes keyboante for itw Spectrum 

I wh^ch lirat Ipt on top ol the 

loompuler. Or a pEug^ln kaytward, 
ourrantly available Tor ma ZXSt. 

Also I em pianmno on buying a 
recondiTlpned or seconc^harKl 
col Out teiey It-ion io use with my 
Specirum. Do you thLnK I his i^ wl»? 
Pieaae oouid you gtve ma aoma 
advloB on buying ookNu* ie^ev4eio«is. 

I em cunenliy u9ing tf\i& fanH^set 
which Ls a Pluklipa 3745 Taieia)i:t 
CiQiiour sel Eii6 il {Ives a very good 
per form aJice. Do Tvfelexl Tva 
ganaraJEy gW 6 mucn Ctattor 

I think CRASH Mag Jft brliM And 

hBvlrig a pt^orvem chan ^a fantaallcl 

Karl t^leichka. Wembtay, Mlddit, 

I K^rK our foctyftic^f dent wHf M 

metini'/me, i ^ave a Te'eltf^r roo tut 
a t^a Ml Oa^fe/ romilt thsn my 
1 //flJ^ porrab^e <wrwr Tkf, Ui 


J'VQ notlilni earth fttietlering co »ay 
atoyi gemaa ^ I am vary new lo the 
scene, bul I woukl Hka lo 
c^:>ngr«tutBta you on your biperb 
new megjKlne P9e*Sa don't alter It, 

II is just parrect tna way It is fie 
never known a ma^aune to lake me 
so ^ong lo read, not isacai^^ <i waa 
borln^r but becaoee there wa# so 
much infoimallon crammed Into it 
Hie reviews ware the flneBt and 

mo«t com^te avUl^ile and are tha 
only ones I'll bereaving in luiura lo 
determ^na whgiher or noO txiy a 
gima. Evmr\ ihmign i inWf had my 
Spectrum foe Cnflatmas. I spent tha 
pfe¥lous couple ol montha buying 
^n^ reedir^ a3rmpuier mags to 
del ermine which I woukl continue 
w+th once I hJKi my micro. 

I ttiougtvi t had seen the b«i umll 
aeaJng your {daieyed Ixjt worth l4 
mag, wfiich lorced me to chai^ my 
irind Kaep up ihe ««eiient work 
and beet wishes for the f utufe. 

Ian Riebar. UMoxe^ar. Starta. 

TtmnkB (or your c^mmmfm tMti. 
Sony elwuf r/je c^Aiy toQf W* Aetf 
an /ff ue (m^ up fo^ ^ovambar' l^ 
fM§f, tMit tt>0r^ w&m so m<^y mw 
m#w efue wtt§foiw C^iM^m^s thmt 
tfm news tmdf» MWM^d ui to M^y 
ciif tf/ afrer tfm imW^y. By !fm f /me 
we Anew or mlw s^ffJlay it was too Mm 
topiifi Quf ihQM^ two sd^ ^^sr 
mpMitd with tim 09f(^r d^lV> 


Thanka for the new magajlfie 
CHASK It'i lust what the meMly 
ol Specif urn owners have been 
wajtir^ lor. I f^ope you doni love 
sales because ol tt^e name CRASH. 
I INnV SPECTRUM should haw 
fcieen pan oMne title 

Heeae re^^aw ulitity pfograrm. 
rm Qdedi you heveni ciuiiarrod up 
ine pegee with program UaUr>gs^ 
which neve^' com^^-e wlith the 
commercial games. I don't Ilka 
comtc alripa. Til k»k to ine BEAMO 
lor thoee. 

BJ. Hammond, Pickerlngn N, 

Some inreraa red newuga^rt ^aire 
AAfcf me sjme ittfOtit ChASH too but 
wm Itfifjh peopie Wiiigtfi lo Ai^w r^e 
name soon enough. Utittfy prMf^mt 
mil ;i*ve an AiKreas^r^p a/«a of 
Cf^SH ffs we go a^ong and wf// 
50on be ^P^anvw in rne Gali^ 
Section im tokS. Promm Listfrm 
mre never, ever on me Mn^ndM for 
CRASH i Th^9'$ iuAf not ffte room 
anyway. Sofry &i^ovt fns comic, 
mind fouyou vvon V fir>d i&nwthing 
Ukm TH£ f^RMitsfAL MAMn Aeano 
Ttw owt^ipf^n^ tor the aro/y a/e 
eirftnama/y inraresr.'M -^ Jrs going to 
M quite mammofn rotj mfght ^rg^/e 
met it tfoew f ^oo* fho ugft JVii nm^e 
mu</i ro do wah commute f^, Pur m 
feet it win, in en indiiecf way. 0ur 
more i/fporteoffy t$'s inieo<te(t es a 
p^aoe of errf ettmnment witt^ 
Bfiertgy, e&wnwie en^ a/cad^ 
omnonee, idon'f see w/iy en/y 
(MoifMtivM tthaufd te eiiammfio gei 
away with the feitftten Empim! 


W£Hjr ijstterit C4^t i nue 0n pJtqm 92 









EAR -NCE, Ate 


APPLi 1AM, DK i.i> 


Ehi^hi^T jtj^ijoo 

' ' 

ATI CAT AC, Ulr<m«l« 






BlRf>S H^ BEES, fti'iq^ Byl* 





^f rewlh i:^ 

BUBBLE Tir Arotdc 



BULL TABLtS. Li^iui S^l 











OFAO.Pt , 




OIMENSIOM OEl^ :.--_. 


. . . , J = . 






DODGE CITY, i»*rn^fi.t 


I'M IW SHOCK, r-««^=r^ 

r..- IB 

KNO C KO U T . M . k ^oiyi' n 1 Q 

KRAKATOA. AbtM^i* 70 

L AS E RW A R P; M i kr ogan 4 ! 


MfCRDBOT.Soliek 16 

fWf^WIWFY. Ocean 76 

In 100 

1984 104 


P A I N T BO X , Pr 1 n t n' Ploirar 72 

PARATROOPEI^Sp R^ibbif 10! 

PATHFINDER, W.clgi! 99 

Mifc.rog«n 74 

N EV6P. Auiomeia 73 

POTTY PAIIMTlfl "-' ■ ^7 

PUNCHY, ftrtr Micro 14 

TH€ P Y RAMI D . F an lai v 2S 

ROBOT RIOT. Silu«riofl 100 

ROeOT RUNNER. Lonoman m 

Qytial ?5 

SCUBA DIVE, DafreU 88 

S^iClAL AGENT, H«inimenn 98 
SP^EED DUEL, OK Trimct 100 
ST A R C LASH . M ^c^romefi 1 04 
STOf*ICEHS, Imigin* 102 


Michifw IS 

THRUSTA.SoflMrtProjeoti 30 
TRIAD, Amba T5 

WHi € U£. Umomtme 2fi 


A Newniieid Puoiiceiion 







= ; 



I I 




Stop ihe advance of the Millitoids Survive the maze 
of death, laftonalise the paradox tarn aiid owfcome 
the dangers entoutttcrea ii^ the flailands. 

Achieve this and return to the 
tiamporter capsuk? before the dcadlui<f 
But beware. Hie re are lethal Howtdrolds, 
ftouncemand Lind mines everywhere 

3D full colour graphic effects^ machine 
code foia action and mu In screen 
wraparaund mx\& make Androtd *Rvq a 
mmdblowing action game 









EnckJsePO cheque pAyibJctpVOBTEX SOFTWAJIE 



Vortex are always seeldng exddng new programs Contact us or send sample. - 

A t4««ili«t(9 Pubkiution 


Energy 30,000 

Producer: ELM 


Memory reQutred: 4eK 

Retail price: £4J0 

Language: Mac h (Tie code 

Author: Paul Bralthwatte 

The cassette inlay explains 
that it is the year 30,000 
(that's a long, long way off) 
and you havd beefi recruited 
by Dr. Mkfie storm ^ho has 
dfscoverad ihat Pink Tar left 
ovar in the old mmes of the 
20th CefiturY can be used as 
an alternaiive fuel to 
Uranium, which la running 
oul. Your lasls is to mine the 
Ptfih Tar by using a bufldozer 
^ng up to date in th& year 
w.OOu). This is done by driv- 
ing the buhdozier down onto 
the tar and movma away 
quickly wkth it to tne fuel 
atora. Tan chunks will fill the 
quota for that mtna. and work 
tiien moves onto another 

m© mine is Infested wHh 
creepy craw has (show us a 
mine that Isn't these days), 
and if the bulldozer runs into 
OP© — trs ka(KK}m 

The scraen is divided 
horizontally by four mine 
shafts IftoQcs raall^ with a 
veilleat shaft down the cen- 
tre. There is also a bottom 
floor. The rock Hoofs actual- 
ly resemble Pirelli tyre 
marks, and are made up of 
numerous litlle black rocks, 
with the occasional pink one. 
Youf bulldozer car\ crawl left 
and fight, descending or 
returning by the shaft, the 
acreen ts wrap around. 


This is an extremely 
singte minded game — 
either you'll love H, or 
you'tlhate ttJf you like Itjtil 
probably drive you mad! The 
bulldozer moves vary gyickly 
and positively, so it requires 
Mgfttning reftenes and a 
mastery of techniques. What 
they donl tell you in ihe inlay 
is that If you so much as 
brush a black blob of rock 
you clow up. and if you 
manage to drop down (at that 
speed) accurately on a pink 
blob» the second you have 
got iU where it was turr^s 
black and ~ bang! So you 
learn to get the bulldozer just 
above the level of the floor, 
wait tor a pink blob and then 
hit the down and forward key 
almost simultaneously So 
simpte, so maddening and 

12 A Ntwtritid FMblical i^n 

utterly addictive/ 

The graphics am natNng 
to write hom& about, w/y 
simpfe and quite sm&lt, and 
the game idea is wrysimpte, 
but because of its speed and 
the accuracy it demands 
from theptayer, t*m sure this 
is gofng to appeat to a lot of 
snappy arcade players/ 

the feast ol your pro^ 
blems are the creep le 
craw lies, although just when 
you Ye one chunk away from 

a quota, and sailing back up 
the shaft, you can be sure a 
wretched thing will snake 
out and wallop you. Ever so 
fast, and requires hair trtgger 
responses, which fortunate^ 
ly the keys provide, but the 
fingers don1 always! Good 


Control keys: 2JX left/ right, 
UJ upfdown, well laid out 

On* of ih« blurt ii your bullddxtr fn fan, iddicttv* Enargy 30,000, 




i:S9SS99S^^^^^' ?99^V!?<^V<?<?A 






Potty Painter 

Producer: Rabbit 
^ Memory required: 4BK 
Retail price: £5.99 
Language: Machine code 
Author: J.F. Cain 

Potty PBir>ter is an *Armldar' 
paint the squares copy with 
three screens The screen is 
divided up into 24 rec^ 
I angles, si^ columns of four 
shapes all defined by dotted 
lines. Each bOK contains a 
score figure, 100, 300 or 500 
depending on its area. You 
must walk your monkey 
along the dotted lines until a 
square has been surround- 
ed, when it changes coiour 
and you get the points. Aa 
this is gofng on there are two 
nasties chasing you. On 

completing the screen the 
scene cuts to a bonus screen 
of grids where you must get a 
laddy heart who slFdes 
downwards, to slide down 
the correct pole to his 

The third screen is very 
similai to the first except 
that you are a paint rotter 
now and the chasers are two 
teddy bears Another mean 
trick is that there is a time 
limit which eats away ihe 
value of the rectangles^ so 
it's important to complete as 
many as you can in the Jeast 
possible time. Compteling 
this screen takes you back to 
the slart screen again but 
with three chasers this time 
round. In some visual 
respects this game looks 
similar to Romlk's Colour 

Joystick: Kempston 

Keyboaid i>1ay: highly 


Colour average 

Graphics: fairly small. 

simple and perfectly 


Sound: good 

Skill kmlM^ gets Impossible 

after being hard 


Qensrat riting: Maddening, 

addictive, good value. 

U se of GO m p uter 68 % 

Graphics 60% 

Pfayability 80% 

Getting started 63% 

Addictive qualities 95% 

Value for money 70% 

Overall 73% 


This isn't a particularly at' 
tractive looking game, 
although that Is more the 
fauft 01 the game type than 
the program, which uses a 
nice mix of colours. Just that 
thedotted tines tend tomake 
it look Nke a job centre form 
to Fill out! Overall I found it 
very playable, but it would 
have been better if there had 
been some speed selections, 
which might have given 1 1 a 
longer life: and some sound 
would have helped.' 

The game is a fair copy of 
the origlngil, with reesooable 
graphics, the nasties es 
peclaiiy so. The sourtd is 
nther spafse, just a beep 
when you're caught. The 
garne Is mitdly addictive, ifs 
notoriginat, but rf you Iske ar- 
cade copies, then it is ade- 


B-* - 


\ ,*■"* 


1 ■ ' - ** i-ir '1. I 

A cItBic ^mw buv ■ t>ri noity. 

'For someone who has 
never prayed this type of 
game in the arcades. I think it 
would have t^een better to 
say more about it in the intay 
than it actually does. On the 
whole I thought this was a 
leasonabte copy of what is 


now a fairly old arcade gamB 
— not bad, not wonaerful 
eithef. The user-definable 
key&areagreat help/ 


Control kays: cursors, or 

user'<lefinabl@, 4 direct ions 


Joystick: AGF, Prolak 

K$ybo«rd play: respOfislva 

Colour: rea&onabte 

Gr«phios: average to good 

Sound: poor 

Skill lewis: get a harder 

each round 

Uvea: 5 

Qm%n\ ntJng: average, but 

reasortabli addictive 

Use of computer 68% 

Graphic a 55% 

Playibillty 58% 

Getting started 60% 

Addictive qualities 57% 

V al lie for man ey 59 % 

Overall 60% 

Android 2 

Pfodticer: Vortei 
Memory required: 48K 
Retail price: ES.95 
Language; Uachme code 
Author: Costa Panayl 

In the fHm Industry they tend 
to say that sequels are never 
as Qood as the originals, 
whereas in computer games 
the opposite seems lo be 
true. Ef you boyglit and 
played Android 1p then you 
may ba li for a shock with 
Android 2 — it's not onty beh 
ter, if s staggeringly belter! 
A lot of recent releases have 
leatured livonderful graphics 
and it's unfair lo compare 
; oria with another when the 

fir aphi c s often have to do d i f - 
arent things, but overali our 

reviewers thought Android 2 
had Just about the best, 
possibly as good as any 
other garna for the SpeQtrunr> 
to date. 

The story is as old aa the 
Spectrum Itself — stop the 
advance of the Millitoids, 
survive the maze of death p ra- 
tionalise the paradox zone, 
overcome the dangers of the 
flat lands and achieve all this 
before the departure 
deadtine. No problem! 
Vortex describe thfs as a 
mind blowing action game, 
and deservedly so. 

It's hard to describe the 
screen dlspfayn because the 
area is huge, pari massively 
convoluted maze, part open 
space withjn areas of the en- 
compassing maze. The view 
Is solid 3D. seen from well 
above and slightly to one 
side^ The attract mode 
scrolls at a furious pace in a 
diagonal direction across 
the playing area, and gives a 
frightening Idea of what IS 
ahead of you. 

The ob|ect is to destroy 
five Millitoids in each of the 
three zones. These other- 
wise pleasant creatures re- 
quire three shots to the head, 
tn carrying out this mission 
you must watch out for the 
numetous land mines, 
Hoverdroids (one blast), and 
Bouncers, which are In- 
destrucUble but very predic^ 
table. Android 2 is equipped 
with a head mounted photon 
blaster of un I imited power — 
he needs it! Good ludct 


Mf you have seen 3D Ant 
Attack iben you will know 
that the graphics are great 
but that the game itself is not 
so good, well Android 2 Is a 
game with great 3D graphics 
and Is also a good game in 
itself. The animation Is good, 
a weJf laid out screen, and 
generally a great shoot 'em 
up gamep' 

Aj^drsld ? - th« a^maiiAO iiip*ri&r flotiotp 

ist ■■■■, 

'Every tieteft of fhi$ game 
has been potlshed, even the 
instruGthns are beButifuffy 
done. The sounaf fS excel tent 
and very characterfui. !Vs 
such a massive undertaking 
that rm sure people wifl pe 
playing it tor ages without 
ever gsiilng Bnywhere near 
exploring all the maie^ You 
have to watch out for mean 
tandmlnes, especially In 
passages where the floor is 
obscured by the perspective 
view. Addictive because of 
the game idea and the tarh 
tastlc graph ics.' 

'The game is very 
challengingp in fact I found h 
hard and good to play. Good 
gfaphics, with lots of move- 
ment and good value for 


Control keys: 1/Q up/down, 

DIP lett/right, bottom row = 


Joystick: Kempston 

Keyboard play: very 


Colour excellent 

Graphics' ex eel lent 

Sound: sKceiient 

Skill leveli: who r>eeds 'em? 

Lives: 5 

Screens: continuously 


General rating; axceilent on 

almost a)i counts, highly 

addictive and first rate 

vmliie for nroney. Highly 


Um of computer 60% 

Graphics 96% 

Playabirity 92% 

Getting started 90% 

Addictive qualities 90% 

Value tor money 89% 

Overall 90% 


Producer: Imagine 
f^err^ory required: 4fiK 
Retail price: £5.50 
language: Machine code 
Author: Iftn Weatherbum 

This Is Imagine' a first step In^ 
to the ml si- shrouded world 
of terror and mystery, 
Wartocks and monsters. 
Wizards i^nd spells. It still 
isn't a proper adventure, 
much more of an arcade type 
game, but with adventure 
overtones. You, the most 
aktiful Alchemist on Earth, 
have been summoned to do 

battle with Ihe-Evll Warlock 
who is ierrorislng the L.and. 
You must enter his dread 
castle, find the four sections 
of the magic scroll, which 
will enable you to render the 
Warlock powerless by using 
his own Spell of Destruction 
against him. 

PI ay i ng t he game is quite a 
complicated matter. The 
Alchemist can wander about 
as himself until he reaches a 
dropor a steep hili. and 1 base 
obstacles may be overcome 
by transforming into an 
eagle, which is made to fly by 
flapping its wings. The dread 
castle is full ol rooms, 
caverns, passageways and 
stairs, fMled with a wide 
variety of monsters, useful 
objects and m^nor spells 
which may be used once, 
and of course the tour pieces 
of the magic scroll. The 
Alchemist is only allowed to 
carry one object at a time 
(ai^d he's the most skitfulf) 
so a strategy eiement creeps 

Any type of movement, or 
bumping into objacts, or 
transformatlonSi deplete 
your stamina. This Is malrv 
tained by passing over food 
packs (if you were an evil 
warlock keeping skilful 
Alchemists at bay. would 
you ieave food packs lying 
around your castle)? 

The two weapons you 

Eossess, hurling lightning 
OltS or casting spells it you 
f>ave found one, use up your 
energy, which is replenished 
onlv by time. Encou raters 
with monsters also drain 
you, though this depends on 
whether you are carrying 
some useful object like an 
axe or a sword. So there it is , 
O Skilful One — care to have 
a go? 


'On your mission you will 
encounter many probiems, 
like finding a key to open a 
door, and many Guardians 
such as lobsters, ghosts, 
brooms, skulls, bats, evil but- 
terflies, swords which attack 
you. snaifs, caterpillars, 
bones, axeSi a txDulder and 
much more. The presenta- 
lion is very good, with a high 
quality title screen and ade- 
quate instructionp although a 
bit more advice wouid not go 
amiss! The graphics are very 
good and so is the sound, 
with a rather spooky organ 
tune which sets the scene 
well In playing, the game Is 
extremely good, fun and very 
addictive, Oelinltely another 

TlrtM ii running oui ior tli4 Alelwmdt. . . » 

winn&f for Imagine. Oh, by 
the way — don't pick up llie 
trap thinking you can use It 
as one ~ it will explode dur- 
inQ tbe Qame, destroying 

*ThB Alchemist fs ^n 
original game which fS fun to 
ptay, not anly bBcausB ft is 
diiticult. but Immusb it also 
has BiccBptional graph fcs, 
lots of them, all w^tt design- 
ed Mnd animated. Controll- 
ing the game requires a 
handful of keys which taHe 
soma mastering, but they 
seam quite well laid out. The 
game iB not ur^llke Atic Atao 
m testing, and has about the 
same level of piayabitity. 
Afthough it couidn't be Qall- 
ed a shoot em up, it still 
manages to be wery addic- 
tive, siftce it is so easy to lose 
your one ttte. ' 

This is a game which is 
fun and has so much detail 
to explore in the massive 
castle that it makes you want 
to keep playing. That said, I 
didn1 think it was len^ibly ach 
dictive, although ill protjably 
want to go back after some 
time and have another go. 
Excellent graphics and use 

of colour. An Imagl^ne-itive 
game and obviously worth 
the money/ 


Conlrol keys: seven keys 

are used to walkJily left and 

rights transform, cast a 

spell/hurl lightning, flap 

wings, pick up/drop objects 

and pick up/drop spells. The 

Quit key{1] seemed 

dangerously near tt\e other 

action keys. 

JoysHck; Kempstonp Fuller 

Colour: very good 

Graphics: excellent 

Sound: very good 

Skill laveli: 1 

Lives: 1 

Screens: continuous 


General rating: excellent 

Use of computer 80% 

Graphics 65% 

Play ability 90% 

Getting started 68% 

Addietive qualities 69% 

Value for money 95% 

Overall 657$ 

Chuckle Egg 

Producer A & F 

Memory required: 4BK 
Retail price: E7.90 
Language: Machine code 
Author N. Atderton 

A i F have added to the 
mythology of the Plattorm 
Game with their Chuckle 
Egg, which cofitalns some of 
the best screen combina- 
tions since the origin aE a^ 
eade vefsions of Donkey 
Kong'. The aim of the game 
iu simplicity in ItMtf . You are 
a little yei low — well chicken 
it looks like, but probably a 
li'll "oi farmer boy, with a 
wide brimmed hatn and you 
must travel the wide ptai^ 

14 A n«w4h«J{| FubliCiiiori 

fonr^s cot lec ling eggs, whilst 
avotding ihe understandably 
agitated chickens^ Depen- 
ding on the screea there are 
various combmations of 
long and stiort platforms at 
ditferent heights, cortnected 
with ladders and/or lifts. 

As you go through the 
screens so the set ups 
become more difficult, with 
more eggs to collect and 
more bene chasing, and 
more piJes of — hen manure, 
to put it po I Italy, lo avoid. 


This game has a very 
good use of colour, very 
good, bright graphics, neatly 
animateo and detailed. It has 
vou climbing ladders, lump- 
ing over holes, jumping down 
from one level to anothefp 
riding liftSp and generally col* 


lecting eggs like a maniac. I 
found It run and addictive! it 
also gives you user- 
definabFe keys and games 
for up to four players/ 

*This is hardly a new game 
typOr but it's certainly an bk- 
cellent addition to the col lee- 
tioft of hoteiumpinglad- 
derc I im bingn a s tya vo f ding 
games for the Spectrunr- 
What makes ft addicWe, 
apart from the very good 
graphics and sounds is the 
construe tior> of the various 
platforms. These soon get to 
i>e vary compiicated, and tike 
the best arcade originals, 
you mu^t plan your way 
round carBfultY. The contra! 
keys are highly responsive, 
your man jumpfng beautiful- 
ly, even reversing direction in 
midiump if you time it right 
Very addictive and nicely 

1 had a lot of trouble si 
first getting my man to climb 
or descend ladders, but this 
Is a trick of the program. Me's 
very difficult to centre if 
you're being careful about 
lining up. whereas if you 
dash at a ladder and have the 
ascend/descend key also 
pressed^ he whizzes straight 
up as desired What must be 
r^OTTiembered Is to change 
directional keys while whizz- 
ing, or he may end up going 
In the wrong direction at the 

top of the ladder. One kind- 
ness is that he can withstand 
some tremendous falls from 
one level to another. An ex- 
cellent arcade game, with 
high addict ivity bujlt in. But 
it's very expensive at almost 
C8 — the one drawback.* 


Control keys; user- 
definable. 4 direction and 
one jump needed- 
Joy slick: Can be set up to 
cope with most and wo^ks 
with Fuller anyway. 
Keyboard play: highly 
Cofoun very good 
Graptiics: very good 
Saimd: continuotis and 

Skill ieveisr gets harder with 
every screen 

Features: speech 
vocabulary with Fuller 8ok, 
and 1/2/3/4 ptayer games 
Oai^eral rating: highly 
addlolive, and very good. 

Us« of oomputtr 90% 

Graphics 80% 

PlayabiMty 85% 

; Q«ttlng started 78% 

Addictive qualities 80% 

Value for money 65% 

Overall 80% 

EMf ii «fl9f in Ciiydkl« Eft ^Hfl watch out for lh« diickfflL 


Producer: Mr. Mtaro 
Memory required: 48K 
Retail price: £6.90 
Language: Machine cod« 

Punch & Judy shows pro- 
bably stilt escist at the British 
Seaaide, but there's no 
longer any need to travel 

afield to see a show. Mr. 
Micro can r>QW bring you all 
the glitter and sand, right at 
home on your Spectrum. 
This game has similarities 
wiih hunchback, bm it is all 
couched In proper Punch & 
Judy terms — and (t speaks! 
The playing area is a very 
expandad and colourful pup- 
pet stage which makes up 16 
screens, at the end of which 
Punch has Judy locked up. 
You are the hero, Bobby, and 

Kjit>efc*d Dui by a cuiitnj pit, haro Bobby hitari chit hurrii^iii ijuottiDtf 
df itw thflfltriciil nruil< abovi — Thut'i th« wiy to do it! 

you niLisi rescue Judy by 
jymping ovar or ducking 
undef rolten tomatoes 
thrown by Punch, laap over 
(japs, use the flying carpet, 
swing from !h© angels' fails 
and avoid the back attackirkg 
custard pi as. whilst 4eaptr\g 
over gaps 111 Fed with soldiers 
and dubs. Every once In a 
while Judy will throw a 
sausage. If Bobby catches 
t h ree of t ha s a t hey can be ue^ 
ad in an emergency to 
transport htm to the tt^xI 
screen withoui harm. 

A scanner above the stage 
shows Bobby's progress. 
Etch screen ts timed for 
points and each one com- 
pleled awards a policeman's 
helmei. for every Hve 
helmets coltected. a bonus in 
added. A neat feature is thai 
without any added hardwai^e, 
the program la Iks — That's 
the way to do It/ or, more 
famously, vRocK the baiby. 
rock the baby.' 

'It*s a very long load, bt/t 
well worth h. The graphics 
must be among the most 
eya-searingly bright I've seep 
on a game! AH the status 
details are contained in 
decorative scrolls, written in 
golhic teKt. I really liked the 
evil Httle theatrical mask 
face' that appears in the 
clouds and iaughs when you 
lose a li 'a. The game itself is 
reasonably difficull to play, 
with timing anessentiai pan, 
and it gets ejtiremely dif 
ficiiii when thefe are 
tomatoes coming from one 
direction and custard pies 
from another! Botiby jumps 
very well, although it takes a 
bit of practice as this is a 
very laid back hiero! Very 
good value.' 

The unique thing about 
this game Is that it speaks 
understMndabfe Engti^h 
I Without hurdwBfB The use oi 
QOlQur is eKC^Ilenr a/id the 
graphics era smooth ai7tf 
wery good Apart frorrj the 
speech there are very good 
tunas^ The whole thing 

comes very rricefy packaged 
too, w^h good mstfuctioas 
on the inlay and on-screen^ 
You can see the task ahead 
ot you with the very good 
demo, tt reeHy is great ^ Just 
buy itr 

'Nice simple keys to con 
iro) Bobby, and a dilflcult 
game. Perhaps it gels a bit 
repeterive after a white, but 
it's certain ty amusing to play 
and the graphics combined 
with the speech make it 
almost worth the money 


Control keys: 6/7 wa*k 

lefti right, zaro= jump. 8 = 


Joyttlcic Kemp St on and will 

woftc wKh Sinclair ZX 2 

Keyboard play: positivep 

though jumping takes some 


Coiour axcetten! 

Graphics: very good 

Sound: excellent speech 

and tur^eSp though a litlle 

bare during a screen 

Skill levels: 1 

Lives: 3 (1 more after 60,000 


ScrMoa: 16 

FMtiir«s: pfogrammed 


Qefieril rating: e^ccelleitt 

Us e o f c o m pu tef 91 % 

Graphics 85% 

Playability 90% 

Qfltting started 88% 

Addictive qua littes 87% 

Value tor mon«y 85 Vo 

Overall 88% 

I'm In Shock 

Producer Artie 
Memory required: 16K 
Retail price: E4.9S 
LanQLiage: Machine code 

So this was what we were 
feturning 1o; a scarred bat- 
ttefieid and ashes. We'd 
travelled acfoss the universe 
to save the Earth, we'd seen 
off the invaders and suffered 
thecasuallies, only to find It 
had all been a decoy. 

So I'm trt Shock sets the 
scene for this gnd^shoot em 
up game. You can move your 
laser base left and rights 
while shooting up. The 
screen is divided into one 
character squares by green 
grid Itnee with you {and the 

aliens above) sitting In the 
squares. The number of 
aliens depends on how mar>y 
waves you have killed off. 
They move about random (y, 
very siowy descending. 
Should one reach the bottom 
the game Is over. Some 
squares have diagonal lifies 
filling them, which cause 
your shots to rebound at 
right angles, whereas the 
a Hens can fire through them 
quite happify This requfres 
some strategical thinking to 
use the shields to double re- 
bound and thus still hit an 
alien. Every 3 screens, a com- 
mand ship, resembling a 
spider, orawts across the 
screen half way yp, and 
scores a bonus If you hit it. 


'The graph loi are quite 

wild* frown ri}rii%i of Uiu9liMr - I'm kf\ Shodi 1 

IB ■■■■■■■'■■> ■■■■■■■■■■■sfliiiB 
FasB* ■■■■•»■«•■■■■■■ ■■«aaa«BM 
M«9V»B>BBk2B!i £!!5iiS"!!*»"l 


■■■■■k^0flaa«BS»«Bi? ■■«■■■«■■■■■« a 




h '"aBBBBaaaaaaawaBaaBaaaBBBa 

small and simple and tine 
keys are over responsive, 
makir^ It very hard to move 
to an adjacent square. The 
game Itself is qurite 
reason able, but something 
ot an anti-cHmax after 
reading the miro on the irrtay 
— "The moon was t he colour 
of wide frozen shrieks of 
laughter, the frost ran down 
the window — Tm ii^ shocK-" 
S#a wl^at I mean;' 

'/ thought the graphics 
and cotour were genaratty 
rather poor, and the game, 
though an original idea, does 
tend to get repetetive and ie 
very easy to pfay-* 

1 like the energy reffec- 
tofSp they added a dimension 
of strategy to an otherwise 
very ordinary shoot em up. 
But the alien craft could have 
been a bit more energetloally 
nasty ^ il would have made 
the game more interesting to 
play^ Very difffcult to control 
smaJI movements o( I he 
laser base too/ 


Control keys; very simpfe, 
right, H - ENTER fire 
Joyttlcfc: none 
Keyboard play: fast and 
over-res ponslve 
Use ol iMtoir poor 
Graphics: average, smalli 
^character size 
Sound: good 
Skill levels^ 5 
Uvesi 3 

General rating: leh to 
averagep byt reasonable 
value for mofney. 

U se o f CO m puter 58% 

Graphics 47% 

Playability 52% 

Getting started 62% 

Addictive quallti«s 50% 

Value for money 58% 

Overall 55% 


Producer: Games 

Memory requifed: IflK 
Retail price: E5.9S 
Language: Machine code 
Author David Hay 

Despite a story aixiut Doctor 
Van Winkelhoff who has 
genetically engineered 
snails Imported from West 
Africa into a breed of 
Supersnails who leave super 

A N#Mfi«id PuDiicaiwi 15 




glue UaHs tohind iHem. and 
are now trapped in fib 
laboratory t^ing to ascapa, 
I hi a gama tyrne out to ba a 
'UgHt Cycle' grid type game 
mada famous byu iff^a movia 

The aim of ttiie game la to 
trap your oponant and kill 
him or her off by forcing him 
Into a wall, your trail or his 
owr^ trail if you suoceed in 
this, a hole opens up in the 
wall and aHows^ you to 
aaeapa. There are four direc- 
lional controls for your snail, 
and in common with other 
games like It, hitUng rever^a 
oMhe direction in whidh you 
are current I y 1 rave 1 1 i ng J s i n a- 
tant death. 

SiipiiffiBly» uviii In ttw lab* 


"Tfi^ thing that mosi im- 

[ tressed me about this ganie 
S that two players can play 
against each other ai the 
same tJmep or two play&rs 
can play against Ihe conv 
puter as well as one playuer 
against thecompyterThelrv 
lay card eK plains all this very 
well, and it is re|>eated In 
menu form on screen. It Is a 
simple idea, but that makes 
it all the more playable on the 
lower speeds. At the highest 
level the speed makes it 
unp lay able! 

'This game has thB most 
simplB gr&fihiCB t have ever 
seen — iust white ttneB on a 
biuB ground. It's simp te but it 
h highfy adtHctive* 

If you buy games as much 
I for their colour and graphics 
<as anything else) then you 
may as well forget 
Sijp#fsirtaila. If , on the other 
handp you enjoy a fast, utter^ 
ty single-minded game, then 
tnfs Is about the best ver- 
eluon around- The lines move 
extremely smoothly (only 
pixels after at I) and l think I'm 
fight in saying that thlst^ the 
only 8-directional version, 
whioh opens up the game's 
tactics quite a bit/ 


Conttol keys: player one, 
O/A gp/dpwn, Z/X left/righl: 
player Iwop P/L yp^dow^, 

M/SYM. SHIFT lefl/rlflht 

Joystick: Kemp 3 ton 

KaybDird play: very 


Colour: sparse! 

Graphic: extremely simple 

but very fast 

Sound: contrnuous but poor 

Skllt leveli: 9 speeds 

Features: 1 of 2 players 

against each other or the 


General rttinrg: above 

average to good, addictive. 

Use of computer 






Getting started 


Addictive quIMiAS 


Value tor money 





Producer: Softek 
Memory required: 4fiK 
Retail price; £5_95 
Language: Machine code 
Author: Andrew Beale 

Andrew Be a la has done a 
number of games for Sottah 
and this one will probably be 
accounted as among the 
best. It has simllafities in its 
scenario wiih the you're in- 
side this computer^ school 
In this, possibly your 
millionth re- incarnation now, 
you are a microbot. a 
miniaturised rolwi, whose 
lasN is to enter the eiectronic 
brains of proper sized robots 
and repair damage to them. 
The scenario points out that 
you wanted lo be either a 
Brain Surgeon or a truck 
driver, and as you cmiEd't 
possibly meet the necessary 
specifications, you had to 

become a Bratn Surgeon 1 

A nice touch about this 
game is that the inside of 
theae highly advanced but 
somewhat braln^damaged 
rot^ts rtsambies the base^ 
ment of some huge and 
rambling Victorian mansion 
with un fagged heating pipes. 
There are two types of pipe 
— purple ones and green 
ones (scenario explains the 
difference, but It's all far too 
high in technology to repeat 
here) and there are various 
bugs wtiich are causing 
damage to the deJIcate elec- 
tronic bfain. Despite their 
varied sJ^apes they come in 
two hues — blue and ye I low 
(this is limportant. but v^ait 
for it J. 

Your |ob as microbot is to 
prowl around armed with 
repulsa blobs and Uhl the 
pipes. The fepuisa btobs 
keep the nasties at bay for a 
mOr but lying around In each 
brainy charnber are blue and 
yellow fixative blobs. 
Touching one turns mtcrotiot 
into that eoloyf, aftd If he 
fires a blob of the correct hue 
at a nasty or the same colour, 
the blob will destroy it. But 
despite all these fun and 
games, the 1 rue nature of the 
coloured bfobs is to fix the 
pipes. When fired close up a 
blue blob wilt Ux a damaged 
purple pipe, and a yenDw 
blob fixes a green pipe. Once 
used the fix a lives are in- 
stantly replaced ready for 
picking up again. 

The brain consists of 
twelve chambers, and can be 
seen to the left oi the playing 
area In plan form. Tliis scan- 
ner also Informs you o( 
where the worst damage is 
being done by colour coding. 
It s frightening! 


'Fixing holes in the p^pes 

ei-@hHi pipAt inct bra^ damtg* m Micrflitipl. 

made by the nast tes is not so 
eosyp t Idund that thts onty 
worked if you bumped into 
the hole several trmes and 
then fired Ihefix-a-tive ball «l 
point blank range. The 
graphics are very good with a 
number of animated bugs 
(there's a yellow Pac Man on 
legs In there somewhere) the 
game is fine, but there wa£ 
something about It that 
made it not as much as it 
coutd be. Just a feeling, it's 
still a good and interesting 
game and highly original/ 

'Graphics in Spectrum 
games h&ve got io be so 
good in the last tew months 
that it's BBsy to forget how 
primitive they were only 
recenHy. fn Microbot fAt 
scenery ^s mostfy angied 
ptp^s on biaek, quite Simpfe, 
yet they are mry good pipes. 
You WQutdn't na^e se&a 
pipes like those onty $ year 
ago! The creepi&s are good, 
too, and weil animated. 
Microbof him sett mo^es 
swiftiy, but getting the hang 
Of ffte gams t^chniquas 
takes some tfme. and couid 
have been explained bsttar. I 
Shalt certainty go back and 
get better ' 

Nice large graphics and 
very smoothly movmg. Not 
too sure about the overall 
qualities of the game — it 

frew on nw with playing, but 
get the feeting there aren't 
quite enough objectives Irn 
voived to make it vefy addic- 
tivep although it is fun to play. 
1 got a bit Irritated with the 
fintctelness of fixing holeSp 
and it seems a pity that the 
blue and yellow blobs can 
only be fired sideways when 
the damned bugs move all 
over the place. An original 


ContrtH ktyi: A/Z up/down. 
aP leftiright^ M = lire 
Joystick: Kempston, 
Sinclair, AGF. Protex 
Keyboard play: lesponsive 
Colour good 
Graphics: good 
Soyml: viery good 
Skill levels: 1 
Lives: 3 
Scfiens: 12 
GflfMral ritinp very good 

Use ot computer 73% 

Graphics 80% 

Playability 70% 

Gelt i ng si a rt ed 65 % 

Addictive qy all ties &B% 

Value tor money 80% 

Ovefall 73% 


A Nilwt1i«lll Pi^UcmUmi 



A very QKCitii^g 100% M/C gsm# to 
l«si yoyt ski El. conc^nlralion mnd abiltty 
10 Eh4- full Shoot the tourkd'&«n&itive 
MJulO^S, only to be lalEovvQd by Ihe A$rrq 
Heel and mi^sile^. whicti ibflfi ijnl«igh 
Ehe pier odlactvMihe moniitri- 
Fitturtl if>clulii. PmM94 Functidn. Bf^nys 
Mirr, tnd much, much prime 
for thfl iet< and 48K ZX SPECTRUM. 
O^LV£E.50if»cl p & p 

VVVyi^L/ 3GE! 

Al Iflflf — a gmnm iryiy for 8^ th« Family 
Selacl between 5 and 20 fundom irtrtjidt 
to be di^splayecP on iKc scre'ert f inti |h«m 
hidden m I he wgfd grpd Word <^to^%-aU 
and Ml curiO" movflmem 
FMlufffS jrHClude Word Ediicw. Load and 
Sa^ yOtit DMrrfc Wor^f. Gtva-Up Furic^ 
liorr. Prinl-ogi Option {id iak« ^yr Word 
Savhar an long, bofinQ fi^uriwvi). Lot! 
htkJ lots of fun 
Fot tha 1 BK an^* 48IC ZJt SPICTflUM 

ONl.Y£4.S0incl p «i p 

FQnwt ri^jHTi 

If yoy an joy 

arcactfl 'thooMfn -u^' 

Ihfr {|ao^ fof ydu IS 

the«i» o( fftsi-nriion graphics Thrift 

Pfrtor«. Be the Cq^mmanc^r of Siar-Strikaf 
ORCE FIGHTER pgriymg tha nrwrny 
through its delanca $y^tnfn. 
Faaturai include Bonys Man. Spaad 
fignut Ofi avery sho^l. Hi-%tat9 Aa^fd- 
a-d. Fraa^a Frame. Joyaiicli ControL 
Smoolh^Aclic^h GraphiCi arid ^oit cf 
smooth, a'cadeaciidr^ 

¥^ Ilia 1 SK «itll48lt UC SPiCtROM. 
ONL¥£5.S(}iMi.p. ip. 





CBM ^ fv»ry^ Ri-4uivi SMH£\S jg(7^ 


An ,t^'-t tintAiv 

mtwn v(HJ *rt ir>tDfCFi3tKl 

Bfutuw iiarc*s vim fo||Qflndic«h th« Svc-rifi of Lift, 
tn4 Urijwfrif *n(t Ever vin i>^ l.rM>Am lOfily to rh^i 
F ■bijloiys Wariru « mo^tt^i^ m rh« Sp«ead>Ovr Inn irt 

! ■'■■i^ i I I ■:■ Ni^hmvillc wtterv thm Cu^of^*^ TTLirfi 

^tOWyCMJ »™d*T VCHJ' ■flWfi SP-wl ^'i^iJ rt'iLffl:dfCMS«tlft*P 
t(V p|NOe«ed ICJ Hi$)PifcvplJ« M-fliillUm EO IrrMi Ittr 

Ottipntd lA^nv ^OfsN CM «lk ign in -mifid kKi% 
pttig? vfifn« piflv-dfei *n aid ic trnvn #nd nfiiictt 

hdvii CQkiuri to lua milcfwl m taqutmc* EiA -co 
^4iftiK4«^ ^*\H -e^an |« 4*v«l4P*if ^ rmynng IhH 
«llir«c] coloured dQLE lo mviCh « palia^rn dht<t»lifv*d 
Ofl |h« Kf taft hf u«riti #n£i armn^rrvpn-i Ji h png-y tdirtl 
Ei^ yevi n-Ckvrdo^ fiAvi^f hi^ntia^ ydur pm i$^ 
iLi^hi bfv Qui^inq hi if fe Eo eolM^ IN mMcrtingi OOLf 

£jr ^^ ■ i--*. i *■■ rf « ■ ■ ^' du H *? I^i tOf 'OCl pO*Jl icjf i 

Ap I ■ yoi^n^r |Mf ian 

dtiAHVfal rh« tlock **^d Njii i>l F*rn^ 



3 00% fHi #c iHM^ nuKlw iCchria Awv4 iti# 
obitKhH >n4i huvdi la ctffntii kh« mQMrvtffn Lai| 

rh* rt^^v !•*¥ iaclD*r thcfti miodrDo tmTTiili Awm 

(htrr ■' •■' ■■' '■ - ©n Ih- ' ' ^- ■ 1 r«af <44^iti S 

h^r I ■ ' i« g«f<n# il; * I evuh cicHbn 

Vhm-. SA|Gft{icl> !^h1twfQ£kf 

KOr ■ " .«if of po^mi in 1t» p«p*, wh«di wwH 

iVTol h«« g^ Th« esjf i«i ^< I'l be lait 1I isic drotp 4i 

m A&tijr il^. 4^ in^y 4 pJ|?V alT^^dV ii 1^*4. but FlMh 
eri» dog ¥% Qfi h#rMJ^ M vou li-ncFA vou i« 9iKng la kn» 
Ih* barrwl i*id vo^« c*n tuT FlsiH pMv^ng H3Wl f rw^ 
11. J I i^,ii,=ii^ j.nhM . .111^1 prf#B:&Oa^rrdFl«ih'Aitimiiv« 
lff\p^% ynwj will fjol i hpiiiJi*, 
!i itoi'i!' hw hj Tf %tMj gii tfw nfrKt 

-'■■u-iM' = ■' ■ nm 

SUff nSHJUtS for 1^ er AlK sp£<nrmiii 

^nmim m^p*^ThX% Titi Ot^£ii fi*t lui ri»«i t^m 
inffl i tu0*T hrf*«l oi %^ml *+iC tTCW !•**« brtiirha a 

rOiil Upi- 


! ■"jpaniyvifii louchmgif 
y Iv ittovina iiMt 
-Pfi JWifl! li-0*rl ltt#f* pfti?^ 

^ ttiMtapt ltvtiugini<n« 

- , -'0'ii»l*£A.Ccirt1to* 



A FjM Att!.A<iK AiCi«r» Gitm^ 
Iff* JU 4^ t*mHv Id pi4V 


it Wil * COmllHtilJ^ ' 

rhfliiTiwjiWBCiirf (Jn^ Ttj: ' -. -* 

f FiMn lti« olifwl rOfl. t S4> 
tPM^^ «4tfiffnifl«iad ami t^i jv* §#11 ih#«» 

J^acfiirPjyiiryfinlftflwrtiJ*'' ■ ■ , »ici Anl !Ti*i 

■'dfHiEvp dntwuvg l4v idp i^ill Hiv#- 

DPI pi B c^wD fl, - £mn h« «Arn « di4«nl Wig* ^ C«ti h« 

ma. it vets Of aiiAt4Afr»«y mtnio cjimoq 

AflitHMiTIC FMN TtfUlE ^ 113« 

fun I'Jiljry jil,p-r.i>i' tuEltrOEl-ton, inyl|jpt«tJlkQri 
A^-.H 3,'. V.4II. f iiiJc^i^Pi pryw«#i4 v4ibi«IH#p4»«tC« 

U^-^ 4.cilD:i' 9rap#Tic««fiei«04jncli to g#vfl i ||ood 

eaatniaii»i m>ih rh4 iMmftjUppfarma mla^ 
Tm Comm^iff gi§v% iytck tum% wft^H fha <h*la nM% 
dvHi^tfy mm ihcfwtniii Ihtr 4^t|>id III* Ctitf f*Ct 

foMi&r^ y^Miihetifrwc fl99Mnipfl# 

J^nt4tn4i Di^vt. Sl«N**<^4Vi^ Hattt Sltl 70M 
T«l«|ih$mr i04ja^ 1 4«^i 

Ptitia ad^ BO^ to ctrvai pq«i «nd pjcii ing 

I tr(ClOft«acl^iQy#P D (Wr*ti4 ftoOAMi^ UACmlNE iTD lar t 

^dat!iit<T»y Afisaci 64r«MlV»fl9acwurmiie ^ 

£iqpuilura __^ . ^^_»_^^^- - = 









CM 1 



Pf aleas Amo niSfRisu i 


A Nawihirtd PublicHion 1 7 


■ i JemS by thf drei«t«d Shms^ bMl. 
^' * \r^!> t^ei^ 1 Hififl ii dviiflv. iHJl 

ptjf,iTcs AroLmd. ^^gy it btitd 
on one Ql iH»» iwif't vcAdfl 
frii4;c«%f«l,. ami fhii v#r9ii^fi 
r,*iici. ri^i M\ fh# Kl^Fi ^rvS addiC^ 

I .J. 1 1-1. q iin^>if bdnu«|>loclil.f(oubf« 

* E n f . I ■ , , > (n| 

i^mi Vioyi iMi na^np rwT i< 

>-^ um chH*c mtnitt PkawI lyi dr 

I ^M mtWvi iCH# «ii|Ltw:irw HI ■■ intf Mihr 
k -3 V boa f d l>Ol|i apttf All Oil 


100^4 machine cmie. *isi, 
smoothp hiffts arc^id^ scti^n 

|iviil«bl« {fired £^M mc 
f> * p. 24 HOUR DESPATCH, 
Of ff om good softwurB out lets, 
Tfadtf dnqu pries rnvjit^ Good 
programs alWA'^s w^nl^d. 




ANY ygCn Wft J1!lg« i^rtLFn. »i^«<r f^Minti 

IbiP lEittoyind^NMIi. dot iiMliK^inP' p44$ M^R^W^iN^ 



IhB Of^cl&s Cav& is an exciting advemure game contiimng a unique 
blend of HIGH RiSOLUTlON ANIMATED OR APHICS and text y^hich has 
tjr en designed especiaily tor the 


Its many features inolude: 

^ Contmuoiisly displayed high rasoJyiion graphics 

* Time limit ol five 'days' on eveiy adventure 

* Completely new cave layout, monster positJion and evf^oi $equenc^ 
genefated tof every game 

* All monsters, articles and locatvons depicted to a teval of detail thwA 
pushes SPECTRUM graphics to the limit 

" ^ t> cioiAtI fmi tp m friJt inimftlid grip^ict adv*ntura,..ucallfint vAlug for md^Wy' Pi^fiuiMt 

^upflrb hi^h reitiiyibOn with trnooifitCfoHing w^fh trid n|0iit» drawing m ihks program tivoM^d 

Q|v« vDu plonly lolHinK Mhour MI^Mihmmifm Owe fJ 

Trho gf a^ic:j^ ira ^moolb. ilirilJng tnd tH€^tir>g Tli^ tno^r me wi.y f^r ih« d«velopm«ni •ql thi 

graphic) odvfliMuft m INi fivil fwtt' SIffcMf Uf«r AffflllBlil 

lach {),^iisi rs silfciiMf bry you lai ih# b^ginmnf of thi gifvie arid you wttl* ^ave ii^e gime deiys^ iri 

lArhich to C4?mpl«t» H Tl^« Ilmt fuc^ar ci «xc<»pl«€«n#ji 4n Mvttnlur* gAni^ii' SCnclpIr I/mt d*c fJ 

Av&ilati(&nom WH SMITH. selBCtBd 
branches ot BOOTS antf J MENZi£S ^ntf 

Trade Enquiries welcome 
Tetephone 0533 314345 


AtsQ &¥stifawe asrect af £7.B5fPosfape ana 
packmg trBef from: 



A NflMirtftid PubiiC«ii«*i 




9 • 


UFFINDELL rovisit some old favourites 

(and some new versions) in our second 

Game Type comparisoiis 

Ever since Mario tost Ms girl to the clutches of King 
Kong, there's been trouble up at t' Empire State 
Building,! Quite how the particular slory tine for the 
original game emerged is now lost in the niythoiogy of 
Mhat the arcades called Donkey Kong or Krszy Kong. 
Their poputarlty m the arcades was probably due to 
their non-vioJence and perhaps decagse people had 
become fed up with shoot the Invaders games. 

The simpie object of the game is to reach the top of 
thescfeert and 'rescue' yourgirl from Kong's clutches. 

To do this you must run a!ong several levels of plat^ 
forms and climb ladders while Kong roils barrets and 
fireballs down on top of you. This recipe should ideally 
continue for several screens of Increasing difficulty. 
There are several versions for the Spectrum ranging 
from bad to very good, and the selection here (which is 
very representative) contains two titles which mas- 
querade as something else, but are stilt Kong type 
games really. 

A NvHtfKld Pubiictlton 


KONG Or..-an 



MARTIANS fijrrii.i.4f(«.n 

KONG Ansrug 




Ocean's Koiio is a close 
copy to the Ofigilnal. tt starts 
oft Me II with KonQ making 
his entry, dumbing to the 
top, then stomping and 
causing the p^^'ders lo 
3lope. Now the ape start JS 
the barrels foiling. THey go 
sideways down tlie ladders 
Killer Kong's seemed to 
favour fallmg thfough 
holes). There are a total of 
four screens, featuHng 
fireballs and elevators as 
well. The graphics in this 
game are the best of all, 
and are large (terrify ingly 
large barrels), well animate 
and fast. The man jumps 
well, in fact i^e goes so high 
his head passes through 
the next floor yp. The keys 
are well Jaid out, it's Keinp- 
Stan compalible and there't 
a I raining mode. 

ft tskes a long time to load, 
but ffs worth the wait. A 
scfean appems with tm op- 
Horn, key hoard, Kempston 
/oyi&ticH, Quick shot and Pro^ 
tek interfaces, demo mode 
and trainmg modB, All four 

scmmta an idmrtfcaf to tha 
armada origmal — avan tha 
dmtalf at tha ape smashiftg 
down the girdafB into dif 
ferant angias at the start. 
Graphics are big, hngM and 
smooth with fust the nght 
amount of tadders. Evan the 
hammer on tha sacond plat- 
form is Them, to anabta you 
to smash the barrals for 
t>onus points. Nona of the 
other g$ma$ Haa this 
feature Turma am ptayad at 
the start and end of a 
sctaan, and at the start it 
says, 'How high can you 
get?' — iust tike the 
originai. t think this Kong is 
the bast ona, 


I thought this was a good 
version. Here there are ftve 
screens to comptete — all 
are difficult. It requires the 
most skill in timing because 
the last t>il of the top 
section Is too low for 
jumping 5a fie) s^ The game 
has good graphics on the 
whole, but they aren't super- 
smooth due to character 
position movement' bemg 
used as opposed to pixel 

type. This game, however, 
has the t>est sound. 
Keyboard pSay could be 
Improved — the keys are all 
aloag the top row. There aie 
bonuses forgetting green 
burgers and al^ a time 
5oniis. 1 would recommOTd 
this version. 

Kihaf Kong fa a varsfon with 
man¥ ladaers and is not at 
alt like the original reaHy. tt 
is iust a miss th&fifeball 
game, though l found a very 
ptayabfa. The jumps need to 
be timed right {like Anirog's 
version} because the 
graphics aren't smooth. I 
can say the sound is great 
and the colour fs wail used. 
It's much more addictive 
than Anirog's version and 
has more joystick options. 



This one has the most 
original title and also the 
classiest packaging, but it 
is also the worst of the 
bunch, primarily because 
It's written in BASIC which 
immediately limits the 
program's capabilities (il's 
also the on4y 16K version). 
The idea is to run along and 
jymp over the mart i an s 
(resembling Invading 
barrels) which move from 
side to side. There are also 
ladders to climb on your 
way to the lop and botes to 
Jump. (Godzilla, meanwhilep 
IS protecting your girl — not 
^holding' her). Only or^e 
screen and onfy one life. 
The graphics are jerky, and 
jumping is a hit-and'miss 
affair. On the whole., very 

This version barely 
resemblas the original at all 
except in the (adders, 
platforms and rescuing Iha 
gtrl of your dreams*. Jump 


We askeO cur two 
reviewers to rate 
the games compared 
on a scale from to 100. 

A — Use of computer 
B — Graphics 

C — Piayability j 
D — Addictive qualltleB 
£ — Value lor money 
F — Retail pricft (In £) 

A; B 






12 20 










; 19 





KONG i/Knlfog) CP 










; 80! 







KONG^cean) CP 



















control is very bad, 
unresponsive — iust up, 
oyer and down — terrible. 
The graphics are llmitad 
and the keys poorly 
positioned. Sound and 
colour are also poor (all In 
BASfCi, no ioystick options 
and ger^ereliy well befow 
today's stanaards, 

KONG (Aiwog) 

A different story here — 
this is more of a Kong copy 
and quite reasonable. K 
Qontains qutte good 
graphics and is possibly the 
most colourful the keys are 
wetl laid out, making it very 
playable. Four screens 
featuring barrels, fireballs, 
lifts etc. Bonuses are 
available in the form of 
umbrellas and handbags, 
and thefe's a time limit to 
defer waiting around. The 
jumping is rather quick and 
needs careful timing 

This version doesn*t start 
oft too well — no screen 
page, and the Intay says 
nothing about {oystick 
options although once 
loaded it informs you that 
it's Hampston compatible 
(sigh — unplug computer, 
lit mtertaca and reload}, A 
d&mo autofuns after 30 
seconds. Screen l looks 
tike screen 2 of the arcade 
original except there are no 
conveyor belts. Screen 2 is 
very much like screen 1 but 
with more ladders leading 
up to the newt plat form. 
There are lifts on the third 
SQreen, but Only the fourth 
screen looks lihe the 
original, where you must 
pull blocks out of the floor 
and watch Hong fall Tha 
demo had nw^ smooth 
graphics, but the game 
didn't. I found the jump 
disappointing — you must 
tump wtfen a fireball is right 


A Nft'MqltftiO l^uDncithan 

againsf you, or you'if fand 
on top ot it. The coiour^na 
sound is wetl used, End a 
fair game can be played on 
this wfBiOft, although f 
think Anifog hev^ owBrdon^ 
it on the tadders. 


Apart from Krazy Kona I his 
is the only version witn a 
loading scraein picture-. The 
game itsetf is a variation on 
the Kong theme — rescue 
your girl from (he clutches 
oHheevil black hnight= 
There's the uauel barrels 
and holes to jump and 
ladders 10 climb. Also a 
handy umbrella to t>reak 
and accidental fall (onceK 
The game is very fast, 
pfobabiy the fastest of the 
lot. but the giaphics are 
rather small and colourless. 
Jumping is sudden and 
pontrol general ty is difficult 
due to speed and poor 
heyt>oaid layoul. Ladder 
climbing is automatic, so 
there's no going back! This 
is a difficult ^ame to play 
{not a bad thing), but with 
lis uninspiring graphics and 
lack olptayabUTly; I didn't 
really enjoy H. 

/ found Kithf Knight v^ry 
ditficutt to play tmcause 
iump controi is very 
difficult, t know I've said Ifte 
same ^bout the Anifog 
Kong and Killer Kong, but 
herm thwe seems to be no 
'teer to tha /ump, perhaps 
because st happens so 
quickly. Poo^ sound and 
eve/* worse colour drops 
this game's ¥Btu&. tatsog«t 
the fe^iing this Is oompited 
m/c — tha poor block 

graphics with uninteresting 
VGs make if not worth 
comidaring it you a/e after 
a feat Kong game. 


This is quite a ctose copy of 
the arcade Krazy Kong and 
inciudes barrels, fireballs, 
conveyor belts and iifts- The 
barrels drop through the 
platforms randomly as well 
as descending the ladders 
on top of you. The man Js 
well animated and jumps 
very generously (which 
doesn't mean ifs easy)f 1 
didn't lii^e tt^e key positions 
— all on the top row. Thefe 
is a time Nmlt for a bonus 
and water buckets for 
bonuses. Nice loading 
screen which matches the 
cassette inlay. Four screens 
In this version with well 
combined hazards. 

RS^S.*s varslon, which has 
onlytust comeoui is vary 
tike the arcade origmat. 
Your man is welt animated 
and walks sm^^thly on his 
way to rescue the girt AH 
the characters area bit 
smatt but nothing to 
complain about artdjhe 
man fumps very welL The 
game Is QotQurful tuneful 
and very playable — second 
to Ocean's Kong m fact. AH 
ttm keys are well positioned 
— caufd be used with 
Sinclair interface 2 but not 
stated anywhere (Kemps ton 
compatible). Ocean s 
version comes out with 
flying colours, closely 
foHowed by this one. 

Next Month: Missile Command 

A Nnwif i«ld Publ lUl tm 2 1 




Details havft Just tseen arranQSd 
ror AlMn MajylTtt. &i1l¥waif* 
Mmaoir for Sinclair, to be In- 
tervfewQd by mrae CRASH 

reviewers and readers. §y the 
tim0 you read thi@, ihe Inter^ 
view wHI have laNen place on 
the 9ih Febfuary at Sinclair 'a 
London OH Ices Th* interview 
will be pybltshed in n^xt 
month a CflASti^ 


The muHHliSHed ganvest^^rs, 
AbaneiiS, have ju^t re f eased a 
four-game pack undar rhe 
imme Sp€ice Oay$$^y. The four 
MTMS are Senf^nei, Fimflm^, 
Av^ngm and Pfol'eus, and they 
all forni a continying arcade 
«lOry A\^Bnger sold 4Q,000 
copies, wnilis Sentmef 
refnainded m Srrillh s lop ten 
for months. fimrtE^h received 

a rave CRASH re'vl^ew 'm lasl 
monih'i isEiue. Author Kevfri 
Rynn has racently completed 
Ptqwos. which unforturrataly 
we can't reviews uniM rhext 
rmmth due to preaaures of 
apaca. Abacus are stiN Belling 
the game separately at £5.96 
each but you can buy all four 
gamea in the 'arcade pack' for 
only CI 486 — a aavtng Of 
almost ES. 

Ihi Chii DHps (kM 

Qlsolt, whose adventure 
writing utility Th& QwU ha^ 
been raafkinsible for hulpihg 
many authof^s produce 
Adventure Games across a 
ranQe of software houa#$ in 
recent monLhs. have 
announced a sefiee ol 
Adventure Gain#s for the 4»K 

Ttia a^rle^ i^ called T/i« Go/d 
Colfection and contaJns eight 
lltl«s. One is yet to be 
announced, but the oihets are 
UMQiC CB$ti^ and Diamond 
Trwlh wfiich have been out for 
•om# time, fand were the first 
to be written w^th The Qulll^ 

22 A N P Wif i«4 Ct Put be A1 ID PI 

Aawentur&s of asrmk r/^e 
Ow&rf, Spy PtBim, Dmfrs ^^/antf 
end M^^d6«ndsr. 

AMc^ Gdfd'em by Tom 
Davtee talCM its name from the 
hotel f eatyred in ttte game and 
Is set at the tym of the cent tiry 
tl haa Qraphhcs and displays 
The Qyiii's Nfersatility with 
UDG'S and blocN graphics. 
BarsAk the Dwarf is written by 
P i V Napdiftano VoM myst 
help Baf sak co41>ect nine 
treasures of his fofetathefai anil 
"il" Is set In a myrhological 
underwrntd. Spy P^ane Ma by 
D. Bf aiiimet, has an ynusual 
setting for an adventure In as 
much as the gaim takaa plaeo 

^n the p^ane and owr iha 
tocatlona. You're flying over 
locat)oris 5«t in the Arzefan 
sea, ^atning miErtary 
intelligence It should tm 
reaffsilc as the author ia a pi tot 
and used to be in the RAF. 
Deirl/'s f&tand by Cofm Smiih 
poses you the probfem of 
escaping ftom the infamous 
French island prison. Voii must 
face the prison guards, the 
iur^je and unfriendly natives, 
flndf a boat and escape to tfia 
mainland, MiMtm^^ by B. 
iefikktsen has yoy suddenly 
transpiOrted by aliens using 
some myatarious ray to their 
Mnderground base. Vou have 
the men t at jpo wer to resj si a nd 
escape, and your tasK m to 
locale the soufce ol the ray 
and d^iifoy it. This gam^ starts 
off, apparently, with a 
description which includes a 
deak with a Ouiil silling on it I 

Alt titiM in the Qam 
Co^fBcUof^ wiW be available 
JndlvkJuaity. priced ES.9S#acfi 
and Gil soft hope to have them 
ready for ratease sometirne in 
Febryary this month in their 
own distinctive padcagmg. 


Shof>a MB normally tm^ tHjsy to 
be able to demonstrate games 
to their customers, but 
sofiwaie house, MleriMiMga, 
are maKing atteinpts to alter 
that. They have recently sal up 
demonstration stands in two of 
the larger Boots stores wheta 
there are large computer 

The deiTfconstrationa have 
taken plii» at Boots' bri^nc^iea 
in PfHtunoulli and Sloiigih. ana 
invotved two members of staff 
with Bin Spectrums and 
screens. A spokaapefson lor 

Mleromeiga told us that the 
kSM had proved popular, and 
that In dtact^aalona with Boots 
there had been an informsi 
agreentent to expand the 
Service to other atores across 
I he country- 

Boot3 carry aN tour 
Micromega prod yets. Hatirrred 
H&dff^s, Luna Crabs, Startlmsf^ 
and, of coyrse. the fabulous 
DB^ihah^m Mlcrom^a sed 
the demonatratjon stands aa a 
part of company sypport for 
their games as Ihey do no malt 
Ofder, only supplying retaH 
oytl^li directly and tbro^fth 
distribuiors ^ike Wabatera. The 
call lor g^mes has been 
enormoys. Only the Thursday 
before Chrislmas Webaters 
asked (or several thousand 
copies of D^arhchi^^e arnf 
Micromega made a iupef 
nufMn won and wat able to 
detivef them before lunch the 
next day. 

The nevt game from the 
company, as we reported In 
taat month s issue, is another 
Derek Brtwster title, which he 
gave a W0f1<ing title of lifvattert 
lOOO. At the rTK^ment, 
Micrometga haven t decided 
what to call It, but they told us 
that it is going lo be a Wg 


Aftef a visit to deepest Woolton 
(Liverpool) we can report that 
the errant Jef Set Wif^ l-s alive 
and weJIp If a irDle late in 
emefging from that Surbiton 
Mine of his. Author Matth#w 
Smtth told us that the rr^ain 
reason tor the delay was due to 
the buJIders wtio have not 

nadutlve pMroiK*rnrn*r Mihihaw 
^mliti makot i rift irpmartm tor 
m* CHASM csriws to s i wsta 



niftlili«d worn on d«coratlOfi of 
Willy's enormous n&w mansion. 
Trie ftiza of the house J» a 
rdtfitf cfaLFntlng. as il contains 
P rooms, and is thfl^refore 
$om# ihree times bigger ir>an 
xh0 mlnos below 1 Each room iB 
in an tndescf jbabl^ masii 
tecaus^ wherTi WtUy's rmw 
found fa ^r weather Irtgrtcis have 
i party, do they hava a party! 

Alin Maron of Sottwar* 
PHkI^ ^ad hoped the game 
wouUi be released before 
Chrlslmaa and pEahr>ed 
jiccQrdingly. But itm sheer size 
ot liie garrv^, trve anrount of 
animation in fcl. and the I act 
I hat il IS intended Eo be a big 
Improvemeni on M^mc Mlnmr 
has cauaed Matthew i he kind 
of headaches that Willy himself 
ItfOyld appreciate. Another 
week stiGiild see the program 
work Nnished, we were told. 
The \n%mtB are already printed 
and waiting — &o. come on 
Matthew, get off your Eugenie's 
Lair and back to the surface! 


QMlcliiihra have luat laur^hed a 
club mimbers only magazine 

oaHed The QBm& Loftis 
Mega/ine. It's eight pagea of 
game hmtSp news on the 
company's products, a chart 
and competitions. There's alao 
a report on the Faliivlan 
Empire, which someone at 
Oukcksilva had threatened to 
wrhe a novel about. I hope Ihle 
is^H a cheapskate way out of 
writing the real thing — don't 
they Know how many Spectrum 
owners are saving up lo buy 
the Chronicles ot iJle fBfu^i^fh 
Empire when the trilogy of 
noveli ara releaaed? Whether 
you're an Xickraan Raider or a 
mere eartb-tx>ynd alien~2^apper, 
detaits on the club are 
available from Qulcksilva. The 
Oamea Lords Club, 13 
Palfiwralofi Roidp 


Software housKeRabbil have 
recently moved from their 

Eremiaea in Harrow to a new 
om& In Wea^dstone — In fact 
it's called The Warren' and i» a 
BUitaJtilB name as Roland 

concept of a software director 
to be a new one. and Ihsy feel 
the^e IS a need for such a job. 
Terry, who studied computer 
acience before }oinlriQ Rabbit, 
feela ttiat a detached view of a 
garm will often produce more 
reatisilc results and that It's 
very easy for a pfogrammer to 
get too far inside the game. His 
role IS to Bnmw that RabWi 
gaines have consistently high 
^e^s ol playabiJity and will 
maintain the interest of players 
fm longi^ (Mffodiv 

flabbit appears to be breeding 

Jiamea faster than a Hamiter 
ed on oysters At the same 
time 18 year ofd Terry Girani 
has been promoted to the post 
of Software Director. Terry has 
worked at RabDit for some 
time, and has t>een responsible 
for the production of iS games 
now. flabbit consider the 

./- _/- _i_ 

"^OliNICALC |4eK Spectrxim) 
The beai Spe<:try m si^readsheet 
you can buy. Wfilten m mschine 
ocKiB to ba faaief. to give you 
mom apace for data, and to 
allow more features to be 
inctudeiJ, it is guaranteed 

W 99 col^umna or 250 rows. 

* Fuf ly iKompted inp^ut 

* E)ttenaive repeat raclliliea. 

* Supports ALL Spectrum 

* tJnique Iterative facility. 

* Totais/ Sub- totals, 
+ many more, 

7f mof e progr^^s sfrarcHd the 
qwilily Oi^ OMNlCALC f^en we 
mighf fee mom Spedr^ime in 

Home Compyting Weekly 

"ff IS ^deaf for sonteone who 
nn$ju$t /ourtd the spreads heei 
concf pf, byf i^ 's e^so a very 
jpQweiiuf loo^ tor m^Qm whQ 
has us&d Qfje previousi^" 
Sinclair User June 1 S&3 

Complete with comprehensive 
rrianual. £iiOS. 

rrttrontrouco c 
# I II'- iw.'/ i iiZtxiZ 








^■*! -*■ 


^ VmECtil t48K Spectrum^ Take me fixjtOftHk* 
0' in your SofiCdum (or a bum-up Survive hyrnp«. 

ff^i^ '"*ail|iiiy,'rTr^^*'-* ^ burtips Midiurnpsasyousce^itheeluii^ghoilfider 
£7 ''^^^tEtSmSSL'^ ~ '^^^ '^'^ ^^^' prdtsftama realty sMrt Ciesh Hetmets 

_ eVOUmON iASH Spectum) Tymnnmaimjs Rett S^egmynjE 

PoddpiSiyic Branioswau* are ioma of the creatures on the 

laaciiiaikng putney iro^n me ttan ol liie lo man Educational 

and hin, mta adveniur^ ioc>k 3S00 miiiDon ytiars ihe Iwsl time N wa^ 

played Can you do il quhctoi^ — |iist ii.M 

C RiV ASSt/ MOTFOOfT \hrvf Spectfym)i Can you me¥e ii ^ei o&s Ihe icfrf -15 ' 

#«rMEsi chdsrna opentk y ncl ckime all ftfound you or help a hungry rabb<iT m d 

ho&lile world 2 or^bruii games on one t^asselte — only ia.ts 

^. THE TfllUN QMiE [Aitf Spectnjih) The game tiiiat starti where rnodei railways k^n 

off Ful I graphics lealLenng pasaengst , goods & express irair?s, Mtne^. iltfioru. lumia t ^t 

bonus gamely iraie passangeis. coaiijons; dsrailrnents, and everytNfig else you ewp* . ' 

If om a mafOf Fi##ay* — Supef^ vnhie fS- 95 

A Nvwil^id PubUcmhmt 


Th« CAA&H rovkig cmmm^ 'bumpt' 

■ml rWDsM on ttH ttvln ffOfn LNw- 

p0M lA MAn£ntM4f '^" fftHrHtVB HI 

Durmlaw ot iMtrgMN Tr 


In lA9t ifnonth^ft H^sllck ArticNi, 
wm reported on a 
pfi^gf amrndbie joystick 
Iftlefltcd CAllKl (k>fnMfi «rKJI 
matte by Fral Lid. CfUSH *a 
always inierdSlCKf in any Aitiall 
oo«T>p^ny maitcing a dabut with 
ai^ iiem of Jnte^resl to damaa 
playafo, and it's doubly 
plaaaanf whan tha company 
tumt out to t>e a ^losa 
naightsour in littia old Ludlow 
Itaall. A Fral apohaaii^faon ha^ 
now intDrmed us that 
pfDductk>n models of the 
Inlerface will soon t^ avaitabla. 
It features a matrix board 
representing the Spectrum 
keytx^ard, and \^ said to bo ttia 
aimpleat method of 
pfogrammmo a uniiraraal 
foysiiCii: so far Anj^ona 
interested in further details 
should writa to Fral Ltd. 1 
Hockey's lyllll, Tamaakte, 
Ludlow. Stiropshln $Y8 IPO, 



Known colloquially as tha 'Glaaa 
Tower' in mlcrosoftwafa 
conscious Liverpool, liMolM^a 
new headquarters office In Sir. 
Thomas Straet la actual ty a 
beautifully reno>irated four- 
storey bulhliiig ot red bf idt. 
Approprbitely enough, it la 
sJluated only a shofl distani^ 
f FQfTi tha aite of where . 
Liverpool's famous Cavern 
Club used to be. Appropriate 
>acauM there are some 
jncanny parallels belween 

When Brian Epstein 
dl^overed the ^Btlii$ playing 
in the Ca¥ern they were 
unKnowrhS. Epsiem was an 
accounlani run n log a record 
buainaai. tmagirie's Director ot 
Operations is Bruce Evartss. in 
the laie 70s Bruce EveNss 
starts yp a unique shop called 
Micfa Digital, one ot the firal 
ihopa in the UK to sell home 
computers over the counter to 
an urtsuapectlng popyiace. The 
s hop was a great eucceas, so 
much so that Mr. Everkas 
attracted the attention ot the 
high stfeet gkants. and 
evefitually the b^sin^ia was 
sold to Laskys- Like Bfian Eps 
tain's record stKsp m the early 
tki% Micro Digital was a hot bed 
of young faieni — in th^a case 
not music hang but software 
enthueiasts Among the 
employees wer^ names later to 
emecge like Davfd Lawaofi and 
Mark Butter After Micro Digital 
went lo Laakys the v^arlous 
enthusiasts merged their 
energies Into what becafne 
Bug-Byfe, bul with so many 
young p oo ahead talents 
involved i I was nor surprising 
that thay $houid want to go 
their separata ways. Lawson 

Arcadians Mark Butlw & David Laws on. 

ar^d Sutler founded Imagine 
and released Lawson a 
program A/ca dfa. 

Tne infant company was a 
phenomenal success and 
wlihiri rDonths had earned Its 
firat six million pounds selling 
Spectrum games. With growth 
had to come planninp so 
Lawson and Butler did the 
obvious and asked Bruce 
Everiss to come and run the 

Todayp Just a year after tt 
started Imagir^ la a compafiy 
wiih over 100 employees, a 
head off ke block, two 
warehouses and a Contract 
programming Building. Tfte 
toundera are worth m 
estimated 130 mi I J ion and the 
management live and work In a 
fine styla. 

8f uce Everiss showed ui 
around the main office blocik. 
THe company's atfaira are run 

I Ian Wflirhtrlmin (Atcn«niii1| back al wOrliL 

CIU^SH Eidltor. nopr Kaan. imagine's Dlm^of of OfMratMrni. ttri^e e««rts«, 
and PA.. 

from lmf% aitd It also Indudei 
the aates team and games 
programming department. An 
amB lor six programmers is set 
qui on a lavfsh scale, backed 
up by a computing power 
which is quite staggering, and 
a Technical Support Afea 
which can provide tha 
programmers with whatever 
resources they require As we 
walked about Ian Weatherbiim, 
aulhot of imagine' s la test 
game Alchemist, was already 
at work at one of the desks on 
another project , A lot of the 
other progremrrvere have i 

continued on peg* 92 


A Nftvvftwld PublM^lion 



Producer; Mlcrosptiere 
Memory required: 4aK 
Retail price: £5J5 
Language: Machine <»de 

Mleroftphere seem to have 
done it afiain, following up 
their eKDSIIent Train GamB 
with another wholly original, 
Iwautifuiiy put togemer 
gamt tn Wh^efie. You have 
lual taken del I vary of tha 
ultimate two-wheeled 
machine — (h© fourcytfnder 
(ye I i n j ec t ed t u r bo c harged 
ZMe^^aM 500 While you're 
out on the road trying It out, 
you see this sign saying 
'Private road — no speed 
Itrrait to brava rIcSerBV. All ab- 
etted, you enter the drivevway, 
tha gates slam shut t>e]ilnd 
you. and you are trapped in 
Nightmare Park. Your ooly 
way out now m to find tha 
ghostridar. who's dozing 
somawhefe off to the right, 
wake him up and th^n race 
him back The park is full of 
vtffldlifai all t famed In karate,. 
80 bumping into any \s not so 
good for the health, 

Tha screen display takes 
the form c>f four 'roads' 
stacked one on another, 
almost like a cross section 
through caves. There are not 
alv^ays tour visiblep and any 
road travelled may well go 
steeply up or downhIJi to 
another IgwL There are thin 
'up^dcvtfnhlll' fines across 
SQcne, and Ihe bike wil I travel 
down a levef if the down key 
is pressed, and the same for 

Apart from the vicious 
wildlife (Includes leaping 
kangaroos and giant 
hedgehogs getting their own 
b«ck lor truckers) there are 
other problems to be en- 
countered. Humps In the 
road can only be got over by 
aocelerating rapidly ai the 
list second and doing a 
"wheeUe' — front wheel 
riding up and over. 
Sometimes you have to jump 
over a bus! There $ also ice 
on some roads, wh^ch must 
be taken with caution. Runn- 
tng into a dead end will kill 

?fOu off If you don'l i^rake In 
ime, and going downhill too 
fast can also be rather fatal! 
Gas stations are few and far 
between, so it's worth 
backtracking lor them. To be 
promoted to a new level re- 
quires completing the one 
yoii'ra on. when youH be 
given a code to fet you enter 
the next one up. Good riding! 




w% ii^ T Apaer '9#«3e 

B«comi> t 1 

r- ii'i TQf thi? ri * . 

vittroiphtfv^i wondirful V¥N*#ii«, 


'When I first saw another 
reviewer playing "Wheel !e\ I 
thougM that it was totally 
different and looked good. 
Then I got round lo revjewing 
it and my Impression that il 
was a sort of Scramble' 
game faded! irs much, much 
more! Revs are Important 
when jumping cars and 
buses — too fast and the 
bike cartwheels, flinging the 
rider oft, too slow and you 
wonl make it. Once you get 
to the end of the complex you 
meet the ghost rider, a tune 
IS played, and the race back 
begins. You must beat Nm. 
but he has a distinct advan- 
tage — he can travel In a 
straight line across the 
screen, byl only at about a 
tf^lrd of yoiir lop speed, Alt 
that I can say is that I spent 
about three hours playing 
before i remembered I was 
supposed lo write 
something about it! A 
dangerously addictive game, 
Greal. Brill, Fantastic ^ 
super words fail. Just buy It!' 

Tile m&Hws boast fftsf 
Wheetle has some of the 
tmt graphics you'm ever 
likely to s^e on a Spectrum 
/ d like to thirrk that there's 
sttti room for Improvement 
as timego^s by\ but cert Einiy 
these are excepfionatty 
good. Smooth, very detaiied, 
with toads ot animation, The 
spiffs the biker takes are ati 
quite yafied, depending on 
the type ot n^ischance he 
hits^ tt's ail Quite reaii^tic. At 
timt you might assume that 
you can memorise the iavout 
of the ceverns, but I'm afraid 
not, each game they change. 
Aft in aH, this is one ot the 
most enfoyable games t have 
piayed for a long white, and 
i'rp sure its going to keep 
ptayers entertainea for 

1f you're playing with the 
keyt>oardp It has a very sensi- 
ble layout, bui there's a 
menu tor selecting Kemf> 
ston Of cursor type joystick 
as well as a routine for set- 
ting up other Joysticks via 

userdefinad keys. Very 
good. As for the game, wei I* It 
is pretty good. Lovely 
graphics, very, very difficult 
and challenging. Exceilent 


Control keys: left = bottom 

row leH, right = bottom row 

right (these act as 

accelerate and brake), 

second row = down, th^rd 

row - up and top row ^ 


Joystick: Kempston, AGF, 

Profek arid user-definable 


Keyboard play: very 


Colour good 

Graphics: excellent 

Sound: good (e)( eel lent on 

bike effects) 

Skill levels: several 

Uvea: 4 

ScfMfis: new regenerated^ 

and scroEling 

Oenefal rating: addictive* 

generally excellent, good 


Use of computer 89% 

Qraphlct 86% 

Playablllty 90% 

Gettir^g etarteci 95% 

Addictive qualities 99% 

Value for money 99% 

Overall 93% 

The Pyranud 

Producer: Fantaey 
Memory required: 48K 
Retail price: £5.50 
Language: Machirte code 
Author Bob Hamilton 

In essence The Pyramid Is a 
simple game, as att good 
games srigyld be. Yoyr nero 
is Ziggy. who sits In a little 
bubble capsule equipped 
with a hicfhly effective phas 
ed plasmTc laser' with which 
he can atomise any of the 60 
weird aliens til at Itve inside 

the Pyramid. This structure 
consists of 1 20 chambers on 
15 levels, 1 chamber on tt^e 
top level. 2 on the second, 
three on the third — and so 
on. The object of the game Is 
1 reach t h e ex it on level 1 5 i n 
as short a lime as possible. 

Eact^ time the capsule 
touches an ai^en its shield 
power is depleted When the 
shield t^as evaporated, Ziggy 
is vulnerable and will die if ne 
runs into an aflen. There are 
two e^Hs from each 
chamber, protected by a 
force field. These are 
neutfallsed by crystals 
which drop from the top of 
the Chamber after a certain 
number of aliens have been 
atomised. The crystals have 
three stales — white^ they 
destroy anything touched 
and deplete the capsule 
shield — yellowp they 
become vulnerable to 
destructjon by aliens but are 
still too hot to pick up — and 
wt^en blue tbey can be col^ 
iected and used to neutralise 
tne exit force field, although 
it the capsule is hit by an 
alien a crystal will sttti be 
destroyed. With each level 
the force fields require an ex^ 
tra crystal to neutralise 
them, so on level 3 it takes 3 
crystals, level 4 needs 4 
crystals — and so on. 

And basically, thafs it. 
Scoring isdone by giving you 
9999 points when you enter a 
chamber and awarding 
what's ted when you eitlt. 
Points over 30,000 are coded 
and may be sent to Fantasy 
for publishing in iheir top 
1000 scores every 6 months. 


'At first I thought this was 
going to bean advent urOp but 
no Jt's a very unique arcade 
game and well worth buying 
with 120 screens, each one 
more difficult than ttie last. It 
will take a long time to 
master. Another bonus \b the 
graphics which are very good 
— like UJtimatft'i styie, 
smooth, action-packed and 
detailed. Good keyboard 
positions tog. A Very addic- 
tive game/ 

'This game is nicety 
packaged end presented 
with ejtcellerjt instructioriB. 
in playing it's enfoyabte 
because ati the cotours are 
used, the graphics are 
smooth and very detailed^ 
each character havmg its 
own movement and anima^ 
tion — there's even a recoil 
effect on the laser. The game 
!S great tun to play, 

A NvMfi4l4 FhitlliclilkDn 25 

[ l A numni '^f taking - Th« PYfimkJ. l I 

l.| ■ I 1 y ■ y ■ I 1 ^ ■ I .y t ^ > I 

1 1 1 I I 1 I I i I I 1 

!iLLl ' t ' [ 

! I I 1 I 1 r 


frustmung whe^ you slflrt lo 
g^f tf0vv/7 B t^w levetB, die, 
and hBV0 to go b^ck to ItiB 
Btart. V0fY chattenging. t ffk^ 

vPfesentatlon and 
graphics are excellent and 
theiaf>geof control key posi 
ttons and )oy sticks thai may 
tm used ali add up ta y#fy 
good valud for money A 
nIOhty addictive game; 


Control keys- 3 options — 
Q/A up/down. O/P left/right, 
bottom row (ire; or — top 
row up. 2nd ro^ down, A-G 
teft, IH-L right, bottom row 
fife; or — ^SYMBOL SHIFT 
(eftJflghl, X/M wp/down, C N 
Joystick: Fullor, AGF* 

Protek. Kempston, 


Keyboard play: very 


Um of colour very good 

Graphics: excellent 

Sound: good 

Lives: 1 

ScfMns: 120 

Qenertl rating: addictive, 

playable and excellent 

value for moriey. 

Use of computer 85% 

Graphtci 82% 

Playabllity 61% 

Getting started 78% 

Addictive qualities 63% 

Value lor money 91 % 

Overalt &3% 


Producer Fantasy 
Memory required: 4fiK 
Retail price: £5.50 
Language: Machine code 
Author: Bob Hannllton 

Doomsday Castle is the se- 
quel to ThB Pyramid. Often 
foltow-ups lack the flair of 
the original but \n this case 
the same excellent graphics 
have bean used and added 
to. The scenario has alao 
been enormously expanded, 
end I he cassette is accom* 
panied by a long, highly 
amusing and informative m^ 
lay of Instructions which 
clearly explain the various 
rgles of the 5 different alien , 
cieaiures you wil I encounter, 
the layout of the caatle halls 
and passageways. 

It's a lor^ scenario, but in 
brief, it seems that the Elves, 
ever hopeiess at keeping 
their magic rings and 
crystals, have allowed the in- 
finitely evil Scarlhaic to 

26 A Hmm%i «td Pul^Kul w% 

house 6 large elfin stones In 
Doomsday Castle, where 
their dangerous power can 
be harnessed for his own 
nasi ¥ ends. Super hero Hggy 
has been sent in to find the 
stofies and escape with 
them. Some hope! Each 
chamber is filled with Urfcs, 
Garthrogs, a Googly Bird, 
Nucleoids and Orphacs. 
Ziggy, in his by now familiar 
defence capsule, has to 
laser Urks to death to keep 
up his lase^ power, which he 
needs to blast away one of 
the four red exit doors. Most 
of the time these doors are 
protected by the Garthrogs, 
I who sai) up and down on 
lifts, shooting blindly at 
anything. Onfy when a Gar- 
throg is *up' can Ziggy get in 
a shot at a door. When the 
door is sufficiently 
destroyed, Ziggy will be 
sucked through. Each 
chamber has an anteroom 
which may cofvtain a crystal 
or one of the 6 ancient 
stones. Only these 6 give you 
scorifig pomts, which are be- 
ing eaten away the longer 
you remain In the oaatle. 
High scores are coded and 
may he sent to Fantasy for 


publishing in their lis! of top 
1000 scores every 6 months. 


'What makes this game 
tun to ptay, is the eomptest 
retationshlp between atl the 
creatures, Googty Birds only 
want to sleepp for Instance, 
but Urks keep tfyJng to wake 
I hem up and make them lly 
about, so it l>ecomes as im- 
portant lo shoot Urks to pre- 
vent this happening as ir 
does to shoot them for lasef 
replenishment. Added to 
that< there are numerous 
routes through the castle but 
not all are as useful as 
otherSt so there is an adven^ 
lure and strategy element 
thrown in. Mind you, coping 
with the furiously fast ar- 
cade element is Qyite 
enough forme!' 

Ain can SBy is BUY iTr 

' F 3 nf asy certai n I y seem 
detennmad to drive people 
nuts with Immensely long 
games at impossible odds. 
Not that this is unplayable, 
quite the opposite, (t's great 
fun, with good graphics and 
good sound. To offer any real 
criticism one would have to 
piay for months! Excellent 


Control keys: 3 options — 
see review for The Pyramfd 
Joyitlok: Fuller. Kempston, 
AGF, Pfotek. Mikrogen 
Keyboanl play: very 
responsive — Ziggy floats 
downwards under his own 
steam, so you have to work 
hard at th^s one. 
Use of coloyr excelter>l 
Graphics: excellent 

a«t*i by tliiti «nflifiwi^ Sapm Hmrtt Ziggy lHttl«t ■fpinfft owinwiitimiiie 

'The graphics ara ex- 
oe/ to/11, smooth, datBilad, 
animated and amusing. Not 
onty must you su/vive in a 
hail, shoot out the tfoor, gat 
the crystaf and nrove on, hut 
you gat shut in a passage 
wtth a tim&locMed door, 
wham you must survive for 
as long as possible against 
the Orphacs batora being 
raieased into another haft to 
do bat tie again, A great 
ioHow up to The Pyramid, 
arid anothar ohalienge to 
UK I mate's greaf game name. 

Soynd: good 
Liviii 1 

ScrMfis: 25 halls, 49 

General rating: addlctlvep 
playable, very good value- 
Use of computer 85% 
Graphics 90% 
Playabllity SS% 
Getting started 78% 
Addictive qualities 36% 
Value to r money 92 % 
Overatl 07% 

100 Doomsday 
to be Won! 

Dttft nin out on Ihli ndtinB 
y)M|iitition, which offtre you llii 
CMMi to dnvi yoiffiMi irad wMh 
01 mt Mn wcMN ipiiMi ■ourai , 

If yeu «njoy • ntKl ifid fast action 
g«m« that also has ma&tes Of 
l0v«la to play through, th«n 
FftRjasy*i Th^ Pymmid and 
DoDm$0MY Ca$m air# probably for 
you! Now a your chance ro win a 
copy of the lat«it raleaaa. 
Ooomscray Ca«f/# — a highly rated 
mlnd*t>low©f. in association with 
CRASH. Finta&y are offerlno 100 
copies of Doomsday Cas//a to the 
flrtt 100 correct entries to the 
<)uaatlone be^ow. Easy? WeJIp 
pertieps, bui playing Doomsday 
Ctaf/i is no easy iash! 
Fantaay was formed early in 1663 
by Bob Ha ml 1 1 on and Paul Dytr. 
Bob, it seems, gets his garT>eB Ideas 
when funning over ihe Welsh hills, 
which might explain why ha Ihtnki 

Sam«9 players should have to work 
ard tool They are both software 
profasalonalsf rom the defence 
industry with aKperlence in reah 
tim«aaaefnbly langyage 
Ofograinmtng, and a real time 
rasct nation with scMI. This pule 
them in a strong position to write 
games software. 

The company's original name 
waanl Fintaey to begin with, and 
Nfore it was changedp they brought 
oul two very popular games with a 
'ipaca' theme. But 8ob and Paul 
were l^een to develop a 'space' 
theme game which was new. 'It's 
almost impossible lo come up with 
a completely nB^a concept/' says 
Paul, -but we think with rfte 
jPyfimW and Doomsday Gasf/e we 
have come up with two flames 
wtiich are very diflerenl from all the 


1 What wm th« coffiip^iy I orlolnil nam* 
&«t<ir« iNiy chir^QM if to Fs^lAt^^ 

tha fiima ot ifm Oying ipaca tmp ^n THE 

] N#mt 1 ti# iupQ^ hm^ of Tht Pyf trnM ffid 

I How rntny chimM-i if a IIW* (ri Thi 

S Najna I ha lvra> 'apaoa' ifiama gainaa 

prsviauiiy ral«af#d by F|nla«y iwtmh 

wifa alio un&m tha orfgilnal ci>pnpany 

a Nama my tiv>@ rno#tili?i vm ^Iflni 

ancounltf in DoomvElay Gaitla. 
7 Nam* thi irt lit mvHo pa^m ad IM C RASH 

cowr kliuiirailon for th« ls»t tatut ind 

I Count yp tha pr^ram antft^ ^r\ thta 

monf hi SpacUum ^k^t Sactlpo 

lasLclydina l^t C^ima of i^« Mofiih <m^ mSS 

4St. dJvkaa m« >^iiyU by 3 and e^'i^ ui iNi 


Fantaay do eKt&nalva markft 
r«sBarch amongst schools to find 
Out the esaanilaJ mgredler^ts of a 
good gama, and the rasytts point to 
tt^M«l>elng: fast action, excltlnfl 
graphics and as mucfi colour and 
sound as poaelble. Tha other 
Important factor is complexity — a 
feature very efyident In Doomsday 
Cmtm. "It's vital that as the skill 
level of the player incraaaes, so Ilia 
deptt) of the game increasas with 
themp" saysPauL 

Oifflcuit hinh — score gemea 
naf y rally lead to a sense of 
competition amongst playersp 
which Fantasy are kmn to promote 
on a nationwide basis. This adda an 
extra dimension when any player 
can compart his score against the 
very best scores nationafly. To 
aohleve this the games have 
embedded in them a score 
validltier. so that a 12 letter code 
will appear whenever a new higti 
score is achieved. Fantasy 
publishes the top 1000 best scorea 
every 6 months In their Fantasy 
Micro CItib newsletter. Top acorea 
will also appear tn alternate iaauaa 
of CRASH. 

Now all you l^ave to do is gel thes# 
ti^dicrously simple Quest ions rights 
whip them tnto ua aa faat aa 
possible and you; too, could join 
the throng of people driven lo utter 
distraction by the awsonrve 
problefns of surviving the action* 
packed Ooomatfay C#af/«/ 

Name, address and answers in a letter or on a postcard please^ to 

Ttm fir it lOO Dotfscl aotrksa driwn oyr of 

tha bag Mriit aieh ra^ahia a copy of 

Oooffiiday CatlSa Compatll^wi cioiing 

4«i* li ttsi poat » mn. March 1BB4. 


A Naarafiivid Publleailwi 27 







So many gjvn^i now im« thi cursor Iceys 
anything to maks lltaMilarlt a walcomf 
In our last issue weiook a look at joysllck 
c I Oftily tft tilt ioy it Ick s t he m m I ve$ I n a f u - 
riMt ittachni«nt» whkJi will take some 

S— 6~7— 8 f or direction^ control that 
addlllofi lo the game player's equlpmani 
control I ars, and we will be loo king mora 
tare Issuo, In the meanlimap hare are two 
ol the ^tlng out of th* cursor ci^&e. 

The serious problem with 
cursor keys for ptaying Is 
that they are just not 
ergonomtc. It is quite 
natyraJ for the brain to Interpret dir- 
ection qukte physically — in other 
words, for up and down control to 
be in that configuration.and left and 
right similarly, 

Tfii3 Js why key positions like Q/A and 
N/M are sensible. Qfk and 2/X are not 
so good because the two sets ol keys, 
one for each hand, are too dose. 
Directional keys that come In a 
siraigM l^ne are poor in comparison 
|>ecause in the heat of play, the brain 
can become confused as to which sal 
Is which Now if. on top of that, you 
add the factor of the peculiar layout ot 
Spectrum cursor keys, which is left* 
down — up-right, you can see that 
vou have what might be called split 
hand controL 

A fairly new idea has been to 
develop joysticks which simply clip 
over the top of the spectrum 
keytioard and rrt^chan Really depress 
the eursor keys. The movemeni is 
transmitted by means of levers ac- 
tivated by a (oystlck This means the 
Joystick can be moved lefi to create 
left movement p ripht for right move- 
ment, and so on, just as you wo^id if 
you used a programmed joystick. 

The obvious advantage to this 
sysiem is its cost There are no ^leC' 
Ironies involved, no wires, no edge 
connectors and no hardware pro* 
g ram mi n g. The obvious df sad van tags 
is Ihat the joystick will only control 
the cursor keys, and by no means all 
games on the market opt lor them. 
Nevertheless, a great many games 
dOp or have user definable keys, or 
make provision increasingly for cur- 
sor type Joysticks. Obviously )f a 
game do^s of ler user-def mable keys, 
then its no problem at all lo set up tor 
a cilp^jver joystick. 

E.E.C. Lid. have brought out such a 
cfJp-on cursor toystick called Sp^C' 
Irum Mechanical Joystick. This 
comes as a one-piece clip-over unit 
which press fits over the shoulder of 
the Spectrum. Slightly off-centre Ito 
take into account the position ot the 

26 h N*w4ii*td PwlsliCAIiort 

cursors) Is the raised box containing 
the levers. From this rises the loysticR 
itself . Below the box syrface (he 
Joystick, which can rock in all direc- 
tions, Is f lx#d to a shaped cam which 
In turn activates the four levers. 

A disadvantage of this system Is 
that the pressure on the key pads Is 
uneven, so that in play It requires dlf- 
ferent pressures for different direc- 
tions, and the transmission of 
pressure seems quite uneven when It 
[s used for S-directional control 
Overall the construction Is strong — 
almost too strong, which means you 
have to hold the unit in place when 
playing fast and furious games, its 
main advantage is that it clips on 
quite quickly and without any fuss. 

Another contender for the cllpon 
cursor joystick Is Ifw Spectrum Stick 
from Grant Oealpi Ltd. This one 
comes in three pieces, and so packs 
into an amazingly srnati box for 
posting. The central unit Is a closed 
boTt, a mere three inches by one 
and three-quarlers and an 
Inch high. Two 
Z^shaped arms 
are attach 


Joystick Tve used, and comp 
ares on equal terms with any 
of the morefamousnames. 
It reproduces Bidirectional 
movement with perf^t accuracy, 
and is so light to handle that there 
is no rislc of computer movement 
or even of Joystick damage through 
over^ardent playing! 

These clip-on cursor ioysticks area 

worthwhile investment, I think, even if 

you have anothef t^>e (unless of 

course Its already a cursor interface 

oystick). And both makes mentioncHl 

lere, do leave the rest of the keys free 

or use. Of course you don't get a fire 

button wtth them, but then, quite a lot 

of fasi games use two or even three 

effects keys and you can't cope with 

that on any Joystick at the moment. 

So. from now on, it's not only plug In 

and turn on but also clip on. 

this by 
means of 
white plastic 
bolts. THe ad- 
vantage of this 
system is thai the 
bolts can be well lightened onto the 
shoulder of the Spectrump and when 
in place the unit has no tendency to 
slide or wobbie in play. A useful touch 
is that the hidden cursor key symtxjis 
are all reproduced on top of the unit 
so that you can still use them. 

The joystick itself is extremely 
positive In action — in fact so much 
so that I'm sure it's the best "leer" 

The Spectrum Mechftnlcal Joystick it 

rrlced at E9 J5(lncK p + p) from EEC. 
td.. 1 Whitetiouse Close, Chalfont 
St. Peter, Bucks SL9 ODA. 
The SpeclmmSlIck Is priced at £9.95 
fIncL p4p} from Grant Design Ltd. 
Bank House* Repham, Norwlcl^, Nor- 
folk NR 10 4JJ. 

Both joysticks should be available 
from good computer retail outlets. 


The battle could be yours . . . 
.^ but it won't be easy! 

r- -v.'«a. 



hJt ts 'ZIGGV, ihown al>ov«, \n h\t exploratory CApxula 
ttnd Is a tru« r«pr«s«ntatlon of th« on-icreen graphlcf . 


THE PVRAMID Js aiarcd(lest>te game whc^ hdsd very adventurous 

The Pyramid contains 120 chanidere on IS levels, in order to get from 
one charntier to another you must figrii criff the iinN*gerxHJS altera 
coHea dn energlsecJ crystal which will neutralise the force fie*d guarding 

The^rafTwJ is ifihattted oy a iota*Ql fiOvwrd and*j(Otic aiien lyptt. 
all of which are &eautilij% animated itu wMi meet a whote v^anety of 
demons, droKJs, tnseai and monstera. wifln a spnnhllng ot the mow 
unusual, she exira*te»rwtr^l tweeters, galactic strawberry, cosmic claw, 
mutant eye, plus a whc3<e hosi of entities that dely raDonai description 
Vbu'll no doubt invent your own ntcknamei. 

Ybu proceed to exfrfore the pyrarrad from top to Dottom with the 
dWiciity generally jncreasing wrth the depth of level Depending on the 
cfXKe of em from each chamber you are likefy to have a drffefent garrje 
fvery time you play 

Apart from i^ challenge of trying ta achieve the htghest score 
possrtjie the pyrarnid corrtattTs a nurm»r pujsle to solve The rnore 
chamijers you successfully visit the man (nfofiTiation b gathered to 
enaote you to discover the secret rxmiwis of the py r^nid The puzzle 
won't Eake you days to solvent wUI pfobatily tai<e you a few morths 


DOOMSD^ CASTLE consists of a lalayrmm of 74 compleitly inter - 
connected H^Hs *ind Passages where you will meei ^ whole hoA of 
adverwnes servtng the infinitely evil Scarttiax. the GBiihfogs. ttw 
(DJT'^'iacs, the pherxxnenaliy nasty Googiy Bifd and the Urtcs whK3i 
manifest themselves in over fifty unoeTievably weird and wonderftjl 

Scarthax has scoured tfie Umverse to btmq together the stx ancient 
stones of Weforce. United n Doomsday Castle they are being used w 
wieid an irresistable power over the cosmos. rm.^naifrig waves of 
corruption through evwy galasy 

To save the Universe, you must PattJe you r w^y woogh the ome 
to find arid coHea the six stones and i£e their force against Scanhax to 
destroy Doomsday Castie, hopeMiy escaping yoorseflf tsefore che frial 
cataciysmic explouon. 

The tasi< is not easy jsaving the Untverse never isH and ft will take 
you many games to unfold the stfucture of Ooon^day Castle and 
discover the locatMxus of the arKtent stones. 

The addKUve arcade siyle action will keep you coming back to play 
but the owefaJI challenge should sIjII keep you occupied for rnonths^ 

RUMBELOWS, SPECTRUM GROUP, COMPUTERS FOR ALL and all other good software retallen. 

The Pyrainld at £5.S0 and Doomsday Castle at £6.50 from 

despatched by return first dass post together wftn free membership and (xirrent newslenef of tJie Fantasy Micro ChJb. 

Trade Enquiries welcome - telephone 0242-583661 . 

5 S» T^wnvtt Sows 
Lftwpod ^%«yKie LI 6BW 
Ckileir En^iines Contact 




The ll^t born has been destroyed The 

)p- Crystat Of Beroth has been banished 

artce of Evil has been defeated by the 

[Of Lord FendaJ So ends the Third 

ii ■ I jiirlh Ane of the Third 

i:C^..'fin©nt. , 

Yvu wiU meet friends and enemtes, ofd and 
hfivn, m the iong awaited sequei to Volcanic 
Dungeon. Using high resolution graphics 
at id combtning the t Mtm of Back 

Cfyst.'!*' and VolcaiHL uungeon", we wtt 
allow /nu tn hecomP ni^rf rii Ihin Sifr* of 

"The Wrath of Magra " comes as three, 48K 
proyKitTimes on eassetto, boxed with in- 

(ruction manual and book d^ailmg the hfs 
lofy of ft^ Third Continent and the many 
spells you will be using throunhout tho 
game For the ABK ^fjecirufn 4^ Ct2 50 

NOTE: Tiie Wrath of Magra is a comptete 
■CG Vou r>eed not buy Voicinrc 
1 .n or ■ Black Crystal" to niav if 

AvaHabte from Feb B-; 







Whether you are a beginner 
or an experienced 
programnr^er it will make no 
difference with the 
package from Procom, Yoy 
will be able to program 
professional looking 
graphics on your Spectrym. 
cornes in two cassettes at 
the price you would 
normally pay for one. But do 
not let the low price put you 
is by far the most unique 
and much needed software 
aid on the market today. 

£14-95 ^/\^W^^^ 

*w W^T ifid PtiP 









This is E ctmracter designer with a difference # Full screen 

animation of sprttes * 27 functions including sprit© 

handiirig 96 cha radars wtiich can b^ sav^d on rapa to use 

in your own programs * Easy m^tfiods df inckiding 

ctitJacter design^s in your own basic pfoorams # No 

kfiowtedge of rrmchine cod© rieeded * Screen saving ♦ 

Sprites may *» treated as super large characters f4x4). Th# 

list IS endtesa Yo^ will be able to deatgn literally thousands 

Of dffferent characters from Rac Men to space men or space 

ships to battleships 


This is \^ ulljmate uliEKy for composing ht-res graphics on 

your Spectrunx M wefl a$ e^ential hand d^aw cursor 

controls (or py stick) there are many advanced features, 

SMch as fast fill and rescale 

TT^fa are in all o¥er 50 comma nda A ix^nstantly updated 

status displayi 

Genefated prcnnpte m^ ftilly HOWTOORQEB 

displayed f4ow you can design Ttlepfione orders 

screerm as goed as the software (0 1) &0A 1 2 1 6 

oompaniM. *>t^ ■ '^'^^\ >'Yr "" ' ''^' t^ 




»iJ|pon po^nCN^d tncEov 

OVNAMtC GRAPHICS ii thtoti* 
thfli Avery bod 'r ^Ml yficl«r«tftnd'. Ttia 
inttnicfion manual tttlmpticity iu«lf. 
No more ttratnod eyot — th« maniisl 
has large ID js S pBg«H witti planiy of 
diagrams to maMa it «n\f tor you. 


U«4 OYNAMtC GRA^HIC^ to maica 
up your own progra^p and If ft% good 
WIS will mark VI h for you and may ti« 
ir^k^ you rich. 





QHAPHIC& fwth*2XS|Micmjm 


I I anckua mv chflqua/PO. *of f 


i3r«f*r Id t^Mv w*th my ACCESS^^f^^i AvrAfifi 


LOUGHTON t«ri.1^^ 

ESSEX *j?:fr'* 

Te): (01 ) 508 1216 Otdtr imjuiries to Prism {Ot}253 2277 

Cm4 Hq 

Addrrtfa _ 

Tfll: lOt^. 


SB CivdH «prf» #ilW M ilpMd br 1 

A44frH4 ifbtfwf fNrti l« fh« wtii « cAtd hoUtf 




% ' 

[e^Matt hewSm i t h 

[Penguins, Man Eotii ^ 
Seafs, Mutant Tefeph< 
^^9Si^FglIi|^^|^lobs or 

f^a^^els^fus many nfforel 
join forces to stop Willyjfr^h^]]^ 

luest to get the treasut 









Diskibu t.c^ ^^ 


38^ Complex^ 

ffaeL25 7SF 
28 7990 



A&FSoftware turns 


GAME {RAMWISE TM) !t s got everything, with an 
exolic array of nasty nat^s, man-eating spiders and 
crocodfles too. 

GAME It's a great balloon txjt ice crystal clouds are ttie 
menace. Narrow passages afxJ tiigti winds too before 
honrte base safety! 


You have to collect 12 eggs and corn to fimsti the 
screen — but watch out, there are some nasty ducklings 
chasing you! 



□ CHUCKIE EGG £6.90 

Available from W.H. Smiths. ^9 John Menzies 

And att leading computer stores. 
Direct Irom mail ord«rd«pt. Tsl:07D6 34t11t 

ToUl Ch*q<M/P.O.«nck)i«l Of crtdil card N'. 



to Schwar^'a 


Woodbim SirHt, East, Rochdjtop 
L^nc« 0L16 SLB. T#l: 07« 341111 


he most fantastic range 
amesTrom the creators of Avenger, Sent In 
Protector and many other superb programs. 

>4 ^^ 

^ - 










■r. -. ^^^^^tf^^^^E 




,"^ ; ■ >SJt '^ ^ 








Gamef avaHable at sefectedVranches of 

\I/;h: Smith, John Mcnzfes Rumbelow?, 
Greens and all good computer ^tor«. 


please send me cassettc/s uckrt tefeiw^ 
r h^vf endcHid cheque/P.O. for £ ...,...._ 


"^ Flreflinlt for ZX SpKtrun i$-fS 

Gjilaetic WarrkM^i rof ZX SpectRiin C1.91 

Proteus fOf ZX ^sectriJrti f S.'9S 

SfiTCf fTcl for IX SppctAjm £5.95 

Munrwry s AtvrgMrokli for ZK Spd^lnim 48K 15*95 
G Averfcg«r for ZX Sp«tfym and ZXB l C4.95 
Q Super Dfgger fQf ZX Specmnn (4*95 
DMoon LwKler (or ZX Spectrum f4.95 
Hl^rotHter forZXei f4.9S 
. : Bug Baftf« rof VIC 20 C4.9S 

^% Pnces include p&p 

, postcodf^ 

716 LtairgyfeTach Road, Swansea, SA5 9EL 

T«l*p#ion€ (0792) 799193 



C«Aflttn desfMitrtMtf vvHMIri 34 houri 


Atic Atac 

Producer: Ultimate 
Memory required: 48K 
RfltatI price: E5.50 
language: Machine coda 

tn last month's issue we pro- 
mised a fuller rev levy of Atfc 
AtMc m our review aopies ar- 
rived too late to do it full 
iustfce^ It turr^s out to Oe dif^ 
ficult to do full Justice to this 
program anyway! There's 
sucn a lot of It. You're stuck 
hn this castfe which contains 
five floors with lots of rooms 
on each floor. The total 
number of rooms, staircases 
and pa&sagaways Is a sub- 
ject of argument, although 
the best estimate we've 
heard about from one 
reviewef (who's been buay 
mapptng the place) Is 40 
rooms pef floor, mating a 
total of 200. 

The rooms are seen In a 
»rt of spJayed perspective 
from above so that all four 
walls as well as the floor are 
visible. Pu! simply, the ob- 

Iect of the game Is to f i nd the 
lay, which corr^es tn three 
pieces, open the main door 
and escape. You cari do this 
as three different characters 
— knight, wizard or serf, 
each having different 
weapons and knowing dif- 
f grant secret passages. 

Very like Lunar Jetman, 
Ultimate have provided little 
or no Instruction as to how 
the game is played to your 
best advanlage — the entire 
thing is a learn lug ex- 
perience, like life! 


'Theresa really nothing 
much to be said about 
Ultlmates graphics that 
hasn't at ready been said. 
Just marveilous^ But the 
details of events is also fan- 
test io, like when you lose a 
lite, a cross marks the spot, 
but It atayS there until the 
and of the game. From this 
you learn that if you pick up 
an object, and Ihen put il 
down somewhere you'll be 
able to recognise which was 
the room from rediscovering 
that object. This t^comes 
the best way to map out the 
rooms. If you aren't nuts 
already. Atfc Atac \s^ likely to 
be the turning point.' 

'Afic Atac is in no way a 
Irt/eacfvanfc/rep bat neither i^ 
it a Mhcot tha baddies game. 


But ft is on& thing — FAN* 
TASTiC! Th^te afe jnany 
typBs of baddies, ghosts, 
spiders, ghou!$, pumpkins 
andgu^st appearencBB ffom 
frsnfcenstBin's monster, 
Dracuia, Devli Witch and 
Mummy. You certainiy get 
you nronay'B worth from con- 
tent aione! IVs fast moving, 
tun to play end its orfglnafity, 
graphics and addictiveness 
make it excBifar^t va/ue for 
money. This is one of the 
best arcade games t have 
seen in a long time^ 

'A drawback with complex 

Kmea is that the control 
ys can g^ difficult to 
manage, Atic Atac uses 
Ultimata's favourite layout, 
but the keys are a handful 
and It's not possible to get 
full vafue from the garni s 
potential If you use a 
Joystick. Definitely a game 
for those with nimble 
fingersl Otherwise — just 
excellent. Uitimate have 
done it agaJa" 


Control keys: Q = !eftp 

W = right, £ - down, R= up, 

T =5 fife, Z or SYMBOL 

SHIFT- pick up and drop 

Joystick; Kempston. AGF, 


Keyboard play: highly 

responsivep 8-direct tonal but 

needs practlcef 

Cotoun very good 

Qraphica: excellent with 

masses of detail 

Sound: good 

Skill levels: |ust genefaily 


Uvas: 3 

General rating; eicoellent 

Useofcompyter 90% 

Graphics 95% 

Playabiilty 95% 

Getting started 85% 

Addictive quailties 93% 

ValtM for money 95% 

Ovaralt 92% 


Producen Artie 
Memory required: 16K 
Retail price: £4.95 
Lar\guage: Machine code 
Author: Donald Campbell 

*Missfle Command' games 
for the Spectrum mus? rap id- 
ly be coming up for a com- 
parison article — almost 
every major software house 
has now had a go at a ver* 
si on, one of the most recent 
being Arttc^ In Earth Defence 
j^ou are given the usual 6 
cities to defend wfth your 
three missile bases. In Itiis 
version only the middle one 
actually fires, the other two 
supplying missiles. It also 
features a moving cross hair 
sight like other versions, bul 
when the fire key is pmsseda 
cross Is left untit the missile 

afriveSp leaving your main 
sight free to dash off to the 
next incoming enemy 
missile traih Since the game 
Is well known there s little 
point in describing It lurlher. 


'The graphics are falriy 
simple with nice exDlosions. 

but wfth only one of the three 
bases firing it^s dtfficuM to 
cope, espeotally with the 
poor control key layout pro* 
vided. The original used a 
tracker ball for controlling 
missiles, and unless you 
have a compatible joystick, I 
would not personally recom- 
mend this game/ 

V thought the use of colour 
we^ good, /a* graphics era 
smooth and the SQund is 
aiso good. A very addictive 

1t has slmpter looking ; 
graphics than some of the 
other versions, but the explo- 
sions are at>ou1 the best I've 
seen. Ai Rhree tevets are fast , 
the highesi l>elng virtually 
Impossible without a great 
deal of practice. Pity about 
the silly control keys though 
" it's not an arrangement 
for what Is a very difficult 
gan^ to play; 


Control kayi: poor, @f7 
left/right, B/9 up/down, zero 
to fire. These are keys lor 
the Sinclair interface 2h and 
an alternative should have 
been provided 
Joystick: Sinclair, 

Keyt>oard play: responsive 
but difficult to control well 
CokHin average to good, 
changes with screens 
Graptiios: simple with good 
explosion effects 
Sound: reasonable 
Skill levels: 3 
Livei: 6 Cities 
General rating: above 
average to gcKKJ. 

Use of oomp titer 62% 

Graphics 64% 

Playabllity 60% 

QettiriQ started 68% 

Addictive qualities 62% 

Value for money 64% 

Overall 63% 

Alt iMin* tost u Etttli'i dvfftncii 




The House of 
the Living 

Producer: Phipps 

Memory required: 48 K 
Retalf phce:E5J5 
Language: Machine codt 

With anothof title soundJng 
like an advantura Qame, 
Phipps offer r/ifl House of 
the Living Dead. Thia is a 
sifnple ma£e arcade jBame, a 
post-Pac Man vartant. It 
seems your liavel agent has 
t»ohadyDu Into a rather odd 
Icind ot host a try, wtwra you 
waka up )n the night with a 
bat fiitUng above your head, 
Thia noisome happening 
alerts you to the fact that 
your other room mates are all 
ghouis and monstefa and 
creeping severed hands. Not 
a pleasant sight! 

Forty nataly. havlrig seen 
many Cheap OracLria movies. 
you are aware that )1 only you 
can collect the four pieces of 
the cross from the room's 
corners and bring Ihem all lo 
the centrep the life force 
which will emanate from it 
wHt kill the na^t<es of f and let 
you progress to the next level 
where there will be even 
more horrors awaiting you^ 
Serves you right tor opting to 
take a cheap holiday 


'It's an aKtremely simple 
game to p lay ^ just move year 
man around the un- 
oompUcated maie and col* 
tact Ihe four L shaped t?its of 
a cross. In the centre ^s a red 
square. If you are carrying a 
piece of the c^oss when yoti 
touch it* the piece Is 
automatically located and 
you can go after the next 

SKece. Trare are four dif- 
arent types of monster, star- 
Hng off with one on screen 
one, two on screen two and 
so on. With each Eevel you 
just get more monsters to 
cope with. On that basis It 
does get to be quite difficult/ 
T/?/s /s Quite a good game, 
with f&asonabt^ graphics 
and H is tun to ptayt but not 
wry addictive. An original 
versfon of what Is now an 
unoriginal game. For what 
tt'3 worth, your little man 
I resembles Mofph off the TV 


smmm «««» 




3 i 

Wht, etaifHny Iwt winfv - Hucm of Hw Ltvini OMd. 

— at feast my cousin thinks 

■The animation of your 
man ts good, but there's not 
much to the game really. It 
works on the attrition princi* 
pte of lust wearing you down 
by numbers, A better ar- 
rangement of keys would 
have helped loo, the cursors 
never function well with 
fingers. Quite good sound; I 
would think a good, tough 
game for younger age 
groups in preparaUon (or 


Control ktyi: cursors 

Joystick: Kempston 

Keyboard play: average 

Cofoyr reasonable 

Graphics: good 
! Sound: average 
1 SkJII levels: gets harder 
: Uvea: 4 

I Qenerai rating: average with 
; more appeal to younger 
1 players 

Use of computer 56% 

Qraphics 66% 

Play ability 70% 

Getting started 60% 

Addictive qualitfes 47% 

Val ue for mon ey 54 % 

Overall 59% 

The Birds 

Producer; Rabbft 
Memory required: 16K 
Retail price: £5.99 
Lanouage: Machine cods 

The Birds is a simple and 
straightforward shoot em yp 
more In the tradition ol 
'Galaxians' than 'Ph0€f)lx\ 
Your iaser base can move 
left and right whiie three 
types of bird hover, (tap arvd 
sweep down on you. Points 
scored relate to the bird hit. 
Each of them drops bombs, 
and you can score points for 
httting those. Additionally, a 

duck files across ihe top of 
the screen from time to lime, 
and you get most points for 
hitlJ ng that. Most of Ihe birds 
have a habit of turning into a 
falling bomb when hit, which 
makes H necessary to have a 
good getaway' technique. 


'The colour is reasonable 
and graphics qutte good, if a 
bit jerky. The bird charactefs 
are animated by two frames 
and might have looked 
smoother with ittree, There's 
plenty of sound too. the chat- 
leflng of birds, but it ts all a 
bit clicky. There's no! 
enough to it to be really ad- 

'I wouldn't recommend 
this game to anyone who has 
a decent collection of shoot 
em up games, because ft is 
only avetage^ This sort of 
game has been dona ro 
death and done much better. 

Only the trick of dead birds 
turr\{ng l/tto frombs makes it 
ewn playable. The program 
ItBelt is quite adequate, but 
the game and its details are 
so out of date now.' 

J didn't think this was par- 
ticularly challengmg. You've 
goi to be much more original 
with the plot twists today if 
you want to pul out a Gaiast- 
I an' type game, and this one 
just doesn't have any new 
angles at all. It's fun to play 
foraboiLft four minutes. 


Control keys: 6/7 left/right^ 

zmo for fire 

Joystick; Sinclair 2 

Keyboard play: reasonably 


Colour: reasonable 

Graphics: just average, bit 


Souf>d: reasonable 

Skill levela: 1 

Lives: 3 

General rating: not enougti 

going on to make it really 

worth Ihe money 

Use of computer 


Getting started 
Addictive qutltles 


Still fhcN?i!n{) *m up m TM Bi^di 

The Guardian 

Producer: P.S.S. 
Memory required: 48K 
Retail ppic8;£S.95 
Language; Machine coita 

Tlta scene Is sat: you are a! 
the gateway to the anti- 
matter world of Migon. Do 
you dare enter, will you sur- 
vive? Well of course you dare 
enter, but whether you will 
survive in tt>l$^ rBege- 
llgritspeed game Is quite 
another matler, or anti- 
matter in this case. 

The simple object of the 
Qarr^ Is to speed your ship In 
either direction around a 
square which Is superimpos- 
ed on a space background. A 
smaller square is offset 
within the biggec, and lines 
radiating out from it create 
segrnerits^ Your ship Is a sort 
o1 picture hook shaped thing 
that runs on the outer 
square. From the central 
square four enemy ships fly 
oulwafd m ihcee successive 
waves. You can centre 
yourseff on an occupied seg- 
men! and shoot the ene^ny 
with your laser, zipping 
around to get the next, and 
so on. If an enemy reaches 
the outer square while you 
are stationary on that seg- 
ment — you're dead. The se^ 
cond screen has no 
segments, but meteor 
swwers radiate out at a high 
speed. The third screen 
returr^s to the radial grid UKt 
the enemy are back with 
another danger, a V shaped 
energy thingit that zaps 
around the edges trying to 

1 gel you, 

1 Your only other weapon Is 
a Star Smasher t hat d est roys 
everything in the square. But 
you only have two of them. 
The rnore screens you get 

through, the more enemy 
there are. As you can see, 
holiday packade tours keep 
welt clear of Mlgon. 


'I liked this game, oiie of 
the best yet from P.S.S.. but I 
can Imaalfie thai it has a 
specialist appeal, it Is in^ 
sanely (asll The ship zooms 
round the grid at astonishing 
sp^ed, so avoiding an enemy 
can take you uncontrollably 
into another. Oefinately a 
game which develops split- 
second timing skills/ 

*The graph fcs ofe ve/y sim* 
pfe, bmna mostty grid llnBS 
end smalt spriies, but fhsre 
is a good use of cofour ever? 
so and evervthing moves 
very smootMy. ThB graphics 
on fhe Sfar Smasher look 
QUit0 excWng. I found play- 
ing the game was too fast for 
my rastB. but it should ap- 
peal to fhosa arcade addicts 
that //fce hand and eye co- 
ordination oames.' 

A good, bar dp fast game. I 
thought the asierotd sheets 
were a little of a let down, 
since you can get through by 
just sitting stiil. but 
everything else is madness. I 
wonder whether these space 
shoot em ups have had their 
day ~ there's something a 
bit 'quaint' atKDut ThB Guar- 
dian — but it is an improve- 
ment on the earlier asteroid 
games. I( you want 
something simple to play but 
exceptlonatty fast, then this 
witi probably go down wall/ 


Conlfol kayt: an ampfe 
selection — YfUlllOtP = 
fire, A/S/D/F/G =: left, 
H/J/K/yENTER - right, 
aSPACE = Star Smasher 
Joystick: Kemps ton 
Keyt>odrd piay: lightning 
fast responses 

Y-fWf pictiirfl hook tlpi muiid fta but ef tfw ff III In Tto Qmfilisn. 

Colour: simple but well 


Qraphlct: very simple but 

very fast 

Sound: good 

Skill I a vela: gets tougher by 

the screen 

Urns: 3 

General rating: specialist 

arcade appeal, fast and 

medium addictive. 

U 89 of CO m putar 75 % 

Graphica 59% 

PlayabilUy 68% 

Getting started 66% 

Addictive quaUties 72% 

V a [ ue for mon ©y 67 % 

Overall S8% 


Producer: Software 

Memory required: 16K 
Retail price: ES.50 
Language: Machine code 
Author: Patrick 

The screen has nine red 
brick bins at the base. In the 
four on either side sit the 
yeitow alien eggs and from 
the centre one the alien 
guards issue forth to do bat- 
tle. These resemble crose 
wing fighters, although they 
don't fire at you. Above the 
bins, or nests, are a serl^of 
four platforms wilh holes In 
them at staggered intervals 
— actually, more holes with 
platforms In them. On the lop 
on e your ah ip ap pea r s — an d 
a boulder The ship can move 
in four directions and fire at 
the guards with Its laser 
(though not at the hatched 
out aTlens). The object Is to 
push the boulder along until 
it drops through a hole lo (he 
next level, drop down and 
push it again, until, llnaliy It 
drops right down on (he 
aliens and crushes ihem. All 
three sorts may be crushed. 

If you get through this 
screen, tn ttve next the aifens 
hatched out much more 
vicious and eager (o get you. 


1 must say, that Thrusta Is 
a unique type of garr^e, and a 

Thfi/Ttji 1 drops 4 I>ouIeS0i' on a hjtdirrifj. almn ~ tHit tha pthyriiff 

You would think that it is gel^ 
ling difficult to come up with 
an original Idea for an alien 
shoot em up game, but w^h 
Thrusta, Software Prolects 
seems lo have done it. This Is 
rwt only a shoot em up, it's 
also a crush em down! 

Your mission takes place 
on the planet Spectf a (where 
else?) where you and your 
space ship Thrusta 1 must 
destroy alien nesis, whose 
eggs are rapidly and con- 
tinuousty hatching. Not only 
am there the hatching aliens 
to contend with, but there are 
also guards which keep 
watch over the eggs. 

very good one. II takes quite 
a wh I te to com ptete a screen, 
nydging you boulders this 
way and that while dodging 
the damned aliens. As you 
progress to higher levels of 
pi ay , t h e screen beg I ne to get 
very crowded. There's plenty 
of colour, all weil used on (he 
farge and smooth graph tea. 
Deli n ate iy above average 
and very playable, good for 
16K users as well.' 

7 thought the graphics 
we/e vBry near with al! thosm 
loathsome eggs wohblingt 
cracking, to revaal an ugfy 
alien in each, and Thrusta 1 
i tooAs good too — a rael 



S(mc0 ship artasff This tum$ 
out to b& a difficuitgame and 
piayabie with It ^ach l&vwl 
hara&r than tt\& on& b^tore/ 
Thrusta has an ex:c€llent 
key b oaf d layout, whicfl 
makes piaying very easy, 
wh I le t he gam © m aJces win- 
ing very tiard! It looka simple 
when you first atari, but gei^ 
ting tho&e boulders down is 
oompN Gated by the available 
routes and the aliens buzz^ 
ing alt owr you. I found It 
hard to judge its addi€tivlty. 
but it's vefy playable; 


Control keyi: Z/X letl/rightp 

SPACE := up, ENTER = i 

tfra. The ship sinks by UssH ; 

Joyitick: Kempsion 

Key board play: very 

responsive, takes time to 

get used to the " gravity' 

effect on the ship! 

Coloun very good 

QrMhies: very good, nice 

a no big 

Sound: continuous, above 


SklU iivalt: harder by 



Q«Mfal rat Ing: playable, fun 

and generally good 

Use of computer 75% 

Graphics 70% 

PlayablHty 75% 

Getting St artftd 75% 

Addictive qualKits 72% 

Va I ue tor man ey 69 % 

Overall 73% 

The Birds and 
The Bees 

Producer: Bug Byte 
Memory required: 4BK 
Retail price: £5.95 
Language: Machine code 
Author: Adrian Sherwln 
(Graphica: Matttiew 

Aa a game lype, The Birds 
and Tha Bees is a sort of 
*Scrambie' cum 'Defender' 
with 'Cantipede' connec- 
tions, it's ail about Boris Bee 
from Birkenheadp who has 
discovered a fabulous field 
fyll of flowers, and dragged 
h Is h j ve I nto t he f ield ready to 
start collactlng nectar. Un- 
fortyfiately there are a 


Bofit Bm fro 111 BirktnhMct tehwisliadli^p buying hs^ incf I^Hh 
bitwi^n* bunetiM of f lowvt. 

number of problems. For a 
start off (he birds aren1 too 
happy about the bee's intru^ 
s<on, and It^ more nectar 
Boris COlfects. ttie more they 
chase Nm. Centipedes also 
appear, and a bear, which 
tries to steal the nectar from 
thep or raitier thehoney t>eing 
made in there, Towards the 
end some wasps make an 
appearance. Boris's life Is 

The screen displav shov^ 
the blue sky ancl green 
ground. Tt>e aky is full of 
clouds, some raining, and 
the sun. It's atso full of 
various thirds which fly back 
and forth. On ihe ground 
ducks waddle at»out, cen- 
tipedes and caterpillars 
crawl up and down, and of 
course there are the flowers. 
If Boris manages to land pro- 
perly on a f lower, it opens up 
and releases Its nectar. 
Below the main dispfay is a 
bar code which shows how 
much nectar Boris has cxil- 
iKted on his trip. There 
comes a point when he is ful- 
ly loaded and must return to 
the hive lo deposit it. The 
more flowers he visits, the 
slower he fHes, and the more 
birds home in on him. There 
Is also a 'Scramble' style 
radar screen which shows 
Boris's position and that of 
other creatures. The playing 
area is totally shown on this 
screen with the landscape 
scrolling back and forth as 
Bo/is 11 ies about. 

The game is compattbte 
with IheCurrah Microspeech 
un^tp which enhances the 
sound enormously, as wet) 
as pfovlding spoken com- 
ments like '^lectar' when a 
flower is touched, or "Oh 
dear' when a bird Is run tn to. 


"With a micro speech unit 
onp the sound Is very good, 
but 1 tried it without, and it's 
still very good. The title tune. 
'Flight of the Bumble Bee' 
of course, souwJs marv- 
ellous. At first I thought 
Ihe controls were soggy, but 
(I becomes apparent that 
this li done on purpose, and 
simulates real life better. 
Boris has to slow before he 
can turn, and t>efore he can 
change height. The more 
nectar he has on board the 
more sfuggish he gets, so 
flight tactics and radar wai- 
clilnQ become very Impor- 
tant to honey production! tf it 
tooks a little simple at fifst, 
don't be misled, it turns out 
to be very difficult lo piayp 
and satisfyingly frustrating 

*The graph tea, aa ona 
might ax pact of Manic 
Miner's author, are very 
gootf. The i)ee /s nioefy 
animatad, tags and wlng$ on 
the go. so are the ducks and 
other birds, and the f towers 
when thay snap open. Every 
character is big, and dr&wn 
with lots of datai!^ The game 
is a tot of tun to play, 
because ot the graphics, and 
because the basic Idee Is 
quite OfigmaL I think it witt 
prove to be quiw addictive 

*Thl3 isn't one ot those 
mas si vefy compie:»t gan>esto 
play, but the problems are 
sufficient to make It in- 
terest mg and the graphics 
are powerful. It takes a bit of 
getting used to the way Boris 
[$ controlled, but once you 
can fly him about, you can 
get to be clever at avoiding 
the birds until they all gang 

up on you;' 

Control keys: sensible, 0/Z 
up/down. 1/P lefUrightp B 
drops nectar to speed Boris 
up in an emergency 
Joytttck: Kempston, Protek. 

Keyboard play: responsive 
whan used to It 
Coloun very good 
Graphics: excellent 
Sound: very good 
Skill levels: 1 gets harder 
Lives: S 

Micfospeech compatible 
General rating: Very good, 
addictive, recommended. 

Use of computer 88% 

Graphics 90% 

PlayablHty 80% 

Gelt jng started 75 V« 

Addictive qualities 80% 

Va ly« for mo n ey 83 % 

Overall 83% 




Memory required; 48K 

Recommended retail 

price: £14.95 

Language: machine 


Author: John HoJIlt 

tl you're lired of actuafty 
playing games perhaps you 
might like to have a go at 
designing on© yourself? Of 
course a lot of Spectrum 
owners are not programming 
geniuses, so Quicksllva have 
now brought out a package 
which at least offers control 
over the various teatyres ol 
some standard arcade 
games. In a way it's the 
computer equivalent of the 
chemistry kit. 

Games Designer comes 
packed in a neat t>etamax- 
Sized video cassette box, and 
contains a detailed bock Set 
' on the program On loading 
the program the first thing 
you are offered is a mam 
menu wrth a list of eight 
options: Ptay Game, Selact 
New Game, Alter Sprites, 
Co n fig ura fion , Mo vement. 

Attack Wa^es, Load from 
rape, S&^0 to Tap& 

At any time, pressing 
ENTER ffllLirhs you to the 
mam menu Sdectifig Play 
Gama allows you to play 
whichaver is Ih© 'current' of 
thi eight different g^mes 
mcluded in the program. 
Ck>n1roi kiys may be altered 
to »ult the ufiera o^n 
preferred fayoul The second 
option, SatBCt New GamB, 
lets YOU choose between any 
of the other seven games. 
The mgh} M\B$a^^ Attack of 
ifia Mutant Hamburgara, 
Cyborg, RGti0CtffOn, Turbo* 
Spitiar, farfks a Loi. 
Hattowaan. Splat af^d ObiK. 

Having played these as 
they exist, yoy may fancy 
redesigmng ttiem. Option 
three aitows the writes to be 
altered and a menu tells you 
what can be done. This in- 
eludes the shape* of the 
ijiens, ships or laser bases, 
missiles and bomb$, shields 
and explosion sequences 
Tlieir colours can be 
Changed aa welL Having sel- 
ected the sprite type to be 
altered 3 sprite editor fills the 
J screen, showing all the pix- 
els that make up the sprite. 
These can then be manipul- 
ated from the keyboard wilh- 
oyl difftciilty. 

ConliguraUon, Ihe fourth 
opiion, allows you to after 
llie way the game takes 
place Vou can change the 
game format, control keys 
and joystick options, the 
background and foreground 
coloufs may be altered: 
special effects can be 
changed; and there are four 
clashes of sound effect 
which can be played with. 
missile sounds, bomb 
sounds, ship explosions and 
a I ten explosions Selecting 
one of the$e keys bnrrgs the 
sound editor into ptay. a 
visuaf display of faders 
controlling the Overa!! 
frequency or pitch of the 
sound: the speed at which 
pitch increases; ordecnBAMs; 
length o1 sound. 

Option fitfe is MovBmar)f. 
Thifr controls the patterns 
and pattern movement of 
aliens/ objects/ships etc. 
Again an editor i^ used with 
visual display so that you cai^ 
create almost any pattern or 
movement you like 

Option Six a I tows you to 
alter the attack waves of the 
aliens, including the 
animation^ points awarded 
tor each destroyed, pattern 
under which they start a 
game, numbers of aliens in 
etch attack wave, whether or 

not they drop bombSp and 
also what pattern of attack 
wave follows the current' 

The last Ivvo options allow 
you to save your redesigned 
game or reload it. 

Obviously this is a very 
complex program, which 
allows great fiexibitity and 
offers enjoyment on two 
levels, both piaying and 
destgning The instruction 
booklet is weli designed, 
very clear, and includes a 
technical appendix which 
may be of interest, as well as 
various tables to aid games 
design. They have aJso been 
thougl^tful enoLjgh to 
provide blank pages at the 
end for the players own 

Any combination of 
comrol keys or joysticks may 
be accommodated as 


'Excenent packaging and 
instructions The eight pre- 
programmed games are 
quite simple but the graphics 
are of good quality, and 
anything can be redesigned. 
The variations and experi* 
ments are endless/ 

t was disappomtad by tha 
acivat garnas pra-program- 
mad, which w&ra aii vary 
S4mp)&. Bat Ihen. hatflha /un 
IS ra^asignmg avarything, 
and it's pomibia to rrraka 
soma vary bfoody-mirTdad 
and hard to pfay gama$ from 
this I at fa package 

The graphics are exce*- 
lent, and t'm not talking 
about the game graphics but 
those on the various 
menues The tittle fader' 
type visuals are wonderful ' 

The program i$ user- 
fnan^ty $o you donl hava to 
ba an aupart in machine 
coda programming. Evan at 
£15 Gimei Otilgner 
raprasants good va^4ie tor 


Keyboard posltiona: up to 


«loysltck opilofitr up lo youl 

Keyboard play: positive 

Uae of colour: up to you! 

GnipNci: excel Eeni ar\d 

then up to you! 

Sound: uptoyouf 

Skill levels: up to you! 

Llvei; uo to you! 

Gtnierat rating: Highly 

reco m mended 

Since the ratings hardly 

apply to this program we 

asked the reviewers to give 

an overall percentage It wa« 



Producer: Mlkro9«n 
f^emory required: 48K 
Retail price: E5.95 
Language: Machine cod« 
Author: C* Hinsloy 

Mlkroftn claim that this 
garrie has it all It certainty 
has quite a lot anyway! It is a 
very simple shoot em up 
which hae you in control of a 
I aser base while eve ry k no wn 
diectronlc alien \n the 
universe la falling on you, 
swooping at you and hurling 
iftdestructible missiles of all 
shapes and sizes at you. 
'Paranoia' might be a more 
apt titte! 

The various aliens 
(depends on the tevel of play 
chos&n) each have different 
movement characteristics 
and drop different types of 
missileSp including very 
mean, red-coloured heat 
seeking missiles which veer 
towards the iasef base as 
they get lower, following 
slightly as it moves away. 

Surviving ten attack waves 
teaves you facing 'The 
Master' who sounds Hke a 
nasty piece of work. Should 
you destroy him. he relurns 
stronger than ever. The 
universe was never an easy 
place. . . 


The game works quite 
well as a shoot em up, and I 
like the idea of many aliens 
on screen at one time. The 
downward scrolling star 
background works nicely 
too. and in §eneral the 
graphics are goo<f ttKaswell 
used colours although I 
thought they seemed a little 

dull (dark).' 

*A very bqay acraerr, which 
k^epa you cons tan tty on 
your toe$. Strong graphics 
and plenty of them, 
reasonabta sound and B wry 
tivety shoot am up. Two orf* 
dities thaugK th^ tntay sBys 
umfd&tfnabl^ keys, but t 
couldn't find any, and tha 
game hardly raquirBS them 
anyway. Also the instfuQ- 
tions on screen say N/L = 
Fire, when actually it*s 
£NTER. Still, a very goorf 
game with a stratghtforward 

'Laserwarpla ttie latest 
and greatest shoot em up 
game, it 'a highly addicti^ 
and fun to play. This may 
even challenge Imagine's Ar* 
cadja as the best ever Spec* 
I rum shoot em up. Extremely 

fjood value for money if you 
Ike arcade games Only one 
niggle — the laser bas« fires 
rather slowly,^ 


Control keys: S/D teft/righl. 

ENTER = lire 

Joystick: none 

Keytioard play: responsivep 

but laser can only have one 

shot on screen at a time 

Colour varied and 


Qraptiics: very good 

Sound: good 

Skill levels: 5 

Lives: 3 

Screens; !0 waves plus 


Q«fieral rating: very good 

Use of computer B8% 

Graphics 85% 

Playabllity 78% 

Getting starltd 50% 

Addictive qualities 80% 

Val ue f o r money SO % 

Overall 77% 

LArtrw«f p - lud^ t fMt pirrw tH^ ctfltMis HiH lo etplurt %ha 
The ahiii hordw. 



tak«s a NOi$$$y listen to the 


Ever had your mother con- 
stantly nagging at you while 
playing somethmg In- 
teresting? Well now you can 
Improve the situation by hav 
ing the Spectrum do the 
satita. Impossible^ Not any 
more with the Microspeoch 
unit. The only difference is 
thai fhe voice wk)) soand like 
a Dafek rather than a Siren 
(your mother) and thai you 
can switch it off whenever 
you feel like it (Try thai with 
your mother)! 

Considerinp the power of 
voice, the unit is very com* 
pact and insfaliing it is kid's 
stuff You also gain a beep 
er, because the sound' 
i^ u- trcted through your TV 
speaker The detailed Prt^ 
grammlng Manual and 
Demon St ral ion Tape display 
the whole voice' Spectrum 
at your dtsposal and tf you 
can t gel to grips wilh it, try 
ns ten ing to your mother now 
and a^ain. 

Technically the unit is an 
illophone system, which 
means that Ifke you and I it 
doesn't care about the 

I writ ing or spelling of the 
words, but simply speaks by 
concatenating speech 
sounds (alio phones). To this 
purpose the string variable 
sS has been resefved. which 
can be assigrted by a LET 



LET s$ s '^siaavEE": 
PAUSE 1 and on pressing 
ENTER the ur\it wMl detect 
wim the PAUSE period 1hes$ 
and the inbuilt allophone in- 
tefpreter will convert the 
allophone symbols within 
the string into speech code 
and place this into a FIFO 
(hrst in first gut) buffer. The 
code in the buffer will 
auton^aticaliy be output to 
the spe«N:^h chip, while the 
BASIC {program continues. 

The FIFO buffer resides 
near the top of memory tmt- 
ween RAMTOP and UDG 
area and depending on the 
length of the buffer RAMTOP 
will have to be lowered with a 
CLEAR statement. The 
speech unil mitialtses RAM- 
TOP on St an -up to allow tore 
256 byte buffer (RAMTOP = 
65111 on a 4aK machine) but 
this can be mcreased to the 
detriment of the BASIC 
memory area- There are 64 
allophone codes and 
therefore 64 allophone sym* 
bo Is to choose from. 

A one step intonation 
facility is provided (Oaleks 
also get excited and raise 
their voices!) by using upper 
case letter s (adds decimaf 64 
to the allophone code). You 
can create a word or phrase 
library by assigning string 

variables consecutively to 
the reserved s$ string 
[always wrth PAUSE 1 tn bel^ 
ween), or you can con- 
catenate indMdual string 
variabies to form s$. A more 
compact solution is to use a 
string array and concatenate 
and even slice the individual 
array elements. 

If vou don't mind 
operating witb ailophone 
codes directly, you can 
bypass the Interpreter and 
operate direcUy on the FIFO 
buffer by POKEing the codes 
directly Into the buffer 
memory area. Once loaded 
you set the slack pointer to 
one t^low the last item in the 
buffer to be voiced by POKE* 
Ing the stack pointer and — 
bedlam? Your Spectrum 
becomes an instant party 
killer! Load ing the buffer can 
be executed wilh a small 
BASIC loader program either 
via INPUT command or via 
DATA statements: 

JO ma fei uf H - b 

JQ iOln* I ID tv - 1H 

MET * - «>Mt 

iww "umir^i r*»t^ 


ir ii 



J^QiE£ 4h b 

tit ■ « « 
QO ID » 

]» ma < 

IJQ mm m^nm - «i piwti 

143 if EJKEtl * '^" Hip gp IQ JKn 

150 m TO l^ 

zio RUE ^^m, i^%m - fti 

Whatever way you choosei 
always make sure your stack 
area doesn't drop below 

RAMTOP Of your BASIC pro- 
gram will crash... In a 
simHar way the mac^irie 
code airicJonado oan (man) 
handle the FIFO and slack 
pointer directly from 
assembler or native code 
and so incorporate voice into 
his Silent Oalek game. Mind 
you, In space nobody can 
near even the Spectrum 

If all this is soft wearing 
you down and you are first 
and I ore most' a game player, 
have no fear: The Currah 
Microspeech ia rapidly 
becoming an industry stan- 
dard add-on and the list 
below gives a hint of the 
games which already in- 
clude voice facility/ But 
be^rare of using the speech 
unit in combination wWti non 
compatible programs; 
BASIC and m/c programs wilt 
undoubtedly crash or 
develop unwanted and 
potent laity dangerous side 
effects due to the clashing of 
the FIFO buffer area with the 
program s own stack or pro- 
gram area (Play 
ATAC and you' il know wtiat f 

If you're wonderlr^g where 
to plug in your ioystick intef- 
face, be ready for a surprise: 
Neiihef Kempslon nor P^ 

lek, or most of the other 
joystick irsterlaces make pro- 
vision tor an eKtension edge 
oonnector except AGF Cam 
bridge and Sinclair (tnlerlace 
II) Jt would appear that most 
of these companies rely on 
the fact (hat they are the last 
link in the add^n chain and 
can price their products 
more competitively due to 
the cost reduction. And 
since Currah would appear 
to have baen thinking along 
the same lines^ it wll I be up to 
you the games player to sort 
out the bottleneck: The only 
sensible solution is a 56 way 
flat cable loom which pFugs 
via a2B position doubiesided 
Of IDC edge connector 
socket to the Spectrum with 
two or thre^ tDC edge con- 
nector plugs along the 
length of the loorn, so thai 
the various addons may be 
connecied up together (A 
motherboard with severa) 
9dge connectors ports will 
also do). Certainly not a 
cheap solution. Considering 
the fact that a games player 
wHI almost certainly require 
a joystick and the speech 
unit, this is definitely a huge 

Throughout the usage of 
the Currah fvlicrospeech you 
will become increasingly 
neurotic and paranotd. 

believing to hear each and 
every word or thought 
repeated by an inhuman 
voice Before consulting 
your psychiatrist, try enler- 
ing LET keys = and you 
will find immediate remedy 
and absolute tranquility 
while you key in your latest 
software creation: This com- 
mand w il I di sabi e 1 h e vo icin g 
of ail the BASIC keywords 
and print able characters and 
you will instantly be able to 
hear yourself think again. . . 


Simple and smafi unit. Also 
acts as only a sound 
amplifier by diverting BEEP 
sokiind to TV loudspeaker 
Easy programming from 
BASIC and mic as the unit is 
totally independent. It only 
requires feeing of a stack 
and setting of a stacH 
pointer. But. as stack 
pointer and (lag bytes reside 
in top of Spectrum memory: 
A) in BASIC, HAMTOP has to 
be moved down to protecl 
this area; B) in m/c games, 
this area may already be us- 
ed and system will crash or 
go (unny. Fortunately mora 
and more software houses 
take this into acount. 
Allophone set Is limited, but 

works well (for English 
language). Intonation limited 
to one step only. Various biif^ 
fers may t^ used, switching 
between them by changing 
the stack pointers. 
Price: High lor a Spectrum 
add on p but considering the 
complejtity of the unii 
{speech chip controlled by 
allophone symbol Inter- 
pretery microprocessor) a 
small miracle. The unit 
comes packaged In an at- 
Iracllve card bo?c with 
transparent window, com- 
ptele with demonstration 
cassette, programming 
manual and all necessary 
connections May be used 
with either 16K or 4BK Spec^ 
trum. Price 09.90. 

; jb' 



m Mvm mm Mmk 

VD1CX OiSS Artie 

nc itm mmim [%it4i r»tHij 
umm nsciM Lfwruft 

Kt^^-^/r <Mclwllwi 
















^ ' 





V--^XJ<>-'' c^^ 



Uiili|a« dtinfit »crr«ii« 
ft4iiir«*> Avoid ilw vkiottt 
ikift, Dud ibv kidd^n eiti Aiiit 


(Kem liaitb MciiAnt iirdi- 

Or^fftbici liniulAlioD of 1^ 
popular gMm^ ur buyvls. Wilth 
iht baJI mxri-c lu^*l-dt llic 
j*ck, fiiUl tuic viHi i.bu«cfi tht 
iwrlgbl Jitd anglr LctrrcCtllr? 

lun-timr rdurilliDn^l |An«» 
lull rvaiifrvarlthnic-tlc, Dd^ust 
luvnt f|Uii:lkli|^ or ikc bull will 
cicjpr. Al«a — N^nc Livei 
Cj ndvff 



j mtm ...... , 

I Addfef s . . 





I . 


I * 1 *»<■■■■ < 








Tot*} Encloiwl 


S«* our guTWt snd much mor« «! 
LLANELLI (05542) 59624 

and olii«r 9004 rsiait outlets 








Crash Guide Game of the Month 

Our reviewer Malthew 
Uffind«il detves inlo his 
software librai^ for this 
month's reappraisal as he 
hops omo FROGGY, the 
most engaging Frogger for 
the Spectrum, a gam^ by 
D. J. L Software. 

As long as you can go 
along with the fact I hat 
frags drqwn if they fall in 
the river. Ihen as a game 
type 'Froggers' have a lot 
going for them. The object 
ot th^ game is to guide 
your froo across a busy 
road witnout getting 
squashed uncier tt>e 
vehicles, and then acm^s 
the river on togs and turtle 
backs wjlhoiil falltng off, 
getlmg eaten by crocodiles 
or run of f the screen edge, 
and so into a frog home on 
th6 lar bank. 

On the mad in thi$ 
version, there aie trucks 
and much faster hot rods 
to leap between. Ttie river 
has four lanes alternating 
between Fogs and rows oT 
turtles, each moving in the 
opposite direction to Ihe 
other. You must Jiop from 
one to tne other without 
failpng into the fiver. The 
turtles have a nasty habit 
ot submerging, and if this 
happens while you are 
riding on one. you will lose 
a life if youdon t jump 
across to a fog in time. 

Once onto the last lane 

flogs) you must jump neatly 
into one of the five frog 
homes. A miss jump loses 
a life — a successful one 
results in a large smiling 
frog in his home. Every now 
and then a baby frog 
appears, floating down the 
fiver on a log and crying 
out fof you to rescue It. To 
do this you must jump or^to 
the log carrying him and let 
it leap up onto your back. If 
you get nim safely home a 
bonus of 200 points is 

As the game goes on 
more hazards appear, such 
as aNgators m the river and 
snakes on the bank of the 
fiver. The gam^ will also 

speed up as each screen Is 
cleared/ until the maximum 
speed is reached on screen 
7. Turtfes also get scarcer 
and the logs get smaller in 
size. The entire game ts 
played against tlie clock — 
about 25 seconds is 
allowed to get a frog 
across and home on screen 
one, but mts reduces with 
each screen. There is also 
a demo mode and a hall of 

This game Is a very good 
copy of the arcade original 
and is very w^efl pfCKJuced, 
When I fkrst saw it t though 
ir^ch^aracter block 
movement would spoil the 
game, but I was proved 
wrong. It is very addictive 
and enjoyable to play. This 
must be the best Frogger" 
around and I would 
recommend it to anyone. 
The game plays with a 
Kempston joystick (load 
one side of tape) or cursor 
keys (road other side of 
tape) and so cursor key 
joysticks like Proiek and 
AGF. Use of colour and 
soyf>d is excellent as are 
tHe instructions and 
general presentation. 

Matthew UfflndelL 



iummmi^m^ (^u e. t. . 

iti%iu^'* (t^tt'* i<^«4.cto 


Thii tt the hftart of th« maoazli^e! A perpetually 
updated gutdelo Speclrum software. It Is intended aft i 
brief but comprehensive listing for ready reference and 
not ai a detailed criticism of the games {although wt 
wilt always reflect Ihe original reviewers' comments In 
the entry). You will find detailed reviews of newer pren 
grams In previous Issues, the number of Ihe iuue 
being indicated In brackets afler the retail price. 

The mammoth task of ensuring Itiat every program 
for the Spectrum gets reviewed In briel for I his section 
ttUI goes on as we go to press, to certainty for the ne«t 
two or three issues The Uvmg Guid0 woA't Im 
thoroughly complete. 

Programs are listed under convenient headings (a 
list of the headings is given be tow). Under each head- 
ing, programs are listed alphabellcall y by title, we then 
show the software producer's name, memory required 
to run the program, its recommended retail price and, 
where knovvn, the author of Ihe program. 

Reviews Indicate v^hat |oy stick option has been pro- 
irlded by the producer, if any. Programmable interfaces 
may obviously be used with almost all programs 
regardless of |oystick optlonSp Please note that the use 
of the word joystick invariably refers to the type of ^oy- 
tlleic Interface that can be used. 


Spici inviain bttpn It iM tnif tftt 
tdOfft t^JlitliCitlQ Qjliiiin ind 
Phutfllx gtfitt c&nltfiutd IL TM 
gimfli ibilitf umiir ttvli hydlitg Mi 
imntig tin fliristt iviitibli lor Itii 
Sfttlfum. C§ntiqusn!lv i«Hi 
virslont hivi tiol ftsadlht miB E^f Hma 
•1 welt 11 lUlirt. Ill invidtrf terlid 
rifiki iri tfirtedtlkint liyglnEroti Ehi 
icrtin pitting iQiirir ind iDNir. 
Blli»Jini ilta^k In Itiisr ntiinb in 
but mi k I up Iftf II by tttooplni} ill ovtr 
thi pitci In in uitiiutrliniinllki 
fliinnif. Phsmlx Dimii ira ^Imllir. 
huX tin litini tn lird Ikkb ttMfi in 
ini ti bIL oHin mitiori it well ind 
liilly t ntiihrihtp Ift diilfov In M 
Wifi mitl vtrsipni in mif ill hi mi 
II MUSI dtMP to i mUii qI pitliiisl 

lavtitf /St iiiiii /fhmti n 


Crtipit o'lttllB 




PtOduc^r tmrn^mm, l6^£S.60 

ifiOortmupg«rTt«#roun^ AMtnt 
comfl i,n drovbA from lh« fiQhi. tteh 
wav# mora tuici<3iJ tMtn [ht \ml 
CQniinuouinr*tnd thrust (to hill 
I ho fl£i#tn li«kohi Qn\j) wtth qoo^ 

iiTioothgript^^i JC)f%Mck 
KviT^nton find i^tlwiic lit or f y n#f 
Addictivit «Ai^ diti'icult tci m«ii»r 


O u ^i( IM I va s f o At {g ftUiJcfin^pnoivniM 
t» crfldJUbiy f«it «rid i^tlicyll to 
in«it»r, faalLtrkng li\r« iiiflckt wavipI m 
|tir«fl phuai ^ Cyt^lrd Mtlepr ind 
PJAftmi, ^ich of whjch hiv« thf^r 
qwn criartCl«HstiCi. Oddly 9riOiigh 
Ihe fif if wive ii Tri« moil difficuU 

And iciuntt ir« ntH. Joyilicit: 


Tti4# gun* If i <;^p*f o1 in ifipjKlf 
ihOD4 '«in up ind nimofti mtii^t « 
e«t#Qxicy Qf Kit {^wn Aiiim i(i>nd m 
f et^«r A I v^rt iq aF c<>I m m n ■ oji «ith^ 
aid« of ihti- 3cr»tn The c:intr« block 
i% i ilAdi Dl hujnATkA Ana your ihrM 
ipACA Hi »pi (mnd i kv»i^ Y &w I'^ip it 
At m« bit*. I^rmg up Ali#nt tip 
ACTDtA to th* cantrA, gri|>i Nurnan 
%r\U A^di#ci him to ths tiM 
Evtniuiily tft#y cin o#l it trki Itift* 

■hipt And flA«l thorn FOf HiCh OiW 
fhvy ipt Id |fi« i^dll ^QU lOM « irl9 
Too riptd lift itioriBfiA tn« tnng^ to 
ftrt t^tMt to b« itCyrilA in Ah li&t 
Ftiiuretlitt Fnott)if£h4pttnii up 
iJong thi bti* juti ibo^A your h«id 
And lir« i! you. rppio mu Sin fit And f^n 
cHrfmuNylwtlt JOy«th€lL Kim^i^ioft 


Prmy^m.umk rmaM 

AuUfOr Qr^wrrm Pvv^ 
AciUtiCph^wftiM Fiiiriltin^ 
Itfi/right rriowinani ir« ih« b«tt 
Att'v^A i««n BiAul l1u( iS rap^lc■ 
iMturing rM Fir«^rdt. (3lu« 

BofnbVTA And w^ilB hVtwvrlNiin 
intncil^dAiM^toMePtti KMpafCifit 
mAcntrw Ckodt ViTf Efiriicyi'l to g«t to 
let thi mcthATtntp. bui vvorth ni 
HtQtily r»cofnm«nd«d 


Aafhor & HoMkm ^ Q D9*m$ 

FlftrtAtt^S i| lk|«rAlly A I^h09hl« 

gA-mebui priciiCAlly n't ah Invidot 
mutation Vour mitiion it 10 diri#hd 
your plArT«| (rotn tH« di«ciy 
FirehAwKi ol lh« lillit. Thty com* m 
io^rch 04 «n*f gy. And ihoy Id on« b« 
aNoiAred 10 linO 41 lurrri inlo a gilili: 
Pno«niiM md Ntpi iwiy — «nd of 
mm^ in* b^rdt Ur>4 up it Itit top ol 
in* ier*»n Ami yOu lira up wUh your 
littf ti^Am Irr itii m ay tf a ptitmA 
tOfi#na «hftcti f ■»«mbEa d«corvtivt 
tlf««£*blOClUL Thtbii'dt h«v*l0 96i 
roufid Ihflfn ind you m uti thodt 
it>em ih^viiy io g«l ai lh« i^^r di 
Griiiriici: Art qu»ia ktrg« tiui ttitft't 
no Ankn^lEon. And ditpil* 1J1« 15 
tkdJi aihrA^t tnd tl stmdt i>i {»OflAn\ 
mm op 10 rnuct^ And t| Ov*irpri€«d 
No toyti^ch optJon. poor conirol iKey 
retpon s« g oo«a to y nd. f invriny 

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inn vttf sioh ffttlurM tmt^ AnimAicd 
grAphi^a Th«A4l»ntw«Av*rincityl 
pAt^«rnt whwi ALlacking ind t^Avft 
trie cui« hibdi of AAting your 
populifior whifln yOu r« riol JoOt|r*g, 
only ItLrOwir^g t>ACk th«<r tkuMt 100 
percanl mtctiini'CodA. H-Klcori 
Joys lick Option 


PfOduCA/. Hotru 1 1 M £S 99 
Auf/ior ^An Mor.r^foi 
HtJfwAy b«lw««n tn JnnA^tr And 
gilijiitri tyf^. I mi thr aa tkiii iv^«i 
pimioltArA rftiionAPiy itlnclrv^ 
griphictAndplAnityol ihAin You c# 
it th» but llrtng up AI Iti bomb 
rmditt DOflCiiPiini] tm ilwnt ptr rAck 
AtK>v« |h«m i mothtrinip lloiis 
iMlily from I4n lo flffrvt tnd OA£k 
AgAin To t^M it you myt! bliAfl Out til 
fiv« AriAnt from A rtck to yOU CAA fire 
throuQti Xtm gap. AUant rvproduCA 
f Atti Fof mort potntt ditfa ara a ta^ir 
taocart ClTit v«nturn Out. but th^fry ra 
tity to H It Ttia ii kanA drop bombi 
on you but tha Sicraan it to full mat 
Ih* dropping dkiiArvce kt imaiJ And 
It^t^ are ha^d lo dodga S^ili doain 1 
AppQir to b* i fictor. rAinar Itich. Hi- 
toort. JoyiticJt Kamptton or 
SJriciaif. mACt^irbi cod«, only ivifagt 
viiua foffiTioniey 


Qnaoi itia ttnikar g amA* Mitti thrta 
liiiti lavA^i and AtlACHafi mora 
ratambling mvadflr alMni than 
anything aJta Ttia rata of 
oontmuoifi firt li wrong for ti^aiiow 
atiAch paitatnj. .fobtNngili^gAmAof 
any«MOiiam«ni Wofhtivitb 
Miiirog#ri II joytfrcii Maciiina coda. 
Ona or I wo EMAytf gamaA 


A gcKKl copy and a clAttiC vafAloii 
wiih nifia lavaia of p^ay. hi-tco^, 
pttnoniliaad tcoring^ Qtm or bati 
piayar* gama* FaAturat twooping 
Oilaff^riiand ht-tfiaoipiiovkons 
Jo yilicit: I^Ampslon Mactiina COda 
Vify good naiua fot mon^ 


Thtt «t A pfvtty hwfty thoot am up 
whar* your* piYtad AgAinii wAvat bf 
IwwiLtwhkndropaggi Tfiaaaagga 
batch out m lti« ground And bacoma 
muiarri liAwkt vvhicb form yip lor 
lataf attac hi Yo<i ara m cof^troi of an 
old Aaiof Old Mrning Vatikcl* wrluch 
can fira miivtat at ih« b^rili and 
liJiiig aggt. a latar and aito ttv 
mlfwaovarttwdownaiiaggA Ttma 

Atfto blow up ihD VAN If: la if may go oil 
undflf IT TnafaAi^eaiafganumbtrol 
eor^t/oi k9f% to iipt4d And i af^a^iaA 
A ra oM ha «fti«nc4 Good ooloctrA 
Arid grAphiCi. pie my to do and 
ai^cmng id play Good coniroi kay 
potifiont tno r«A4onAbiA lou'^d. 
mutt I pie ihi1hA<^«^» G^n^ftl rating, 
good $ addMCiivv. ov«filF CRASH 
rail ng 75% 100% WC 


UAfhAtoft It Ofia of ttvoaa compifila* 
thai got lam^ouA faat though looking 
Ai th « g ama ona wond af i *hy Ttia 
thy lA f iinkng hAmtnars (mAkn a 
chinga from ravaning tiians I 
luppota} and Chieo reutl carry bagi 
of prK>n«y f rorti on* a^« of iha 
tcraein id tria olhar undar ttia partial 
t htf tei of four p^ooht which ai* 
bamg e#od«d by tn* falling 
hammart )noatw*<efithtihaA*ri 
Chico can hui iha nammaft (of 
po^ti. but Af taf tan ha gata a 
Kaidicha tnd mutt ttMn nut a r«d 
itptrinntmm«r Ht itimett hi iting 
hit body intitad oi hvi haid loiai 
Ufa Gating A rnonoy big acroia 
tafaty rati Q ret onaihalitF Badly 
py| logalhar and rathar pornfllaAt 


P/oducai Aff/c WKmM 
Although th4t 4t a vtandard and ^oa* 
copy onht origiRAi. the hJ-taa 
graphictitand up qmta m^ lo tha 
Eatt of I imm Hinm livalt ot pl«y and 
lotii vtri«tioni ol Aiia^. 


Artie t Af^gAgmg and addiCtkv« 

ph oan in g ama hat th« rfioi tiAf thi p 
prolactAd ^y A forca fiald ho^nng 

AtiovayDurbAJia Should your 
Fnitiil-ti hit 4t I hay ar« rafurnad ba^k 
it thr^ff Tha motlia^^hip i-s only 

wulFitrabl*in llsconUOl CflhEf* 

ThafQ ac« loa^s of borfitKliopaif>g 
aliartt flipping AfQiirfil Thravliva^. 
two Aliill iavalt Arnl hardar setvaniL 
Naai touch — it youf baft« ts hii Ih* 
Amc kOfry rulhaft Out to raptor It 
ba4«a«n Mvat OanamHy 


WW«?W A4F. I«£5?5 
Bisical ly a galt^ian g ama Fit youf 
lArld againiJ wa^ afler wav^!! of 
tukcHfAl lightAf aircrall mmch twoop 
dottn en you dr ofH^g boni^ CStai 
f wo toraafii Arid you gat a bonut 
aoftan agnriAiaaty-to-hM 
haiKoptan ba^oj'a raiur rni^ lo iha 
mAlnfaatyfa Grtptiict arv atKActivci 
if a b^t flicliaf y and thc^ ntythroom 
ihipad aiipiotiont art good 
ContinuOLit tourid of attieiiJi^ 
AlrCFBtl unlesi you df &wn |h#m oul 
with Ih* tound of your contanuoul 
ttra H All Of lA m«. no I oyiliC k opl ton 


A c:loa* copy ol ln«iad«fi with ralhai 
tmall graph let thai worli. in 
chara^sr bloclia. Faat but oul of 


An oihsr ciOM I n im iMrf c Q^pry with 

Imruden. Is-yl ilowirr and niM 
{Mirl bcyJ Afly • dd hC I ive to pli ^ 


gitfiiA ¥cHj'ra «i th« iCr«#^ b>n« 
linrvg ttp«l a Oyncri of fii^hly 
Ci04cHLired mimn 2dnlb44l wmc^ ctiu^ 
iboui ih« icr««n Itht iir««a gati^li 

□fifties ir«l?ig iJi«fi'feorHknuoya 
rif« ■ mem moving ttir buchg'ound. 

ind riighty uripf settle Ifl^e mOwfnBnl 
ipt ihf 1 1 wrti . T hro« tpflfld«, om Of 

iaytUck MLkro9flf> hi, g^od valy« 


Wllh st»nit ixtipUom. Aitirold ty(» 
gimfli lind t« b« tet eatburfu) tfttfl 
moit sfcidg progrimt ^ tufni trt 
vlrti^tlly biick and white, but Hit 

EiHgoT'T U tlHl ifii Dl Itii Mil 

Bular JU|g I IK tu did urrfif !hti 
ting in tpici Dimii which Kivi 
mi IHIIi IQ M w^A ttttnridi. 


TliDf«'& somvttting Qf « irog^tr' r«irJ 
to Itin yitri-l»sl gifnt AEitn ihipi 
zip Along parall«i irteiit which you 
miM |fwrtft#, *hooli<ng ihitm fo? 
pdit^tiL Im^o^a&it wiihoul 4 Joyf lick 
Aoi) d^ffH^uit With, god I wHn 
Kfifnptlon Of AGF or Prot^ii 
dlflflfllly l»l Ehin Dn« ««p«Ct» 
ffoin int u»u^y •M^«ll«ni ftliby 


control k«V3 iffl t*sd cwl f Of fht 
Sincii^r jOytihOs — (h#yVfl wtry 
AVir^waFd A populAf gAFiii for iHopt 
■ m u^ Jiddjcti wilh pitnty of 
ptiyAtiilily &yl mtyb* Ucking >lri 
Wil iaitingipp*4i jQ^l4Ck' 
S^n^iiir. Kn-mpttOA 6 fiiiii I«v«i4. 5 
lii^ift CRASH r^ng f A^r^y good. 

coMte satis 

An Afcrntiypil ^«si*fOid»^ g tmo with 
htr^iyirtycopiourirfiii Hollow 
ourilnn fqf rh# aiTarotdii wtiich 
thiiii#f into imiPi^f fragr««fiii wNhi 
hil ^{iie. t^rusi ind riypffripvot 
mnd lyp^cilly nfl»fy Hying spycw 
thai ipp#ir wh«n yoy donl ns*^ 
Ihflrn Two ipfle#i (Tftil ■nd luicid^ 
— ind lh«y fTHftAn iX^ w»th tTonm 
ihipt tqr pclnti AgiimfflNifkil 
should hJi¥e conimyoui Itr^^cilily. 
btll <l0#in' f No popular f oy? I vtk 
ttcll^- ^od vilu4 for Aitarotd 
iddictt Who iiii« t fis4 garnti 


p/OtfuCtr fifitsy. 4a^ £4 &« 

ThflTi'i ■ fictDry bffiow q^n itii plan«i 
which VQu midtpluodar, gukdhng 
your Itkip through Iht hatvy *Hin 
ipK-Alraffic 4mo*pUfmtf twn^f 
looking gtmi wi|h good graph kli 
api<^ Kiurid arid mitlly ■ Iroggtr' 
vanani WC ^ytLi^k. Kampnon 


Ir^ a way »L'» aa wa^i ihii gamt it in 
thachaapfrr ^rickat b«cayst n ti'ri i 
a vmy 0ood progra m Th« 
grapnhcaar« |#rk^ ifi movQ^fnt nt §k^ 
Ihf raian ve ipe«d of craft to 
iPitff Ohdf (ft too fJ-ow. Worit of 111 
you can onty \jtm on« tunc1>ori at a 
Umm vy yoy can'i lira gphiie f otat^ng 
Of thiuHing ThaF« 14 a uoaitil 
'r«claftn«' I unci ion whic^ ■Itowi you 
m changa ke^ooaid opMonf arvd 
altar th« way iri vwhich ihe* ggm^ 
ptayi No Joyit^ckfaclP^iy, uniuru 
rwcMfilMd 10 Cyr*«f leys, lo ysQ AQF 




f-4 ■ ght think by th« tl t ta. a 

r; adflf type gam«. i>ul it ti 

r« j^M y ! r^r 01 a 3D li ndicflp# and 
70 tnassed Oakiii$ m iri« ^i«i»nc« 
moving |f4j I lik«< ipaca mvidaf a To 
til tham yotj ir^yst g«t lt)« 
dimf ntkona i trajectof y of yOur 
baitartd' cannon cornpct 
f raqu^ntly OM will iwOOiDi down on 
yQu m v«iv good animatad l^na 
drawing You git mof f poinit lof 
Ntijng th« iw^dping orwt. buf If a 
iaf** 10 dod oa fham Noi t.^ p to 
Maiifrourniiff Houaa't uiuai tlandard 
and tha lou nd — what HappariM 10 


Anolhai gwn* which AOuhdt 

yrihv«i<lv ^1 1 oatAHian typa 

hfln, w* couidol 


Mitgflm« Bui ilisagoc^gam* 
r ^ a )r Nica pmck agmg u yiuai' 
om Afc«d#and rt»riact9din ih« 

r i pf^ ici Avoid thfl Pal bng objact i 

'^ ^ ' ■ ■ _>31 th#in 1 r po i nlj. Ty rft t^^J 
if^rn up likf thyrniefcloydi and laM 
on you. « wralchad ^og ka«p9. 
tt*4i<ng ]^our |>aliPTt» Avoid hini by 
utipig thv wrafi-a round acra«n 2b 
lovati Joyalick Kempstonand AGF 
cirPfolpk Goodv^lua 

Pfo^vcm lVor*rorcA fWiB.tX^ 
Sdmcthrr^ qI a cuM among gaiajtcan 
fin*. With two option! t2-|Mrt loadk 
f Of ih» brava iftd 'aiao-r«n» Si * 
Ulii itva^ft. latar . fdrc«f i«id batnvF 
ind simpt« by I aHtcKw graphioa. 
Th« 4 a lasl g arn# f of ih% mnp9r% — 
novicai migfit nol avan f aaliia* 
itiriry vc lo«4 all thair rtvaa 
Dtiappointii^g Qirapliiciand 
irltt^Aliiy p^ol Qi tMUftg appaal. 


^rod^ar Facial y. fW£SM 
C^mm §&mm to iho Eiack ¥^\9. 
from which arn^foa IP^raa lypaa of 
aiivncfah Twootyourf waaponaara 
daflfrclac} by I he fovea or ih* Black 
HoFa» v«hich makat akminig ^TifliCult. 
and 1 ha thud wvapon has a llmi:lad 
ranga Ir^d^tcrimmala shoolinglaada 
to lio^ Of pow«r, and th« aKj^kh fira 
b#;k To mpka mattf rf worfe thfrf 
4 ipaca dvbrka to a^o^d ofi tha katl of 
Kr««i, Ih* AP«a to which fou't^ 
conlinad Conlrolinaighi d^rvCtiOni, 
byt loo many kaya maka ihti ganw 
hard to ainjoy. and thara um 100 
in«ny lor a loyiltck to han^ha . 

Pfoau c ^f Jr. 01 n f Mi, t5K m && f t) 
Auihor. Gfanam jQhn$ 
Juil wt^an you ih ought m*^ had run 
out of raftfOftftbiy orifinaid^ap 
iPiG«2ft0POWhaiTi gamoi. aiohg 
coffk«tiif«kadaRunn«r V our* in 
thia iupply ship, funning rhp 
t>iQchtBd« erf #afth by joma n#iiy 
aikdn« ind ihnf* art S liyvrt ol 
da4anc«a to gat ihr^ygh Firat a 
darwa iliowar of mafao^ra which can 
Iwdpdgad or ihoi, than a laytr ol 
vartcai laftar barf R»r» which you 
muat dodga. ihfi>n tradof baam unita 
fry 10 pull you all coufi«, finally a 
IJtel ot atMn (hipt try to bia it you to 
king dom coma Should you aurviv« 
Ihli Irvnatkc gaunli«i. you muil lil*n 
irantlof your cargo pod* lo an a«r|h 
ah ip Coni roi tm po^a 1 a f rtghbtnly 
fail and yiolant— it hai to be 10 
dodg« th« taappf btamt. Piiy th« 


Prodirfaf PSS,4SK£i^ 
A i^ndard v#riion ot After oKdi wdh 
rotaiv lirf! and right, thry^i, 
hyparapaoa and f irt, wrap around 
3£r#an and aiJ*h thip» Can t 
comrrivfit on tha game't ^yalily 
Since rtone of our threa ramaw 
coplaa would load 


Producar. t/frunai*. IW £iSO 

Th#f«'5 not much can ba laid about 
Uttirnata Ehat haan'i already bi#n 
»'d Graphics and prfttfUAlion ara 
of thi high^t Standard In jAtjMC 
yoti myit gaf your ipAcaman to 
44^i«mbta a rocket and fu«i ^t. iiaai 
at many gams a 1 yQu can and avoid 
tha i-rale ahera c kill tham wilh (ha 
laa«r Whan assnmblad Iha rockat 
tBleamon for anothar planatio 
plyndaf Ra-aaaamiMthaahipahar 
iivapianaia Rvatavaiiofd^rafaint 
arioni Joyshch: KfHTiptiton On«or 
Two playar gamas, conrinuout f^r* 
and n^ov*m«n| in vight difi»€iiOfia. 
Highly raCQ^mmandfid. 

OuiCMiiva lGK£:-t9S 
Marchfyiiy. OuM;k»»iva hav« prmtd 
ihQir □figmauty in tha gamat im4 by 
going onio g amat wh (ch mala th ip 
yfHE iooili: a» Silly ai t\i% Ifyoy I'lt 
aiteroid gamfli lh«n ihn n prlrTty 
fail Stmp^ oyiltr>#$ hover >in 4 blank 
bla^k ipaca Stap Ori^intitton || In 
ieigffil diractipna ui^ng an ma nu mlMiT 
kayi which meani yOy cAn^t 
concanfrate on lh# gama 


PfO0uC3f SitvwiEQtf, tm £5 03f r> 
4uf^0r J^tWfny BiQviff^ 
Thti li ■ Land«f Eypa gama wn«E« 
yqu my«l gyidi yoyi craN down lo a 
pJAfi#l I aurlica and rtacya strandanc} 
aafronauli or mi nan or i&m«<|ting 
and rilurri Ifiem 10 the moth^thip 
abof« Togai down 10 lh$ pianal you 
mutt dodga yoyr way ihiough Iha 
hiaiaat ofaittroida. and m«h ratyrn 
through layan oK enemy ihippirig 
Controif provi^a a r«iro rqckaf for 
braicmg. krT»poftant whtn landing ai 
an ^naccurala or1f«t landing raaultt 
m daaih On tha taturnioyf rtay ifi« 
ratro bacomifti m guh to thoo4 al Iha 
aHtnf On higher lavait thar^ it atio 
a forca ij«id as a addao hazard 
T h royg hoyi . tha gra ph ici a r* if ry 
good and movp smooth ly Thui Ig a 
ywry ditticuli game and bound toba 
•d<ticii va T ftkut I i^m fl lo g^ good m 
«l Sanakbia control kayi. poytuck 
AQF. Protak or Kemp^ion t piayvng 
i p aad i. Qv^t K »cri#frn4, ganfrratly 
rtcoinmandad Ovarad CRASH 



A very gcM^^a C^p^y ind i CliM4«; 
ver II an *i I h i rw b«4t gi ipn kci o I iti« 
(of Nit4bn||tiiyvilDwiit4irGHtfi 
#h fccn stiiMr tatiifyin^ly A b it 

t\QW, iiihou^h ih« than#red 
tri ginffili c hdngfl- d^rtftl *Qn And 

dt^tnBdgriphbcally Ut^fig Z X lof 
rmtliOfi »n<J SPACE/ENTER for 
rif«/tliritirt li quitv good. &ul H fof 
hypwiip«ot iiki»ft ftovnt j«t|jn9 to nn 
intmifgirM^y Noikiii tt¥9ii,*1iic*i 
ftitV^i tt«0 »dd4£f ivity rttdjig t* low, 
but goo^ vi lii« at 1^ pf (^* N? 


IfTiBgiii^ c(»fTi« up «4^tli loriMi pi ihfr 
iHMl gan>4i - ltii« ii^'l o^ne of li^ttn 
Yoy're tvppoft#d to clsf t thft^Arat- 
laA#i 1 ci VI iiHiiKhn '% df» bf i » by 
bulldozing i1 into A biicN l^ala in 1fi# 
e#nrrv of tht icf««n Th^grAptiM 
■fit mftcK ■oi) wriil«. itioi^h nicely 
drA«n bill tfitt gATThB 4 conf lAing 
Jo^li^lE FgUtr 


Pff .^rir.l THi uncm/ tfOtn ^IliChing 

' ' ■ ^i vpiice iiat I CM14 witn 

> . cir^fultFi'Ough - 

yg^jf Lhre&feTiAirtjngift^p* fTM^|,| 
im dcKkfid «vil^ tt<i« aiAlian AO if y^ur 
ficoiacltv« tcr&tfk ifnl «tl«ctivv fou 
cmn lcn« Ptwi b«4ora vtiu'vtAvaT^ HM 
• ehii « thfrfn* EfTflfny comiB 

iinvi ^iiTKS mttffoidi mike 

lifft mnpoii'Difi in tin'^K. Yoi^ 
mm^m m^ iis^ and aQ^ided 

rniti4i# %o ytOM bAv« 10 t4rii1#rkd wriM 
t«t1/fight rotatiort thmH. In«r Fw. 
ffUftWit* lir* «rKf two COTkl^olt for 
QUM^irvp it wtiich fTialies S«nltn#1 a 
girfiQ for ih* fout~tiiJidt<d pMiy«r< 
QTi ir»l ih#i4'i A iDfCt fifid fer i^« 

jtHllfw-. fi-i^-Mdn.'f^ piAy«f1 A 

go(»ci u3,gtnie Good 

VAl*Jt' ... I ■ Pimn 


t Aiie ygyr itiy|{i9 cnn rrom |h» 
mplhflf iliJp Aod dASciHid to iwd- 
lp«CiAJIy crQA|«d Kifkding ipACJtf ofi 
ttv# plAftJil s Firily lorlAev T0< rfrKy^ 
l-hv AlfindAd AftUprLAula. which 
itiAd on tn« hilEfid«$wyAvifig iniir 

Affltl IfAfilPCAlly You CAn ont^ I Ah* 
prw «l A t^mA And lAPdjng rosy 111 m 
irw n«Ar*«t dAitiin^ lo yoyr cta^ anrd 
PAfliAl SAfely UnlgfiurkAte^y trtti iky 
i» crcMfdud wim CH^^rAClionAl 
mtlAOti Tnt grspn^et ire cult ifid 
ma idun^ y«iy good, bul in«filAy 
CArd ftijgg««i» you cvn fir* n 
iotrmthinig wrtdfi you can r Avoidifig 
!he mAfeori i» iLmp^y don* by 
dodguig lh*m (1 AOft pf ffoggiir I 
Ho\ IM Riosi Addkctrv* oi Bbby t 

OAmem^ C9y! it^hl v^ry ptiyAbI* 

Jpy»licii iC«rfip$.Lon, AQF or Prcit«ht 

A v*ry rmm Altera id f Airwind OfkAof 
rh« mcMil DpIpurHjl wnlh ■ pr«4ty 
pAckMtcm*n WripirouniiliclJOn 
AndmuNhthipcdd^cti Good 
ACi^QiArAtion tnd bra king bui 
f*qiiir^5 A tinder touch at IPi« tciion 
i 5 q u \i^ V I dii nl H ^peripAf:*, n^ 

#w9i4 It IpoKii 9P0d byl II 
'e pityAbv*i(y ko pyi if if^ iN* 

[>r PfotA^ 


Tn^ i« lh«. tay noMr. lamoui r#Ak 30 
gA/n* w-hicb hji«i r#d And bluv 
tp*cti£%i to cfAilAAi Itiree 
dimi^vociiHeiiing Sidiy tt^ efiecl 
dO#it>'T comm gff At ill w^llh fow 

H gAfl%# 


^iAlf It i^ol iuKiCitnily ojfctljng 
flfioiigli to b* wpith the very high 
price i«i(«d Bai^CiiiyyouiHip 
rfiO¥irs¥*fi4eaiiy ti iht l«n of »ert*n. 
CQCtf ronf (fig mt iiten Bhfpt wtiicft 
mo¥* ft ofn f l^hl lo \^i You can 
'fOQin' in *nej oul pT th* iicro^n id 
rriAtci^ the de^ti dt ihe AtiAChin^ 
vttiAfi i{:ofiifoikeyf,sfi^>pyfi^k 
oplipn. f mooih rfiovemem but noi 
colOuHul ind Oniy i¥Af Aga fiatind 
Dv*fill CRASH riling MrC 


PfOduc*¥: fanrM%y, f$K£&5Q 
Tt^ii gAm« tiit in AseefiHil 
dil1pf#rte* — knStAAd Of firir^ ihead 
you lay gAt cl<Hidi behind you IQ 
d«ilroyltit Alien The iiietie At e 
fiiAde ^ Anii-r?iAT!ir. so ai fetity ruih 
heediing mio ypur vii^pyr ctoiiKti 
ine^'re amrtiiAted You mi^l icore 
tQGO pointi wat^in 40 'ftecqndi to g*f 
10 ihe neijrl i^vqI, in idi^i which 
n>AlcetlhiAgime eKlreniAly addictivfl 
lo p^Ay Wt0p ifound stfteti. 8- 
dkrecUorLiinio^mAEit m a very 
crowded icr*«n> l^ldmg lenidfl prw 
of your vApour Clouds li i ftfieiky 
way of ivOfdino dicih Joyil ^It 
Kempiton, AOF, Pro%^%, tutim or 
Mi^fogAfili Goodviiui 


Fer Mny irudi eniliuiiuis delindBr 
lid teriRi^li ;iimit in tfii kinti or 
llflnp, shtit ini upt Thiv rtqukri 
quIcK rifle IE Es ittd i^tcunant nand/eye 
tmlm\ Of thi hc^me coFFiptrlAr Uiey 
iimind prDgnnii with tenilble 
ceiflfoi key itv^utt or jaYiltcli lot 
i»o4 niMt In icnnrdtlt Oimii^i im 
Dy I mitilan igilnit i hidOHn ens my 
bra. wbtriit ii in diiendeir gimei 
m miAi nfcm taHi^ il iH smi 
Ittii. m ilit»ir ctit lit piM it plii^iit 


li {VQflli. thowlnq die iQptqraphy ol 
ttvi grm^nd evir whlcli you an llyfng. 
Mitt tit dtlenoe ii ilmpltr. ihinwlrig 
oiiftiile Uicit dtJCifiatns on your 
clllu. tm Rfuil 9 nidi ihi inU mliiite 
diltnci bv f jghiTnf cran hiJri it ilu 
lutlfng poimi a( mi inipf sttsHi 


PiOdiic«f Oc*i#t. IfiK 4S K) 
Thift vei^ion It A QJa$jic misijie 
de1enc#gAm« wjmeKctiieni 
griphics. elpociAlly the lunby rst 
AHploAkOfti Til* mift^ja irmcm ipiii 
n^to 9«vefqi trecei, coftfifng initker 
ind lAAter with ei4;h wAve Th* 
evAilitMe ngmbi' ctf TUfSftiLei m your 
•tm-oury lor OACh wiiv« ts I ho wri At 
the bAs* Of rhf icreen And ibovo 
ihAi ire yc>ur tiE citiet wfiichyoy Are 
profei^ing Afle^e-AchtflUckiMve 
itii prog rim updiiei your tcofe end 
ciuei leh Nice tMie griphict ind 

■ end' c i rd fl K om Fftonded 


Pioctiicm Sfivof^oit. J"e« tBMfft 
Author C MmgM 
Srlvefiolfi vvrfjon of the tnuch^ 
CQpitd Mtifile ComrriAnd^ Arc id* 
priginil kiwell up lO scritch unlh 
gKi^ yie oi eolour, end av«rig« 
ipund The grAphics i^e iimpfe buf 
eflecliv^ wrih ii«ry rvicir enpiosionA 
and A iu^Ably dtigbritmg trying 
i^undtoei^comipanyirNim Feiinret 
il < c jti*&, m I i* itiii» \e t»AS«t. 
iircrifi and bQ4nb-droppin9 

■ ft!f^?^tfl*i i n^d hflil si*rti.p|ftff^ nuri&tlfl* 
Vi' .^r Above '^onun|jil 
^! iJe»cend .^^rs 
inc^«A4LEtgly fi^!. m^aigni jjjJLJIClrtfB, 

■enij^biB c<^nif oJ keys sno Kempiion 
ioyilick (VIA i 2 part ioAd^ Qvef*ll 
CRASH r Ahfig Se% fiA/C 

PfMi^c^ MiMfog^n. f&i£S9^ 
'On* ol Ihe lew Itrnei en ArcAde 
QAm* hm lieen i mpr o wd upon iai d 
Peit04iilCo/Ff^{jM/T9 ^i>d#^ Ttvit 

mtghi b* i b1 e^oinifvted. £iyt in* 
giAphia ino cOfitrM riAppnse ira 
very good thdied You must fac* 
ACfOti tfi« piiriet Ai>d d&itroy Ihe 
Alien maiief i^ipi in iha letr The 
€ilyt«ipab0f)*atri it dented 
popuiAfed And g;ie«ri gi Abberi k*«p 
#bdijctifig Ihehymani. KnpE^koul 
ihe ^Umm With tmen bom be. tiui 
ih*n you muii celth ihe falling 
hum AHti bef Of e they ipiAi Hoeti ot 
oiNHr #4iin f ighleri threelen you 
FeaiurBB long range tdAn. reverie 
Long range inpwi the whole 
dtiferice lo tFi^i, Keyt»OArd 
positioning ii ifenf ipi*^ whicli it it 
ei^ll, Ai thEt game do^t not have a 
joyilhcM facility 

PfOdwcer iW^fcrof *n. -TftK £S.tfi 
Auif^pF C Pim$i^y 

Th« t^iio iiyt M ail end H Curhi oul to 
He a i^eiry ciaii^ic ^ooNing; 'Oefendaf' 
gijine wilh «h« la mil Mir fig-iag 
Outline findocApi^ waving humans. 
end e&f Oiled alien eratt There ii ihe 
rtdai screen al melo^ at wall 
Conirpl laquife^acid with le nibble 
keyiill^OwiFig ior thrpit. reverte, 
iBBi^r and tmftftbombi a^ wen as i 
hypenpAoe lacihty 5ul there i* 
tocTfethkng lacking ^n ifm feel end 
piay Perhapf rt'$ Iha ipeed wfiich 
■eemi %km compared lo oih«i 
version a eomb^nfld wiin the fact IJial 
i| »emt quilo eii y to p li y m ia y 
ililei uf«f -definable keyi^but Ihera 
if^nlany Oo-Od.brighlViphict 
And EVAsonAble aound Ova rail 
CRASH ratrng S3% M^C 


Producer 4pa«^iL fdN £5J9ri; 

Auinor K ftfnn 

Th.5 i*!i J varyAuper^or 'MfftMle 

C >t y^ gi me ind a geineA 

dc: ^ ' on* — anolhef f roin in* 

tfke^uMiAll in gamee for eight - 

hngared pliyen yourbiiiehAi^ 

fnitipi* launch P4d« tuppHed tiy 

UHidef ground tyfiAaim, and ^laier 

bBA#i at eiiher and d the »cra#n 

incpmiiKS alien ii^ntile* iplit into 4 

ip ^iuriiCh pad r>e<)uired, tire; ih^ 
rtijtuia, guide M to it« tBt^m and 
detonal* it al the co-'^*^ momeni. 
Thai i rtoi enoug ■ ■•'. g alien 

cfaH b-offib yo^jr nn If you 

like a fait d ' Md*ler game. 

I hen th I A 111. .^ jninyticlori 

can beiTiDdkiNud b> ihact^^^r POKE 
facility which eiJQwa you to redn^gn 
lh« gem* io iuiE your own leiia. Ofi 
the reverie aide n a iraegame called 
*Oeiiroye# uies 6 cooti ot key*, no 
Ipyilich O'piion. e»e*Ji«ni griphict. 
rtcpmmenf^ed CRASl-i pveraJI 
riling 71% Mi'C 

FrodLHCer S\f^9fj^Dft. tM£S95 
Thti 1} trmtlar tp Per^lralof ' by 
Melbourne House, but n nowheie ii 
good A pfogrAm if 9 th4 tislcr gam« 
to 'Qmtier' Here yoy muat atiacn the 
afciem in lh*»r undergroynd ca^rnt 
Weap^na ija bornb* and taiif and 
there are Igek dumpi for ppini* 
Thryai afid deceiariie and nme »kMJ 
leveli {different ipeeda of play) wilh 
ihecurtpr koy$And tAnd for 
diFecii{>n and f^re, whh-h la nouL ina 
ewAl arrAngemenl f^oioythck 
tacihTy There are belier value gamea 
araund ol ihi* type. 


Thjs gam« seamed i^ upaet a Iot of 
magAE^ne rey wwer * becauie pf it 
uniiifed reference lo Ihe Faii;iAnda 
War' &ad uiie perhapi^ in any 
event, i corripiefely dall reeion ip 
give in e«ceii«r^t gAme a poor 
rir¥<iffw You must lake Oft from en 
iincratt cerrtor, dodge giitded 
fniaaiiiea fired at you ifom an erietny 
ahip, ihen fly over a haa^Hy 
defendediiiind. bombing ifieanik- 
atrcreh gun a avoiding fha ai>emy 
lighlera and ihooiing ihemdown 
Keep yom apeed up or you'lF njn out 
of iuet bef&ie reecmng the ciimaei^ 
bOfhbirvg run on ihe to^vn i^tm 
Stanley perhipa^] Then irs-bick to 
thoaircrihcarrKiF lo land faal 
ruaponi^s. and iitut raia g^aphica 
rihe lun on the ifna la pArtlcu Lariy 
food^ FiweaKiiii«iiei» Keyiar* 
curao-r (pilyj with irfu is htit run* to 
bomb and SPACE loeioct Joystick 
Protekpr AGF on ihecufaora 
Htgfiiy recomm<»nded 


PfodiiC^ Byt^w^it tm£5M 
Good, tmooih fl/aptikcn «nd thrw 
(^hfitni fram«i mak* this i v«fy 
pityib^ QMfm Ho £iombi h#rti, ofilir 
Ji i:ii#r mil ■ qiftch^y uMd w Hwl 
iu|i-;^r T^ firi! pMTt mmkm yoii fly 
icfoii ■ plain \owMtm a vorlic^l: cliff 
Enwny mi w»Je* altflck f*om tn* ic>W 
md ffom the <:^^t< If yOu efittjf iht 
C*tf« il th* bsf* ^ ih« clill Ihd 
tftcortd ffim« K rolls icf ais. 
pf«i«niino i mv<) carvyiinkr>y iu#] 
^mnf» On sunpivin^ triii iHtr* 4s a 
icnmOM' cAver n with rn^s^iiti «nd 
IkHlji^ mints, ind trr^n iNs city lo 
iSiitrDV Sk^tiifticu'lty I«^l»jnv4|j^l«i 
b4f t}»rf ind tim* witp Joytticlt;: 

Prt^^ucm Cry if ^f. ^SH €6 t^-.j . t/ 

A WOfd of wirnip*! — Ihn gAmiJ 
4md<eN&d 4ir nemrCrysisI prcr^rsmii) 
riAB fl sfwcisk ]04El«r which rTt«Ji«i 
yisu ihink <t itn 1 loflding propeHy Ic 
il m classic copy Ot Ihn mitioi^s 
tfCtM Ofif^n*! ark^ Ivii ur«s 
LirM«rs. 0onib«ri, Mulpnti. 
Smnt mflrs a n^ Pods Th»t • n *n 
tJiC«il#^f rsdi' f£r««n , cn« fou Ctr^ 
resLLy us^g f&r fcumng yp $fkoil. and 
!p«clACUlar flMplo«icKi grrtphics 
5«dry ijn499f yOM own a Fulisr Boai^. 
Ih* flim« * loli% *pl«nl As usual 
wMh De^endw' games, ir>6i« 19 not 
much co^ouf. but the gnphbcft Am 
fsii frnd ifnoofh A El »n Oil prQtMilty 
t?i* £^fil iwrstpn for It^j S^drytn 
y«:t flgthsriyMkAArd canlrol keys. 
ZjX l«ll/ftght and NrM up'd'Qwn. A Id 
G fif« laidr, H lg £N TER itnirt 
t>orribs Joystick. AGFPfalsk. 
Kompilcin. Fulisr CAASH rahM. 
pis^tailt and addictiva. ov^i^J Ty% 


PfO&t/i^m Sifvmwoft. I AK £9 P$ 
Thl4 is a much tMttVf iim# than 
S«iwaofT s '<] round AiiaqSc' and 4 a 
flood vtmoni 0* th<j qlsasic 
Pel Sfidar' of arcoda taiTi^ th# 
animatad graph iei mt« naat amd iha 
sound imusii^fl. ConlroS l!:*yS Am 
much bsTlsr pieced Than m OA ai 
itf^l Ciifn&L <ltv«. iriru«t. ftvaria. 
h^ptfipac*. irnail ticifitisand ittsi 
am h«tp y^u prol«ei: the hurmanEi^ids 
ffom rhe iriaFaydlng otisn erg ft 
Faituraa an sKcallant locHa ran^a 
scan No^oyMickfaciMy.wC 


PfOik^mt M«f50urnA M0£^& 4iiK 

F^obably Iha dohfi^iiy« scrBmoi* 
fllfTit t&r th|} 5ptCt rum f ou r r inga ijf 
dafarK^a surround tNi aii*n bast. 
##ch wtih its own problafns ol 
landscdi* Miss^iaa taina off 
iL D hi I riu ou4 i y 9Ml<lad b^ raddf u nj is 
leMCpiitff^i jiiiimaUiifil w^ich pel 
mofa accuriti if yoy laM lOdasffOy 
anoij^h of ifvafn Sfwckal ipatura 
atrottrt yon to rapfoaram th« gama to 
mafia your owri lariJmip^ and iKif 
the enofTiy i defancaa Hh^nty 
rac&^ nifin d«d Jo yit jc lit; K^mpiott I 


Aiiihar An^mw Saa/f 
tliia q Sof tak'i ^arw^pfi of fnliaila 
dt*tnca and it it a clo*« copy of th# 
ofigjnak irs^fSphfCtafa noiiMfira 
naar ai go^d as 0(^an a 
'Atma^^Sdon', Q^n tha othor hand 11 
doaa ha¥« tha ailra faatu/e 01 p^rtif 
of Wf^fTtf plarwi buziing afounc} to 
d««troy At wa« as tha musiies 
thamaalves and ihm axplosioosara 
satislsctory It is als0 faaiar 10 play 
tha^i Ocaan s v*fs*ofl. hyfsomthow 
i«a f uri Ona I Mia of thrt tape li for 
tha i^eyt^oard {mm\ a draad^l 
^youi) arvd ihtf o^her sioa 4 im tha 
iCampiJon loyatic k T li« ihtay £ard 

doean'l lall you thai 
M is tor f Ira iignt 
d tract iO<>ai movaffla^tt. 
gamaratly oliay, tn^i r>ci as 
piayat)ia asArmagaddon 


Pfodtwraf C Tacli. f^W £5 ©S 
Thn 11 iha poor man^s Paflalfal&r* 
ind namiilahff Tha inlsy D^ur^ 
promi^im a long f anga tcar*i — by I 
nothing appears on 11 ajicapi iha 
a^ilranwiy lifflitad tai^sCBpa 
ava^kt^ia 1q tty ovSf fly Is h af t9l y tha 
wOnJ — yOU only mm^ ^f tnQ itirusl 
buiton Is tiaJd down, ano w^an ^<ki 
E$o th il noi h mf eiM m tha fla ma 
movai a jncapt Sh# lo^rarirvg lual 
gaufa Hitting Iha luai tanH,i 
rap«tntila*i your lafm and ar^yofia 
Cflfi knock it^am oft Miihoul difhculty 
bacaui« tfia m^iilttft aia aau^y 
avoided and the fiyitifl laucan don 1 
doanylhing Thara 1 nodafi^atf. f^O 
thf 1 1 Is %r>0 no akil 1^ na«dad Kayt o$i4 
po«(tiont ara tifw and ihp vno ol iit« 
axploakifi IS tha moat imaigifiattva 
graphic In Tha flaum Ona Of two 
piayafs. poofty comptlad fnachina 
code, fli &|0y sue N option Thain^ay 
caid slattn tnal pf esun^ hay 't giv#i 
yd-u'yp'anOTVfflii©' Thi/maftfi'r 


P^Qo-ucflf iMii^ifogaffl. * W £5.50 
This IS ari anjoylfala eopy Ol She 
arcade onginai and a riaxi>^ia 
{SfOgfam as you re givan a 4-cipiion 
manii t1 ^ missitai. t = UFOs. 3 * 
Meleoes. 4 ^ f ortrassi whicti maAns 
you can leap from pari 1 pari as you 
Choose, or liiht you^ way Ihtough 
Iha correct seqoenca if you're a 
shdw^ T hf«e ttpeeds * tth the 
gre^phjcs a W ihaicy on last utual 
lasers. bonit». ^uai dumps, musiiaa 
wli^ A neat ^-optiofi on returning lo 
tha rmni Ufa where yoy iffft oft. ot 
chai^gir^fllandticapeaaichiifTia The 
maiaors are too difficult to ^ 











roi MM lolrtv cgnlutad m^ m^ 
^am§ Mnti^44 bam both mim. ^ 

I AllHii knwm ffi aw 

Oif fOufi n4r avov0h eM Mmm iM 
iMd *m (kW liyaAM. byt %*4p 

OUMPtf R KllCUi 

mmim ActPw «Mfl*. Can ynu w S 

itife^aipiif Fllpft AivufC' Inifn ip In. 

■Qfvairajif Pvnt Venal mraugh mt 
'' ■ I I I I inm Q(i a^KsC^ti tfw hia 
fliiQKM Iha tfhpwl Vim «fd Iry It 
vwi V^uf iHtftM n«tai 




Una fw rfttf^ist Siw ttilii^ «na 

ihm ftM^ mtt ^imm lo yeii9 «iaA 




eAMNiY Btpnaaiia 

a«pi awffffn C4^HH imd IvrBw^S 
dD H Ml V^Vn toSflltWi It IWnil 

«a*ji> datii^'1 i bur n« miwi viki *#t 
toma 0iMftd bv 1 ln«a haa Aitf 

fuiar n^Kfiv GMVi 

n^ip ■M^ tfl" Ri^ irlt 


AHv licolv^ hwn tw le^ Audi.. 

IfPke 4 HHA t#a 4« » ha: <id irtcAi 



FtebFk^ i«wi lOMfw ii *ica4i 

¥<M ■■« ill* tnt kd4^H4wM ^^ ddT 
a*H Slidt l«W ICi PtXlt* 4AIQ Mi 

f-wki^^ K»rf> Hi$iw«* ma fit 

airtt a^fgi <kMiM HiiifT> Hhi faifvto 

mm WW itb bm Rvnifi aw ssa« 


SwiinaDetfoiAai^SAviiieets - 

Viaw m vw liii tuf^pMnq hmfl ^ 
5«ia^'» «t<H^ m irw *flw«M 
^ bf »« atoAi md Enow 
tifta aw let eifi^4 ania ^ 

imfiC^ fii Pknpi HiNon »nBw« fM 
I ^ IFH Hi Pii iilHi if ttw 


i^mihi atwi # flivcHihf anp vprih la 
iaiiwn italic cm ia 

Vwi^ iPsrev nitgprl n<v«l gtl S««& 

By Wm ti*i4c^ K» dwwar iv T I f 

If ei 

tMm «^ aiAav eoMrtrrin ^iamcs chouwats house it^TTEJiwDfiTM ntMt> atAav tiiciVTiii 
ret at» ri»i tilex hqbi jrhh^i 


D4ST1tieUTUi^ J^C^ Scum WHi 

<j^i i9if IW1 KIT All ounfTi 





■mMmp No ifiyfrliCik ei^idfi dnd 1^ 
n.«yi ir« i &il of i hindfyl I? ' downi. 
4 ^ yp., - bf ikft. T • Iftfyit. = il»*f i 
iml Alf fovkwr rowflr* borntw i^kk in 
m fun to plmy an^ good vskitfl 


i^nod^dk Stirrori«,4gK£5,Mrf; 

With A cniif^g» ol ont If tftf . Ihf 
pime fl>v#ryofiie hJti wftPi«d to i«t 
Ihtbr tiindi an Kit fmch»d it^« 
Sp€cirurri at liii ind cnuiM « ilif t1 
in«9tli £X M»c roller wfof^fip M wBS lo 
^o l*#fl cm Ih i C ■ tuna for 

Ititfinttirrrt Th*. i itiachma 

C04t ||f«pi^pci lie ^u! t-!" ^i^^f*^ 
vtiOiDth. £Dri»id*i'irig tiowmuch 
dWtiiil Ku Co kwip scr^kiiig 
diagoniifif iCf ou CN* tcivvn tri« 
objiict ii to la^« your iitach f ighitf 
lkirf04JQk1 thi tncTAiiingiy dffii» 
da40AC«« trul Mitrdy thi ZuKan 
ion F«itar«i gun iimpkicr«m«ntt. 
iuni 4ump$r. «n«mv aircrAtl. kitttr 
bvimt and wai^ nwilh iOTQ* AtHM ~ 
mnd o^ CO ur m I h4 ihidtiw of y^uf 
lhghi«r on lh« floor Qolour pt m«1I 
ywfi II nd iht i^yi^d it fiijrijy good 
Good controi >ityt And KtrnpiicMi 

jOy$! I CV Good wil LI0 (or fti Qn#y . 
if^r- iikiy irvd amuiitQr 

'Zji' -^ OvffakkCHASN ralrng 


Thifi in A&w A numbtr ikf 
progniRi kvlilch glvt y oy i lorward 
vtf w Uirwjgh Ihi tpjct thip i scrwE 
naitBli 10 m%U i nitgori of iMr 
own. Wi vt d«£ldi4 zo cill ihest 
^ckDii' |iinti. Thii lodlon dots nsi 
IncluDi tnv ol Ita Trtk ginm, ifhlch 
oNin hivi i vlivseruin ilmi^litloa it 
thiV cofni undir l^etr own hticHi^g. 


AufftOf B G COftihif! 
A mftptinwltt ^mme far w«l Syndiyi 
f Oy II n«#cj ■ pf ^nler of M r>altt p*d 
Of i g^Md mimoiy (o*r iftt com pita 
01 inftifUE^^Ji« mre o^ on« s^di ind 
tri« g#n>o on Ifm 0lfi*f Vou' tiih, «« 
to fid tha si?ac# ian«« of pi^iitt 
wlVDt« i%Ofn« »i On ihfi B^ack PlIinAl. 
■iirti^eri n mviftl^ unlil you fmd 1ti» 
K«Y. whicN hfi b#tfi brok«fi inio 
itvtin pjirii ind i;fk9kri^t>uE»d Oft 
piwii d4itef>ffni pl*n«li. nifM^h mudn 
tiat# t dtil#renr arctde idv^niyrt. 

inifrucTionK, whicii meanB yoM'vii 
got to Uno'i^ ^ ill OiCkwird^P Thii 
»a^d. it'i ions 01 fyi^ Th9 COCkpil 
vi»tf Miiri rriO*irino itirt in %«rfy 
good An ^nstcum^ni pi ntl t»(i» you 
wnvra yoy arv in ip«c«, wh«r« ih« 
sTir t!«Mi ti &F ih« pli^rwii on w^i^h 
yoy muftt l4rr>d NiviQittno »ft quMt 
drrlicuK. tHil il yOu gm il nghl fhe 
i4^<hf of fl plin«E looming up it wry 
Cim«n4iie You can land manually 
or uif Lht auiQ do^^.ing fiiUir«. 
Selwrari planQts yoy mAy urttl Im 
BiTfacictd 6y ti>B piraiai w^ks Nn^w 
you Are AlTit th#m, m Mh^cii cua 
you ara into i lyr«otJ» dog lighr ll't 
noi a giFH^ fOf a Faw momantt 
> Excflthffrtt value aiKi riiighty 


Tn* kiavl>oaFd liyoyi lookj ilmpia 
byt ia eonlyiir^ to pray wilh Tha 
vl#w icrvvn p hows your convOy, 
iAt)i^ ^Oii muit proiact En#my 
fthipi »nf»iT toac# inc) fto <lo 
Atfiaroidi You T^tva I wo i»t«ra wliri 
continuoyi fira Mo^wtrrka/ii id|yati 
|h« nm& of yi#w to qti^la an «Al«n| 
tiul wiih^yT 1 long ranta iCi^ Pf't 
d^thcuH to tnijcjpata propa^ky Tha 


colours Jira tina. ^ound mfhof po\^, 
but rbffv«rtrhaii«a, a ^ama wiih good 
playammy Joyaiick KflmpCfOn 

P/odLicer Sufii/f^na Boo*m. 45^ 

Thit im a faal f aparoopy of a game 
Ai-h loftfii of piKyabkiity. but b« 
Aiifn#d. you rita^ to b« an aiian 
wilh thraa Hands or a If-d^gii 
UruggiJiFi toF feay^iFdoomrot Tn^ 
progtamrna oomei tn irirM pflrti^ rn 
Apac« ai you approacti tha 
LPrugguin'i plin#l. yo^u mutl 
(li«iroy ihflir wavoft of frgniafa by 
caniaf mg iha i^gM crois nairt, 
ma-n on ih© pi*n#t"a tuHac« whpfa 
your landed aNp ii* aurroyndtfl by 
waika#i and flghia^i mnd ihan tHa 
Imijff attack on lh« o^img rnofhaf 
I hip COnlrof riMpOnsa Jt oood, 
colour and iound «xc«itant. and 
ih« limpiv iMpo^via It flood, colour 
and iqund ffxcolfeeni, and ihfi 
^mpli« A-dinmriilonAi ^bt 

wall fitcommaqdad '- . . ■ ct 


Ou^irafJva. ^^K £6 9^ 
Excai'lenl mgvmg star o^ck^roynite, 
in 3D gFv# a mmi f#a^ faaling lo 
ihiB< ^9 kin lavaf gama Long rang^ 
scan allows you wti*f« ifl* ifiamy 
Mtm aiid you >ymp ihroygh spaca to 
tha corraci aaclor. Mov«fnan! 
control If iniwit and katping lim 
»^*my in your li^nti la a i^ugh 
Ua^ h«lp^ by » |oy»ttch 
{K«mpftlon| 11 yoy'r« auccatafyk ai 
d«anng irie entire g^la^y you Cin 
land on mv &hvn% planet to raty«l 
btlore lyrnpmg tt^e Hmegala lo 
annihti mraatid siiSMy FyPJ 
darnaga itatut rva4oyli Highly 


Prtiducm ^^aM-^onConwilrajiri. IfiiC 

MlrodyCifig a r%mm raca of aliani ^ 
iha S4»ddat> i haj^^i ipati 
backi^ardik thii gama t$ a 
t4 raj gtiiiror ward £ap «rn wNch doaa 
r^t b^iitt I he con^pi^Kii^as oi a Star 
trali gama. taut li al ^aaat io tha 
point Ttit minula li fttam kha oaddy 
Svd^^vi ar« thara. alchad atamii a 
raakriiic fnov^ngilar baci^grqund 
Below, your iRitrumfflniaraaaay to 
r*ad, OAF cod#s for fuel and spead 
Twin Litars firo from iha viAibFanoaa 
cona qI yoor crate anil araa 
Mkhtlyjng affact L^nt up Ifi* isroift 

fiojf £ on the ?ii«my anp fird away' 
Tha Saiddati craft are w«ki drawn 
and rfi-Oya neatly tn 3diinafis»orit, 
firing back wh«n thay wani Tn^ra 
ai^a laiyeihng pomia iii tpaca whicli 
yoKJ myii r^aoh in lima balgrayoyr 
powar run* out, f^oiitiv t mofyaiirwil 
aiH^ iJT^OOth grapNct. quita good 
sound. |oyit»clc: AQf Prolvli; and 
Ktmptton Ov«ral1 CRASH rating 
60%. ratorrhrnendad ai good vaiua 


^ro<luC#f D^ TToniics. I SIC £4. 95 
It i a bti of a chaai— To k«ap iha 
programme m I6K I ha ^ry long- 

wmdad inairuEHorti art oci ona tid« 
of ihacaasetTP and Ilia gama on ihv 
oihffr which if irritating it lirti Tii# 
wi0wi€ca«n wDrkca wall wtih iiars 
dafining movamqni. tkit canlroJ n 
ei^capiiohiiiy I lug gi^ And hiit^ng 
tha aLpan iwarm is a &»t Ilka Irymg to 
ki l\ anta with a pog o sii c^ in tha end 
a liow and con^uvhg ganne wtkfi m» 



Pm&ucm immgtfm. 4BK£5.SC 
Wa waiiod long anaugh~ probably 
iha moai famou* and wanted non- 
aviiiabia ^ama. probably a ci#¥»r 
ploy on linagirfa'i pan. Bui n wai 
worth the mmi Viawucteen ihowi 
you a road Dr^r which you are f^ihg 
With Nllle humant on tha hofi^on 
whom you mu*t tive ftom the 
erwmy bomberi Ttiaia-coma in 
wavea ttom the Jah. aom« |uai 
cohkenl to wipe &it humaniry, othat a 
wti^chiurn ind lire al you. w«aring 
down your ihia^d If you aurvnv two 
wa¥« wilhoui getting deau^oyad of 
crashing inlo |he ground, iHare^a a 
deaert in lasted wiih lenics. and^ ihe 
i#a «4in iubmai'i r^ea ai>d Sc rolling 
grii^tiici for the iiiietail Naip to 
maice thi& a very memorabHa game 
and «xcfl4Kenr value for ntohey 
^dyvtlcfc Fullaf ^ Kamptlon 


Mifi oanii m^t tn ill ttupit int 
ftm fUili nmm iitclyilot Pacim 
ilVli gimit howtvirL Soim ^ ttioii 
tnciMM hera ffltgbl nol avm titfia la 
IH Ihi ciligory, &ut on rtfladlon yoy 
will Mt thai In Ud thtv iri raillf 
miie gimei [il liiil. yau might It you 
try hii4i 



Androidi boaili a vati ma^a 

popuiila^ Whih hwn^cidai roboiman^ 
ta Suh«hina~t vera^n ^1 
Frenry/Panpc" Armed wrih a l^«r 
(li^6« in the dereciion yoy'ra 
poinfirkgk and five iiv«», you mysi 
fjnd the huldefi oiiit lo ihe najtf l^avei 
Special panel ft tap len rah yoyr force 
held and laser fiowor Use no win 
game for points trve graphtc-s are 
good, nice animahon and mactvna 
et»de rtia k e» for n igh tp«#d 
movemani ^od value for money 
and tfef y playable 



IVhii w« tiiv« her* ifr« w»^i tnoMghi 

Tref^2//B«ri«rli^ gWni with liire ikill 
liv«l»4ridcopiouiScrt4i>). Andr#d 
\\3m iMjpwrkor rObOt ifld Nf hftS tD 

c«rT . If dA «nai'? (A reactor 

»r«n^w Ignii tractive 

^' uta n ! i , ,1 . i I n V . . I.*-* gr BplV<cS| 

Wjsva*Epf!S (iufpy lon^w) SMttfi 
and io^jficeri wf)o land on four 


ivtil^ Ihi m«l« Ji 1)04 A ctnlr«l 
l^fO&tftm, bill Thi inlfstttHjn ol 
^■ftulifuMy in:imiitid tf^mlufm ir« 
ri't iM^04^ ta e3« «n uylum plaf^oi 

vsuihiBink)^ Eay^ppfid witri yotit nwin- 
mnq phoi9o &<?Jt n » au^^ft i Liah, lo 
iit«f»tli«Ftv«fiiin9 moh»1oM i1 &«y 
Tht/ move tnl#F And faster bs ifi^ey 
4t9t^ ii you and th^fc ar a biio 
Ui»c«fqy4 0wflf4i n^pfiing About 
III ifig it fou f T h« orm 4rmwh9t^K 
|>«rtia|H^ it Ihit ifit cr«itur«s liilc* i 
wf^ ptidicitibiff 0if H tdwardi yoy, 
bat Pit ii VI ^ i 1 1 «x It moly f i.ti Ooukd 
bivft hwJ rTior« viJiitio^ Ko ri4ighi4r» 
jfrdiiiLlJirny Uftr-d-illrKRl cgnlf ol 
liiyi, i^AQf Off P^iotflh fOytttChi ire 

ind m ovfif all CR^tSH ratirig'ol 7S% 



Yotj'i 10 ci^Fg* ol i lan^ d^p 
wif^dftA teff«j AHfl dftng^roiJi 
«04npijt«f *lijc*i i#fti VCPUF pf«««n£t 
» i tui 43 Hun tnn ^niivfiin j|3 dr«Ary 
tjlf ol cofTtpLnhng Hoi on your lul 
a^^ Ei#clrCkn PiJ^i#r«, Ui0^i^m%. 
CiTitunorii and l1ofy« ^roanini. 

ol>iec:l qupl# ikinply. n io hil orpi ol 
Ih4i&«fid promplff 10 1 h* n«4i l«vak 
Byt kl iifli t a^s «i»v HI i| m^nm Jl * 4 

rneitufp of hotiw fut lh« garn« Cin 
N S^iat fiven MiEh onhy dn# hit l(^ 
c(>>nc^nti«ii) On ii r«0iia^ni « irtry 
d^tliCUlS lap g^rnd io pjiy , Only On« 
biili Jt i lima tsul E^ liftir ^»«m 
riiciKHets(l3«iuj|ifulKy) Acom^tx 
«rrBy ot conlrol l^eyi miow for 4* 

fotaliOfi N«lil init>oih grraphiCt. 
goo«f aound. |^Y9li€li Ktmpltor^ 
AGf orProtffe: ^rcntrolliiy 
^m^m 3i^ nulhpit 

ttf 9iiif, ptt'^ v*F ori# yoy oK 

'' -i^ n#ng. Ov«idiLE CMASH rahng €$% 
V G 


A 30 Mm« gJVTif '--mindi 

Mantef C<Nd» i* > * rfl#iic 

&£q Lrt-ncfl ^ eco 9^ ■ f h# 

1 1 nary »\ iit:,' r .j' 'jpKlly 
^ u ns 1 uippa bi^ Ba« icilly ^^mi 
i?:g^i -inr«?dd yoiiT w«y thrgui^h 1h* 
Cflif)t«firric ciruciar mmiu lo iind th« 
CiAtrAl control rooiti lof tht iNik 
^otiipulehr of GvfKHi Am! deril roy ll 
Oooif cui iri«i»:»frid«i«« inio 
t*gnr)«fkri ind conni^l bi< w*«n 
Adf acetyl corr^dori thvMar* 
sported imd ihijl by ihcr cc^mpui^t 
ijid ycMj cirh opoh th<»m by fiunchmg 
m Iht coff act cod«i ijflach Ml of 
dOOfl ii II sTf fr* n 1 1 i mff ic 
i^uimc«ii ' ' ^P Ai high 

<fri#i t^fi 1-:^ ■ J yi th# nitxr 

t1^ i»] 0ogy I chai4 ng y mi 

E^ri iirEia nt pogMli^ot yog. your 
ESP oo«t down and fiio^i doon 
hAvi? Blanks whtch ydu inuq^i wcNrIt 
Out bitota irk« door op»n4 oi thiits 
tof yoy Tli« kng#n40Ui lou£h Ikes m 
lhoiJic9ll«4it lour^ linc4( ot Ooigiiri 

f huetdin^ foottitfpi ii h« ehfts«4 up 
Ihthind yOU' — turn around and you'-ll 
to* hUfi. N«pt iciKi graphic i irttt 
u nutoa I ty p taya bl« C uf so r l^vyi for 
cnovaitient in coniLiniction wlltig 
4^ffyt {uB«d With in ov#f lay I lot cod» 
bmihtng JoyaTick Kemptron, AOF 
Of Pf oi«h OvifiH DRASH f ai<ng 
731%, «i:C4l4#nl vii!u« lOf iTiOnoy if 
you#n|oy • bti ol lignrJng. WC. 


Pitidut^fr 4*f. f€K£BJB 
A timplt maii mada ]iip itom 
croitat It only )uii big anoiiigh i« lil 
your ww^Uiig bAir^oh Ihrough m 
p4BC«ii E^wiwv you fnuil uAs 
pr«CL$J€in and timing iq tf^Linni 
itifough Aiihdut iDiichiriQ ihAtidAi 
EjtEra poi 

mOBl^ bui ^ni» TH^I n^ F-a^y lis "1 ^"'11 

loohs Th^« l< a tjine l^iriil 


ProdL^*r Siir D/iatm«. idM £S.S& 

Hif« the mi2« actually i«priMfl{t 
thft tlrvitA And bu i^ing^ q4 a clly 
Vou'r* In comrrtAnd ol a lank, 
iurroy ndcid by ih# cybefiankt #h4*ch 
you muil alioot oul ol ttAitliOCe 
bc^lori^ Ihiy g«l you Vou CAn blast 
your way through Iht mil« witit 10 
gvl Bf yotjr *r>0fny II you cI^at lh« 
lira I »c^e4n thi ticond ^^v'. i^ iiri 
m kneft inti rod Ar ouri^ wh nc ' 
anylhingthii louchet ih^fr ^ 

ki ba-com*! v»fy f^pelfi^ve ifid ^i 
ravJtwvrf Ihoufilhl il feasonabiv but 
onjiy AU9f ag« fun to pl»y ThA 
gfaplhci Ar« quititmAPi. Altriough 
ntcety dflai9n#d and mo^^fti^nvpothiy 
enough — me iitii^csrdi^brii^ini 

two Mfll ol COnliOl kiyi, w<il 
placQfi ]oy&1iCk K«mfttqn OverAM 

Not il hrAi itgrn a mm^ g^rnt ^ui 
thit ffl or» whero you m«kv you-r owrt 
maze for prqlection If om iho 
dread«c( Snow Bern w^ich inr«| iiw 

Arctic 1C« wAl^ivs whor# yOu, lh« Ullf 

living Do Oo. f^nd younoif ftrandud 
|b««i rhal fOi> i i£0nAr bO*) Ttin 
innovalivfl gama rrofn dsaby haa 
Chaf ming gf Ap m^ and good iound 
BancAlly you mu^i shunt ih« «o« 
bloGhi around 1Q cicapA liiai bwa 0« 
crifSh lh*m if ^QMW c^m yot^cin 
ei«cl roc Lite rhArn ngAirill Ihe wills 
Joyitic^c: Ktinpilofi. ll»cofnmflfid«ci 


PtoauCMr Id SfrfCt&if, t5f(£4 96 
AAth«nalion^ lop a#cr<rE agent your 
mHuon lb 30 *L*4mf9 top i<^creE 
cf^dfpm from ih* cod# toorri oi a 
lor Atgn AmbAiiy Aclya II y a ti y ou 
hAv« to do rn ir^t dr#ary gftrtit tt 
wend youf iiiav iNmij^h a 3D mAfe. 
upfljnddowr jlrndliiA 

room . ih Aft u ' I rti#d *g«iftil 

I Hi* ■ " sp^tlAand 

ven . .iv«mAAni 

WBdifk'J !ri!i-rp-iriBiJi.-i| ii3Pl Iho 

COffiddn to liO-Mrly build Up NtrW 

l«v#ls wl h I hi aimpi«dl ta kt ng 


Producer' i<^wQmfi0f0H>ft fW 

PfrrhApi (ha moal bflauti^ui loo^km-g 
garrve yit tor in# S^Actrum £»c«^t 
P^li you agalnti a 30 mazt i««ti 
from tligh|% ab^iTAao Ih^A fKiriEontAl 
pAlltlfrityAAftObACftiircd by ih« 
hAdigva S omyw f t AfA in thaf a lalfit 
h^ to thi «j[it Aft you Afltit A 
mprtilar ihCHita tr^ and homBi 4n Ofi 
yoiJjn«Horiiily G«l tholsey andh* 
ipt«^ up Git ouf and you >« OAdt 
wkHl A mil A and I wo monitiri FivA 
lAvaH and a no wifi iiiyAtion ir't 
dvpinfriAinot OfiA Of the m<]itt pAntciky 
gami* wt ¥a *t»n Joyii i cfc. 
Karrt|isolt 1^ R«commendA<d 


Th«ZBOpfoe#isof i^it&i btteh Vas 
■l^Ouf SpACtf un^ ^as gone befi#rit 
and yoii ha^ bAAn dA-Atomiied 
Vow must aKhIP* itif ougfi nifNi i«vah 
whilA \^m MC F" Ik on you And 

lr kAa to dfAlrL , . apA*MCP 

lfrAlur«t i «Af 1^ Q^ ^impit bul jAI 
bAComoA clff ar wtiA^i yOu pity) 
liAfiidithly Kaid Oil! fn azaf . 
FipfAAAntkrig the logic pAlhi oi th* 
protAtior Yqu Stan top Ivfi And 
mutr tirii f#ach n key at^d thAn Ah 
flij4 iT to Th« 11 am i«%^l SI owLy An<f 
mc?i.orabiy Iho MCI* iighl homef in 
on yoy and the tnck 4 10 rrvo^a aiong 
\he pal hi rn luCh a w^ rhal you 
|:eau« youriAlf tnough tim* lo mahA 
tm key a nd ant Not Al ai » iAiy 
C y rpq r k eyi and u Mr -iSffi n Ad, lo 
4lmott any foyiticii can ba yi#i An 
addichvoly mrynahn^ garnviHd 
e«c«tltnl value 


PfO^yca/ Aat#ir. t&4B*i £5 K 

m 4iK Ef?C ifwakit, th^ugfi m&itty 
wharf he uiyt alt#r th« locquacFOuA 
inifo If DytPi'" ET IS str»rid«-don 
Eaf ih 54r»fliching tot ood b<Ti wMM 
oni*rui:i a phonthoma 
i « m hiddATi 1 n n u m Af ou 1 

pr of ^f4or and A n.i ^U S t or Q 

or aomAlhing) Onry yuun^ ErnxAiA 
rvcA T he game m ct^arm ing; | o look 
Al bul a lilllA putlltng to play iiii£«4 
la Ami imposii^lA i d a«c ap* 14^ 
iMr«tched pfofea^or Prografti 
conlAinad on both « ides oi itie 
caAiAlte Joyitich Ki-mEJ^Ion 


Almqai eyi-i . •. lOwaf* houienAt iii 
iferiion € ' j^ iavouritu 

'B#riAf h ' . <:• li n CjArns I flvkl 

ro boll If • mple m azei . 

repreten! nHaomiof 

tame alsvi^ HO Liffi in ihiiAi ip4a^£;iis 
mu%i bv ^f^^ h^ciuiA a^l the walif are 
e^ectnhr .ouAiidlhepoot 

old lobo' ivi t vertiari ii 

very good ul :4 !^pe wilh titnplelhjt 
MTiooi h graphict You Iomt a kie if 
you coH^ele wilh wall rgbol or 
eApiodkrig<nrtA4ie Avoiding th# 
mhstklei can be done by leaping 
itirough an exii mro Another room 
byi Al you do hoH^Oei more robou 
Appear ThekeybOBid poiJ<honi Are 

rAlh«r odd. dw^clldfi Ah6 t^ri bekng 
Conrroiied by k ay t&-0 which makeA 

it diff^cylt $0 i^ta a idylt^^ 

Modif Aieiy Addkchve bul noi bAd fof 
fhe pnce 


Arcade »AirfP to ipwlAlne jn 
obA^ure Iri^ea Laiikc^a 11 a compJex 
maii wtih over TOO ^9caii£>'u and 
three iff^eJ I populated wrtn Hhorotdt 
ThA waUm are eieetritied ao yotd.muj| 
Atfdid ihem or lo^e one of y CKjf font 
liviA. Theainn •* 10 d« jcom* the 
iocitpon of a boifiti ^ehi^h will 
deitroy ihe enlire islanel when M 
eiplodei a/ide^luieilmurdini>g ' 
iheandroidAonyouf way The 
gf Bphicm are very good and richly 
coloured (you>a Atod ot'HofAce- 
HkecreAlyire) Joyif^ck 
KempHon''AGF or Prof«k An^d cunof 
keyt Eigh! dK-ecticnai movemani 
Good wAlue 


Aumot D^miiJonm 
ThetktlA indicaf ei Ihei If you want a 
lAdy he* you c*n load *«de 2 intieAO 
of frhde 1 iOr Lord Harry The 
trrtbrialAd Lord it Ic)^! in hi<i If kend t 
€f nAlA gAtden the rhorn^rhg ati vr ihe 
flif hi bilOf A He muit wander Foynd 
AAlfcng muthroomt lo h^^ %Uw9 
wh 1 1^1 tf ying to ti nd ihe sen::' et i^ j hi 
T he*fl Are fouf 1 nlcf h n N ed g trd en 4 
All lull ot pu^^dtttf ai^d rf A«t in 
Addiiton to mu shro^mi The IfAe* 
bar h^i way. itia puddlif loie a Nfe - 
and to make meileri wotti there are 
I wo guard doOA chaiing eroif nid al^*f 
him. In one ortha gaiTdeni ihAf a n a 
potionoui mLJihroi^m whK^h d Lord 
H arr y ABI "^ nO o I h^fn li r^ ASA 

ha h ndA ti ■ - 1 «in W «ACO«i»0t 

Reetonably wtfti kaid ^ut conlroi 
keyi. alttaclivis use of colour, but 
parhApi more atmed ii the younger 
player rwlher than the arcede freak 
jo^trciic ^empAioJi Oodd vAioAfof 
money overall Cf^ ASH rating 63% 


PtO<hiC^ PSS, 'im £4 9& 
ygyVe i|n yOgr Ear Iqtt in Ihii 
endlett rr^Bfe avoiding the huf a rdft 
hke rock faii? ice. on tJicki and the 
man^ct m thair wv*\ t .ii- -i Cr>Mot! ih<? 
I^gs lor pomti and 
luef dumpt — iher^- 
ihefn freqtienily Control i» le»i arK^ 
potitive, good* gr AphKri and 
icroll^ng Irom iCreefi tQ tcreen rft 
ellecliv^ AfirH>i1 in^tf;ftfT»e 
Urifor- ^liar 

beiwv .-eitornce 

teiecu'^. jng uir^ =!iMf yctiom don t 
leil yoij met n't the cgrsof k^ys. 
Which operate l^o Joy&lkek > 
but *l will work w*lh AGP of F 
Mechme code, mode^Alely aua^ . i> i<^ 


Prague if^ Qti TtOnt€M.4iK£^§Sffl 
Aumor DonPFtmMt^y 
Thit pore find-your- *ay= through- A- 
thi/e-ind escApe oAme ■» amopi^ 
Ihe boAl eve f from m St n^ple m 
coneepi. iit pMiyAbiiny Lie« in ihe 
Fpvtfly graphics and ilt tpeed oi pCay 
the aim in to enl*f ihe ma/e and 1 

difrgo^^r the gosd which wiii bp al 
^eatH ?&0 ni 1 1 > - -. .i A' u E r' 1 hi mi j d r J 1 r* 
Ihe wiJit .^ 
food irtd 

iliengfh -.. .Ihe 

iword9 aq .ia^ACA 

ThiB*e«rt «iMi.b«dded 

in Ihe ifi A, > -f will (#11 

you trie It . [fi iQ I he foJ d tiy 

markir^T^ ^«^w Thitonly 

latll^ i&r The 

iwoji! k mrv^ 


:.■ nthgo+d 

d I . <j -, T rr .... ^, -...-.... .1 .- .^ * tense To fc HI 
a« many M^iiCi ai yE:}ycaiion 


in* way in Th9pi«yinj0ti««ir!ovv« 
osTifr fftf i#ih Di iii« total maxa. b ul I;ii4 
VIEW factlily «liQ«n you a IwvltlN 
Emc«ii4iii gfAp^kCt a 1^ animation 

pqrf1fQ4 Uyi. loyit^Ck Kampalon 
Bi%0 cuf tar joyfliCM VI i ui#r-dafir>f 

4 atdUtveip. Mri<iomly DefWfaied 
rriazv«»cii94rTW CRASH raiina 
tuflMy f ACommftrNdtd. ovara^ 1^ m% 


THm n«#o. P*fc y. is » JitUv IC crup 
who hap bac^omD uf^piugifBd liom 
hit wchtt tou m ml g yidt him 
throiiQh m* mif (i of Circuitry maid« 
Unc^ Citv*'^' CQfTipurfffr and pi^p 
him hn again Th«f«amliirDiityf lo 
hrid which, Hrh«n ytetl m |h« &orr#Cl 
<l9cir. tfrill ynioch Iham. Oul Ihivy 
myii&a<fonaioih4hghto«tlar Tht 
m aia Ft full ^i ra^tttmn, duMai ind 
capiction which artchaitnQ Pmtf, 
mv^ Hlf ini^gy^ which ntfii at t200 
yftitt. f y m 4Qmn v*f y q uiClnly t o 
ai^a I D hit prali^«m.&, ltT# wal la o'th a 
mui «i«ei«i^iH1^#d Thao^^^y 
wa«pafi i'l am ^nsrgy b^m whtCh 
lltai m Iha ^iroction 0i >rnoveni*nl 
Qniy • iiYiaJi pati or th» t^mi piayii^ 
araa it yitibia on icr»*n Good 
graphics and smooth compiia^ 
m otirnePiE Auto »ii«t a hd cue lo* 
QorvigroK li«ym af« a il4ghT d^a-nvbach 
CJRASH rating a «ofthy m«d0 g^mfl 
if fidl qutl% up iE> SMiby • «lldtCliv* 
ilanda r ^^ Ov4f oli A3% com pL|*d 


jProduca* l^jrg^fiGan3ai.4ffK|S95 


Auihor 0#r«rlt 0^/ ^pt 

Ou«u Kior^« ol icH^r Ajtitc Go<>s 

yoy II m#e(: m uh kft 30 maift whioh 

rvpnt^ntt thD inloricH of an AJlec 

t^riHipi^ wiiM four f loQf i Qiiau ^i tha 
Ri4c«ti and pf o^icm g4aia boa^ft for 
you to coJi#CT iod giif«» yoy a maip oi 
in« hoon when you btiPTi.p into htm 
Tha inap diiiinl«grAi*i wHU ua«, ao 
ii*t it apar^ngiy Tha oth^f ^o0§ all 

pt«ftffrTt diftir^nl problffmi \q 
qvif coma on thwi particui^tr floort 
Tf^« floofv af« cofini»ctf d by thafit 
motlly blacH and a i«h biiM on«4 If 
you u»a a blAc4( ih«lt. n dtttFoyt ihtt 
b4#d«i y &y haw« coti*ct*d Tha 
longer fiiii iMk9 fs lirKJ a biut ahafi 
tha rnqrv 13 lack onvt will app»«r 
ShouJd yOM rind i^^iui lately. lh«n 
Tha b«adi yOu hai/a fourtd can ba 
tfl«d to bartar wrih thf» nanrwt fof 
your Ilia fi it a piaybaia ^rm. la^ih 
i|yita food 30 gfaphtct and t i^iiii 
ta^tlf, but oof mtfch i«nia of m^i 
danger Ave^ag^. CRASH rajth0S€>% 


Ttiit ti ofiiy a maja gnma in m vtty 
gafiNfriiiaenM Th#§arTt«wat 
rttf^nlly upgradad lo hava 30 Itvvtt 
lo fsia"^ through. Each kiv«l %n&#m a 
Cf out t#ction through ■ min? w«th 
aa^fml floort vitibta amd thra« klit. 
Yout rntrMT ink^animthon) muti 


*aJN fhfOugn |ii,0min«. uung Ihfl 
1 1 hi. and ^oli«ci a^t thadiamotn^/t 
(Hiattd aboul whirtt BvOi4mg'^hw 
apidift, pfKiif and boutder'lhFowrng 
irqll t^ha«^ all itw g*rnt have ba«n 
£ori«cta«f a lamp «pp«araal bottom 
l«fi which muvf ba collfClfd b^fora 
pfogmtlfig 10 th« r^nt l«v#^. Not a 
fsti gam». tnd m lirti »t doetn i tc«m 

ad^qtrrt ailh«f byt lti« -mmm «itn 
which you pr Of rati i% male had by 
liwai»4^^iii wtitthyout«#mi&iOte 
ktvti. Qathng to tho aOfh lavoi 
rtwftroa you with « pi^ur* ^ tht 
tur^K* Hic« graphic:* ami ftound. 
tha clf¥9r play^ ( »n«i up all hi* f ifis 


Thfct It * 3-part gam«. In 171* firtt 
iacl*on you mytl cf ofi a room lo 2 
cupboa rdi a nd col i*ct a doorts ay 
and A ti«ihotcapo A guard movfta 
aboiii wiih a lofch and you ars 
eaugni if you appaAtm hia bm^m 
Th«r« ii flito a tale li;«y hkdd«n in Iho 
roam> Oittingihroi>ghthii Eiumpt 
yoy onto a collftpting bnoge with 
ftplliat trthnaalh Th* third part ii a. 
mazf wh#ra yoi^ mu»1 awim undirr 
waiar, avoiding fith and g«l oui 
bsfort your oxygao run! omi. then 
cf oat *n mmttb^ m&ra avoiding 
man-eaTkng bi rcfi. g«il throuoh 
nairow pAiiagat avoiding tha 
bouncing bjirt ^ and lailly a mmift 
wh»cn divappaart ai lOon aa you'vo 
•#«n M Soundi tnc^mg isut H itn'l 
Thit It a good tliatCh lot n much 
teller game T n» i n lay i n iTry ci^ont 
ara m compel And tha gam4 has a 
tandercy to if«e2« iiarminaiiy at odd 
lima A. Primitiw giaphK:t and 
ynr»ipon*iv« control don't haip. 
Poof CHASH rating oirarati aa% 
Compiiftd M/€ 

P/o<lucar'Sofir«ji. ^§K£SM 

Thii TranEy/i«n*rii.' gam4, unlihir 
mott of Sotblt't olhar programi. tt 
not v«ry good At ihe ii^owftl ol iha 
nirw akin l«v«lt Hi a brt boring, arid 
ai Iha f aalttt rfi Qyii« tfMianingi#tt 
Tfi« yiuai lot mil It MJowad. 
electrified wallt, robott. unitiMabIa 
'RaboM' wl^K^h laav« CMpioding 
mi n9t t^«hi n d Four d ■•''B CI > Onal 
morimtanl with unin^mmled 
c hAf actan i OM mac h i n« codt. 
thraailrvar hl-ttOf*. n^jo-ytti^li 
ofihon OddPy tna control hayt ar« 
Ciitrf Of With nmt lo fint, to yot^ coufd 
y t« A GF r PrOt« h pyil \tK% f^f Tha 
movem*"! but noi I Of Unr^ 


Piodacw Oc#in f«« £5 m 
The nama wait ^htngvd I pom 
'Frenry tG avoid confLruon wrtn 
Quick i^i^vas game of Iha Mm«- name 
At y»y«i the wAiit ar« ^lactrrfi ad Oul 
lh« giaiiliKii art much batitr Chan 
anyona^itai ui^ston, biggat and 
tMlltf animalod Only iheioboti' 
hindt aji vulnef able, and Ihtir 
fioahng itadar it mvutntrabl*. Vou 

em dniyvtcapa htm oy lumping into 
anolhar toctor TntoamtapMdiup 
at yoi^ cf«af ieciori.and n^ora robol 
patr^g APD^nf Mov4 and fira in 

oiTj "oyifick 


f^j^otftictr SofI iJiti. ?SK 

vou r« tha robol ttni into tha ipae* 

ihip hold to kiiil off tht aiCAptd 

nath«« A time limit impoa«dC3ylh« 

cargo hofd wallt mctving jn lo crush 

you do*i noi givt thit garT>9 anough 

I mp#i ua 1C ba t mCilifig T he g f a phici 
■re limited an^ noi tm oolh and If^ 
ntttifr$ rtmain tialic Five ripffofenf 
»#ltOf Crtialura OnEyon«lil«niei^» 

II iiritafinp at i ou miiti wadf 
through th^ffitl I ng ypaachtimt 
LowplayabiiJty Cuitor Hays, lo you 
could Lite AGf Of Prot*i( joytH^lta 


Pmtiijcmr /n^a^flva. 4W £5S0tf} 
A urn or igfi Af^rwm S t^n M^rf «fli 
Put t^mpiy. SpUt It dang»FDui4y 
Addlctivni Tha h«rc, call ad Zippy, 
mult move round a latg^ mKee. 
tAling Clumpa of f ratt, invisibta 

gnut an4 plLtmi. whittt avokdinp tha 
tpikai. wattf And En« fidget oi ih« 
mil « Th^t wouMi ba child t piay tl A 
weren't im tfta iad ihat trie maza 
tCOllt *tl by itWtf, in any dlract^^^n H 
f anc i#s 1 1 2^ pp y gatt tra pped 
between a wall of me mait v>d tha 
wall itjftounding the «dea. then if't 
SP LAT r EiCApa Hi on i#Mi f bu\ wHh 
each I awl claanid tha ntxt b«eom«i 
moft dtlficuif Ar>d th« m«£a tcoiit 
faitflr Panic i«it tn ai a momeni a 
notioa Whan you g^ through a 
tcfoan th« comfiuitr yeii out 
Yippaa'' Simple. ell9Cl)V*gra#ilCi, 
imooiti movtmeni, utar-datiiiad 
cof^rcH^hftyt. loytticii Kampston, 
AaFlndf^ottk Hkghly 
racomman^M, ovtraM CRASH 


YoiJ mutt move your man through 
throa horizontal araat. top. a %imp^t 
maiv infvftad w^th ipida^ to get fo a 
dOOF into ^t middE« ted ion. which 
it the riv«r full Of pTAhiiai. and then 
to the beach, lopaii Ihiougri th# 
lower arta where the dead ap^nit 
lur fe If yo y metie it through, t he km It 
4t guar dad by a shrouded t^gura 
i^hoti touch it dOflfth lttA$impk« 
tat u^ And would not be pntere^ikng ii 
It werani iof the fact fhal ^iri not 
«uy The terpens Aft tiwayt Iht 
tarn* Iwt with mom deniftnt ■« you 
^ Along. I^«y board potitiont art 
^oM, mtgra^ict ntat and 
Aictivnl ttcht dtrtclional 
movemtm No loytt ten o ption. 


Tht f itie tramv promittt «ECiitrnant 
but fha gamt dotin i daii'mr Poor 
graphic and movtmtnt mAke ypt/ 
wondtr why It ne«^td 40K m tht firtl 
piact Bj» Icaily you m utt taJit on 
tomt robott in a aimfife out^nt 
malt KtyboAFdipotiiioniafe 
trniAtlng a^ th«Ft'i « poor 
rttpontt 140 joyAtic^ option Not 
rMlly wofth tht wmy h^gh pric# Af»d 
certainly not at muct^ lun ■■ ei^n 
J aw J' which ihty dka and fimn^^ii 
ovm loDK Tronict 


Aufnm Oart A^oonan 
Thit la A 30 QCM^ndor' typt game 
Tht maie it on throe floort afk! your 
million it to find lh« mitSiP^ he^i 
and return fhtm to the lEart poarilon 
Then you mypt lir^ a bomti and 
clefuta ft be^oftit dttonalas (agaimt 
the cioclH] To mahe fh« tAtk hardar 
thtre are monptafi moving about tht 
maft thai can bt itilitd by on* ol 
your liifiii^d tupply Ol f rtnadat To 
help yoy iha monsiera ^ an b* M tfl 
on a laoitr tcrttn The 3D grftphtc 
repfvtahlatjOn ti vvry good and oaty 
lo vituaJJie Tht keyboard potifioni 

art #til thoufht out and a >byntN:i« 
fnayfttutad The riKSfvittn apptaf 
*tFy i^^nly in f font oi you for a 
ttcohd btlofe you ic«e youF life — 
nice a ictna from Alien^ Five %ki\\ 
lewit and an ab^or&^ng g«in« Ooou 
vAlua Idf moTMy 


Pradc^cef. GMaoif. tMHSM 
Aktth^r T Giiirmf^ 

Thit If a mn^m wrthoui priDntttri $f 
robots The ma^a n seen Prom ey« 
levQi in 3D biocht. to <t"» a garna of 
Orittiialion end geogra^ff The aim 
it to wandfif the maze, coli'H^ing 
gohl bafa whkch \m on the ttoof and 
get to the it¥ai t am outcldy before 
fne value of QOid you are carrying 
fell I lo ?aro' Thit it no taiy taAh. A 
pencil and pad wf.v'^ '■" Theft 
an ten level* of pi 

(impoiAib^^ doiirr. .. ^ 4g» 

JdiOCfj iinaaviiiagpidiotA-Aitd 
trtliiavt ma. thary have to be 
univArtity grAdtAAitt afvywiyf To 
hal^, tor tevaitt 4-9 you can aeltct an 
o^rhaad ^h v^w whtntvar you 
want wf^fi fhowi you yoiir potlHon 
mi4 htAding, Iht exit ar>d poaltJo^ 
of alt gold bar« ivft toooiia<i ft 
dDetnl: thow yo y tht wal H ol tfia 
man — that wouM ba too taty 
Whan yoy rely m to tIhi maze WMf I a 
difptay ttiit you tht vaiua of the gold 
you havt colltcltd (tatting alt tht 
while oi cograal. move* made to fir. 
Jev«lofpbiy3 ^ ^pAAtwithA 

mOH'irig riDfff * 

c orrlem ptai^vc; ,i r^ r ■ v «lNinl ga m* 
with loadt of piaya bi riy C urtor k ayt 

JO^ItlCPi AG^ or PrOtnl 


Pr0<fu€m fVlrcroman^a. 4&>i £5.B&t tf 

Aufhof DQmmfC Woocf 
Ti^i was AJI Egyptian d«fOl who 
tfored nil worldly goodtin a large 
tomb To yf ^ob at arc ha aoi og i at or 
griv« robbeiF^ it to wAndar the fiiit 
lombi and coltafit ai much traAtura 
•A you can You may tttri at tomb t 
or At a witr tiagt if you wmh Th« 
mA|« fcrolli lifi and nghi and 
varticai lunnt^ wrap Aroupid top fp 
tioiTom Whflt mallei tha game 
diff^cy rt It the Nirocioia tp t i d Of ttm 
twatit mat mh^hii tht tomba 
Mon-stert mdudi* mummHwcobrai, 
spider? and ihuHi You are providad 
With a toniinuoua tprmg lustr. ijulH 
only woftia PiiOfi^ontariy, wh^ch 
mahtt you vulrttrat^t in the vtrtical 
tun nt It Theft It alio a smart bomb 
^o be uHso onc« ptF tomt) or iiie. bi/t 
itf eftact$ art v«ry thOf t-Hrtd 
inctetd Ai lite lop it a mip of the 
entire comptm Doofi block the 
tombtf^omtAeh Other Lively 
graphics, spead and good hay 
pOAiNont a^l cambine to makt thit 
vttry piayabit and addicxi^t Qv^ntt 
CflA^H reiing f2% M.'C ^ A 
mate/zftp gAme with a diffeptnt f»#l 


IT ti youf iMAk lo deifroy the «vll n£« 
ot^wATif^ who liH on ■ y-olc-pnic 
^gnm Todaihif.yObimuiimait«i 
^yrwiy thrfjugh Aft undargiound 
ccimphi j« 10 i:ii« d4pih» of ih# c Hy ■ nd 
piiu t bom& oft mA vdleioic plu^ 
ifidtNm rriftli.e your sac Apfl tstloffl it 
ton {jfS ^ ih I II I flv^it prc?*ir idi i aly 
i^iiri tkof w«i^n 3 atud iSdc^rt itm 
iti-fr«ri ooly ihowi a liny pA't ol ihtt 
irtioi« wrpth i i^ih m^p ol ih^i tntifi 

ct}n/ri«ciaid b^ litit which only iteufvl 
bftw^tfi 2 tloori Tl>t £«rini «rt 
B(]Lfipped t^h bLuitrt ind if^gi! 
cfuinir!^ sjawot Di3ifffd iMul ■!« 
iOCNl rtpfljf lutsand *pire Oi;yg»f) 
bottt«i. ti4,ji tN Zefant wHi la to tUttm 
itfilif ymi're^otqucii toyfUfmowr 
ifid lite lyp^rt i^ «rodiM£ by Zm^n 
itiAdi Tht9fipliici«r«v«fy g^eoft, 
•t^MCiJill^ tha MOfKf^rlui t»lJI$t«' 
effect and liH in atl |hi& is An 
f^&«il#nl muB gpn^O' iir»lh planty of 
pvQtftniiAJ Lotto! eonftol k«yi^ 
lOyfliCli SioclAir iiNl Ktiripsf on Ont 
4lflwi»icii — poor tCKund Ap*ff ffCwn 
itm^ « iyiry good game, o^nll 
CHASH rating cm M/C 


^imfLiiCffr Putftn Book^ 4&< £$.9$ 

Pyt logtttrkfT by CryAl«l iQf Pylfin. 
ihrtia i Simpler ind mo^^ piayibi* 
¥#rftipn of HAll of ihn Thingt and 
idapi^d ^rom a tuccessryi book 
Vclji my it ont*f im U&yr^mri 
bfl noa I h itHB i: rayfi Qi F i rei op 
Mo^niAin to gfi-t tHo Wa^ioch s 
Uiatuffl Tfiia^mgyardid by Ores. 
SfildOTf. Siifn* A^uid 4>^ othaf 
horrchFi Tour iw«aponi«i'« i surord 
fl II d t bQw Ta g m to itm trtHUffl 
you mult colltci 15 iflyi Mo It doori 
Op«n in^ ^tiui Ai command ftrtd the 
fTiiU& tciolki imooEhly am yoy mov*. 
Af in HOTT Ihif^ af» i iot ol conlr&l 
k<ry» - IS in all, and praclie« !■ 
eueniiai lo an y ■ liv« flood ioali i*ng 
monaltra, wt%^ch hofn t ^n on yOM 14 
tooh ai iri«y ipot you load* of 
ipa«d in tht ti*g^its. and for ih^ pd^v 
y oy g4t a co^py of \fm book as wtf^i 
PyHin Kavfl a winoar w»th lUii one 
Qyfftall CRASH raiing 7^% M^C 


thia ii a pobof < maitt gam«. byt a 
conmJe^rtiMf* imorovfrm^ni on ma 
'&afUr> i::;on^pl«Jikg. 

haunit,^^ :> * PTi en UTm away 

blindly d' aii/lr^^irtg, ^n^wttach yoy 
m Lrtt d miroy T hi^ aari \m Ofun. a r e 
prvty dumb byt lal^r addilioni gm 
hardtf 1o ^il at^d ari< b^lef at airitin^ 
you. iOiTt* ara av«r> invtB»bte |uria Ihit 
radar to apcpt them) Machine coi^ 
JOyvlick Kvffipalon Addicliw and 
good valiw 

Sim a Hi tntroduction Pieman haa 

prDhibly biln till nUl! ainllrteg @d 

lire ifcidt ginm. Ftr Spiclrim 
soflwari conspaiilifli II hii alto bfni 
lh.e mo3i Iniilatid. with \u$\ abatil 
tvfry producar Navlng a go ^^ i 
rtitin Ihtri art numerinui vn^siHicu 
luieablt m\h v-Qry intia Ii 
ditHi^uitH ont ftm Itii oltiir. Simt 
of titm will bo ihi sub lad ol a CfUSM 
DaiTipirtion In Itte ntir lutura, 
Metnirhlta wa lltl 111 e in hift virf 
briifly. only mtklfrg (loimf wrhtra 
Ihire It any poini DrytKJiit i^hit I 
mi an I . For invini wlio hat naiiir tien 
I pstmaii lypa game (can ihtri bi 
anyont?! yatt tra pfttamad wtlh a 
limpla maze, ollti^ conmctid ItH lo 
rlQhi: by a wrap ir^ynd tunniL Iba 
pasiagtwiys ol whiclfi ire linired 
Willi reoijltr tell Yc^yr iiitiiir Wiol 
wtnd mi way tmni eriing up tvtry 
dot ItkB a go fid boy b if ore ha can 
praintt to tne ntd levit of diflfcully. 
Ti Mkl life Nil iNra ^rt p^mnl 
ghoHi whiEh imm around trying to 
tobm yoitr pboltr. F&ur p<w*f plllt 
ptr leifil may bt iitin which lh^ 
allow fOu IP oobbli gtnatlt (^ a ibqrt 
wiftlt. TTi all wmu enlbnlNfvg and a 
joptlck cm b« uieluL 


I'm A raal m«an clhicrhan ' iiyl lh« 
coy«T in |hE» gtn^ wtia^ fh^dolt 
ara agfft and two ^n r ngtd han & ara 
a liar y04j for tfliirig itif m Tha ftans a 
id^ariTago ^i tina< tbay CAnrntrm 
diagonally wHin you 4^an'i, lo il yoy 
d«iay one nanotacond! altcf tha stari 
you v« had if Howreb«r once ^oy gcf 
iri* hang ot ti ih* hens ar* lo aaay lo 
oul wkl tn at th t ganta Iwcoinos 
ftortng nnd nJly 


prQ0tKm PBS, fMi:4m 

Good^ hiatal c iptripon with mrat iiiili 
laviplt afid C*eftr graphici A pily, 
itiOLigti ttiat tl^ rrtaktfft aon t !§# 
you whfcn Nffyt lo ui«aim«t on tha 
inlaid oj iha jcmafi In faci th^y art 
ir>a Cursor hayi — noi I ha oasr 
arrang«iTwnl for f inperf Qyt ytalyi 
CMCauu you ean uia- a Pf ot*k or 

AGf lOviriCic 

^otftfC#r ATjc/oma^Na. I^Kia PS 
Unfairly wnltifi oif by a ravtew in a 
w^M known magazina, inii program 
ralat at one of thi mosi: Tieitbta and 
pi aya Na of iti |y f^ Larga. tmgfti 
grapnics witfi tfia y^yai Italy raf and 
a$moolhacl«Dni Only four ghotlt. 
byt at thf h4gh#r ^ ill la^ali ifl4»y are 
IrjghltnirLgly inta^hg#nEal gattirig 
yoy 10 alcdri#¥0-ls. lynital. and an 
ynyftyaJ laa^ura m ihamvitblvrriaza 
mode which iiari*olf>aaakEy enough 
*Mhallth«^i - -? Ming Ihe palhi 
bui bfcomc' ' it yoy vat rna 

doll Good »i^.j> ig ^.ju a^ ati roynd 
good value O vara »ICR ASH railng 


pfoauc^ WAR fil^£4gf 

ALTffHV: ^omtr/iaj? NiMOi^ 

T*i« raajp m f? A P't variion it 

mimpiof ' / rti# rtward 4t 

ej(C«pEi ddaiailad 

gf aptttca wit n vaty imscrfh 
I9l|^««?i«i^ Vmoui Iryff epj»ftf 10 

be iaien for tMtri poirvit and ihn 
veraitoncfoain'l ayfftr wuh ^irlyatly 
in^sJ-bia filkb^ ^otii PoHvif pLiii, 
tunr>«l and pncftfann^ly tabi icrafrni 
Vary p09tt4v« hay^oard aclion. 
loyitici; option Kampf Ion tHit mmt 
importaniPy Lifef-dafindd hayi It you 
don J ilka in# curtora Ona of itit 
b«f I gobbian arou nd 


AH tt^v yiyal featyrai with mac: hint 
co4otmooihoraphiai Noff>yftiicii 


Anpltiar aiin^ard vvriion pity 
iMDugfi IMt Arhc couidn t hmve 
rrhadvlh« gtio^tit a httie $iovi^ att#f 
eatmgapowvr piii iincait mahai 

1 h Dm i Fnpo4«febl« to c atch 



Th^ 11 ahghriy dhffaranr in i^at 
inerv'i onty ona griwi lo chaia you 
^ut tfia mora doii you vwi ih« ta£[«r 
h« gaii Fiva $£ra«ni. nin^ spvMA, 
no piiii Of tunneii. byt praf!y 


Autfyii,' Do r pir ^rawtfar 
Darek Brufwi'.Qt i^^Mapiun* 
Cdrnpu^ng byt inii3p pa^man it 
ffiaiiietedby Miciom^a Th^pfiea 
pro&ably i«fi«cit in« la&i iha 20 in a 
1 ii It or ga m« ml 1 1 belle r mairi mat a 
two dimafiiiom Jn aifoci. Itigygih. 
it<kii It vaf V fnyc h th a or d rna i y g tioit 
gama with a r ynmng iigurv ii^ftlaad 
O'F iht uauiaf looifiy orang« 

Psoaucmf PsiOff r^ i$ 9S 
Many cretin rrgafil ihia a& tba 
datin(.|iva pacman garna for Iha 
Spaclfum. and ol courts Hoiacvhai 
bagal a numptr oi ttE|y*it in otfiar 
oafegon^ Highly an racftw 
grapnici and imootmv anifnated 
mak« it a |0y lo ptay^ Thara va 
atvtrai ma^et el tr^-^paitng 
comptai.iiyte i^h No powa? 

pMla- jullvh 

racomrhandad ^ 

P/oduca># HmwMon, iB^C4.9^ 
Gon»Hterli^irittuatitroi moii 
Hawion progrftmi^«4 ih^a ont i» a 
OOmp^ta fny ^' ~ ' 4 down to 
hift^ry II ip^ ^ ftrnpraft 

ontavar ^isEcmfiU 

t ^g yrai, >.•. . ii and lo m^ frurt 

aa powc^' - «f ft(nn. c uf tof 

haft lO M AOf or PtoIvc 

|ioyili€k& '^u iirf good 


PfodMC^ Ab*rao/f, iW£^M 
Aoaraoll 1 i^af a li a bM mora 
compiti than moir and ih« grai^ica 
iff cleaf and brighi 


Ocaan i graphics araaiiwyi 
plaaiiing. an^ Ihii variion worlit ai 
wp4i aiany othar 


Pio^^c^ S*iv§*»ofi. le^M £S gs 
A good cut lie variton. bui fh* inlay 
oard Ii aJ> ov«r iht pEacvltiimg yiN 
^ down, whan it i M. and 5 ilam a 
n«w game w h#n it t S in f atl Iha 
ke^i uiad ara quila i^r^kH^ba H& 
joyitick option 


Oh nOp II wiin'l thi atTDplinu * tt 
Wit Bnuty kllltd rhi Seiii/ iivtlhi 
man it thi ind dI tha IIIeti King mml 
ill iilivliliiin tt 11 td IQ hivi klllid il 
^1 cif^ima, ircidi ginm in nld lo 
bi killing oil ttltviilofl, bji ped 
Idiit crufit ill thi birtltn, » tl i n« 
lufprtti 10 til tht liin^ui Api itllt 
pfng iirang in thi ircidii. 

K«ng nmii in ptrhipi fhi (nit 
kvum H Iw plitlwm prntt^ hut 
ttiiti an villi I Imr olhif lypii, ill 
tiuriclirliid by Ihi rnii} to dlnb 
tvir ltl|hir iiihir by |L^m|iiiifl or 
Elimhfng liddirt ind uiyilly bolh Km 
wllil RDiL ircada fiinit loyttlekiari 
muiily i iwjp In nlghw^ seertt. 


mtiJdifiirkO M4ifvi« Med bun of A 
f imn ^Ei no suCtpti^n from m 
4»«jg hi I u I t»i i»ci#^ on wardi Voy 'f* 
prmefTiAd willi foyr plittorimi witrv 
irt« viarfDyi «^efnanii of mmm 
rkamburgtrt tufpinded ir«Hr xhwm 
Trif llik li lo wmik your cn&t qwr irw 
ir>Qr*0<«fi<li Mi>hK:rh dropi tn4f?i HivVl 
by l«vti yntil lli«f malri up fottiplmt 
&u r Qtf i . I>y r^ff , ^ hflfltf*^ Ifi I uCM »nd 

icip i>iif of in« ^Mfi in [hi] or^di' Ttin 
woy Id «n D« wry limp |« wt»ftt il tkdl 
iQf irufi ined vog and i#o lAy E«9«f 
wntcn do9 y^ur footvMpt- A tum ci 
pipp9r will hold I nam up iiy| iMra 
Art only liv* tslifli per lift Tl^t chaf 
Cirt movft iip and down Ihe p^iiiHoffni 
U14H9 liNe Lfldd#ft. I»ut to can ihc 
pi>riij«rv. Each scrdtn pft^vid«i yO(^ 
w^h more ^91 and uy iafi«i lo 
Cfiflftv Tfirtc livBi wtih p^tnit Bcorid 
py ral#is^in^ s*gmfm|9 of IM 
ir^indivnii or squjulMni^ ogfs and 
uy iAg«i b«tw4#n ifm fUMng pyrgaf 
bill Addttti¥* Joythtk AQFor 
PfolAk and K amp Hon 


frodncm Qtitck^f^m. 4§K £B,96ftt 

Ont 0i tti« mom coiourti^ itid 
madd«n»ngiy addiciiv« jAmas dl fM 

pn^-ChTLiimat p^nod. 'Bugmx>P' 
bOiJtfi r««tyre liinn ml^ mT»$ mn 

^^^iM^nu hme m iH« fM 8ugaMa 
hai f«it«n Mo« dMp go<g« arrd 
muii hop mi way oyt by li«plrvg 
from Padfia id la^« Tht itrar^tgth c^ 
Itlip i« dAttFfHined by ril^atLw iha 
k«y wh#n \fw bar indicaldr #1 tnt 
EMiio^ or th« 4c^i«tf^ raacliAi )h* 
d«irtd livnt. A« il fno^#i aiElfVfTialy 
rayt^ tnrm m nm An t«iy t a»Ii Trm 
Oorgi II iw«mp«d with va^atallon 
wfircft d^ii in ihfl «ay, ar>d tHtf«'i an 
ippAlHnQ yalle>« ^^ragoo wh^hpop^ 
up and «at$ Btigalioo 2 IwyB i^mirrpl 
Ifitl/nghT hops and tha ciin^ri t^foil 
ih0icr»«f> Exc«llaiit. colourful 
grapbic* *iiii w«f y irriootri 
mcairtfFi*ni, gooa sotind and hJ|fiily 
r*commendfrd Ho lOytHcli optiOfi 
CRASH f«lki>s: add^a^v* duaHBtH 


piggtr Dan ii anritd only wFih a 
ipido. He fnutidig holm i-n tha fo-ur 
lavtli oi piiirormi, ufing ih« laddAri 
Id-gtlypanddOM^n FourrnCKislerft 
cbaM him around. hop#iulfy 
upadding in fhai holts, which ht 
profnpiiy f ilii m lo km ihvn Trwra 
ai# ^f a ifKita. aT Ih9 and of e«e4i 
ptatfofm bul h« c«n 1 4 1 ng«r bacadJta 
l<l«oiiytan't running qui An Da.yg*n 
t>ol1l«appa«n fro^ lini« 1o I4m« &Mt 
gan^ng at 11 can ba dilficuli lMh« 
■cra«n i» c^ar«d n niurnft with Irvah 
ahdiJ^hiry mcKv ckiv^r boAiti Only 
Qirm %ci9^n irn^ $p«9d. bul lti« 
graphics ara ifnpciih and ni^ul^y 
anLnmied Dan can jMmp down 
ihrongii itt« hol«f HQOp UM^ul kri a 
itgtit ipot Thftoonlfol hty pfBiltloht 
ara ■•naibl^. "buf wilh fiji ol Ihonn, a 
b4l or a handful RaMdAa^wBiut 
1 01^ mormt 


Ptctfuce*. T&mpiaifOft. f6K £S SPfl 
Aiffhor A|»ii Sl/«ar«r 
Dttipiit« liifli title ih«» i% a Korig gaffi« 
— Hiaoni^ong in leiC Td* tha 
S^cif gm !!MjtsadPy >i cHoms Thi 
anin* ' -7fy poor and 

1 1 mil. iraclfriii ar* smal I and 

rha rriy^ iimr.r 1 1 larky anc^ il'd^irvd, 
Thara m a laiiirig ovygifi iawfri for a 
1lm« limii. but ii app«ari io riach 
taiTD and iii^ Ihafv vnthoui ending 
Ihff Qam# Control keyi ara badty 
piacod wilh 1 > f #f o lat jump 
»9n>'rtgtit. 5/i wajh itlt/nghland 7 lor 
up AfiQ^hei^ lirhlifiori li ^haT Ihaca ia 
Only one Ufa and d^n ikill lev«l 
Joytucir noutt CRASH raimg 35% 


I'/oduCff Pfocom, r&K £S.Mn 
Autftor Pa^^ Jamaa 
A bunch of liva tanhi^fiipt ara 
irappf d 0^ a ipact ttahon by roadf 
pr alifti^a You my«i gat iti*m lafaly 
down ihrough tha flcK^n f o Uyv 
tifiockt at mm boiiom Ai firtt ^ou 
hiiift ijniy one monil»r io cofirand 
«rth, bul aft yoy go alang, moftand 
monpappaar Eachrio&rhua 
mo^^ng "llh" through whjch you 
d«acand th# animation an4 dataH 
•ra vary good and th« gaina gtii 
4^fremeiydirlkCuM Oyrrtviawart 
lhoyp,hl Ih ta waa a winnaf Curspr 
hayi pf i,S.P.X | whtch li a airiy 
arfang«m«nt) Joysi+cii K«mpiton> 
Fy^iaf, Ai£3F &PioittN Slivai. wall 
fjrvai ig tcra^ni. good tmmd 
CRASH filing 7i%M/C. 



PfC^3iii:9t Bi§ty ^W IS »f f / 
you ri Ernia. in old lag |uvi btdkan 
Gul of p^i9>Qrn In Iha tir^J acratnyoy 
mn^lt ffcipa Irom tha priion 
com pound, avoiding iri# guar di and 
l^a-if rprchai. gat Itif ough th* 
opining and cloaing gataa and inlo a 
life of erima m tha aacond acraan 
thia ill JiK|li!maf« ol ptaiionfii. 
lititPiff wiifi HttirCtii ilifMi an^ 
oihar vaJyabia gocidiai loM 
CoCifhclad. but iha let aafi 11 diaiactad 
wrikcatry by 6 gilaa which rid« up 
and down ih* icraici.aik our of ttma 
wHfi aa^h Dtr>ar Qnca Commltfad. 

Ernie can not atois uniii ha § alt lo ttia 
other ikta and eilfnba up alavat 
Thar *'a alto a mean copper on the 
lO0i# iiiho. jf hi calchet ^m^, i^nda 
him 10 (he bottom oi iJit tcreen aita^ 
beMlng nkm upf Timing ii itie 
^ivneefn thia vary difficult and 
atlraciJure looking game Not pW ^ 
beginner}! Svnaiya nonlrol keye. 
}oyslick Ketnption, reaionably 
imooth i:o^m^i«d machine eoda 
CRASH rating: over«tl 77% 
recom menided- 


Thii i»a NwciygAm^ withaitractlvei 
praphica and m really a viriilion on 
IhaJtimpir^g Jack thama H^rqtha 
platform! e/e more solid too^inQ and 
ihe hpiea open and ckjie at random, 
Unbke Jumpkng^eci; youcanuie 
Ihe hold key lo meke your man hover 
Dvef Ihe hoiei Tha varioyi monalat i^ 
Jiifnpdown throi»ghirT#tiole»wNich 
mjietiimi>ng en imponani reatureot 
It^ game On le^el itiree the Ornen 
<^rrnntr tppeiri, boync^ng up end 
down, happily oENivioui onhe 
pfcatlorms orhdai Sriianniaiia 
ralali^oly new company. »o H'i nJce 
10 be able lo aay that boih their 
gamea (Slopming Slan m thta 
aedlpn n the other) are vefy 
piayab^e and good value 


Pra^UC^r ffTf^gitim, I3K£S,50 
Aufhsf Albert B^tft 
Atfirmi ^ighi iheeilremeiyiimpie 
gtephtci /ni ght da a diaap poi ntme nc 
« bul th^i Ii i ciauic game jack^« 
tCick figure li bee ytifuHy animated 
The plarfo^Tnaare m«f ely ihm blacit 
J met. At llrmi I here ere only two 
ho^*l. Orve moving down 4*¥el by 
le¥al. and one moving up i\m\imtf 
Each fiicciului Jump creaiet 
anolhef hoi*, lo it geti ii uiiraiingly 
diHicuri loprogreit Should Jack leii 
4own i hole he i feet siy nf»ed. if he 
liUi through two ha'i qui for avan 
longer If hm laUte al)l the way to I he 
bottom hi) lotet a Irte Qetiing right 
10 ttie lop fetu^ii tn a llrta Irom a 
poem — you have tocolleci the reat 
ol ^a mm. bui if^d poem I4ni eha 
real reward In mt§ oeme -- it t 
playing Ihe gaine SubanQueni le^ie 
add mora montteri #h^ch muil &e 
ivo^deid by uiing Ihe w rep around 
screefi By the t^n^ you're deaJlrrg 
ttnth iwenty hoiat and ti« mofuters 
at e nut ftoyi« Ou*fe iimpty on* ol 
ttw moel addiCUve ganieaaround 
and excellent vali^ for money 
Joytltc 1^; FuHef , Kempiton 


PiOiiucAf Bi^tf, 4eK £5.50 
Thit It a very ftr^e version with 
excetJeni praptfici and plenty of 

icf «af*i irii lai t^ t he diti^ i <« i^m 
ciate et weii mm neat a nifTiaiion 
Mario t girlfriend ihqutknpp lor hf#p 
iHjt reward I ng tt\e tyccedul diml^ 
with big ki>tiei Featurviiifri. 
tramporhnei, long narrow pasiagei 
requiring e* peil timing 10 gel 
throygh, a Ivrly butch IpiQkmg Kong 
and probably ihe beet tound on any 
Sfog ram aval labfe Joyall^k 
kampHon or AOF i Proiek 


Produce^ Qc§§n, ^Bt^ O.iO 
Auinor P^iit Oi^iH 
Q^Min t Kong i| a pieatrnf vertion 
IOOl i^tlh Chunky graph^i tiiftlng 
vrlth Kong itompmg up ihe IC^ten 
and thumping the gtrdert Into 
poiitkoh The efaimaiion ti good with 
laaiand pqe^tive movemefii H§m. 
it*e ob^ecfa tend to come tumbHr>g 
down the taddifi. whereaa In the 
Blaby verf Ion the piatf onmi are mof e 
troken up and baffen etc drop off 
the end! of ihe pHilornii So il'i a 
lllll« unfair lo matee iming yp Ihe 
man on ihe laddert luch a cf riicii 
buiinett Fea^ureaa h^ftymm which 
cen i^hook out a lew bairelt 
Kaybpard poitnont an okay 
Joytlick Kempa{on.g«nafialhi'ti»od 
value, byi did we detaci a tandency 

for the blf relt lo anliclpale deyilh? 
Fltoe ftcreena 


Pro{i\jCf: tuff^Syla. 4&t^ ChM 
Thit m ih« beat platrorm> game 
around, in fact Hi probably the beel 
arciiMge^fo«t^«S0Mrum ff^m 
Ihe mome^ Ihe full cdlour trrfe 
b^arlp Onto the icreen tccompanied 
by what touhdl tike tha frissied 
Coldttream Gyardi bai^d. 11 tali 
wondeftui Anema^Jng demo mode 
taket you Ihroygh endleu lavala 10 
mfitt iht appetite CorvCro^ k«yt are 
ftimpie, iehAight/|ump. end itteema 
incredible Thai Bug-Byte managed 
lo peck to much entmated detail into 
one 4aK program You inuti take 
Wilkelha Miner thfoygii thp warrant 
of a long abandoned rote1<worfsed 
m^rm beneath Su^MOfi< eolleel^nf 
keyi al each level m r#ef to 
proceed 10 the ne» I Jumping up (he 
p^tllorrni It eaty — avoiding the 
13 1 me. poiftonouf paniiei ar^ man^ 

minir^robolt*!'^^ Some 
platform ft coliapfre when you ir#ad 
pn diem, but f ofwer^ planning lei » 
you ute thete o n your way j^ack 
down to the pOf lal Exce^itnt qyePny 
aN round and fop notch value Highly 

PrxH^u^^f So/re*. TflKfS.M 
Ayrlior MMfim L^m$ 
Abova Ihe iiickeang firet of fieU aie 
tiR platfOrmft conneoied by eighl 
laddefft Vour man haa a hafnme« 
w4th which ha can knock tiote m tha 
piaHormiior monalln to fall 
thrown, or ha can banp them on tba 
ti^Kd Wit h it All me wh 1 1 v ihe power 
drain i'i erwrmoui — vuii-r.r. it...^ 
fJickof Ing crotMt reple' jjt 

they m^ove onoe uted. ac . , ; 
fust hifTifFier holet artd isolate 
you n«i I from ihe morkiter i Kii I of I 
i5 of Ihe leatef id^oit Mnaim 
ciewref ghpMlftaapear. tan of thoie 
dcepalcbed antf the Mad Monk'i 
ctonet appear, Ohot^a muit fnti 
three 1*¥elfi lo d ■ 

theneiLtiolci^ % 

ornetliivelf Whi^o ihagiAphic^iara 
aiirective. the lack of ecreen 
onangiM oould make the pame 
boring lo play atiet a white and it't 
i^Hym no- win gam« N^ne Pi^ei to 
hwlp. mach-ihecode. nojoyftt»ck 


P^OduCPf At/tOrfaala I^KC^Wftf 
AitffiQf: S Cuffia 

Aulometaaf^n't noted for bringing 
out arcade gafnet, pyt true 10 ilie 
company 4 maEi haEier Kmege. Horrti 
Hi loopy and original If t alto a ymf 
good arcade game Morfii {a car) it 
ihui in a nighfmarith concreiw mylli' 
itb^*y car pirk with wv&mi rampft 
i^niiec le d by two c roak y i 1 tti The 
car perk *% lull of huardt Nke lyre 
Claof|M I pn tack I parking feet and 
carbon monoxide lymei, aM ol which 
meke Momt feel ver v ticfc Worti of 
all a^e Ihe kamlkaia bikera of the 
title, who roar around tie pleoe 
Morrit haa a weapon — a mag^c 
born Voii mutt make him travel Ifie 
car park to coiiecl « noug h c d^ n* to 
pa able to g«t ihfoygh the wtA 
btrher Unpe^^lof aiilt reiufl In 
tudden death Should you t yfcce«d 
the^e %r% eight mora t^i parkt. eacb 
wofte than the other A dybioua 
bonuft It the hi I tturigie Le*derdi the 
Pic on trhe reverie itde of the tap* 
by Ledry Smell we ar*d PImen Uter- 
defined control keyt, joyttlck 
Kempiion or AGF a Pf plek vta yeer- 
deiined CLifioft A good game with 
an overall CRASH ratin§ of 74% 


Pro^cm Mikrogen. f SK O 9^ 
ParMC It a atendard digger-m^r 
game, where yoy ro*e fever a I ftoera 
wilh yoyr iped* trying 10 Clean yp 
Ihe mofiite^ bf digging holet for 
l^em lo fall into A neal touCh it tha* 
you mull reecb them qi^ickly and 
be net ihem 10 death or they change 
colour m^^ get out of tha hole, mm^ 

fmsni fOu muAl momh »in up 
ifktQug^ two hoi^m Ii#l0f* trvty ^it. 

l^fOjjrau Ndl bad md ivuwnabiy 

Thia n m IhrechpAil giirna. whiCh 
tAflt Oft w«»ll^ RiOif^r^ pl^HotiYiA 
tn f ougK wtPik^h ^u my«l lump up 
wh«fi i hoNi appAArA ftbovt you. 
iiH>Khns| in« nioniiem. •ofne ol 
idiTom fli^i Ofl lti*rr wiiv dawn Whan 
yaM rB»ch TlTD lop f^Lttlorm coil«Gl 
iti« roui* k^y* to r«wh iiN« noil 
icreen, iNii^a iUlic mtzt 
poputiifHJ ay roooii wrH> ir9 oui io 
g«l ycKi tn-fl mom^nE yon ftrSof 
CsJM'el iifioti%«r lour n^yi. whicti 
prompll^ Uk«$ yow fl rrior* conipl«K 
pMlllorfn f}am« wiih EMQ^fif vnoriftt^i 

yfiu'f* not txpect^fto tNHn loo Good 
0fiphiC». p-Qs^lkve CfU-nCro^san^ luti 
Io play wiih a fi^riy hjgti m^citon 
riling. Joytticit K«mp«iori 


^^licm AbMom rdJf£S.dS 

Ai^r/fOF Andlrmw &!mc9ibum 
Ai Its riHfne tiiggwla, ihia ii « Pank 
i^le dii^ug ^rn0. wrwm you ro«JTk 
Etit pLpiforrni w^ih yc^yr pk:li-ax«, 
digging ng[«s Igr The montl^rs lo fall 
in Whflfi in^y d^, you duti up and 
b0Pii« itii-m on the head, k"— - "- -^i 
If you ta^i 10 r^ich t^frm >' I.- 

«i out uadda^m connecl sr . ^^ .^ » r . u^t 
(fvaitinci «» w«n ai Qotng ui» you 
caii|urfipm«fiio4ifti*n Our 
i¥vieM»f i- rtiQfciQl^t rt was t&o ikinpla a 

«9fHi£ia!ky ai iri4 5 scr»ei>& prdvIM 
liliio tncfQAM m d^Htcyliy and ih*f* 

I arv only |hre« inonftltri Io COnWsnd 
wm, bul Pt II attraclivoiy aliiitl«l#d 
IFKI pPOlHl&ly -iflt^ good tof yqung«r 
pltyftri C^m^ng from AOatK: Lit. ili 
tiiripiiCitT i» ttFTprj^jng aft !h««r 
gam^ ar* uftyaiiy i^n^isiiiy tiard io 
play CuriDf key*. loyilbCli: A(^F of 

I Ptota k av«ra g« sound, but good 
vBiut wrIN a frvft QMmt on ttit 
ravafiA CHASH rating ft2% M^C^ 


Than ir« I wo tygit ol Qimt Mhicti 
C«N under Ihli neadlriQ, bolh wry 
tfmllir in tptmnnca. Tho firsi li IIh 
liTl wtitfi you tn pitlsct aatinii i 
cwUplii criilbiri which dnciniti 
tnm tilt lip ofitii scrtin by movliq 
liA ifl« right lino by IHh through t 
Tomt of ntuthfiomi t?t t ot^or If Itit 
tori whiTi y«u tro Ehi ctntlpidv 
CTiilun. Invilllng Ifirtiugh i tencm 
prdtn, oitlng snjijt irid whitnoi 
oiti, whilst avQiifmg Hmiri, lor^cn 
fiL Both typtt land id bt w y lail and 
letfes in kmprovid Mil III i loytllcL 
Mtd tiftloiu tn vary tlmlltr - lo 
Ifi I poil^Qn ol ptfscjcitl choke .. 


^uid« QiOfy round th« garden. 
ealir>g inailt. l3i«IJ4i and lidybirdt. 
at iha um« tim» a^oidmg ma retica. 

fldw«ri and y^y t own k#nglti«nkrH| 
body Eac^ i4ma you «al a bwtii 
iFiolh&f segFtianiitoMod loyou 
snd ftnc>stii«r liowof appear t Eal an 
li*n beetles and you anlef arKjthar 
^!4«n with a t><^gh«r Ifrnce at a 
ffegNiPfipaad FJva kSn^lsis eh<»lat1ett 
being -guHedaifMif^tec^ AutQ^fnaibc 
loyittoli ifliection it cofsriaciei^ - 
K^mpuoni A nic? Toijch ^ l^v lune, 
1n An Englifti Counfry fiatdfl-n tet 
oil by bright arid rtaionabiy srnoorfi 
grap4^kQf Pro^bablya irriitedappejiii 


PfO^c^ 0£&*n. r^K £9.110 

UM Ouic:hMiva. Qctan ar* moving 

Od ^^laif gamaa man ih« baiic 

are^df <;opie«p howavar ^ tnair 
iian^rd ctMpit r^at ais tvi# h^tuai 
festunM and sHty* ptrffctty well 


COS rva^o p f oduc ed a pretty € laitic 
verno-n E^F ihece<iiip»!^g&rfie'. witn 
i tail ipo^ing ealf^'pi^^ar wh^ch 
fevaft^ d^roctiiofi on coniact wjIH 
tceen edge or fnufhrpofn, an 
irritilir>g ipider in mnovalive 

fnuaf>fOcm-l»ying ILea.amJt 
pOifOnout t^orpi^^ *f^^ch lurni 
m ytfiroofn t fed. H me cater pii Lar h ri i 
a red tungus. a iegrnar>i drops o4^ 
iptteabomb Theman can move 
lali/righl and upu-down iwiimn four 
lines |i Cun4ir keyi w Protv^, AGF 
joyilcit can b« i^«d. U<2ii or ^i^ 
lavaft rttum in m limited ptayiivg 
appeal. Average vatui Machina 


Thia Pft anoiHar pratty liafidard 
vemon. compPelo mm tpider . Out 
tor lit pnce it i pfObilaly better valut 
than CateFpiiiar 


producer aa5t9ir. rait£5itP 
AyfifOf- J f Cmn 
Wim itt timpit bui ctiarming 
grapTiiei ami fnadtine code apeed, 
Rat>b< I'i Ce ntropo4lt I* probably the 
£»e»toltheiot Thafetetpid^f. a 
Ilea and a bpttofn imc tnml io a¥oid 
The conitoi keyt are me mott 
tentibia IVD cQimv ac^m — D for 
Ivft, P for riglii and OrP lo^itier io' 
up You atii MiElalely down 
aulomaiif aiJy A firaa. ConlirMioui 
foundeltfcitoddlolltiethr^Ut H 
you cleai tha wcfw^n trit wrelcJied 
creature g el i longar and laitar Mo 
need ii^t a ^oyihc:! hare. a^ceJi^tni 


Aiiihor S Towrrtend 
ThH Ei a very oirdiinary 'Centipede' 
game turpnsjng tryii anyone would 
be oflering semeihing Uhe iNia 
today Apart from me creepy iiteil 
{and the mutnpoomt ol courie) 
there n only a tpkder and a limple 
flee to mot ry a bout T tie coiourv aie 
brigtn and itie graph ret tmoiMh, 
aoLind conlmuoui ar»d ihe game 
irtfy feat 10 play Sut poc# toniroi 
kayi (1,'4^S^*^} and ihefacE Ihalit'i 12 
mantn- ■■' ■■■ -Mieare agairiit it 
Alio tr^ i lea ttial thare are 

ytef^{t« : ,. . . #. tfya — fhafe ai^tnl 

Overall CI^ASH rating (for < It tpeed 
mOt1ily^SB% Joy tuck option 

CVlEfl fUTS 

Aulhfif IHsywMf^ 
Deeptie itt tiiia inii it * cenhpeda 
game, tntfead o4 one trasimenlino 
cfearyjp vOuati* E^reaenlid wtlh 
In " wort tneit way 

dcw ineKreenand 

ififiife eie tt^^n lettaf purc^le ^rmet 
They hide bertin^ c^umpt oi grati. 
end once ihsy reech ih« lowir levnii 
of If^e tcrer^rt v^'iJ nre hard put lo 
avoid them ~ ■ cf i for 

m-Ovemenl - ^ ii upvvard 

m- ' -nqmnJay card 

Id* <en^^ton 

PfrjiTf ur i»*.'^.^ir : ~ "TifOn 

Beceuie the gi» . i er m 

laycs^yl than mo%'n i.^ ..;.,... vJ« gaifiei. It 
11 alto ifnuch latter One ot imo 
pt^yeri A vff'f n gc value I qf m i^ney 

Pf&efttcof '■■ tC £5 9&ff» 

Diffbcult TO decido wftetner thie 
t^ouid be under me GattKtan 
Fiea^fng or fh« one we've put ir 
Lhn<lerp but al ttrni end ot th#day 
Oaiaetic Wvnmt »» more of i 
^Ceniipsde' gam* Ihan a ^GahftitanV 
¥oyf mJaawn it to mvm Earth by 
manning the seal mlutie beee An 
a I wn mothef si h I p (ean be eft ot tf 
you're quich^ spffwt oui a row of 
imaller allBcs^ ctan which then 
descend the tcraen in zig »g linet 
iu*t nice a camipede. Aboutayour 
head the pity ^ lilterad wrth tmalt 
a sterol Oft Whflin tha tfain ol alien 
cratt tiii one. they fe^ferta d^ftctio^^. 
end ttietlne it tp^ii ^nio s^grnenis 
whenvef yoi« hit ona ol therr numtM^f 
The ft»iero<id« can oe biatled out ol 
ihe way by your taser — maganla 

are average, n^^ at tti 
ifiiDO'lh and iT^e gafne ki 
«3crvif and pratty aaay to play 
an tha towtf Leyf Lt &/T/E/f and 
mfo mi4ie lor poik control keyt 3 
tl^^l }^v4iU. $ nv^t 1 6r ^ pl^tr 
fern-'' ■ on There are 

b#ht.= irOveftJl 


Aainor S Go0min 

Si»ppery Sid It a targe tnahe in a 
garden who^e laik m iiie it to eel 
frogt. ii/ery lima ne doei lo a 
poiaonoya loa^ appeera wh^ch he 
cent eoi untit htytfig consumed a 

onet' fake ? thoit. lad onet oniy one 
When hit, alban craft turn into 
megnela debrti At thay traverte left 
and right, Ihealientdiropbombion 
you kn a cont»naoi^i t bower Apart 
irom dodging them, tha« ita loree 
Field wfitch « etiective againtl 
contai&t whih aiie^ and mittiiet. but 
b'owa you upif you uie youc later 
ixcetlent attraci mode', good 
tayboa/d poirtont. joytlAcii. ru>fie 
Overe4f CRASH ratmg «T<% W C 


Autnor Je/r Alrnfar /Salamander 
Tnt^ II not i TRQN lyie gf id Sam^a at 
I h a iM^e tugge al t bul actut 1 1 y a 
'Ganlipede^ witn tiriEf' pielentJOnt 
Looking a bfi liKea ^ef le^ or b^hpt on 
an oicuio^Qpe tho blue can] i pad* 
deatiea laft and nghi down ihe 
iereoA following the red gnd To lh« 
left dtfH gri4 an al**fi amp frrm 
ob|o^ into ihegrid which Impedo 
the centipede, cauramg tt to mvaf le 
dlTection. Al I tie bate ot tha gf id. 
another a^ ten ctatt movet from left lo 
right firmg a laaer btatt upward 
cauiing the craatyre to tpt^t mio the 
tnditi^onaitagmenlSilhki You're 
|utt jntide the gf td. B^^ lo moire 
along tha bete and upwardt tor a 
tewUnet Vour later too deal royt 
tegmemt ot ihe cenlipei^, but 
wale h Ljr 1 or Ihe later cratt and tha 
tide thip, arul avoid cantaet wt^th I tie 
centipa^v, Jt'tdeiignad lobel^t 
and addiclrve. but nonr? {>^ouf 
fe vie were found ' j I^T* 

leh/ right and {or cli 

AOForPfOteh Sfrtflii gfnphn;^. 
average lound arid an ovtf all 
CRAiH rating of only AJ%W£ 


PiisdiiC9< Soflmk^ rdA£9.p5 
Mutftar Andirenr ayfOiRa 
Softeh't veftHM ot Ihe noble creepy- 
^rawlie game It luti about at good 
at any H^t% the tcorpion lerKli to 
drop fleet rethfff at though they 
ware bombi. which ma^et mn 
interettmg var lai i cki ^ac hine Code, 
nice graphict, nme tkiiJ levelt 


fro<fucpf Aii^c fAK£4g5 

AiiihQt O Campfie/J & O pQff§i 
Mill^mon ti « C^nihpedD ^ima with 
Ihe utuai leaiyiet. a deaeeruling 
centipede, darling tpidef and anailt 
tiniiii^] Artie have ch^ten to place 
Ihe tiatut rsfKuM d<*wn the left ot IHe 
tcraen ratner ihon n the Top or 
tkpttom which maliftf Ihe pfayintg 
areeunututliy Bbquare TnagrepNCrt 

mag»c muf hfoom Deaifi occurs 
mitant^y »f t^ louchee the bncic waUt 
Or h* fnt^i f Si hfB Fioft hai« given 
enough eiementt lo thit tatt game to 
ifithe rt quite add^Krlnia The 
keyboard potiEioni, howevef p aie a 
bii daft, bui you E:an uia a KemfialOA 
^oyaticii Five i^iill levett wtth an 
exti^ hfe tof gaiiir^fo the lourth 
garden Sourtd could tuM been 
bDiiar. oihsfwite pood i^Hye lor 


Aufhof PB^mi 

Snt4ie it. ol coufta, 'Snake', whsfe 
you guide yoyr pet repfiie round the 
icraen eating Ihe hitt and avoiding 
the waUi, poiionout muthroomt 
and hii Own tail Every time he eats a 

tly his IflJl growt longer Trifl 
praphlct are very Ipghlwiiohl with all 
Itie dra w&akct ot BASIC f he tound 
II continynuiaiihoijgh 
unimag^nBiive. biji tha game does 
have a nice aitf act I'node The 
Cohlrot lieyi are nnoEner drawbai:Hhi 
— 0/7 /a/g AwhMttfd 10 Lcte They 
teem at thougn mttnoed lof toe 
with Sinclair intertaoe 2. but if to. ^ 
doetnl tay to. Way M«i# yoynnar 
hidt but there are much bfitif 
veritont ava^iaoie Overaff CflASH 
rating 4$% 


P^QdiJ€tf AA/f. rfl^£5 5£l 

A diei at tcofpiont, I Mm. tptdert 

^n6 Hiormt ^n eddmo^ lo Ihe 

ub^qu^tduacerilipede Tiveatkill 

levalt a nd hi tcore A wef F ^ot^nded 


PfOii^cv P/E^ajt 4Wm9$ 
t^ow everyofto hat l^ad the^r tin el 
batic arcade Cc^ea fmeny 
companiea ate gefiing do«vn to 
prodycing bettOf gamat and i^rmait 
have Oecofite noted for iheii 
ttmulthon gamtthi^eAi^riinet. wtiich 
I tutpecl mallei th«m ^i happier 
Thpr creefHe vDfilon ii p^reity 
re apecia pie. however All iha utuel 
reaturei Irkg ico*pioni MotmiJIeaa 
■ ndihe tnevittb-le myili-1egge4 
mon tter itieit t h « ee t^ til levtit a nd 
hi-tcote Canoteourte, bepiayed 
wmh a Prpieii joytlKCk (and tt^eralore 

Hi viB| licim I li u p w 1 1 1^ d ici mi tl % 
iHiril tlM irciili atpfctn turniEt te 
mrt dofniillc litwis tiki iquithlng 
|r«gi undtr lor Hit The timt 
ratuirit yoy l^ hop i frag i^tdm i 
liiiy htghwiy. ivoldlng tMrtiln dtiii 
maim m libftlt. Sll m i rl^ir hiiA 
ivftid f rtft ittt Dd d inaki orl wo i nd liki 
' I chine t of crtttttnt Itift rlvir an tht 
^ bick al turtlii i^ iO|}i. Lhin isip bi 
(hi iilitv al I IrQQ Fioini No ont i i^ir 
mplllnid why Irogi thmild drairfi In 
IM rlvir - illll . On Iho w^hili Ai 
gimi provld«t mn iQliriiL DMr 
snphlc-i ind 1 n^ri idHctivIti Ak 
m^it ircidt cap lit. Javtilchi tri 
marl U^n uitlul Af with umm 
Bimif ind CEntipidE gimis (Mil tt 
uivillV viry ttlli bilwo« iny 


Pro^i^m 4aF. 4if( C5.75 
Thf* Coffipiiliy iiwlyt pfi^duca 
Ct^rm ir^ grvphteft iiKl liiwr Frc^g«r 

4« no «i€ tpi I E^fi. «i 4M wouki 
iuCilftt A!kiDffitMrHdiriJr»iLurn 


IkJtbbil ^OvMlB i four lAnt highway 
to C;ra^. 1 bwrwr ipnd ii rj^if lytl of 
lof 1 1 rtd crococLii^et H«r« ^u mif 
liH Itif cri?€f lar lump^r^ on. bMt !•! 
fOU l«nd IQO nur fha moytn ^y w<il 
IOi« i Sif« ThrvD ifvn. but you muil 
gfii lrtf« froQi i^fil-jr ft&roi* bflton 
ino^iAl^ 10 tii« n«Mt scr««n for Iftslor 
tf«fi>Cindinofa£ioei Curiorluyi 
ma u»r-<f^in«d. to yt>y oanoti 
prid^Ciiiv ii^ joyitich lo wons 



*i^ t3°«Ei hfts EAi^ 04m«» lor tlitt pf Vfi 
ot [mo. »l ili<^>uia 0« eood vlluft tor 

mOfi#y. tsyl ii Jin'r Sofry 


Protfi/C*r. An*^oj. tdX £* ftS 

gf ipHK^i ADLd food f Du^ Ftiturtt 
tnt^ttiofi Ihfomnfc. logs, turtli*, 
troCDdiNM And i*oy rrogt to mnajt 
tot «Hir« pQinls. Mdi pric«. pr#lty 


^ fiiif hiy riEM v«rtion with v9fy tHUy 
3-^rte nitl^wiy . turtM ihM tl Ah 
K^nMr )rou r i*«4|^rH. croccc) u*i i n in« 
If Og tornti a nd 4iv* ilvn tlmrff's « 
limt Urnn toQ iiirhicii €an ba ^ff 
Cnj*t F^fBXfA pOdniithOftt'id 
ftlfiridtd froglJng m rvfcu*. Four 

JOffrliCli K^m^ion, or AGf ind 
PVolftfc on tn« cursor Myi 

Unforlun«t9Jy. norm of our lavj^wtf » 
niiii» t»«ri ihi9 g Ain« ^^. 90 #i II kf 

ttfid c ■ten up iW4Th: th e |og ga ri 


PfOfkicm CDS, fW£5^ 

^ ' ' iu« I nu ftrd» Out add* a 

II ..--LUtbanN iK you ImglKloo 

lonf. ■no dri9QnNj#s i r^ tfm^toQ 
nt^m im tvirt po^nit AiirAciiv« 
grtpriiCi but it i a Ck^« wAiKny lor 
Ihil eJAfnr>*d luna ^^Ammm^ nm^n 
Q4int 0»«s cur»c^ h«yt. to Prol«k 
And AGF loyvtick mifrrf ictft miy b4 
I ui<d 


Prod'Lrrfr/ Oc##A, fS^£5.W 
OCMn't vftrrion dO«n t litv^ iyrtlH 
f probably iMwnl on iinlitk Out loms 
of itiB iDQi 9mK and that* ar« wipkoft 
oniTifOant^ Sii frc^Aiogtl Hf«ly 
horn* !of a i«corid icmari and tht 
traffic nr»oviiT|| Faster Untilta aomn 
wrtiOni you can only go lorward 


Markptfd by DK and mc'dt by E^tm 
Road ToAd k» a rrogQftc by any oih«r 
nam* TMi grtp^^t arii okay byi in« 
tiatardi. ir»n'l trial h«fln, and trba 
iOiind %% poor Tr^rq aJ^e b«tier and 
nto^addlclRYi v«rf loni ayAiiaM 


AutHQr: Tmffy MuffMyff^Of P^0*§ 
tfh Ihflfnam, V^rQjn't Ur$A balcriOf 
gfemm wsr«» pmlly poor and maciLy 
OV«#priC»d ^£7 9$] NowEh^yili 
brou^hl trva price down. buE irankty 
ihiri ttill i&n t good valu# You atfl 
suppotvd lo >Oinp' yaur Pa^fli owr 
!h< highway and fhan g«l them 
inrouonia min«fi«Jd Th»rosno 
ditguFting il^a fact ihii iNib m a 
froggw garrpi wim'niin#d-out' 
Of*t*ntiioni Tb»bi*JC proflr*tnmi 
mahQftcontroJUng mo^ivmanl )mrf 
difficult and tha way tn« Inthc 
movQi along Tha tiighway mahitili 
Almofi unplayabi* Only ofv 
inom#ni in \m rapoming cyc^a ^an 
gari your man ihrough lafaly in ifiw 
mintfifld mo^m«nt i#n«of« m«an 
■ uddiftn doaih through mittakas^ but 
I wOn^r how many p*Qpla will awn 
&oltt«c getting tbert? f ouf siHai 
fttvala, fioj[OyAii€li optton 


Evtr itat tti Htfvii taon, grid 
gE«t hivt hitn popuiir. 1 1 moil I 
cull biciUM ttify fitEfliplify iln 
compLdtr g Erne - ttrn pi Icily, high 
tpetd. Mim m t ttrad grid ti 
dEflmd by tte computtr . 


Pvoduc*r^ SE/na^niSOqJhi, I SIC 

9lir>d Allay it whal paiiod lor apori 
in tha year 301 7. yow ara loid crfi ttit 
ln\M)f. In raci ihn gama icKskA 
confyiir^ at lift t, bui ihaii b^cauPt 
II tf fail and in&p-e'frnotima toihtnk. 
Tbia fvally ii a gcmit whara ihoM 
wiin Quick an# $vrtt mt^irncEa win 
Voti milt* tIMi' youf *bkp found 1b» 
grid In mi^b a way inal you tslock oft 
olhar ihipi. fori^ing th^m into a blind 
aUvy iib#n itiay ara r€rc;od againai 
ymjr trtJL Ihfir own irabit. of ihe 
adf* of tha tcrvan Of couraa ^t 
uauaily bapiNini ih« oiniVf way 
round YOii ilart oif againai iwo 
thip}, thin four. I nan fl and to on n 
giaia v«fy fwi^l Wof« d wirti 
Mampitonfoytl^lit Avoid flitting 
r«#ef»* ol tba d^ ritction i n mh bch 
yourtii^y«MknQ - ttt jniitafildftaih 


^V^duear. S«iivDi^iH &0oA( J. lA^ 

Tha gfapHic* don't poftfiy l^a 
^moui siraaii abound Tlnwi Sqyara 
I n N« w ¥0 tk is |h 4 litl# iug gmu 
Ellay could b« any air aett that iha 
grid rapra^anti YoM'ra In yoyr car 
w^ona cop puiia in b4iriiru^. vou 
dac^dft to ma^a a galaway ffba 
catc h%i you than ih# ^ama tiarta 
from icfaicli Toy »oor» pointt by 
I ha langih ol lina iravaliad bafoia 
cap^urv Youronly waaponliltia 
lacii^ty to cfttfta a temporary ttiocti 
In ina roAd and laoid up tha cop 
Gl4«f 1ti« fraffia and mora chai^ra 
jo^r\ in or you g«t a mor^complaj 
gf»d lo Uw«r*t. A iin?vpla. afltctlva 

and highly addictiva no win oaf 
JoyaNck Kaffiption (and Soniink H) 


ftobtfTaacurity picka u^ yout Mil 
|i#ai Mfhan you fhoughi you hadffHran 
iham ma wp iUutt fo^oTi rob« 
bloody rnlndadji Now tUvy fb 
&atcMn§ y|» wWH you — a nd np pna'a 
a¥»f aunriviid l**a grid baf of «. 
Aeluaiiy th«^fid rasambiaa a pac 
man lyp* ma^a m ihia laai ganw 
Youdriva around tha ractanguiar, 
toncanu^c ringi. iwtching lanaa at 
thacompuipoint jyncliona Dflvmg 
In kha oppoiita di radio n ■■ if^« robot 
locu r 1 1 y cfl r Nairtr Ifta imna m th ou3d 
m«vii YOU naadgtiod raaciioni. biM 
It migbi h«n livifia mora tit klM 
g«ina M ili«f« Wfta mora croatavar 
poinia No (oyatick opUdh 


More of an alacironlc grid maafa 
can4i{>ada than « irua grid gam* S#t 
ma 1^0 ra^ivw ieaion 


Ufiii Cycia « •imiltr in concapl bo 
Mnd Allay whef¥ you lin^hl II out on 
iha grid wth an opponant in thia 
caaa only two traiia howavar, aithar 
againai ih« compyitr or a »eeond 
pJayei TriagiapiiicaBr«tirn[7iaibui 
n^ra sllac^ttw*, rapr9i«nrhn9 tna 
laiar Itghl trijip lafl bahmdyour 
craft S«van tpa«d lawela. no joytlick 
opiii^n A ti^ry liai gaim to play for 


f^oducmr Ocaarr, tM fS.po/'r; 
muihQf. G Uft^utmfi d N PimfQotnt 
undoybtadiy Ooaan & baar and mm\ 
aodictiva gairw lo data, ti combinat 

!. iTipiiu ifv* q1 Ldaa Whin apaad and 
kiiicif JrbHtriEiam Yqu ara captain ol 
tna E.Jima]i Your tpAk \o c^latr tht 
gal ad »c g rtd of ai tan spawn T hara' ■ 
no ihQoi i ng ai nqa th a Eh majc umpl y 
da^troys lb* apawn by moving cTvat 
It Bui thafaarv4ai4«n thipinEuBiad 
on aach adga of Iht gr^d nnrig at 
yoy Each on«. operating and firing 
indaparKlantly, mcn«t along rtt 
#d9a, horrnng in on you, and aifna ifa 
mMailat Along a Unm Of iha grid You 
can lk« f aci ng u p i o I Qu r fnJt* M a* at 
OlM fiirfia arid it's daalh to rainain 
itaiiorwf y, or oparaia on a f^ngia 
iirve. iof moralhina aacond Wtrh 
each scraan ciaa^ad you ara lac ad 
wrin a dil1ar#nE ana motm d'MicuH 
arrangomanl of spawn lo daar 
TNara la alio a 'b«twa#n Iram* 
ftcr««i%~ ol fpifai «nai»d tpawn im 
bonui polnTi Only ona rifa io 
f rutifatbon itvais can bt dangvout 
EKCa#anl pachsaging. wall utad 
iOynd, yary imoolh grapmca and 
goodconlroHneya ioyitiCk: 
Kampiton. AQF and Proiak GflASH 
faong Hpghiy racomri'Nmdad^ovarall 


AnatnBr a I tha Birller EfCEdt rypi 
QimEi whlah protftd pupulir utt 
PaJniEr, if\A thi lill li» If^HMld 
mEr^y winlDfti. ttnril ol i«t»ldi in 
EVEUEbie lor IKe Spectfum. Ttn 
prlntipll tMm I pa I nil r ginna it Ls 
Mti ifur chirictir tfiviri« a ffuzi 
or grill, colouring Lht Eiruclyrt u hi 
nots inivitabiy thiri Ji tomi nttly 
fultuifiei It Mrh which triii to 
prwiiM All lunnliii i^vlly .. 


^vrn^r / 4^rij^on/£>4ndi^fOn 
Cpioy T ciath cohLnni lour phaaaa m 
a paknt-iha-aquarai gama wn<ich 
darning atratagy aa wail at skill ^n 
pluaa on* you fill m§ numafOua 

aqiiiarai by painting' round th«fn. 
ano ii you »gc£4*d. you h«va a 
chanca lo aat itia purtu^ng pamt 
poti pacman ilyia PTiaia two li a 
bonua pomta aaction what * you 
mull pfau tfi* fir* button a i tha righi 
momant to guida M to f ha Maying 
arrow Sta^a lhr*« la th* aam* at 
ita^ on* only you ar* f oread to 
pamt aacf) »quar# ona at a i»ma 
raihar than dodgmip a^ong any I in* 
Tha toorth arvd mo4t demanding. Naa 
youallampting lo lutrQund iha paint 
piM. Thi** kaybcard layouia, f 
loyslick: Kampeion or Sirkciair, 
TTiraa likill l*v«la. ajioalk>ni § rajihles 
Bn^ DOOi valua for monay 

H16H nm HARRY 

Qna q1 tha mofi Qrig^mai pa^ntar 
gam** Harry mual ruHproof loaot 
and kjada of ptr^arv but ha i bai nq 
ch«a«d &y Iha nratbugi A$ina 
Kong-typtgama. Harry't only way 
of avoiding Iha bugt i $ Eo jum p ovar 
th arrt, tHH fia fwui I pii m ava ry i nc h or 
thjt b>ord#r bafor* h* can paini 
I n oth *r on tna aa m* ac raarv Mo«nl 
Tiira#icr«*na including aPidaaand 
klti Uaatcurforka^, loyailck: 
tCampiton. AGF or Proiak Highly 
add< cttv* and good va Jua 


You a I* ^n chard* ^ " P^^ ^' 
aroha«ologi«taaJipiodhg Egyptian 
lomba Each tomb h^ 5 l«rt(i, ano 
4n«aeh you wni find tivaaur* 
bou»aa. a scroll, a kay. a iriummy of 
IN* royal iamiiy. and iwo guard tana. 
Al aoon aa you anlai a i'Om^. on* of 
ih* guaf diana will baawakarrtd and 
ita n c Plating you. T h* 01h*r rarnama 
dormafil uniaaa you are yniucky 
anough to uncovof it You may only 
am a tomb one* tn* hay hat b**n 
uncovafad. and you con km off a 
guardian onEy attar tha aciort baa 
5**n lound Ttifc* may roll aound ^^k# 
a 'painiar' but In raalt^y il la Tha 
tomb ta dividad mto aquiri* wflh 
pathways beiw*an ttiarn Aa you up 
aFong a trail of dota ahowa your 
foui* arid whan an lour udaa of a 
aquara hova ba«A unco'irf rad If^* 
con?t»nta of th* iQuar* ar* r«v9ai*d. 
It i«4ima q yrt* aaay at Aral by t at 
h^^f^ar ap**df and tMtl Ifvali ti 
bacomaa mor* a4dictrw« at ma 
guardiana bcKom* mora ini*kligant. 
li^caiianE u»ar^dofin«d1iayi. 
loyii^k. A(jf Of Proiak via curao^, 
good colour and graphic*. 1 £ 
alull/a^ad lavali, ovtraii CRASH 
mlJng 40% ^ mora lun Ihan 
addict! v«p«rhapa, M/C 


A ciataic va^mion. umpl*. b«autifui 
graph bca good lOundand uttariy 
ad^^cuv* You muitaaroaol th* 
agaoaa batiwaan th* poj m p ott and 
4alty paint rolian choaa you round, 
Chuckling glaafuJly wh*n ihay cflicli 
you and ruik you Hal You it»rt Off 
againai onaToliar, than two, Ihr** 
and iO o n Whii* its not di If i cu il to 
tiagin w^th. il gali pretty fail wh*n 
thana w* savarai foiJar* up a s^ mat 
yOy GoodiivyboardpoaiitoFv, no 
loyiilck optdon 


Prodt/Car Oyictii^ra. 4iX iBMif^ 
Au Eltor JMft MifH^r/SMJM/tmftdv 
Produc«r by Saimmandar for 
Ouickailva. Traxx i« bancaMy a 
paintar' gam»a wHh an inganloua 
d I tf 6 ranc* Yo y hava a gr id of boi«a. 
20 m a II a nd Ih* ban* of tha bol I om 
ca^ntra ooh n atr^Oy pamtvd purpi*. 
You'raa iiitia praancunor.ano at 
yoy mova onto unpamiad track i! 
turn a purpia baNnd !^ou Th* objad 
11 lo pojni all m* I rack, bui ih* 
diff*f*nc* bi that tha patnt tt alaatic 
— Il won t »|raic^ tuiihar than J 
cidaa of a boA^ *o each boK muat ba 
Ct3fnp4aiad b«for« m^viru onto Hi* 
n*jit Th#r*'i a chaaw, ofcourta, aa 
many aa i dafiandini on Eha akl^ 



r«v«i. AJid 9 pluvifvo ip#«]i^ S«fwi«4t 
Cofiiroi ^vyi joyiticN Pr&Mlii Or 
AGF MkxBd h^t«w& frilfi lh« mwri 
erMlCkikm bfliTig Iti^t II mht diTficult t^ 
ccxnirdl kfi i i^l^jr raitiBr than axcatnp 

tuf nH^o If you te lo trtt cutiiic |U^ni 
lipt back^nd ^CHi hivt lo iiarr 
■gghn F*if v«lu« for mofl«y. CftASH 


From Itti «irl)«r diyi 5l«r Tnk hit 
spupnid I numbtr af com|irtif 
Vffiltnt. ill bi£iciltv iltU. TlNf 
uiuilly hivi stvtril ikill tevtii ini 
work oil 4>ptiDn minyt which illair 
jTOu lo usi Wirp EJiglfifti. ImpiJlii 
tnglnit. Phiun. Ptii;rlon TarpidQit; 
vifir Ihi ihori or KonQ nnge ttin. 
ailiiy inip or liii imfnidliiB lidor. 
MH rtptfts Jftow WHip^nry lelt 

Gir. iiMiiff ite. S^ame givt trou i 
ll plin V9GWt; &th«f 1 1 PDckpit ¥llW 
Witt I Aon arcidi iieiwat ii ywiJii 
mr pbutrt it th> mtm *^^l^ 
nrn mtmf it iituilly thi Kllngini 
Ei^pir€ ihough ihri rniy bt tomi 
Roftiuiant iroynd Afl thi Qimit hivi 
iiir titti lor docking irvd ripitr. Thi 
hlgh^ ttiB iklll livtti 011 mon inimy 
Ihiiii ind bifti thif • iri. iml thi Itii 
FiMitlin itir hissi. AmooD thi 
litir prpgrimi III ¥try much i 
nutilir Hi pBrsant! cho-tct. Hlfi Wl Itit 
thtlishirMol iicribriinv. 


MutfH>r M C Oivit 
¥hr0in Atw«yfe hiv« ^ood, ci««r 
Mtn>CtlDni. An0 it^if iM-flt gni of Iht 
MTV rinliS9y«0ime$ Fe^ynt: 
Oiiactic «ii«' repDrl dvEaihng 

»SirdAtM iptt Compuitrcilh — mi^n 
menu. L^ntg ring« sc*n. wbH i«4d Out 
wiih ttie mgtix id^ictfit i«aon 
shDwrt Nivigitian.rnvfHi for moving 
tfwn iKCilK t& ivctor. StttMititioni. 
■reid«ityl« vioiiPicriVfi wrth tmir- 

v44lM#n#my C>OC^N.irk|| with B 
iU rbBM it I ri<: ll, f. and f hart ar^ iiao 
1i»nv porti^i in tpaov ■■ w^\ ai 
■ptai old fio rmi to c c>nt*fii<l wii h Ofi 

bilanca i reaa^nabla garn« with isn 
*kMi lavaift 

Pw4^m Sfivrrsaft4Bt( £SM 

Thli CO^#i Atth A good inilruclian 
mtTi\A\ Two ptay«rt ci.n a^wjijfi 

ThaofhirpurKhlngbytlants TNi 
giiiKy map tnswa itit 64 qitidraivt* 
(I X ^). aach quBdf aoi n tuD-d ivtdad 
inio64 iiflcti^n Ccimflnari4tafa 
N tvipatt^ Mhjch pioN^idas ? grids, orm 
for jiavkgaitn-g wiihiri triatacidfaDi i 
lluadrint. rhe oth#f f gf moving Id ■ 
rw0 quadi'int S^i rings jcan. 
tfhOWM thi conttnti. of tn^ quadrant 
«n whi^ lh«ifllafprii« iiE<&. long 
rsn^ acan shdwi in* et^hl ad|iC«ni 
quidranit Phai^n, iwmcrtoi y«u i^ 
arcii0« ilyio vianw lCif«*n wrllh four- 
diftci^onal mc^iramant and firt al tha 
v^libla iJitfit. Torpado^. illowi you 
lotngagaltiaanam^rrom t 
{fitanca. avoiding shair waapOM. 
Damage rpE^n. ipviki for iHalf: 

S^hialili^ auowi you lo s«i th« iov«l of ' 
dafamra: Comity lai olfart jrou Iha 
main mvio and iiac) control ifia 
itatua rapd/t. galiHy map, dimaga 
rapairf tn^ luto docking. Thaa^ikon 
m f§m ^m funovi it you move mto a 
aactor or q yadf a nt oc Cupkid b y Tfi t 
tfiafny, and 4t $ diHicyit lc t^mAh inlQ 
yoiircd<Tir?kiind cornputar if up 
lighthngu »0 tiaYC frMirytltlifig rMdy 
bafdfaangagtnglhatfwmy Good 
yalualormonaiy. Kanipilpnjioytliek 
opfioci tor ircada ttdvi^w 


Aulhar Dvunk Br^wii^f Tf^ia vanion 
off aft good vartj« lor monay sm^ 
Iha lapa aiao coniaiin« MUNCnMAn. 
whiCih happans lo bs a ¥#ry g god 
Hcman vamoninda^d Nfrpiyna'S 
Srar Trak off if a all irie opf ions m 
I mad m ihaatKivff m*tmw tfia mijor 
diflir«nce bt^ng ttiaMi has bat lie 
plan viawa f iihaf riian arcada HiHia 
ti gh t» W4th th# aJ lar^ m uii ng tha 
■ph^aaponry, you muilanlartba 
diradion ot attack (0 dagf ks to 3W 
d»gr*«$L ind ifi urarigiri. then lit 
bach witn balad braalh as the pnaiar 
or iiik&iiiietraki moves icros&tha 
i^rven towardtihe on«iTiy. Initant 
edion ti requ^tri^d on afigagmg itia 
Kiirtgon rotttra aa may fiF« iha 
iniUni yov ara tpottad Ejccalliinc 
graphici m^kv thit an angaijing 
varuQfi IP play at ipaadi whJd'i 
cattalnly f«qujr» mora lh»n ona 
Cipia^n Kiiii par qamm 


Anyor>« mmk^ng to ihamielvat that 
h#r« 14 i ifii< vanJon lOliy good, 
ihouid kaap wttll awi^ I m alraid 
ihii pf oorqm ^n't avan good enoiigb 
' j! [ita Z^tdl rrom whicn ii muu hiv^ 
Qr igmaifld. Apifi from itia fact itiai ii 
lintthii loading with an OK rapod 
and nothing »lia. no initrycuo^ii, fio 
»ug ijaaiion cH sit III Mvan (Choug h 
E narc afv ty pfiwatd lo b« l^vaiA) n of 
n ihrno to haip. you than hava to ^rai 
ihfl efeCand tall \\ to fun" Thero 
if« ^ ariP^iti b«yOnd wOrdi ifid 
fkgurgit ThajB calariyunpliyaMa 
and f^ of accapiibia l^y tpday'i 


Protfucar R&f^ SQttwarg, 4§K £S SO 
Th4i iw ■ vmY piayat>ia vafnon a van 
ihoiigh ll pra-daias quJia a law ol Iha 
omarm ThBfv II itit faimiiir gatijry 
map wdh »t9 64 siKHors. on« ol arhioh 
italwrayadvpiAyed ai ihaiopoi Uii 
iCf aan, ihow^ng m giaphic fof m ihi 
EniaffKta, Kingon ahkpa, Stif baitt 
ind itift pi-B«fit You mrs lofd tt^a 
taclof you ara kn, mr^rngftrnmi 
ihiirid ia«»i. iQrpadoaa Ian. ihe 
mrdilt, KUhgohi l^n ind thi aWut 
ccHidftion Gommafid optiona 
inc i^uda n^t noau vn ng . i bieidi. 
pltasBfi. phDiofi lorpi. iCan. gametic 
map and compui*r Tba compytar. 
arhifi aaJactid. iUDwfi you lo 
navigsta, u«a rtypar-driva. uaa iman 
bomo. f«nd out i prol>a, f aif- 
difttrti^i and cftaeti itatui. In 
idfSMpn Rolhaliondilh Klingont 
jRomufian wia^li with inyiiibi'llty 
doakf may attack y^u Qood 'i^llya 
tof fiio^ay ahf^ough iha graphict 
tquld hava baen mora eplokjrful 


Aftar &i>atin9 thair aaruar atiampi^ H 
would b« n 4ca 10 uy aomalhing 
good about ih^ vtfiJon frofm tht 
aarrH cqmpflny. but Tin afraid nol 
One r^iewof pointi oui ihat ii if is 
wnltan in BASIC if miliDi iha gama 
alow W^n Starfthiptnlaj'pr^ Ii 
wniian m tiaaic ind ihal it praity 
liat. Kara liha kvybgiard ratpona* fa 
now and if ralic. ihata n optional 
tound. tHJl tound iiowi il down 
Kuntiar iinl, and iha grapr^ies mra 
aimpjy not goocT enough It yt glto 
hJgNypri.c#d Soltwara prcKlyCara 
ilioufd do ihamsalvaa iha lavoy^r of 
dalii^ng out oi datt gamat iifta ttibi 
ona irid ipand soma lima prodycing 
baitaf maiafial 



Authof: D H tawion 
Don'i b« loolad by thaMla -- thM U 
np gama for ctukeii^ Whan li hrit 
appairad it i^ad all Tha rwAwirt ii«d 
in coflfusa^ hnott. Vov if» a laddy 
tmv, ihui »h tho toy boi with ihe 
«h»f loy» lOT tha nigns, tiui your 
balsy'i crying lO you must gal out 
and go and comEort mm Tha only 
way out It by uaiFig all Iha coiourad 
gilding bn^k* and aiaamblmg thim 
cor ractty. whilst avoiding ah tha 
naaty tpyi who want to nop you 
When you $^apa tha t?oK you 
rvalf ia M it i niada i^oi har. bi tg*r 
boK and that on«'» Jnsida another. 
and ao on WTi al Co nty»ad 
avaryonaat iha iini« wit the mathod 
utad lo iai«fn b^a tha br ic ki . and 
imiBif na^i ea&Mlta iril ay q of no 
halp. nof ira iha gama'i imirtxruoni 
on icraan this it ih« ouijina idea — 
picii up tha bfkcic and tika to lop of 
acrti^ attghlly to righl at cof ricl 
colour bPoc<K. ihari drop lE Tl>« ^rl«»^ 
Should ilkde mfo placa as if by 
magk: Con:»i daring Iha pacfcad 
ac jean. 1 ha graph its ara akcatianl 
Confytion oi kayi, byi ihia am i »n 
arcadaipaadgaifia ^atchouMor 
dochworh toldiin. ptay ptopli ind 
ma iggraaahra irain » and lh# 
baby ■ cryi r^ ^ ih««H lh#f«. 1 haft 


Pmif uccf; Vkgm Gtfrmi, 4QK £5, PS 
Auftn^f DffkQUviw 
A quiv% day on Iha itMf Nthlnf 
aoundi liita a load cri iun. but tt^ 
gamt manigai to b« aboui m 
mrilftng a* i raar day on iha rivaf 
ftiliingi danaalh yiKjr E^oii paas 1S 
layOfA of var loua I iin W i iti eac h 
gimayOiJ rag Ivan lOOCMtf of the 
fi na to hook as many «» you can 
Sqma lith ara fina io calcti. loma 
can b« qujia dingarout. tiid caught 
ctabiaai away ypu# ealch Thgrt ara 
fhtt lavaliol piiy wtiich detef mina 
how ctoaa fo your rmok a f^ih muit 
Iw to gai caught The lingua^ li 
8ASlC, to ire ma Qfaphiei and tha 
idai May ba oliiy Tor \mfy yoi^i^g 
childran, bm thara i nothing haivlotf 
thaiarioyilplavar Uakaa yoy 
wondar wny 4W< of mamoty wa* 
raqy ired Vi riuilly n »l add#cl kva naii 
ai^ ii^ ovarill CRASH fal ing of 39% 


4i/f^or John HotliM 
Many ol tha gamaa m ihis taclioii, 
itmoatlTy dalinfiiiiar^ iit quifa 
original and Aqyapune n ona cf 
rhfrin ri»anic«d«y indyciyfincya 
tpof of water sk<jiP>g. Aftir i momont 
youva »uddan|y tuf round td by 
rocks, biit thay'ri fiiriy aa^y to gat 
through Following on moMgh, tha 
watar'i (mtantiy full ol row boaU. 
and Lf you gel IhrOugh agi^n Iha iO* 
called G ar^d T rcrk-kidt arr rva, 
incompalenlJy flappifftg thair yachi4 
all Cfvw^ tfta pfaca Should you 
aurvtva Ifie haa-hawa. tfiart'i tha 
iliafks :SkiierarHibo*tarai«aftln 
prohia, corilrokf {up/down/thruil) 
move bolh boat and iltJi«r. but noi 
itrictfy tn ralahon tp aach o^her, like 
me real think, thtak^bar 
inconvan^antly fgf kiwt i sdkghify 
dtffafani pam to tha boat Thia 
mahii t1 dHlkull Id gaif bom m laiy 
through tlia gap* H s a vary 
anjayacMa gima lo p^ay t^ut iha 
tailing appeal fci s^itgnt A era var 
touch is thai the Oorder cplpun Bf# 
iplif h orkioritai ly to rnatc h «?ca d ly 
Iht colour ot i«a and aky In tha 
garrtv. ihus g^k^ng th* Hnpraatiofi 
Ihal tha ?ntira tv icrain li kn ym. Try 
ll firtt and buy \t you UkA «t 


jPfOducar Owmm Mac^tfisi 4$K 
AiijTior nufaal/ Vincadf 

Starring Gordon aixl 
F hash, Barreldroo ii i 
gainaacompandium GoiOor^ 
iuf fats from blocked 
driinphpaa— ai teait hii houi« doas- 
Hacyraa fhia affliction by ttia 
Cur tout mat hod of roliimg large 
baf rail down i^ alop^ng fool ind 
laiting mam fail inrough iha blocked 
p^pea Ha on»y hit fL¥a birriH and 
jft important they fall aMBClly down 
iht centra of a ach pipe irthaydoni 
tl« loses tha barrel lor good 
Fo/tanetaiy his faithful di^ Flash m 
On hand soitiatlmes ind il ca^ad in 
Ij^in*. ttie dog wiii racovar ina bv raJ 
ifid rWprn it lof another go Claafkng 
ill f We ptpas succaasfui ly f aa y fti i n 
inotnar fcraan wti^ch may ba 
anything from a r iddla to gijaii lo an 
i rcida t hoot am u n ^nu Ltartca^ i t s 
quite an Or^ gi n^x ' ^tii£h 

noth^rkg ailooit ^iijyat 

IfMfa's ^ mych i^ai >} Oflcomes vary 
difficult lo gel through Piay able and 
fun, good vaiua. no joystick option^. 
OvariH C AAiH rating »% M/G 


Aufh0r Q CMpww^i 
Tne game starts with a haticopiar 
daihrrifl m to ratcufl^ the nt la- from a 
draadfyl spat»fnp arrof . CHOPPCR 
RtBCUi it says, but m« cho«if)#r 
comas back EO infean iri E and 
ramo^ tna I As is trwir wanl. 
scionthsis ara being ai^tombad by 
raclipacti¥a waste drof^pad rrom 
O'vvrfly^ing planes You muti lascua 
thamin your inicaly tnkmatadS 
liafiCOpi#r by ihpoting away The 
wisia and making tunnait m ii to 
raaclitMm Eschpnemgii be 
rtluitiad to ihe ufviy ot ma naiipa^ 
baiorf gettkngthenaxl Tnegun 
lifSi in me diraclron of l/aval and 
there't nof much lima if you git hii 
by tha Imilir^ wasia yoM>a dead 
This IS a v«ry fasi game, almost 
»rnpoasibi« wiih me curaor hays, and 
difficult enough with a KefiMfon 
AQF or Prolikloyitick Addtpclrya 
and good yalua- mpomirwnoad 


Pfodvc^ ummM^ t€K£S.§0 
Alio sva^Latiia in flOM carir idfa form 
it CM 9S liHimjneagimphlcia™ 
famous k< ^ . ou an Ch v^^iia 
tha Chef. . g bowl b#ow 

andduslb^n^ roToiKJa Ontharigfil 
m the pinlry coniaimn^ ti>a 
Ingradlsnts which musi be got into 
m« bowl. Unfurl ufiafBly, the 
tngradiants irv preity wild and 
ihayVvaccpmpanied by issoftad 
objects thai ^ouidnl bam tha 
pantry ano would ypaei ma Mmistfy 
of Htalth o^ifictsls hf Etiay krmw about 
thsm Using Hour borriJ^s to 
momantaiMy stun you must^nock 
tha I n gradients into tfia mLmng bowf. 
erkd the rostafS mip iha bm Should 
you gel it the wrong way rgund you 
Ioi*p0kn|4 lim^anergyand 
avtrythihg Eacli screen providM 
dtfiafeni arid mofsdillicult 
Ingridients Anpihar gsrne mat 
naadi a foysUtk KomplflOn pr 
Proiek. Hi~»cor# ont oh wo player 
gamaa. S-directionai mo^manl and 
tha smooihaat of graphics ar^md 
jAdiftctlva and hhghly racofmnandad 


Producer S fir D/eami; f0l€£5M 
A ccMTiplaM maje of grair^ oloCki b 
tfia home of the en amy cybertanks 

Take your tank round and shoot 'am 


up Voijcantiltsi»way th«blockito 
g«t m Ihsim. but tnty mm 1|tt. T5rt« 
1r¥A«. naiil of fftm«, lo^iiGft 

gfAphta And pl*yi bi«, t»ui pflrfii^ 


thift li An {3f iglnai typ« ol crMpi# 
CftwHt gim* but i« I* no* % 

Imi^ai W two *ci*en3 to ih* fir i^ our 
ritro, Tim nit lull firidt himteif in 
1tt« OrubtMrv' Laif TtiH^i* i a trip- 

r n g» oT T iri n I ToU'i ha«d- 

bi/g» lo«ai. t»ul Tartni (lo uia HIi 
fir»| hAit^e) ffkytl lakfl ■ mouihfui of 
I he riDfitty IMwvftn tacti AltBmp4 on 
tt^ dCKOr Tf^ Qru6&*ri, iaf!|t lOund 
tNinigi. wAmlfrf about En6 wh«ri ||t#y 
mt#i ft 0'*^^ tquiriny 
BubtM^ubbtr is iDrmfid Trm4 Ml 
honfty loo, Itnd fhoulfl ' -"■■ '"* ^'''**ffi 
m««t a R#d Bucked Gr irit 

T hBs# AT* ff** OFwa I ha^ ^ . . . . . .. :d 

0*1 itirouQb thfi EfAp doOf befof^ any 
imounrt of R*<| e«eia if# tjifM 
Ivrmnt cMn. how^var, tit tn« 
Qnibbe^m and iub£>trQrut}b«ri. 
One* ttvough a^d Tarani ks 
pffPf>iiiit«d With a sim^^ ma^v 
^tjAr0#d hv ^i^f^ife Rnd ftackt- II t>t 
af^^Lfid □ -^ ^ l«i ^ h« ar n v#« 

rn<arL£>tf^i ' rer ihebugibtVHid 

l»l«r Nfi^ltiyJA^mci<ar>dipr«tl> 
tnaddfriiififf )" addiarvt gamg id pL&v 
Only ori# iifi maMi lar tennm^i 
^ruliffll^o*^ un !^«af ung 4 <- -*iCO** 
ConlinupLit movumiiinl mak^ 
Tarani Tui*a bitd^tiicuH io conitol 
AllhCKj^ri ibtcw^ti^l hv/i Are 

wniibty piac«d No J<?y|iichf option 
0v#raH CRASH rai^rrij 67% WC 


4uf#iOf i Morrmon A D ^ 
Tiiit II a very good '©•FMt^ p > ypi- 
^ama in whi^h you AfA pi1t#4 agAir^t 
Hwtn lypm of roboi with vAryknf 
^iiArACt*riii1te» And 0fi9 rfitng in 
tonnnifrn— ihci^ « out to f at you! 
LAV«i pfotnoiianoceyf* 
AutomattcAl^y art reaching tH« 
r^q^lrf d rtumb«r qI poinli AmiMil 
ffiAfijf c^ I', thf r-f M^iF^ion of twOttftlof 

n .ni orfOEat«ofiai 

mcFvpfTivnl. bqlih wrlh drrf^EionaPfif* 
Sttalegy dvmindf ttiat you ihooi i>p 
thi moro dwngftfoui types 0^ ro&ott 
f <rti 10 ttay vtiv* for Pongw Sar»i4|)l« 

ll«yt»OAr||pOli|*ion^ |0yi!iG4i 
KempAton. AGF and Protok. Good 
va^iM tot money, ovtraii CRASH 
rating 93% M/C 


F^due«/ ^/a^.-'flKC' 
ir » an undtrprouno arnd you rv 
tunnnmniginili^i look prig lor m^gold 
n^fKJAti Pu^ii gnuggiviA gnAAbfl* s 
art hot on fOur if Ail. howm^if. so »i is 
important to dig itfirirf;«:^iiFFy round; 
iharodroaMLAOyo <:hH^ 

itiam 10 13 ID£ ii 011 ir ^ . or Av«n 

drop thofn ^mr\ ti^ A4ju4£h lh# 
gn«iti«fi Njn4ap#«d ItvAiA 
Joytti ck A GF or P r Crt BK , Kafnption. 
Gu raor h m i'\ t4o t mr Addict hw » 
moat othfff aia&y Qafiw«. bm a ijood 
bagi rmar's gamv anyway 


P/Ocfuc*f DKIf^nKJ. t§XC4.95 
Thay aay I hti n a aiir ai$gy g ama. ti ai 
Thai'i hardly iiuo You do n#ad aomt 
itmagy logo fcH 111990^ in ttio 
i^:jichttat way. tsut it'a not tha mam 
ingmil^nt. Ui« tha Hfl lo go up or 
downlrofn m* a«trt«c« and iHan dig 

towarua tha gold 3ita« Noi 
ffvarytiimg ihAi glstlarK ts go^ 
thong h T u n ne^f can c oilBpae and 
fha^ Afa underground sireanii 
ifWf y runi ouT tftfti undarground, 
a^Mciiiiy if /olj ar# ea/rytng goid^ In 
Addlt'lon. tJ^a m may cDJiApiA ^r you 
tfa carrying loo much waignt 
Haplaniah anafgiy by rtiurMing to iha 
aurlAc* AFiid dapoAJiing gold in thw 
bank In any event, a nthar aio* 
flame wJt^.limrl#0 appaAL but 
probably good vaJua for youn^ar 


Auii^Ot Mvim HMffi§ 
Thn gold minta of Of on ata 
botiDffilaii cawFnt whafv gold 
nug«t» ra^n down from me roof 
ThaOfoman minars piaca gtrdafi 
across IP>a cxvarna to catch Iha 
nuggatA and d4ract iham into 
bii^^Mia Ufa would b« pItACinT >*«rt 
H nol lor iht ^.kuiFa thai float About 
9a|:lng Orontantand moving iht 
gprdari around— and 0^ couraa tha 
falling nuggati ean bp vary paJnlul to 
an ui>pfo«aaad Oronian htfidi TN« 
tc^frftf^ 19 ^hi into thrao actual 
94g mania, a vafq ham a to iha right to 
* 0*OftiAri cannot raturn^ a 
Alora lor the girder a to be uaed on 
I he left, and m me cantre tht cawn 
itaalt DkrachDnAfcHayimovo ihe 
OroniBi aDOyi and tfieftrj/ig Kay 
pos It ^ona \ri^ gird ar N yggaia m ay 
roll IQ tha lafl of Ihe right whan 
hiiimg gir06f , ao tome aif fftagy is 
raotrirad lo ^eep Eiia ilrucliifa 
MrOflf I ngioy Our Advantage Pomes 
Af# icored for a nuggai hitNng a 
gifdaf , arid mora tof getting one into 
A bucket At tha b«a ol ma terean Al 
tha hasher ilcill levali Iha aJkuJIi will 
eai thtnuggaiaaa thay fan 
Jnfo^uriAteiy. thora'a rioioiind, but 
tha gfafihici Af a am 00th and 
coloyiful. ar^ iMiuiuai ar^d nvadiy'fi 

Adiiciive game, two t^eytioard 
poAMlom Ova rail CRASH rating 


Along with ThorEi fMrafipad 1^ acor 
and OK TfonJc*' Speed Duel a 
comender tor tfteaO Specftum 'Poia 
F»0*e F^Ofttion' game Thaaffefitoi 
(tie foad Winding about And tfie 
ffiovjing lanOioapa in 1^9 
background liQifHegood »n fhli 
veraipn, and the hollow graphici of 
^he facing ^n alio worki quite well, 
but tha nvain driwbAek la ihAi your 
c4sF li QLTile rtard IO amtrpl. When 
Overlaying, art indi^lor al Iha 
botiom leiiA yoLj whieh way ma «ar 
10 be overtaken wiii veer. btH to fat 
p«! talaty it in e-sfentiai to corne 
atmoat 10 a hAJi U you manAge 10 
pnt tha^carf on ffia track iheri a 
mtl* man appaan and wawri m ifag 
lo It II yow I hit yoyVt *on Good, it 
over long, a!cp4^ionion craihiing 
Gtntfil leeling wta that ihii garrw 
^n becofha raoetJtive quite c^uieiiiy 
G004 keyb»:rd poanioni, loyiilck, 
Kampaion and Sinclair (Inierlaoe 2j 
Fair to ava raga. ovarAli C^ ASH 
ratir^S$% Compiled M/C 


A I frrtt giar^ce it lookt likaa iimpla 
0Am# l^ut m lacl ^1 f9 quile hard 
Vtf y iim I la r to R om I fc i ^Spedra 
Smiih', which hai mote opttona 
ihan ihii vert ion Vour plana keepa 
crofting Iht lowtfing tkyscr Ap#fa ot 
f^Aw Yoi'k. looicing for a prace lo 
land Thert i»n't Ar«ywti«re. to w^fh a 
ganocidAi brAinwAva you decida 10 
bomb the Qty 1lai lo malw A lam«ng 
tirip With each |MWOvertti«olty 
yoyr pla^iegAtA lovwr. to irt 
eeaentlAl to 1( nock out ih« biggasi 
tower A before tt^ knoc^k you oui 




Thft Oani« 

Being alone in the West was never particuiartv safe . even 3t me best of hfnes. so wfitn 
Ibe Wild West Hero look up ttie challenge of nddmfl (he rocMcrs of bandits he found a 
lew slight problems Being Dt^tnumbered sixly to one can be Frriiatinf e^peciaNy 
when some annoviFig person has planter:) Killer Cidi ' , 'Treacherous Trees or some 
dther Ifthal objecis around Hie barrte area Combmed with the fad that the ikiliing of 
one gang simply brings vet another bigger nastier and taster gang ol bandits made 
lite, well somewhal awkward, but ihen agam he was The Wild West Hero^ 

Only £5.90 Inc VAT p&p 

Wiltf West Hero uses lull colour grapncs, hr-res, smooth movemflnt, dramaiic 

sound etffds, 100% machine GOde. high score, two play option, compatible with 

Kempston or Downswty loystick intirtaos^ 

All Timescape p rod y cf s are guaranteed fori rfe. if our software ever tails to iQae! return 

the cassette for an mstant replacement 

Alk orders despatched wtttiin 24 hours of receipt ol order. 



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nitplkone: 041*956 S058 

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j Addna. 

«W^K.<< * <li U« U t « 

I lnidditcb*qiitt'P.O,lor.. 

•* l-J< i hF4 > ■ Hi h k n 'l^-i -«^- i t ■■ i iM .J iW! H 

CopniKT. l*Rding m hiibikg "WUd W*a K«ro" i« tupohibAwd. 



t^y I Ed I n^a Skrnpif to piny w itri only a 
dOfnbccHitfol. D«ipiin rtiUrnplieity. 


in rQiiJif«ili«finiouiJirntiGAng 
wffffl repulid la b« lamy ii^ou, 
un«!lti lc ITM A min iIk fi4il frofn 
Etiain vvtitf) iM livfrfri#d to gun Him 
OCArfl HowiVtr. Vo^flAA h«¥« put Itl* 
w^<}|* tuine rigm wilh thit well mm6% 
ptoqrmmmm mm^ M MArfthaJI, yOu 
c«A itai ii tr^i m down th t dutty 
ttriflti or lowo, firing it lis^fM st 
ir>«y «pp«i7 m docfWAya and 
mntS^wet. Your r«nt3Let fnyit M f Aft 
■1 ^u want ^m « iecond cti«nc« 
from tfi«aA baildKra fiulMi iro 
i«ftti1<Md »o ii K importanl not to 
■II&E34 innoc«iit p4opit. DiidiicNng 
« bA4dif 9 vfi* you dolliri. Th* 
fftpn^Ci trv gvn9fa1ly ooo<l. 
■ntiough m« eu n sight could riavt 

Ew#n C»Btl«r. R^ttsonibiy 4ntthr«4tl^ng 

and im3*ctntiiy addid tva 


PfCid4i-C#Jr. WofkittfCm ftfM£SftS 
TTi4t It a gMmm for Hungry p^Qptft, 
¥o4j>« « »har4e on a }iw«-agap** 
fM^kr»g~tirtnfy Fts^ awrmmiKt 

jmovkntg at Olymp^ ipvdd*^ and 
bovlm«f^ an go down youf ihfoat. 
Sama tiih iiiv« a hattt ol turning ^ad 
ind poiionoiit. so don't aal ll>Diai, 
and Xhn htth^f men Jn rheir Doata 
IfirOw har^oni Of drop deplh 
ch«f9«i 1 ii u n you ^oii cane atcti 
ifm d*(»in cnargw an^ dfffus* Uivm 
ti«for« Ihty f aach ma Ma bad And 
ma ii« Md ^tia^i nn't fkai aoi^on'l 
fun ^nio li tfi « »Oft o1 Pe<nviriior 
m#»Es Gala ^^ ana uodof water An 
afnystrkg game with good grapiNiO. 


On the iain« Uieni*. Jmyvz m Tha 
othar way round Yoy rnu«i u&a yoyr 
unit$flrwAl»f gun ilghlt 10 shoot u|i^ 
ma maf ud i ng s na ric jh wh 1 1 it av oldlinf 
iha gunga dropping from, poifor^out 
jelly fi«h on tne turrvce Tna gam a 
wai originaity made by Eir^n — It'e 
Mng maf fcelBd by DK TroJiiCl 
pfoba^iy hatJil maM ati iriat much 
diHarenct becauii; ufitorty natal y it 
hai a vary lirrKlad appaai toi lanout 
arcada sdd^cti Qood io* youngtf 


Get youi man lo j u m p o vtr ttia tra pa 
dug by PigTni«i.and ihan %mnq 
acroiii a QtX using a i o|3# Had i o a 
tra*. i^hat Gom« an«r tnai it har<f to 
|H tHiaiiiaife ihMi game Mrrth ila 
etfacf ^ve g^aphiQ ts noi aaa y The 
dimn»c} rope ^ me ev^ry time 
Qood fi^ to play and raaaonably 
addiciivt bul pAf Napaa iillie 
ovtrpncad No iovttick opUon 


f*rodl/c«r Marf acA^, li/Ctf.fiiS 

A ^Mmw wilH a umilar thftma to 
Jyngie Fe-z^r. Called an aK* an J 
tea p a CI OSS fEepping t lan^f $«>f m a 
Cfocodil*!rtfestadfw#r Onihaothar 
iide yoii climb a ladd-er la get to iht 
irwi. which you must Chop down 
T rw ifaaa will fall on yOu (ii you'ira 
rvQt qt^iCh: to Jump out oi Itia way) 
and ih^y biuni tha axe — lo U9&k loc 
iriolNr Monlc«ya(l^inltl«UriiH 
Ai^ Ileal your axa bul you oan Ctipp 
tham With 4t - il il't noi already 
biuni If tbay ataa^ n — iVi bacii for 
anothar Wrih itta foreat iard waiia all 
youhmn ID do i4 4iw»ng acroiia ^i« 
pit y ti>ng a rope, jump a chaim and 
Ihan Homo- f or i«a A buty a arrHP w»ih 
plenty of oppodumtiei lof raiiMn 
and to pretty uddtclfva, 



EjitfVfTiety hard to »# bovb in* 
aiaraordtnafy gafna wOrkt al fferit tt 
coyld rtaliy Oe tboyg hi of «a ■ gM 

gant« or a boiy b oa gama but witn 
you aa ihe mah* aayalty in tha 
terpen t9y 1 1 n a 3 cH meniiona) tpaea. 
Conruaa^ W9II ycu will ba Stanr 
younetf t^roogn tna whtta srt^d 
BvOidrnig^ yOur Own brkghtiy COl^urad 
I rait arhd rnn of ihe Shaaan. iwlfttng 
and lurning to f^nd ipaca to moiA in 
before n allgeii filled up Uaai 
C^imo r kflyi to *GF Of Protek 
joy vtici; wou-ld h#rp. Ti&itiandoiJi 
vaitM for mon«yp and kMii^fiw loo 

LUHA mkBi 

Produce. MiEfommg^ MKiM.9$(i^ 
Aiimof: Wa^vyn £$cm/rl 
You muai imow Tha ttwUfSg .— tnna 
you era. on a Silurnian moon, awvy 
ff om ma safety ot your ejcptor«r't 
i^iip, caking larnptator moon roeka, 
wtian audwiiy i^mm ara all maae 
naffy ^vd crabt lu^'rounKitn^ you and 
gobbmg graHan ipit ail ovaf itio plaoe 
Fortgnaialy, you haw fout gu^d^d 
nitaajN»4:annon Dfticrif7itv^30 
gfiipriicsare oifipcliv* in ih^tijmpba 
ahoDt-b ack- it-am pa mt. ai you 
whirl and turn to a^oid me gratn goo 
and EOaim at itia fKe^idiiti craoa 
Good animation and colourful 
graphici. t3ut in the and a gema wrth 
hm Itaa play h g a pp9il Sens 1 bl* 
coniroi hayt. no joyttiok option and 
only one Fk I II Jewi Overai 1 CRASH 


^Oduear Vmm»f^^ 48H £^M ( f ; 
Tft# foiio¥r-up ro Jarpac^ it. at 
««p#et«d. a tabu>cnit gaiTHe li H hat a 
iSrawt»ck kl ■ ihiA 41 it loo difficult to 
ptay. bui at it utuai wiiti ihii lort of 
gama. eipertacan gel a kong way 
and prov« ihat you can icwvP Aftaf 
(aMJng to cotiitrucf nit tpaca ihop in 
'M(Mc pr opef Ky, Jatman t^ai 
craitiad on the moon with only a 
Mooftgiidar lor coftipiity, pfcA ■ 
ctuich of aaaOftad and u4iaxp4ajn*if 
Mplpm^nt alien mitiJIa tiaaat and 
iwtfaa of hofribi* aJban cf«alufa« 
Hair the f gn ot the gama ti 
d4BCOv#ring whit maktawhai iPck, 
iinea Jafman cMn pK\ up ob^at 
andtranipott ihom Mimiall, of drop 
iham on iha Moor^giider tor 
lianiporl Ha Can gal lntid« at W^U, 
wfiert h^'t sate irom the aitar^t. and 
drive iha Moofigjidar along eut Jt 
won't croai hoiea -in the giound 
Thoiw mutt b« tHied wm oridgifig 
unfit carriad on iha f Ida ql iti« 
vahtcie Wrttn#rtrariaJfcanhift 
Jalman. n cfvitea anottitr cratar 
tha b m ic ai<m ol Iha gama it io 
daatroy the APi#n baaai^but ihis 
laik cafiainly muti ^ nnN amof^g 1N9 
rmoat hif oca I ly d i-i ^i^ y m of ai I t»maP 
Supam grap^icm and lOund 
(improtftd with talking, aliamtf you 
tiftvt a Cutrah Mfcroapecch unli 
aitachod}. a lot of w«ri plann#d kiya 
wfuch make iha joyfti^ilc opt^r^ 
(Kampitpn, AGf . Pratek} a m 
rediindint Onaor two player 
family Overai CRASH fBting 
»%— higiily fvcommandad WC 


Auihof /an 4nd'raw 
Foirgel 1 h« 1 nia y c aid wn \cn was 
pro6«&Jy written by a aionad 
Oulcktitya copy write^r. and play the 
gam*^ You ara prnaaniad w^lt^M 
blarik field dintaly town w^itt mm^ 
and yohi mutt gal to tha oihi^ iida 
WFihoui blowing up Tarha a it^ at a 
lime and watcn me watning which 
tall t you lifhathv ll^t it a mma iin 
an ad|a«m K|uir« ^ tall left, r^ght 
or afie«i? Wfiaf tiapparia ^nm% tnart 
mn I WD Of a^an thraa mlnaft'^ TNa 
tenaioit rnounif and oi«v«r, logical 
thinking ki yOuronlyaalaguard 
tm^ two offart nukc^ni In dialrvet 
10 M ratcu«d and tatof ivvekattiii 
tontront you witn ihingi That thitta 
a riffi maka you mova quick ly N 1 n« 
l#vtkt in th4i mott nail-pitjng gam« 
A^d It haftn'i datad a bit. fitiH munh 
irkatnonay if you havani trbad it. 
H aooiii ffHtfid adu, 



With a wickvd gimt 4n thvir taath. 
Imagtn« irrvtte you to tal^a part in itia 
i^t^ Agti'mi tfia dk (Tron^cai 
manaca. Your waapon w era a 
toothbryah and lOfna imagico 
(oolhpaita Trwitcrfifmopant 
(iii«ri)ly^ wti^ a giping mouth and 
Nvely clean white laaih. T0IF909 and 
OThar punk appavrat the centra. 
W^citmg the Inlvrtttt of the horrid DK 
Ibugt. and m tacondt the leath ara 
b«ginntng w yellow, purple and 
^MCk out aii oirar itia mouth Tha 
trick witfi Ihks gaitia la manoauvring 
ltt« wrutnad loolhb^ih into a^iadry 
tha coirraci poaitio^ tor tiia< 
loothpiaiia to ba taimn^ irom tha 
tuba An axceilefit gama With 
wondeclui grapnicm. but to 
dapnnting to watchi I m afraid it tah 
an uhj^lftaiani ta^ia in my mouth, but 

I have to tay M't good valua. 
Joy&tiok: Fuller 



Aui^r runa Bif^f 
The pama which laila out lo proiia 
that ift better 10 craaia a meat than 
tmva to daan it up Mr? Mo^ t 
family fnucl ba iha mett laat m tha 
woHd. Th#y if^tarcupi. CEOth^. dyl^ 
and |uat aboui avaryfhng ei»a all 
over tha floor. Mop^a hat liva 
ulentiit to halp h«r m ifi« teak, but 
Only the eort»cl utenain wtll pick up 
thtappropHaia rubblifi Thafa'i arta 
a M lichen tink, warning machina and 
dual bin %fm muel uia when ijna 
Oianiil tarriad bacomat Full Picking 
up a ufentll It done ikmply by 
moving up agamti at and ii can t» 
dapoiited by ra%artLngttia 
laqyance likeany hard working 
tKKiaawif a. M'Oppua ii^cai a ti{»pl« 
now and then to Heap up up hef 
i^irtii. bu I if you let h«f M0mi level 
get too high aha baconnaa df ur^k and 
dttor<leriy. tt tti* work load twoomaw 
too much. theHi gi w up an4 iaay» 
hOfn# Tha on^y a^ira aidt are 
magical tpeilt . but all loo oittn 
thaiflinamiobttoutoiitock Weil 

Siacod control keyt ioyitick 
em^iion Ciiia graphict. tmooi^ 
mDvern.afi| and an original garne to 
play Baatonabiy trdd^ctiva. ONratall 
CFr ASM rating 6&%M/C. 


Pi^»d«fCar, Mikfog^^n. f$K jC5 95 
Tna cateatle I may tayi Naanaa'. tha 
file tcraan. Nanai', otw^oiiviv a bit 
confut«<f1 Anothar or Mikrogan't 
ii«w gamei whiEh intlita that I hart 
ara utar-^^efmaisia ka^t whan thera 
areh t— gbviousiy a b^i confutadl 
The aim of t^taanai (or wrialavarli li 
to daaii around calching bananas 
whi^ a fnon^ay 1 1 1 h^ow^ ng do w n 1 1 
thay hit the Hooi and yoy tread on 
onai you ti4p over and tote a tile in 
addition ^me a/a coconufci 
O/O'Pp^ng wi|h painfyj 
cxoniaq^aiitaa- And iha^a H 
Graphics £ra raoofial^ but pfntly 
fimplfr and tha monkey doa« n'l 
mo¥» al »3i Tha cu rtor control kayt 
woft c^u4te wail in ih^afima; no 
j»oy»i^ck opiion Pratfy arfd i^h to 
play lof a ihon wh^le Ovvfii 
CR A BH feting S2%M/C 


PDducWf Wr^r£>ga-?,4flic &SB 
A* mot C HinMMf 

II Paradroida icorai^ it t on iti 
diFfat enlrwtt' Tha idaa 11 to mow 
up and down your energy beam. 
tirjng lafl and r^ghi m ttia paradroid* 
Tha |Ufnp off tna varpOun i^dgat all 
the way up tha tloat ol ih# nijcli«F 
raaetoryouaredaiafiding Should 
any tucoa^ttfu^iy paracfiuia to tha 
MiEom may re«^n (hafaactorand 
mutaie \rno much rnora vioout 
droHiiis The graphict are quita good, 
br^htiy coloured, mova tmooiiity 
AM f sad quick^ to tha control Icayt 
(weill laid out 1^ Itta raauit It a 
nMiontl3*s gama. but lomawhtra 
tha tdaa hti taHertd— pt't too aaty lo 

play and 10 bacoma^ 
bonng Tnam^ayiiiiat 
timt mar a era um^t- d«linatM* 
kaya, but ihar a tran^l 
Overall CRASH rating U% WC 


Firfti prua winner Of th« gamai 
laeiion of Compmach ^. Odyn«y 1 
It a mf«e-part mi?iiure ol arcad'a 
gamaa. daiignad I o tail th« tkiitt 
and f«f1 eji:ai ol thoot am up f raakt. 
ScFaan t li a 8artark' typa wiEh your 
man at the crota roadt of tour roon^ 
rifled witfi rirmgfobott. He- can mo«a 
m any diraciion wtth rolai lo^al 
CO nl rol? 00 tor war d tn d f 1 r t u p or 
down al will Gattlng li^rough tha 
tcraan iandi fou up m an 'Arcadia' 
type f rtuatfon whara wfip atound 
wtdgat of ^imt eiiipa fly ovar head 
droppittg mlSillM on you as ybu 
th^ up at thtfn Mean inck hart It 
that onca dropped, mamitsiiae wrap 
around vartically. gradually tilling 
thn tcrean wiEh waaponry Scraan 3 
Oitt you againtit ptarodaotyt-oka 
I craaturM which swoop down ifi a 
who|!|y original and alarming 
manner The ganafaJ taeiing of Our 
raw iawar a wa* ihai thit wai a 
turpnpngty ditficult and addidtvt 
gama to play T he graph^ci are lairly 
tmail but tha 100% machifta coda 
pFogfam makat avtrythmg work 
aMtremaiywenandtmooihiy ftio 
loyltick optlofl. DvaraU CRASH 
ratirKS 7?%. raeommand^d 


PfodiK#f Soi'Tek; ^6^ £S ftS 
formvriy nameo Jount. Sohak lor 
tOma raaeon changfld xtt name 
Thari't a lol of tha ^You'ra iha tola 
turvnring W h rta K nigni , G ui rdian . ol 
the Lpf a. aiC on the inlay blurb but 
basically yoy ft on INt OitroA ining 
(eiaclrorLPcoainchii and tna enemy 
ara varlQuiJy-CDkauradbUi^ard 
thingiat Thara are ««v«rai lioaling 
plailomif On which you can land 
b«lora riting to the occaaion by 
itapping your wingt and attacking 
Etia enemy Wnen you maal. tacatp 
laea, ih# orta'ft wno 1 high«si wmi 
F^rtt bi,i£fards are pretty daft Afnd 
aaiy. but iaiar onoi become liand^h 
in thtit ailemptf 10 g«i you Ail ^ all 
a vary anloyabli BarT>«. with good 
graphict vidjiound Dont mt ttia 
wataf— you drown TOO pef cent 
maciime cp^a, joytiick ICamp^OfL 
Good valua. 


II lound^ a bi< ruO« but it'i a 
wondertgi gama with Ummaia'a 
uiual magnificoni graphics Robt>ia 
Iha robot muit k*ap (he twarmiiijp 
in tact JiTa from aating hit pJanI To 
do thii there at a var^oua sprjiy cent 
lining tha bnck waiii of 1 ha garden 
iacti iwrat addi a differ ant intact to 
t*m <»tlaction and tha %r\tk n ih tt 
you muit uta tha correct tpray on 
Iha v^ght intact or H only tatvat to 
■tun lor a moment Tha instcft atfO '' 
kill oft Robbie u wen sit ihc plant, 
Which thrinka away II n't aetan for 
loo long Lttting It gro^ faiuitt in t 
biNOom ai^d a n«w laval Amaminf 
orapiura, lOOparcani machrna coda. 
i-d>rtclionat movamani. one o^ two 
ptayar gama, lanfiOEf* -onlrol kayt 
and Kampiton joyiTick 
Recom rnan dad Alio awa iiabia in 
ROM catt ridge form Ick£14JS. 


Pr&{kiC*fr-SoffwMrmPiOfKfM, t<MC 

A amor Aifdt^w Qiim 
Thara ^m now tavaral Soaoirum 
v«riioni of Iha arcid^ or^gjnai, 
■Pangy- avaifab^e— Bitbyt 'OodO' 
watoneotihafirii Sohwat* 
^o^iacit' vert ion x£ vKcaiJant Bartna 
tha ladybird it in a garden i^e^ng 
pyrairad by touj^ tuily insecft out for 
h«r icliDr {blood To you J T ha ga rden 
11 full ot gr«etn brrc>«t which ^hw can 
burn out of h*r way. or tend 


inoof ^n^ off m \hm ^irvctaon in whicfl 

cift eruih hm «niimiti la dfrftlh Th# 
■nucli cm i^io Qurrt yp Eh* bri-ckt 
10 riicn nm Foyr t>«iii in «ach 
quar^*^ Qt the ftcra#n^ if ryng &y 
touching It) em. eiuu ttvt inAvcti lo 
go i5l£i ■ lompprify lifzy if^ ^Ak* 
tlT«in vytrwribJ* T>i4 colCiirt ir* 
iKight. gri^hic»fAttind impoitx 

Sood iDund rithftf poor control lk#y 

K«mpimn. fight iliifil ^tvtft. CRASH 
filing. y»ry good ro »iC«K«rit. 


QuAchar I li dvtignit^j moff ior 
cn^idr#rT mvi ihoot em ugs irfdlcti, 
buF Hi chi#rful! gripliica ifioiild 
TT!ilc4 It po>piji«r M't wi jri a 
lAtrgrOiund dLH:lc itiootifiiggillvry. 
wti*FA faur rowf ol i^pmalmd obt^fteU. 
^uckti. c«r». r«b&Eis ^A(^#« ir»d d 
glenf iurt1«. fnovaalitrnAiily m 
gppovti dirKtiont mlort youi gy n 
birff I Uffff^ef irt«d htyt or cy riE>r, 
which m»«ni ypy ^^n 1.04 A<3F <K 
Proles pytticht 


Thf Spflctf uirt hiteJ^y P\m the tcfi ol 
graphic* CApAOblity Ol mo b^g ra^ad 
racing g<m4t in rKe afi:«iI«, bgt u 
far a* Spectrum faciprt go. m^i it i 
pf*ttv good onte An o^vi^hiiAilvliw 
iho^w^ th9 TracN which varieii from 
w»dt to very narrow a tiatghil i^id 
^yrv*d Oil yoii gp AMh a«vafti 
othara car a. Sum^ufig another CM Of 
running oft live road iJqwri you 
^DWh and coflf fuel h«aviliy Thf 
oo^cE i« 10 gel u rniny pomti at 
|}OftfJbJe bcfora rufii^ifiig oyt ol 
pal foi The f raptiiev eft »« ry goo« 
wJth |h« cftrt b9\n^ quite lirge UMf - 
4#ftn«c}con1roF kvjf% (acc«iar«te. 
tinke. ««lt. rights of cuf &o^ »o you 
Cin una i pFDleh ar AGF joyili^k 


ProiSi/c*r PfoOvH^t: V^rgm Smmm, 

A urnprs Ao ^ poa/« A Terr ^f McJ/m^r 
The wfil&tt Of ¥&mp hav* com« up 
vrimanotl^i qu*ii-rn»iitary Ehsmi 
gam a n n two piria F if si »cr««hi yoy 
m%Q Horn ft plij>» on « para<^hu1« 
ARd try to lAhd on o-n« of a itre^m of 
ridef mi mo<Ofbi4c«i be^ow That* 
h tv« iwfth iupptied by Eh« rmi tinea 
mpwmanl of ifi* ocCMpHPd C04i;intry 
you AfW ipying on II you sii€C««d lit 
landing on oh« ti cuti >4iilBnlly lo th« 
lacDf^dibCfaan Th^i n a 3D vatw of a 
COuf^fry rotd. httvJ^ iOwad vvith 
vkl^bfv mirvfti. down whk^ you must 
guKd#yoi.irciife«ring|Hita Aiiho>i#9ii 
tttftitetaiit tJ^d iar||« gr apfnoi mm 
quit* gtKid I ha garrw afi^ up tMHng 
unpi«yi&i« You can 1 br«ke and turn 
anhesam«tkrrk«iFoF in«Tanc« Hiall 
pjiti v«ry Quickty Arid ft^cft y|3 be«ng 
m i4C h frio w«r 1 nan it itiouid 
fVeasoTLftpk control hayi. s«v*n sJ^iH 
[ev#li, no loytiicit option, only e t»rr 
^ime Dv«riilE CRASH ralmg^M. 
M^jilura ol 8 AS3C and M^'C 


You'rt kn cohlf ot of a f 1 v«r i^»td 
tKMt Th» ICre«n showt ttia north 
ind louth Pankt ai>ov* and &«1o«. 
tvar yi ring icro^ ling from r^ghi lo 
ittt roueei^tioidihaboAEipotiiwh 
to mc lift (aalaf » Bttli fn^dd^e of 
Fighl ^din^roui] iida Th« q^j#cI <i 
to re»cue eipioreci irorn ih# n&rih 
b^hli |«iiy ifid land tii«m at ih# sguih 
&ani( j4ity Aa iht two i«lti« ira 
oppofil*. you can'! jy it commui* 
o«i^i^ari i>htm The ^at can Lilie up 
Id iiA BHpioftri ai a El me b#lof e 
Ending Ehtm, Hut li! you lot* th* 
boil: you lose your vnpior^rs too 
The f tMtr it inl*tt#d wiih crocodiles, 
iind bAhiii ind i&gt. which you 
friyit ivOkA If yoa'rt v«ry goi>d. ■ 


tivil rirm ow*rtii«iiha rtv*r droppkng 
fTlknei on you More pom is scored 
for If mvakling at th* rigtit ol ih* 
3cmm mnwrm your raii*]t*i hjvf 10 
be wafy I Kit A I ait. iddiCfive iQd 
origmaii gam« W4tn n«ai gr«phic». 
Good cpoirgi kay poi^lio^. jckysM^ 
Kamptton. Smclikr, 1 Of 2 p4«y«r 
games Recommended Owftli 


Prot?y«r Thorn EJUr/. I^XaWf^l 
Atrr/ior GFM^ffm WiM^tam 
Ai 4ti h«m« trnpi^i^. Ihii ri mother 
COhtthd*f for The Spectrum Pol* 
pQMhon The3D RoadiLandKcop* 
iflect It ,pi*iEy good, and uni4kfl 
BrHlrLn.iai Grand ^rim Dfiver, Ih* 
graphkci are 1^^. Howevar tha road 
in ihtt v«r«ion doe^ noi «ciuA^iy 
b*Ad at yoy go round COrnvr i. 
iitl*9uQh I he background do4i 
move Conirois *r* very good, m 
tddihori 10 l^fakAi'B^cfllerBt* and 
taft/riahi, kift 1 and 2 teleci 10 or hi 
geif . It you ui* lh« Q»a/i incorrediy 
you wi 1 1 blow y ou r vngi na Theft pr* 
i*v*rai other C4f i to overiaha before 
reaching I hvfinkihiing hnm l^prhipa 
OfHi problem wtin iho ottifrrwife 
aiceeliffoi miay cerd. it ihat |h«y 
don^l expli:in f^ow lo g«l going. 
Ithicti If a Iktlla confusing al firtt (I** 
r*vi«w in kuui 1 \ Bright a rkd iif g* 

EHici., rather poor inG^und, 
ick Kemps Ion Sinclair Overall 
SH filmig 70%— good M/Q 

PrOffwcer AfUc, t^K £SM 
PirodLiCed lot a rush ChnKTfpiAi 

markel. Ihiilapffconlamttirven 
dvflerent g^mes m a coinpend^um 
All IN* games a.r* shorl and only 
one, 'Rudolph 3&a« Racing' it lerr 
Judging ^y in* nar^ee end games 
quaMty, the ib|» Ii aimed at ypuntger 
Ctui^ren and grandmat and 
pro^bly w&m b^ in circuialhih iot 
very long Dire raM CH ASH rptrng 
2i% BASJC 


i^roduNcer Poaiefa filC£5 9$ 
Shadovrlex ceme oui v^Mii a lot of 
belly hoo ai £T %b. which was grossly 
Over priced, so rta nkce lo see 
f^nof n heve dropped il f^ ow No 
Of4 cen compiiih about Iha 
gr^phncs which are quite encel^nt 
ynfortiih«i»]y th* gain* hes very 
liitl^ n^ae 10 ofler You r* mouh|*d on 
your whitQ charger fihe Ihbay blurb 
fnight lead 10 iuf>pose 1N19 wes some 
HobPit-like adventura) and riding 
Bfamsi th* Mack hc^ru'S thai gAlFpp 
on I'rom |i^ left el randoin heigbis 
Vou can fit* e bolt al I he 
approaching ene^riy oul yOy mysi 
Ehen expioda thv tscii at eMacEiy the 
righi moment AncJ that's ih* gam* 
* you ere up ftgeiFtti the porntt 
Mirkd you. kl la rneafneriaing. 10 you 
i9q m»k^ mitieket Definitely a c^me 
10 0*1 i look er first - it you like the 
^*a. you wo hi regret lbe§veph4Ci 


Producer f^O^iK T«*f €B 9^ 
Aulfi^: imn Andmrion 

The ihenw Irom Jivira AOf kt nJcelv 
I but I h^ f *5rf ol I h* con liny ous SOyhd 
w I PI eve ni uai I y df tv* y ou mad Yo u 
must Mve octoputiet (or oclopH 
If om th* sHsrici by waavi ng a 
prolectivfl rwl arourKl tll4 QClopuL 
Should a thark eai in* oclopus 

tMfOr* y ou iCrten i|. th*ri Th* shifk 
caneaiyournat HevmgeHhaf 
succeeded or failed in ihn leak, im 
reel, of ih* game it to fiM up as mi^h 

of Ih* screen «ith net wilhout 
getting eetan yoy reeit Thre* levels, 
one Of tvro prayer gan^ea Joytiick 

K a mp ilon or Si r^c I S^r A g am* wi^h 
very lifTiited appeal and no addictive 

quaMfivt. bul n might well appeal lo 
younger children, a sort of Painter 
meets iavrt 


Produce/. pQMfBrn. IBH £5.W 
Aulih-or *lrir# S/n^lefOrt 
Throw rochs down from e higt^ 
ceitle wan orito W\t maeted 
eiieckffn tryirt^ 10 diirib up As the 
rocks faM they tenocli ih* atteckers 
off. often several ai a hme ai one 
faffing men cak hes anQfther The 
sttck figure animation 4* cute end ihe 
game should ap^eat to yOuriger 
children, byt it ^1 ^ei y Eimited as far 
as the tenoua addicted arcade 
player licohcarned Simpl* conlrol 


P^rod'jjcer iF*o*rer/i, f M £3.M 

AutnQf Mfkn SinQi9fon 
This hS pacTTiAn vSNjnt bul iHt too 
ong^nai to flymp in wuh ihe reit of 
tNiyeiiovtrgobtilefs The maie'is* 
14 ve, wnggiing one Seven diffetem 
CCN^ured snaxet are trapped m ihe^ 
rteets. surrounded by a screenlul of 
green eggs Vour |0b la 10 eat sii the 
eg»ge Only ifne red snake can eel 
egst. f It ineianiiy frees stseit and 
begins eatmg round Ihe screen, 
freeing fh« other mnaket as lE goes. 
When you meet aaniko hoed on 
ihete i>sa nasfy iillti* gulping soynd 
and that's it uniil you prett S for 
arvoltier gam* Should you dear th* 
screen yo^u Efien get i chance to eat 
Ihe snakot (laii tirsil at wen as the 
eggs. I never got Ihero. thus n very 
diif I i cu n Th a g-r sphict ■ re i u perb. 
quMe enough 10 turn the itomathF 
Riy the coniFpl keys are so 
•wkwardp aivd no (oystici option 
Addictive and good value 

P/oducej' fktmiK TdK £S it 
Aitfttai JOhit 0*il 
This I* simiJar iq Titaii's Q round 
Fof ce ler o. but rath^er more 
complax, in ihal you have lirnted 
helighl control over Ih* platie, and 
|ii*fe are gun Euf f et$ on some 
buildinos trrJng al fuu, none On Ihe 
ii«4ettlevei. mof* and finore on ihe 
harder net Bontbing the ^una lirst 
0^4lHtilv hdps. Shouiel you isrd 
luceeieKilly, h*ving bomO*dihe lot 
f4al, I he angry nslives reward you by 
tending out a fiieJ linker soyoucen 
take olf and do th? ihmg ove* again 
al a higher ^evai Of course they win 
ihtheen^ Three ii vet. tit- score 
eight Ivveii, loystick Kempsion, 
aQf Prolek, Sinclair m/'c 


Author ii^Mfk t(f.tklif 
pFol^ebly ^irgrn I. t*4t ihoof em up. 
probably thgir besi gam* ^n fact 
This Es a nO'Wm Berserk' type game 
Ibat detnands last reflexes end a 
sixth eeiue lo get very far One 
reviewer wei able to count ai many 
■1 £1 i enefh y rot?ots on the sc reen 
at one time Enemies inc^u^fe 
Swarineri. Speeders. Launchers and 
Bectrona | wh^i^h i*av* 
indestructible electronic fer>ces 
belund them) Your rotet fires 
aiftonulical^ly when on tt^ move and 
pnntrnj ■« ft-dKreci>onai Waillhoughi 

J*tajil*d graphics, ^ei^ 
^. .. . . j^d. no joyitick option but 
vreil placed coritrol key* Overall 
CRASH raiihg 77% Recommended 


^.^ducer. Qem. ?e« £"4 95 n^ 
You ar* m control ol a aJ^ip equipped 
with depih chirgee wh^ch can be un 
IP explode al nin« dkfiefent depths 
depei^ihg on whiLih numenc key 
yoy aeiacj Senesih you. aubmarinas 
cross Ihe screen m ohi dirDcikin. 
occaskonailv frnng mi at ilea up at you 
which muit be dodged The art is lo 
select theoorrect depth at which 10 
explode the charge to kill ihe tub At 
Nghwr ikMi ieveti the subs cnenge 
depth randomly. On f he whole a 
game imHe rniended to appeal to 
younger children 4 siiiii I4v«4s. 
reaeonabi* graph ici, poor louno. 

iifnpla control keys CRASH rating 
48%— poor loi* addiCli. good tor 
Children M/C 


n% posl-hoiocatAl America and the 
country's e barren dvten wnh a few 
ciiiet he#e^a^d itier* wHer* you c*n 
getfuej Oi^iefwtieaclufcNoiMad 
MaMiiifcee m deadly Biatk Turbos 
aie ou4 to kiji you #hii* y ou hum th* 
wistas fookmg fdf e«ghi g^oid: cups 
The playing screen is only 1 000th of 
the avaiiabFe area Instf ufnenti on 
Ihe left show, lime taken, n^iies 
travelled, a mep of in* Stetei 
atiowinfi ciiiea end your tocation. 
tocei radar showing cups (it any^ 
and enemas, speado iu«i gauge. 
engine lemperaiLir* and lives lelt A- 
(S^rectiOnet mo'vement^ excel^enl 
graphics., highly pMyali^*. ioyHick: 
Kempalon Highly recom me nd#cr 
Also available m ROM cartridge form 


Producer Bo$tfUKl^6K£B.K 
AhOlh*r I Or ih* racmg c«r addkCtl 
TuitK) Driver ftatures vary large 
vehicle graphics arid en ailempt inoi 
entiteiy tuccffisiul) al 30 through 
peripectEve. Sik olher carel«ip 
away from tt^ iianmg line wh*n you 
ttalj You must catch lh*m up The 
cers and severed othei' haiardt fnake 
lite ditfkcuir and if you go too 
caretu 11 y you'll mnouEoi luei The 
track IS quite siraighi, and iher* 
arafi'i thoie wonderlul explotton-s ol 
Ihe ordinal arcade vertaon, i>ut this 
li a popular programme and does a* 
well as the Spedi^um will eilow. iWc 
Joystick Kemptton 


Pm^a^m Oujc^frfira. 4BHm9S(f^ 
JUffnor; S§MY M^te 
Some df irm beat ever 3D f nphic* 
fof itie Spectrum which work 

encotlefllly ho^ Ofily on ih* 
numerous EsuJidin^ ^ui also! on ihe 
toiler forms ol Ehe fiif 0. heroine, 
end dreaded ants whicn swerm 
through the walled city of Antescher. 
Ifm oiject of in* ^arn* it to jump 
Ov*r the arm spot Tow enough in the 
outef waJL tind your girrfnend <or 
boylriind— you can tei'ect which j. 
and escape belore the ants gel you 
You can run and jump in four 
d«recti>ons. ihrow grerrades to kill ihe 
ants over VI lying distances, or itun 
Ihetti ^ lumping upend down on 
them Thesi^en* can l»e viewed from 
eny one ol four ang4*a it isn t euyl 
There are 1 1 cont ro? keys reqfiHiid 
ami It lakes a Eoi of time to g^^ used 
to ifiem, but the graphics make ii all 
vrorthwhiie One crrucism aimed ai 
the game is that Ehere's more 
technical virtuosity m ih« program 
than game play and n cmn become 
repetifiveafier a while Neverthe^ets, 
*n imai^ng game Mo joyilick 
opEion raally possible Very highly 
recommended, over aii CRASH 
rating 05% M/€ 


P^Odi 4eH £$M 

Ac 00 ■ ■ li c this IS lh»r beet- 

Selling prtj^yrAfTime 10 dale, and no 
wondor Thafinirear3DeH*ctinihe 
Speclium Travel acrobt Ihe Hal 
plai n ar^ bettla w ith enemy tan kt . 
flying saucers and super tenks - a 
iiilj or be kini>d baliie of witi among 
th«pyramidi m real tima The game 
givei a iremendoui tenia qt moving 
aboui in a spec* and can be guile 
hpynoiic fiatUe radar lo spot the 
enemy and calculate distance 
Joystick Kempslon A fiftt rale 
gam* and highly recommended 


Prod«^fe^ Micxomepi. riK £a.0iff; 
Aufhor U*/vy^nfiC0Li>rr 
Silected in Gem* Ol Th* Monih in 

isiiurt 1 ihi« fcs fuiE a lebuioui gam* 
The Idee is temple, at lheli«ie of trw 
icreen n the Iron! of your motorbike 
wiEh hwo gioved handt gripping the 

lurMJIftbarft Ariii»d is i flit 

ijFv^Hciip* w^BF^ i ^tw tr#tfi inu two 
a4Nar&iJi«fiCirckirtotrourK} Ai 

irwi^ r4d« ri«il for i««th«f WN«ri 
jroy'rt 1^ f trvQA yQu cwt iiart Ifrkni}. 
WMft ttwy'rv bolh bJowri iwiy lh« 

r»fM«tB. thmn biiCfc io 0*y ^ And » 
PHI. O^CHiDriLilIyi helkcopiar tfid A 
Link Cf04a tht horpzDn incl gjin 
n*Ort p<sinli Ipr yOy if ft it ©y WhAX 
mAlcttt Ihii QAJTiv onfe ol \hm moil 
Gomp^liin^ tQ pifty are rfm tr*es ^oy 
mutt w««vf ShftHJoh m phur^u^t of Iht 
■fwmy fi4 kflri . W itn «dCfi >c r««n Ihiy 
ge^ fnoffl nym«roMA. ■nd xtm iflvct df 

nothifii^ on ifi-tt' Ejcciiliefis griplik^ 
[mtfv«ilDut«i.pio«konik. *u|>«fb 
toynd. »anail»t6 £<)nlfOl kvyt. 
^oy^teli. Kie^rriplM^n. Ejccalltnl 
Ow««ll CRASH f«lki!i9^^ WQ. 


pfgrimm^. Tha^SDta prim^tiivfl in^ 
tf\9 grApm&i uninicrMtiflg You 
mutl tihtydur link in b«lw«»rq 
fn^fk«ljt-ids Eo lh« «vafltuti Ml«iy oU 
rctid wri»t« avokdi^rig fir* of «ii«fny 
lan-Pift. Fof i ilan ot| you CA^fiHl 
mJHW wid fir* ml iri« Mmv Uin«c it tfl 
ttn*fnv f^lt 0C<> '■^^f' p<? ill I on and 
fnvt wer^Nng itopft and you^e 
doid — nti avadif^i Ic av£»d th# 
ifwmy foy tfwmf I urn ynliJ Itwy 
diiAppuf ftam ifm iciMfi. \t fm 
O'itp rsiind Cha odgs^f mirrii^'wittt 
tttfo TNhC w&n- 1 Iwi on yo<i anyway 
So 111 n mM% up to tt A duH and 
t^oring gam* Cursor ktys arkd 10 
lire ^ oUowi^ y4« of AQf of Pfdtii(s 


pf^ii^w on Ttmmf tm £*•* 

3D hart Ftrori to the gf^tant b^tdg* 
whtfi row* of Unki pan b«tor« 
ycyr gurnl-gfiT and iha r^aitl'EiC 
Irij«c40fy at your sh«Ni whi£li ifiuil 
M pm^ right lo itr#^a lli« 
|iiickn«»« ol fh* pndgo- Tht 
graphic* at* vnfy good «rkd to ii iti# 
icuiid Bkin and fim^ng ar# otAtniitl 
ig good *t#F«i — and ilaytng aUtw. 
bo^yoa thaiarihi hr^ Mck 
P4oiirhflfii noar at e^y at it loolit, 
and al ihff prjct. «xc«l9eni vtlL># 
JoyilkC;^ K«fnp>!^ *Hh SoltJifik II 


You>B fkith^M h«#dkM>g 6^mn m 

poll yoM. whlc^h yoij mutt « hoot. 
THtrt'fi bttt, apid^n, rati and 4milly 
1 dtiightful Undflcgrgiiind Umin, 
compkale wil>i twinkling hoadligh^t 
ana patHtigof* mwdt. Tha latiar 
Pfiuti b4 dodiH^ rtlhvr man ihot. 
Runrun^ inid lhi« tidot ol iha t^nntl 
C4UM io«t or i lift (tiw« hn ailji. uptd 
ymi €01% und*fiaJiJt thit tu^blirrihtan 
iiiadriai«ailhr««tpHdi. in T6Kil 
kMhi inmo part* tncA thar* J i no 
Uii^tt^und iroJf^ Mlxa^ opimont. 
I4>ma I ik«d It, IprrM did'n't 


Thfi It mry •imiltr IQ 30 Tunnt^, 
ticipi tliii lh0 lunntl (or v^rtwxt it 
dafintd m fnyPiHudds ot cdouftd 
da4t rather ihtn toLid biDckt. whLch 
gtM^tt mora ol a tunn«4'iik« ie^. Tha 
ttii^rt«i tiso iwitia tnd toutrmt nii*a 
mtd Thing iO lE't Quitt a frlck to stay 
ttp(*ty^ >in mt conira o^ it On iht oih#r 
litml th* 3P t n ^rrwi kon of i ^e 
oto|M^ mn I quEia to good ar>d iHort 
arfi no thiM I#v9i^ utrhieh mains H 
quiekty loiot inlireti Tbtra it a 
tortg tmi v^ry tmuii<ng Intro in iha ^- 
tmri load Ui#r-de^in*d eoniroi hty t. 
iO il workt wUh almiMl any joystjck 
i^ood ^'alue &u[ limiled pltvabdiEy 


^*^EC«r MiQfOMpftwtm. rw £S 95 

Thti H tnotlvar gamA nimplt in 

c^neoptand rnarvoHoys Tii^play tn 
taci n'l dangtrcHitly tdcttictiM iind 
ihouid pf oMbiy 5« pMt on m* 
govtrnmerii prober ib«d drugt hti! A 
C:imif?tvA rmiwjiv Jayi»it walh 24 toilt 
ol iDlivfiid poinit. aliattf y&M to dflv« 
up to tfift« Craini tround. p idling up 
paown^of 9 trom ihrvt itationt On 
Cht hightr i^liH r«¥eit runtiAfty gCK>d« 
traintalto «?il«r ii^« tytitm and 
mutt b« redira^a<l f o gel rid ot ihtm 
Pa»iiiB«4^ arr^t on im pitetormt 
m the ce»out o4 ih« trtin they ivtni lo 
conch, and gcft angry ef kapl waiting 
too igng. lyrning whjt# wMh rtga'' 
Gr*tl »iirid nic« graphic*, 
mtddvnky Iruiifaling to play and 
timply worid#rM1 G#t (?n« today' 
Savtfi tJiHi im^t With vt^ k^ut iu5- 
IwiftlaH rating, vary good. Qvtitll 
CRASH fating 7Q% M/C 


Produetr Tjf7it$cap4. 4fiiC £S SC? f l| 

Stop Out inlo tha ciacti'ttiewn dtteff 
and figfil 4t Qui wilh ramptging 

Cgt of HahditOft in ihis go^ 
t«r^' lypt ptma initA^d of moft 
wslii ihatfl art tht cacfi and 
|p««Ch«rout Ntst. fi^hich kkll on 
contact Yiiy'rfrarm«dwith« 

coniiny<Hft ftpMl ti ring Cott 4S^ 
and i utt at mmi th« hwidHs tr« 
numtfOu* Qnt of Ih* bwi Btfflrt' 
gtmot y«l wilh Larga girtphl^iL 
imooth m^iMFnant i«niiii!b4t conlrat 
iityt. Joyttlclt K4itip«tgn Qood 
idiind.. Incroaaingly difficult i£rftant. 
Oif#falt C^ASH itlrn^g ft3% M/C. 

^/i>i^i^#r imo^rnt ^aXiSW 

In Zip Zap you Br« a atytrff^y 
damaged rqbpl with a motor ihal 
won't turn crtf and only limlttd 
braking pow#r, to you tofid to travaf 
ki circlta A Itlaporl dfliwvrt you 
(nictgftphic) into i twining mtttol 
rn^ttlblttliani frOtti who** d^e>y 
touch yDu tr* portly protocftd by a 
f aiiing thlttd Tht id«a fi to bull 
chtdicjiiy around tn conlutinf 
clftAm to edflecf four power unnt 
Wh*n yoti fpuch ona it aiitomaUctiiy 
tttach#i it*#if to the i#F«porta] 
When til tour are \n pomrilan you can 
gal "back to tha lefeportoi m hmm By 
Imagine t tttndardi r>DMhedr btti 
pAmt. but *til1 bttttf Ihan moal 

Stmat around Joyftick; t^tinpiton^ 
GF. Prolek Fulltf 


finiflt^ w^iti a double or hull of coutta 
Ptrhaptnol DJttctlyeAPnng. buit 
lAfi# gtmtind wofth iht mohVy 



Author Keif^n Forrv 
Univtrtilay agrt#d t* ont ot lh« bttt 
of SpoclFum gamot oi any lypa Thii 
ti it much st^tiegy m tiiviLjiai^on *» 
you choov* a letm from &4 Qr\ □Ittr. 
tnd try to wort your way u p f rom 
piYffiOA four lO win ttvt f A Cu|[3 Tht 
background lo I he gorVia ii quiia 
raaUfilc, With player* l^knp tirtngth 
va lue tr>d gtim ng it by re* Ij ng t 
mttcti. iT^rtlt wCKien^ng wUti lofl 
mttctuit. dec Ipning crowd! and 
rtfut^ilng lot! ot gtl« ffionty. and tJI 
rhe technical tnd tirtftgic prp^ltiTit 
ol a dub mantgHtr Having aatecttd 
ydyr letm. ttuoia^ ih« oppOf^nt't 
doiHOf. yoy can m back arid wilcfi 
th* fully tnimattd, editad highlight* 
of tht mtic^hl An t mtiingir 
tfigroittthd game w!tlh ttviti Itvtit 
of play tiTd N||hly rvcomman^td. 


Atiirifics Pti Ihi aimpuUf icrttii aif 
it«m coniriiy lo Ihe vigirrnit nature 
irf I port, bill 1 numbiriri proariniiiiift 
hi^i I urn Id their hinili le ilmulillira 
YirlQin ipirlt wtU) tnlxid succvit fi 
leiil plavlni thetn on fOur Sp^nitn 
Ii fiiMwnit m&ra n\\n thin 
mUMng tb* fni thing on till y. 


Auf f^oe: Dwr^kJ&^m 
It you'rtfed up with rapping aNetii 
Of roafkng round the rice iracn. why 
not ret»rt to tht peat t and qu>ffl ot 
an Engiith bowimg ^reen'^ Thit 
goftit ofttrt ihetervicit ol the 
compultr at t irKNfUtlOr rather thtn 
play Of bttwt#n two opponenit. Tht 
conipiiler iTtrowt tht Itch' and then 
jioch player hitt A alterrutivt Imtit to 
bowl, the 04b|ecl being to get your 
bowl 0* ciotfr to iht'itck^ a* 
I^Ottiblt Curtorkiyi5andBtrt 
uttd lodeiefrftihfl riireti^on of 
throw, a n<f the *ir#ngth it 
detthrnined by c hooting tht wei^ghf 
of ball. A hetwitf l»li g^kng fufttiet 
There 4 t ^ealy^^e ^tit^i^h 
diigrtn^tlically thowt how Close the 
bowlt art 10 the |tck after etch 
throw Thtgameitn*tllyeite€hil*e! 

but tuffert the common ityfi ot 
apont skrftulaiiDhi — ih# locii of 
urjtlmalt reallEy unfiftrminoilhetkiMt 
rtquirtd lo pity ik Kowtv^. if it 
good valut t-gr money tnd will 
doublleet^Tpeal lo many OvertJll 
CAA5M nlifig 57%, good if you lilw 
Iht Idea eASIC 


AuihQf O Lockmt 

You might think ii gamt ot thpowfrtg 
%kt\\ would Ot difficult 10 irnfitrAle 
Into * computer gamt, Oul Shadow 
Software hawt mantg*<d ^*vy nicely 
ift ihki cute and gem it game Alter a 
I me til Kt card, t itrga, trtdiiional 
d«tt' botf £l ap peart, By pre* ikng 
any kty you frt«£e a fate moving 
iweep hnt, whpch deter mi net the 
tegmeni yoyr dart hff h4l Al Ihe 
bote ii a c rots tecl ion ihmug h the 
botrd ihowrr^ the ring* ^ double, 
i^ngle. trebrff. ilngia, outer bciU.bull 
li'g alegani. trmpA oAd very 
effective A fient^M 
demo/Antiryciion mo^e ihowi you 
how fo do It . Y ou can tttect Iht 
rHimbof ot point* raquirtd for t 
game, entti' tht iwo playen' namet. 
and Ihe program gu^dei you ihroug^ 
three thot* In oach turn You niu*4 


^q^ucar. Airraoco, fW m iS 
For tiK uten Ihkt It a ^i^ty good 
program with qubeltiy ttttmbied 
graphic* mm ctetfty thow potitlofn 
of tetv green, fa^rwayt, bunlcari, irto' 
h*£ardt i^d rough T fi«r* t no 
animated ggifor tt m tfie Virgin 
gaitit. but ir* mode up for with 
c^oriy vtiibie bell* lnt« loitowa path 
ofyourthot ¥#u€tnirtpul 
commahdi lo ute a 1 or 3 wo<Nl of 
f #wfi tfrtngth*. of l-© ifoni which 
mak wtMhtr you wani ■ lolt O' hOJ'd 
mmm II you p»ch &tttwv«n 7 and 9 
iro^n, you are r«aNiiictlly aiked 
whether ii thouid be a chip ihoi ^ a 
piicn When t3>04h p^ytr^ are ohh the 
green tht icr ten K^r^Ht to a oioae 
up whicJ^ uH* a 20 foot tcale f^r 
(udgkng Ihe ditltnct Ol th« isiuH Tht 
onEy drtwbacic m^ghl bt* tendaney 
to- e rath if tn mcof rvct ^afitiile kt 
entored, An attractive and 
rvifiontM^yteaigtimw. Dn«/ried 
n jsyifs arrt shg^ h^Ht nm tiy n«fs 
lo ptey 


PmiiiC^: Yif^ Gi«M*. 4m &M 

Afcilfto^ Dt¥ra TnomBOf} 
In this vtrt^Dfi ol Iht noble gtmB, 
onA totqur pityti* mty Itiit ptit 
and pia]f b«4w««n one and «ighie«n 
holei, chootkng han>dvcap* up ku^B 
The higher (wgrie} yoyr harvdicap 
the more efriticaiiy random your 
■hott thecoma Th^iie'* an option on 
five club* with a cn^ce of ttrenglh 
tietween O and i{>, Whtn your 
teiection hai bean mtdt arui you 
hove ttlimaied Ihi^ compttt poknt 
direction in which to twihg. an 
animated gokftr tppean and hit* the 

D* 1 1 Onq t on the ^m^fr m pult* r a% 
automatically i*^€ta4 Whil«fiiri m 

?iay ihete are tevtf al drewi^ickt 
he graphic* are very tiew. ttch 
ho^e being buiM up cJieracitr Une by 
chartcter ime Tut rinckHn qutiriy 
of ifit handicap tystem undt'n^mti 
lit vt^ue — everyone thouid choote 
a lero htndittpr And Ihe compttt 
poinii are htedlettly diflicult ti 
North l^eepf thlttlrig d-irtctiton with 
«v«fy hole Worti oltii Vifgm have 
bein lelling Ihe gtrrvt with e glanng 
l^ug ^ M^en aiiiad if you «^ou<d itlia 
an other gamt; Ihtrn 5 tn incorted 
commend In iha BASIC which *top* 
the proortin Med. if* eesily 
corrtdtd but annoytfig 

Pn^tfucer Arf^c 43M £S^ 
Sub-titled SI Anidrawi.ihifgamelt 
bOAtd Oh an iccurttt rtproductbon 


€«cti fio^« 11 drtwn oiit thuwpnsl i^« 
waK known deti^l pnd m brwf 
il«iCf ipliOfi »Aci nmofy t% givofi Ont 
df two piiy#rs mty Uli« pftri. playing 
I propor giiTw Of single hokf in of 

you mt^h \a uib a wood of irtin, 
tir^ngth ot Ihoi. txpretfM f.» I 
p*f£entige, whether yau w-trtl lti« 
ihol lo go ttraigrii, fade ot fkook, and 
Wt^ftl ing^ Ar n in ng Ofi lh^ gre«n the 
K^Mn eutv I o A cloa* up I q^r l^e 
putting Trw graphica Ar« buck on 
flf««nintf vtiySifnpl/drawri Thfl 
popripi li in ^SIsC i£ af1«r typing 
In figur«t you ENTER.. &ut *i>rct»jir# 
Ace«i»tfd ■utoffiitieiHy Hiti 
Itm^fti l-on to i niar W lof inrood will 
r«Mli in H &re^jiN iifilO program — th« 
fnam driwbic^ of an DthiSFw^iw 


'4u r^^ar K f ttrs-i 

A »u<j^«n flurry dl lnttf«| m Poof 
fn*fc#ifDr«{?rrw inlirvtliTig 
COmpariftonA On« o'iri#naw«ron«l 
ii Ihkg iwrtion from AJbrAicO 'or twO 
1q fiigni plMyflin. wHn Hi* QpUon of 
pinyjng t i^agu* M utuaL ltwcu« 
ball Hi co^iiTrolvdi by i ■mAll curior 
doi — in inn C4A« iht cue &iii tfUvti^ 
fOWM^A ir* CMr*Of, wtilch ^ 
cofirra4it«a by uw ol tHa cursor kvyi 
ifiow and itne luning} or |h« irtro 
li Ay f Of I«ft1 po-vTi Oning A i et y c lem 
tmngiti bir indicAichir is used lo 
dflitf mint iht dLfrUncfl ihe cut 0411 
mrlll |rbv*l. And » pof ^liorwd wim 
^ «yi & or I ( mini<'fn4si ) Co niid#riiig 
tt^B Irrntljili^onl pi I he $ji^c1runi ^d 
TV icfMfiigvnaraUy, ih« graphic 
mm qutit good ifid tli« fnov«m*ni of 
tKi b4iift iii Gorrvinai^y ■bcurai« 
tnou^h i«rnbly bufl/ 6im«rM^Ar* 
m ciOM copy Of ii^« f««i t«mt. [h§ 

tbilll Nf# m4rli;«a it tpCTtiOr ttfkpW 
#nd vdu IQ«« i lyJ^n for a lOui liiol. 


^rodticaf fli-gayrt. rsiC£SP5 
Thii v«riion i$ gni^«uol in ihi| fJ^e 
CM* bfl-IH euriror miy bo pljiced 
Anywn«r« on ths tublfl, #mcti jLitowt 
lot grviitr c Of>irol o-frer The al^ot On 
Ihf ofNer hand rhii li nol a v^ery 
clo«*CQPyptth»rAtEgRm# lo 
■ddttion to the cue bin ih^re ere ftiJi 
Wmr numti^red b%\\$- ryou fcort the 
wiiiije of \n9 polled beui «nd etch of 
Ilia two pley4ri laket if ly^rn, pleyrng 
through uniiE ati ih« bili« Ktve tw«n 
poried Or he Nat mmiad ihf e* 
iUini«cuti^ potft, Of potted i^ie €^ue 
btai In ihk& »n$e ihe yeme t4 A biT 
I4f^il«d The grephici ere cle«r 
jMrttOMgh mo«« uH 01 colour could 
hen been made — All ihe belli ere 
ffld. but much bugger than m ttie 
AtKraaco vettidn Prectice probably 
mahet p#rf«c:r 'or it t%^'i am eaiy 10 


PfQ0iiCwr COS. fW 15^ 
4yrfior MtkB ljtml9 
C DS t^ve Conm vf ry wei r wiih ^t» 
lAftion 11 lin't A claaiaciiinpeor 
fl>ol gamfl. Tiwre Afes^i baHi. ihre# 
r« d 1 n reir biu# Thee urvo r niiovei 
round the ftdge ol 1N9 ta^ie wMh key 
S. picking y p s^«ed a» ii go«4 A 4- 
lylock bar mdrcAtor i« ufed lor 
ftrffngih ol thof . e «ana'bit 
ir r a nge rnent where H£h key ti rokt 
eddA a block T he gi mpl^i^A ar* very 
good. *iSh nsAl movement and 
pef hapi ih« beil flopping effecl ol 
an y or the pooi<' ■ nookar g erti-et 
AvAilAt»lie One or rwo ptAyergarn^l, 
4£orJng«nd hi'iccirii GoDd^ va3ub 
IlKihint ^od« 


i^Ddycrer A^fi^ fd^£S.P5 
With me nriinhmym ipa&e davol#d to 
tcore LiFi« or efnt>alli*hmeTita. Artts 
tiA^e prodiic«d aboul ihe bigg«i« 


piayi-ng laoia TOr iheir game, wi^^cn »» 
a clAlelc ii« colour, niru! rad ball 
IniMvd Ol a movinig curtor. ih« cu4 
bAJi fadlataa a difei^Jon inc^tcator 
H n* corrifOlled by the curiof kt^ , 
And Ihe tfrangth ol ihot la qiv^n by 
utingkeye AtoZ Th«iibtept 
cOrreclly marked with Dand tpoii 
iAiia pocknt«d Appear ui a graen 
band et the baie of fcr«on and tti9 
tcore li autometiCALly kept and 
dJipiayed al the baio ot ih« tMlM. 
Th* ball Colourf worft qy^te w*H ind 
themov^mefif IS teasonlibJyirnooth. 
although Ihe bAlli do itop v^'V 
luddtniy Machine cod^. 


Thii 11 a qiui-M« diltar^nl football 
ume from Football Ma^a^r by 
A^iCiive. And ti really a eompulef 
vtraion of iriErtft ofd fooibaii g4m«t 
where you coni roiled your mAfi wi<th 
rods and handlei itA^wgrwdfOf 
I wo p^eytrt. tiot tJnco yot^ need 
rnych of the ke^oard. quick char>g« 
qver a Are eiienllal^ All^rloadirbg 

rou ere preaenied wtih a Super 
eagye or e^{|hi well known in Ami 
and a ieegue icohng labi^ Having 
decided which leam eacn it to pJ«y. 
the Two opponent} may veiiecla 
pleyling formation; 3^2-11; i-J-*. 4-^- 
3: or 4-4^2 The playing field now 
ap peart with all tine nurnbered 
players ot each Mda t«l up leady lor 

iML-hit^oft The'ptayert'arenot 
animaled figurei, buE nirmbererti 
ti|uaraa. unTihethe w«^i- known Atari 
veriiori Pacing the ball tft ^orw by 
■aleciir>g the player 1 number to 
Whom you weni 10 p»^. and The 
game nrtnee along wuh boih udei 
Attempting lo lAcMSe. nnte^ca^t and 
ecoragoaift Goal kick^end corners 
Are leaiured: &yi nor stde throwi 
Thii 4t highly a ^icijve to play — H 
could even be ihe end of lootbiil aa 
we Know rl 


Thia game ihould bowl over atP 
CHckei fans cnof^fam will find n. all 
dou&re-duicht i^eti action wkih no 
wail E^mea makei 11 a tpeeded up 
veriion ol tf^ real thing 
Par!ic^paiiOn s* Tfery ilmiied, 
however you re allowed lo ae^ect the 
l>owh»rs tn your teem and order the 
Mlvmen. but Irorri inen on the game 
run« iltell autometicairy Only m the 
event 01 a good midlie^d tttcA do you 
lieve to ail upend decide whether 
Ihe baatmen should riik a run or noi 
In fact theoddi teem preiiy good 
eifice the Itelderi are noi very 
aceuraie lo«^ si^ots al whcket 
l-ealurBA howzzati qE bow^eo, 
CAMghl. run oyl, iciw. $^n0 followt reel 
or^ket very oioseiy wrth it^e 
e Jcc eptJ on of Au 11 ral 1 an beer c ant on 
the pitch 


Undif Qyr h«idaiii( a Slmulatlan 
Same li omi which cfinfprrnt Ed thi 
Munition thii II ittamatt liO timuliU 
fia^ tttyatbnt c^f 1 macnanical naiyriH 
ind Ihii pan i^f 1K1 QamB ii la uit 
Intlrumani diapJayt to cantfel Ihi 
gimt at will ai mini ^ml guldit. 


Pfvdoc er tompt^tton^ 4W £5. 99 f ^ ! 

Sel rn the South A iiAniic dij ring the 
Second World War, ihij pftm« 
recreates the Acu-Dnt of the German 
pocket batlteahip Grai Spee The 
aim <t 10 link allied rnerchim 
shipping and survive aTtaci^aby 
a tiled batllev-hips £ icreent provide 
you, as Captain, with a sea map ot 
Er>e Atiaritlc and^nd^caie yoyi 
poaition and thai Of eneniy shipping 
fou can direct your iliip lowardi the 
enemy, and w^en clote enough, 
ctiinge to a -lira level view ready to 
engage wfSh ^Hher gunt or 
torpedoes I n*i r LPments «ho w you 
youf Speed heading, enemy 
potilion and distance m yards. On 
tighimg, th« enemy, hn ship Ap|>eera 
graouiiiy Abe vi^ Ihe horizon If 
ermed, it beg mi tiring bACk A 
ienoua draw^Ack is tnai fq keep Ihe 
enemy in y^i-ur gun sag hi i you 
eclually fiaye to come lo a 'alop — 
noi vtiry reeiisiic The opifcon mefHi 
for conlFoMinp yaur ^*p ie also 
eRifemitJy finicky Average btoclc 
ctiwaicitr graphica, good sound and 
Mie d Mlour. 7 mn ievele O^iey for 
ite type Ovenll CRASH rating &4% 


AforftJ^a^ PraifA. ff«£5 Se 

Tane com rn and of A moderfi BAC T- 
1 1 fet Airliner and land n -tafely ai 
Edinburgh airport Yqh cen aIao lake 
olV And land ai a second airport The 
conifolt are necemtAriiy aimpiilied 
If om tfw real ihtnos but they are 
climptic^tad enough and lome 
knowcedge ot fiow big j^M actuatty 
fty he*p» There rf no wfew tPi rough 
the cockpit window unless you are 
on » conecrl flight appro acti pa!h 
wFten Ihe ty nway lights witi appeal 
EKteniiive initruct ions look 
daunting, bul a^e worth digesiing so 
lh Ai you dc^n'i ha^ 10 pemc ai tfie 
lilt minute. QperAlei in reAl lime. 
but things nappen guickry when the 

airpOftilApproac -iMe. 

dear grapnjc;^. re^» „.,.. control 

responses, aii in an en abeorbing 


^^0^. 4BH £7. 9$ 
An earrySpecl'um program. ern^ 
iiwayi popular, this s-imuJAiee the 
effects of flying a single seater |f»ght 
ajFCfah, rncjudiriig landing and 
lakjng oti There tri« 2 aifiie^da (oi>e 
veryoifficiirii Ai!d surrounded by 
hills), la^ea. beecons md a ^ery 
good map ot ihe who^e aiei ii eakea 
many minuiles to fly Over the whole 
rnap marrurnenitiymg jsessenhaiiq 
auccefs and. at usual, tri«ra ts a iol 
of IfiCOmpAnying instruction 10 

d^goiM. The cockpii view fi sjmple 
tnit i>ddiy reeiisiic kt you «h|oy 
coniempiat^ve gemea, then this i« 
thfl one ot the beat, elt^ough wetcts 
oul for some oMitisa if you l/y 
looping the loop ^ fhm program 
doeitn't item to cope wrifi theti 



Author QfMiiUm T J^JpA 
An a mezirig program which 
ttmulaies the sport of orianteetingi 
— yet mAnjtges f be much more 
than a sport tim Motion An 
enotmou^area ol geography is 
enclosed intJie pfogFam. oniy a finy 
bit or II already mapped for you 
Intruded IS a \2 point onenleef mg 
course for you lo (^ompieii! in the 
ihortesi poKSitMeume, chec4«ing 
eachpoirii in ihecorrecT aeqi^ence 
The d^pLay shows you lilt terrain 
%ijt metres m tror^i and uses symbols 
foF ihed»ffeFonl lefrain, traee, 
stuuba. lak^. towns etc SpeciAl 
point faAlurea are displayed ai 
rmsfeBia and an eye level indicetoi 
lens yOu wfteltaef me ground is 
faJUr^ or rising, so you can eeiMy 
follow the contours in add^iion you 
Cen go Oft and chart the unmapped 
areas The program will draw 
contour end terrain nups lor you or 
tfia^e up ^D views Amaasi'ue 
program, ei^cet^ni y«iue> 
re<iOihmended Ovfralt CRASH 
rating 64% M^C and BASIC 

pfMtt€^tH^wtoaCQmuft§f^m. f$K 

Aulhor MikwM^ 

\i you get a littla i|iieuy flying, you 

couid alweyi have a ipon ihe 

groiifld et an A»r l^ffic conifoil«f — 
in this CKie ai the tmsy Heaiiifow 
ai'^port You muti direct inconrnng 
fiighis ifOm the holding atecks safely 
onto the runway Your imiruments 
inctiiide redar. showing ihe ak craft 
call itgrw, blipf end ireJ^s displays ' 
givinp theeltitLBde and bearing 
heading mn6 epeed %n/4 sue d ihe 
Mi r CIA It T here are 7 levels o I play 
ini:i udi ng a deino mode, and you cart 
pragreu to handling mlued creltic, 
raiincted *trsp»ce and outboumt 
flight!, ea well ea cope with 
eme^ganciei like unknown aircraft 
intruding, radio teiFore. loss Ot 
runway and on board msiriin^nt 
failure After ihiA youin neve^ fly 
age^nr^ Recommended 

PfOdyc§f Pfoi*^. *aK £f 95fl| 
Author HQaHOiiktns 
Thif is A Submarine ftmuiahon game 
set ofi the coft*t of O e r men 
iHelegoland ^ North Sea) during th* 
Second WoPSil War You are 
commender Of an S" lype Submarine 
end your mission ii to find an enemy 
tub in Ehe same area and ftuni it 
dctwh s Aiii ng toe c loae to the coast 
may result m your !hitilp>g a m trie or 
f unmng agrouni^. 3 ttree^s sTiOw 
you the contrcN room, ifie chart rcmm 
and I he p&rhscope y^ew ol I he 
Siirlace The inalrumeniaiion ii quite 
complex, including M^taii indicaioi. 
hydroplanea. bvtlafy ct^rge er^me 
• p i Bi t rudder Angle, heading, asd^c 
echo lounger and much more in me 
pertscope yoiij may see enemy 
Shipping end enemy arrtrall which 
WHI hunt you if you stay on the 
tijfface too long UrtdnK wafier you 
u» etectrJc engiiies errd recttarge 
ftie E^Aitenes on ihe turlace. when 
you y^ a diesei engine The 
aetoniptnying bookiei is ymy 
detaikhd and eeeeniiAl readtr^g Good 
graphicaindfeaiistic lound. real 
lime crperaf Ion OveraLt CRASH 
rAling€t% BASIC and M^C 


^roducar Hewion Co/nuffanfa. I W 
£7 95 

Autnot Mik0 MaI^ 
Drasiicaiiy upgraded from ih^r 
original NighlftMe . lht» tpymg 
s^mutairon aNgws you to pHoi a light 
aircraPl At nigfit faking oH end 
la ndi ng oi- do ^cto b a tic i New 
features are a shifrmg per Apeetiice 
which ellowA you lo see the Corre^ 
view ol the ru n way lights f rom 
whateyer angie you apprciBCh Ehe 
a report., many more light* from 
sunounding namtetf . and A realittic 
Chanprrg engine r^tse depending 
ons<peed intirumeniaiion ri 
comptei and irKiudes vAriabte nap 
cohir^s 7 modes of operation 
including two euto-p^iot modes and 
a framing mcKle, and 6 dift^ufty 
levels Ahef-flightdet)riet feature 
andceftificalepnnt-oul 100%M/C. 


Prodvctf: MicfomMfi ^m mM 
The scenario promisee an excetient 
geme ^ your mission as a ^aniorn 
pito* IS to peneif ale enemy territory 
and t>omb a specified larget 
?si Ait^ kiA4| agamsl you are AA arlillery. 

-.lies arid enemy fighien 
L _ nt is Al 70 m^les. tO 000 feet. 
90% fpm , 400 Jtnota end 90 degree 
heading Chificeeof attack depend 
on the tli^hipaih — be4ow a^lW) leet 
there's only a f 0% chance of altack, 
whic^ IS slill ifflry frequent The 
technique for^ a¥Oidir>g toiai oblivion 
If to bfeAh I hard turni tfi 4 or € gees 
and cfuinge altitude rapidly to airo^d 
mcssites- If you stick lo^he rules m 
ine 12 page rnanual you will bm afiie 
to escape every attack TnadisptAy 
ahowsa >adar picture whN you m 
the centre, target to be bombed, and 
endiTiy po^iiioris The^e areai^o 
detail i Ike speed. riead<ng, rale oi 
ciimti. tariiei distance and eKira 
messages for enemy attack The 
poorvenafion of atEack and ilow 
displey aiwed (a ASIC} ai^l Ihe not 
loo esGltifi$ grephiCAaFe * bit or a let 

il )foy W tn frfithiii^iil o1 RAF sti^g 
you mty ip^rflcnia ilt# Bitr« 
m*4t»i*t it ftve ^09r«m ^i wtm%n 
tVifi UJTFOy«f 


Siriliiy ijyi thi dJcti^niry. Ii 
Sinertftlilp. tfii irt gl wir: 
pninigimint ol in irmy eir irnri lit in i 
CMIiilgn - trial novlng rd Sipping 
tnwt if thkpi 10 II to iiqpou ypm 
tht em my the plici ind limt ind 
eflidtlbans lor {tghUne pnltrnd by 
anisin/ Tht btfl tlnlogv gimi 
imtnpt 10 ilmulilf ml condiilknf in i 
«ldi uictrym lihtiDl} or iclMtlti. 
ind UK vou ta niiaigi ysur loreii. 
■hilliir My li iTMlii M ind niw, 
ef iti iwtwirt «wl hrce. Mail 
eMGLiUir vtriioTis »ri fiimttiy gamai. 
II n't imporym ic^ i3i ibit iq u^ii 
ttim tor iMthtr cortvtnlinl tlnm 


Sttrt off wirh £3 milhen and lumm 
H^io C30 mitiion «r»i:i tnlct 0¥«f BritktJi 
A4fw«^ Nifmclcs. ilnkM. snihOI 
ift^ nt^r^ luAt so«lt ill tilct th«ir 
lOM If yi3utn|iDysir«ifrg)irg«rri«s 
rtv&ivkng troyne] «mpir« ^uiidin^, 
m*n CCS ftr« |-h4 paopl« tor you 
Cl4ir tHxt an^d illutrriti^n urapHiCi. 
Good wtltit *or inon#y 


Pros^uCfl/ iR^c/Sfli^. ^JINOJS 
ApocUyp Ml' It ■ gam* of nyclttar 
<j«iv»if*li<ni it $ 9 long two-iidsd 
^Dftd flTid i 0im« tor 1 -4 piftyert it 
Cin tak« C»*tWf*en lou^ houri an^j 
lam y«Art lo pity ii^ il yoy oiiigro* 
!ht KvnirlD. R«d Shm ha^i al h-ers 
to add on A lar^ Ml«ction ol maptt 

■nyiivti*r#and alAlmotl any pariod 
Yo^ Ml up mt«mplnH. tMir 
c«ntr», |5«ir aimiM arid w«ip<Hiry 
th^f t$ i vflfy liftK^^lQ gtfnt of IMl 

war fr9fii«o¥ wh^h tP>&iji<a ittw thi 
addi^ f oii^ fori long, long tifw 
V«rygf>c>d viiya 


PrQi$tic*f CCS. W.'4m£B'€B00 
Voy hAvQ A rtiill^on ir^ capitfll Ar^ 
muii incr«aB« Ifia Ig 25 milhon in 
1 h fliri on«fl¥ po«ibl9 lim t Tha 
pfOtit^nrtft you rnuti ^pv vriHt 
inciudfl wary fthartthoidtni vnho aiv 

watcHl^g your «v#ry in OV&. 
aturuing your pwlofmanctAn^ 
who may wen forctt yO^ to mign il 
you re not doing w»l1 Inltgl^on, a 
BluggrHi «canomy ancf coplouii 
iErlh^i i.r# olti«f proOlOmS you wilJ 
ffece jn in^ ikv^ly «ni«gy ff om QCS 
111 aN irflfy wa^l »iin§ fa»1 fooff. but 
now fm^ IS tnti moTMy^ 


^/^{^a# 7#^prirfO^. 4^^ £5.06 
^Eifftor ^man MMnMUtid 
Th« gam« (• fof 2 lo i piaytrs A^^ 
laKn you b*cit lo m«di«vai timtt 
id pa n If rn o ne nol#d 
anachronism) At Iht tlafl of IfW 
gairk«flA£^ pliyor n a wardad a 
civtto. landf . MWh-afi and money In 
iHi fofm of 'dublOorll^ Th* obj«cf 4i 
to plam your a^qreA^, ftvd your 
worfcan. tihtt rurctnariai Eir^d r9#d 
thtm), buy t^tn wftapom and raid 
y&urn«»phboufmg baroni lo lake 
monie^y , sia v&i a nd la nd Sktv«t an 
uuful bvciyfta ihay do- at f^w^h 
«of*£ Hi yoyr iMirltm bul only ell 
hAif at mycti food THe weapon ■ 
your fnarcffnarifla carry dafMinid on 
Whit you f p«i^ ai>d can inctud« 
tatftfi I?) TTive ftrv ndufal e^rttaA^tan 
lo coniand mih like plague and rati, 
and 4f you feed yout wofktra 
^ener CHjily Iheyll g^i ve blrlb to 
baoiei^ Qi met of baivwen 5 anes 5J^ 
movet may be pre^etoctad. trve 

Winner b<»ng th« fiioit powerlyl 
burort at in« end of rhe fleeted 
number of ma«e» Triere are no 
grephics to spnak of $fid th« 
reejponae Umm^ am quiii! ton^, 
Overill CRA^N reling 4«% If youVe 
Ina^foitp 8ASIC 


PtO^iK^t CCS, 4fflf £SiW 

If you'va 0v»r Ih Ought ebOiil putting 
the Bnitih car mduarr^ &ack on Hi 
leal, hern I youf cnanceP ¥ou AJ'e tfie 
Chairman or a iniali iponi car 
G^Onftpany, and by carefai 
manogefneri you muif eccymytata a 
bank biianee of £1 .&0D OOO Ai itie 
tiari yDLi are pfeienied wMh $ bar 
cnafi ihowing me iojt 6 moniri« 
pFOducthon. tijiiograiTi ihowing dayf 
loii ovflf Liii montnt. a itiiyt 
reE^-on. and a barik accouni and 
prorn/ioiiaccoum lof eac^i month 
Mom I hen on a monThEy option 
rfienu aiio^i you lo: open a rtew 
pipdiiciion line, cioae one. rm^te ifne 
prjcei of cari lowa f inem. or 
cDniinue qn wnti me orH^r probiami 
in hand. Thett include annual pay 
negohatlHonaH indutirial m^yry, a 
wNle range of union demandi Ikiia 
longer lea breektand vhoriw 

workilng hoyn, and |flic[p)ilne 
probMin 1 1 Ike ptif erj ng The ga rr4 
offefi a wide range oi iiraiagLc 
opiions ar>d tahei mio accoynl me 
morale ol your workforce if you are 
looaytocrmitc Good^. c leaf ten i 
gfiptiic* back up me well moyghl 
oul progfttm. 

Pmdycef CCS. 4$K mOC 
OMycornbilli, limetogel yoyr 
rian^i dirty down on yoi^r 30a&e 
larm^ fh ore's the buyiing ol teed 
crop EodD, ploii^ghing. planlmg. 
irrigating, ha/vefltins. storing, hmng 

of NandE, i^iying tfie oug^ arHa 
iieep4ng an e^ m t^e tAnk h^^mm.' 
Weal her pEiyt an important part, 
ar>d 4S y^yal wiin frvese garnet 4ite 
jyftt tin' I a doddle. Good, clear arvj 
colauifyi graphicti 


Pmkicm CCS. 4&K m.CC 
The r>irtieot ma cny hia beconte 
iyf^oayniiHiewMb^afidJFl The 
obfiol k§. ID ttka owr the E wit^g 
Empire o^r be rakan ow tiy ihem if 
y o y iDie. A m ap of the Dal lit am la 
dtvidiAEi mto a gr^d and you are 
Oflered the oplion of byymg up ihkaly 
14 lei lor drilling Vou can do iurveyi 
before or aHer by ying, move rige Id 
me ide, driH. lat up p^oduct^on ar^ 
burld p^pe Nnea the iti of a 
tucceiitui you ira me mora liheiy 
you are to be hii by labotag^e and 
olherdiaaaleri Oiipriceiiluciuate 
all iNa wMie, affecting yQut 
revenuee^ A good tirategy game or^ 
the whole, altt^iigti itie ran^kmi 
etementa dii *e»em lo i nirud e too 


One of ihe betl eeity gam«a irom 
OK. Vou'vi )uii becoma Pret^dent of 
l^ltjrnba.ane<)ualoPhal ban una 
repunlkc Your tmpn wHi be briaf ind 
unertviabie How long can you 
iurvive yoyr greedy tnd hated lecrei 
police, bullying army, trfiLiting 
guenHaa, botlieriOfiiBconirniei^ 
uTof-noee tondiowneri and^ revoti»ng 
piiianll? Money may bo l^iOffOwed 
frorfi me ftyat lans or Amif+cani jil 
rheyleelHkihi) Ai ihe game 
progresiet the q ptions run thort. 
Cir^ you maka rt to i wealthy exile of 
will you die ai your poei^ 

Wnteyour own machine coae savmtures 

WithQui AfJV knowltage olimckinc mae wmtsoeim' 

JHEQUKL u ■ Buior Mw ulilily wtifltn iri ttuikut^ toam wkwli uJ 
evtn me fwwt wowm^^ntt to ptoJucr kjip-ipcTe inacnin« €o«c 
■laveahjrct ot iUfhrriot qtuility lo ippny avaiLibU *t me moment w^notit 
my hiio^lcder ol Ducninr cvMir wkpltpryTr. 

U^rq; a mimmk iwcti^ti fyilta you may Hmaie iw^ w^r poo locstiang, 
JdCfikc difiii mni eoniMct romw bctm^ tken. You m^y tkm iiU (km 
witk o]i|ei]a aaJ diqUcw pi ^nur ^^okv. rumij f cMn Jo*» edv«filuiv 
jreu nay ilt<^ *nJ e^peruneEit wiiJi smy j^c^wi wim ikr ^tai^a ol caj« , 
A pert fcifiii«l aJvcniyjir raiy H laWJ lo tape lor mt€r t^^nipledoiu 
Wlum yuu kaTE Jk^ic *&7HEQUILL will allow jr^M lP pr^ucv a aapf of 
ytnii Aclventufe w-hkn will run iiukpcHcntly cJ tnc i?u,iri QUIH e^lttori 
•o tkii nv lu^ jiYff ci»p« v^*^ 1^ ^oin irknM. 

TNEQUUlt il pfovidea wiiii ^ JctailrJ rmtKiiJ mAmuJ wrikli coven every 
upect Ol iu yae m wiifiiij idvenfiiRni 

FOR THE 48K SPECntUM AT £14.95 

Now m'ailahtr in W H Smith , and from many 
computer shop^ n£iiionwid€t or" diftCtfrom u^ by 
post or tetephonr. 

SAEf&rpilt d€imis ofour rang«t. 
Dcmler enquires wriccMne. 


J€ Hawtbom Ra«4 

Credii Card Order Une 

f^notMif iMMwd for 24 hoiin 

•022241361 Ext430 




You nmmlO dtyt to reich tnt 

limited fund} (montv COfTi#i In irom 
tpoRiori it you fteem to bv dorr^ 

yoii'v* roroeiitr^ 1 buy « ^diO) Vou 
mim hir* S.h«pu with tkiffitiv 
rtvrii* ind vtrying t Wnftht iml tht 
hiliit 01 dMSftkng you tf v^ti'fv not 
ftfjpfOPffty Tri«ir pqyipfn«ril «nd 

Iili* nowtm N#At g r Aj^hici « n ci th« 
fifmitif proinpr menu tof Isu^ing And 
fACving About it lAiitf 4om»#iiiim9 
into and dtriy e k p#dPi i on » uiu«i i y 
Ml A fhort lim* uniil you reilM 
whil'i n9«d^ mOft A good 


^rod£/C«^ CCS. ^AK iBOOrfi 
4Lrrf»or i>aoir?reft 
Th« ob|tci dT thifi amtAmg gmmn »i 
10 become top 6og ot Sp«cirAi Oly | 
Y<IU>« gA n g !• id^r u p ■ gainli 4 < 
oiNif fivaJ garhy^i iryifig lo own IM 
ciiy 1H rough op*r«iJi>g ip«Aii«iiai«fc 
di 111^ kttf 40ft, cc»ino»ir>d brqirvitt 
Till* C«n tM? done by buying up 
vftnauft joii^ts, riiomg it^oA* ol youi 
rivAli. bribing lh« approprialft 
Auti^ofiiitf, ■s&BiainAlingyt^ur nvpt 
f jing i««d«ri «rKl g wwrally c w fyir>g 
on u^ An yu*f ^oiiar Th# f occasi 
ol your otng «ili r*ly heavily on thwf 
numberi^ tiiC|Uipm«nlAnd mOrfie, All 
ot which muiT be Cir^efully 
iflgy lAied T h« ga m« tDtPo^i tl^ 
rredfiion-Ai sir»i*gy foimuiA of i^iioi^ 
nvenuten^i rMuM« The Moral 
MAjOf ity m unlikiiely id approval 
Qood VfJLH Oviretl CRASH reUr^ 
59% Otf<rf ^iliiLli«v*lt SASIC 


You Ate PfiJ^e Miruftler qI GrvAt 
e#tLAln And your Aim if lo vley 4n 
po#«f Aft long Ai you cAi^ H e^ mg 
ciiOA«n wiiicii pAHy you wkf h 10 
rspreMf^i you Am pfeftenieei i^itrv ihA 
iiAie ol ih« neNon, tNe rAlie Qf 
inllAlion^ unemployment rAie. 
AjicKAnge reio lor thi> pound Mn& 
doller, your popu^niy rAUng, 
r4|ion't OAlenCA At ih^ bank er^d to 
on f ACtor$ taken into Account aia 
populAiiQn liguft* end rel«iionih^p 
of QAPt lo cHildren. nymtwr ol 
comp^i«A la butinfw. tax income 
from veriOM« iOyrCM. expandMure 
lor ihe previOijQ y*ef . And iha pta^m 
ol comrAddiiifrA Ti^hgenerAi A»m 15 
toworh, idwAidftlhed^n^ril 
Etoction and wsrt it A highly 
com plat program ^^v^iach laket you 
10 itiA irvN<i» oi Eiecnon ^4tgh| — and 
beyond ill you're A auccma) 


tr^e O0|*ci 1 1 10 w m mora teatf 1 n 
pAriiAin«ril than youroppoevtion {lii 

A fee ki it^e w »^ u ti^ » on a ny*Ay ) There 
are lObconitiluencivi iplit upmlo 
five faororti In AACti region tealft Are 
grAdtlif Very 3«Te Sire, Mtrgir^ai 
Of Very Mergtnel Ffom the nti* cerd 
of M Aggie f houiirg iht gAfne'i ml*. 
n't All go Untortuneieiy to miKft ui 
Ifio game i& a dic4-rh rowing board 
name an.cj it^ ip^ei by pi left ot 
C onl u ai ng if^itruc 1 1 ofi p Ai complex 
Ai An eMplerkalkon of E»nftliin'ft 
reiatmiylAWft lntt)«end. rAlher 
bo^ tog to play 


This ^i A t*o pjjwT gAffle Gt^At Uncta 
AfbulhnOE iftdflAd and you inliefH 
Ni entire eitAle. bul Ur^t youmuet 
pro^e your fine^kAt acumen by 
lurnNig £10.000 iitto £IQO.OQ0 m M 
wAAlci Iky invwling or^ tiiee toc^ 
merfiei er^d iht Wetir iHChAnge Yoii 


CAT! Alio gwnbie At ih« c»»ino at ai 
Ihe tACAA Only on coriipleling pAft 
Ofw cAn yoil Eopd part I wo. here you 
rkAve got iti* menor house plu« itt 
ellfng tofl drif^iu factory The Aim it 
10 tind 1^ e*Cf«i for mute for 
ParedH^CoU end iucce«i1uiiy 
m*rH*l Ihf drrf^H wnditcop^Fig wilh 
f If Of . 11 nfcAi and jf aud i Th e g Artna \ i 
alt iflKl botif movei AI a lively pace 
and lA pteyeble from the itad 

A text ftUAiegy game m wfiich yD.i 
Aft JothyA. hAve a go At brir^in9 
i3owntnewAidtolJflr^£ho Youafa 
provided witit ceitam ftiegt 
kmp4«m«ntA like MUltlee, C^Aliering 
tmnm, lowete end carta, plus 300 
men The Art ti 10 ai*]gn men lo 
panlcMlAr taiki fithi\^ ^^g'^^g ^^^ 
me n*c4SAifwii oi buNdmB funhe* 
Aiegeenglfiei.gAtriering ihe 
maierialTor them, keeping lood 
luppfiet Mp ernr atiBciikAg itie weak 
point A of lUe wAlled city . un fed mmt 


Pr^dticm ArttQ4W.£S.95 
Aa tbe iiije tayi, I h la It a compuier 
UgtAW p^yfii* The program conteim 
2 pteluf**, An 04d ileAm li am and St 
Oeo-rge AFtd mn Dragon Bcih 
grapl^^ftarA very nicely done ar>ti 
can be leen for A i^eAh during me 
loading, or on pre4t»ng |he HeJj3 key 
□tinng p4ay Ihe piclu^es are divided 
up mio sduareiand muddied u^ 
Ydu uiA the cursor hflys lo fthu-Hle 
ttiAminiD Ihe CO' rod ftequence^ 
Depending on ihe teleded Akiii ^vei 
Itiere Are more or le» iquArns lo 
ihutfle. Our rAvLewen Eound ihf^ 
gem* amusing And O^rip^yK ai rir$t, 
Oul unabkt lo hoKI rhe Allen Eion lor 
long Over All CAASh reiitig 47%, A 
ge^e iwil h a difference And 1 1 kely to 
Appeal TD puf ziwA^ 


Protfyce^ MC LO/H^oriifl. 4$M, £S.5G 
LothlOf ven ftpeciAiiie m baii^ 
ilrategy Mrar games wfiich reomii 
hourt !□ piiay proper iy, invottfing 
miHlary undi ol varyir^arErenglnt 
ervd reiaied weApon.ry,lACh player 
I n turn I i Allowed I o move ftome or all 
of h4Ayniiii !h*ir pie-ordemed 
niinit>*r of i^u Area .and! hen u»e 
ihem to attack The game ti sel in 
Ihe Amenc An CiwiL War arid ihe idea 
rt lo CAplufA Iha enemy unil'i flag 
ThegrephicA rend to be Am an lo hi m 
ev4f ythii^ and ii lAkei iofne time to 
fit the h ADig of how to plAy but once 
lhAr» done mere'ft hours of run i} 
you l»ke wrArsTrAEegygAiTWi n hat 
proved very popular 


Aroc/ucAf Virgm G^/naf. 4dK £5 95 
Atttttoi StWf^f^ WaOO 
Thift i% A puf ztv game where Ih6 
obfeci It JO fri 22 i>rreguierty »hA|»d 
pi«c*l inlQ a iquAf A ihaped grid On 
Ihe lelf i^i Ihe taiinh grid, and lo fh« 
right the 22 hrAr* -coloured HhApM. 
ea^h identified hy a letter of of tfie 
aipitAbet To III apiece you i*i*ct 
Ihe one you want by prv^iing ihe 
appro|>rial* key. whereupon a blAck 
Corvor dcri appeeri m itie grid HArhloh 
CAfl be moved by uftang ihe curtorA 
m the cenire ol where you went the 
thepe htted lihiAia the gndsouirf 
wh^ch corre^pondi to the fquere m 
the »hape where tt% identify 11^ tellef 
ift iituaiedji ttie^hape may be 
rotAled before furling u^mg key II 
may A lid be removed if om me gr^d 
by uiing key R Looki Aiinpie but 11 
y kety 10 take e player a forng ume 10 
idri out And il you like 1he«e puf xIaa. 
olfeff good value Overall CRASH 
ralingS^ WC 


Producer Vtrgtft Garm^ 4il£ £5 99 
4i<rl/i0r, J^itn Huffi 
LoAi tf a graphic lyrvivil Adveniur*. 
You At* toel in A loreil deAf mg. 
Aurrdondfld by moaniAint Mriih only 

5 d eyft aypp I y of f dqi^ Tnef e a/* 
animalf And tnaket lA^ich pof? up 
now And again and may be kit red IP 
you're quic k e nough off f he m arli - 
Of fliey may {|el you A compj»* jrji 
of grap^^ iymboift at the iiari loJia 
you whAt you are teeing. Iruit ireet. 
c Avee. wAler, •vttlementi ef c ¥ ow 
can moir* 4 cti aractera at a 1 ■ m* b ut 
ihjt ailowAnce ^ecTAftUi over ponr 
larra l n ^eMhar playi; Ah i rn porta nl 
role AmJ between #ath mow* f h# 
weather loreeaAi ia dlapleyfrd Th ii Ib 
built up io sJowly It hfrnd«fv |h* 
gam«almo«i unpiayatiie ahera lew 
mmuliei, Colour, g raphici and 
iound Are ail Qy tie well thovgh out, 
bul in the end it bei^omee more 
betilingihAnBnloyAble Keybda^ 
letponAA Ia poor, no loyAlIck option 
gerteral raNng average CRASH 
over All Sr% BASIC 


ProducBf MC Lomiofmn. 4m iBS& 
If youenioyeil Redw^ed'or JoKnny 
Rm then fou wJli find Par Aft a 
auilabie fo^fow up The oO|«ct i% lo 
bring Ihe wAr lo a iwih close by 
dettroy tng the #n«m/i Nne oi 
comimun nation — a bridge To do 
ihJfl your fS men aredfopped behind 
enemy iinet They may be equipped 
with S differefii weapomend an 
unl \m tieo numt>ef of gt*iiAd«A. Aa in 
the prev»ou9 wAf gMnet each mAn 
may be n-Mjwed eccording to a »lf ict 
table of ftguArfri Allowed, And then 
Allowed to f »re oe^oie the enemy oei 
their turn unuhe irieS premoiis 
titi^ PerAi hiA lar more 
comp^eAities buirt in. and will pfovide 
endietA ivn lot ^«er gema addicti 
Bright grap?iiC5. bul many Ay m bolt 
todigeil Qoodinfttrijctiorii 
Aocioeed on a bAAMeri 


Fr&diiCmr CCS. 4«jK IJ&M 
Amhor D Q Ev^am 
Piyndef it a ptetiy mettiye tirAtegy 
geme where you find yo^reatf In 
commarvd of a Bfiliih Qalleon wilh 
the ob|ect ol stopping She Sp^ninrdi 
Irom ruhnung gold from the Mew 
UinOA 10 Spein There y% e s.hort 
medium and lor>§ game option with 
3 tki<li leve^ A for each The tcreen 
givM you A high retoluhon mflp of 
the North A t^an lie, divided mto 
fau«re«t?yagn(f Youmoneyoyr 
ihip Aboul wFfh the curftorA, teeklrtg 
Bnm my gaMeonA. I roopthipi and 
baiiieihipt iPoneitencouiritefed 
yo u mAy alt Ack or rel re ai AttACking 
glv«A the op^ofi of linng or t^Hirding 
Of both ^IrtrvgcMl A gAlleonmaybea 
miMAke - if LI ikokt than you lot* ilA 
go^d DependingoTiyourbATN* 
AUCcete Ihe morale iaclor of your 
crvw goet up Of down Th>efeer* 
fteveral porf i open to you which 
muAE be ^ntATfld vm An Arcade tlylo 
ft«q utf^ce for dock 1 ng In port you 
may lakeort extra crew or weaporiry. 
hav* fepBirt mAO« buyioodjewvM 
or Of lum. or letl il you already have 
eny ThedltplAfyinioffnifty{}uaiall 
iim«ft of the gold stopped gold 
Acquired end tpeni. weathw 
condHboni (whlcl^ AFfect finding 
AnAmv thipippitigj. number of 
viGlorwA. fn«n loit, ihipa tunk And 
toon Th* length of the fame ta 
delerrttined by tt>e nymber ol movet 
you me he end ihAteereAHo 
d^tpiay td AI h n aU. an ante n aimrf g 
gAme. but on* thAl can beco^tte 
repeikhv* with playing. 


PfDi^ucef CCS.4Bi^£BW 
Ar^oihef ttan^j^ from CCS in 
which you get only 12 weohia to 
meke ihe protit which W4ll aiop the 
bank frOtft doting down your 
jpnnting buiineAA Work ichtdLtliirig^ 
itefling, purct^apng and etlimAtlng 
to ciientt for in*i r wof k are airned to 
ten yoyf buiinetA acumen iol))e 
hi H . Each monin you rac-eiva a 
bilenc4 thieet to tee how wen you 
have dorw. th^ ii a leKi game with 
opf ion nvnut 


ProduCAF. MC Lomtof^ft. 4SU £4.50 
irt a good p* ic* bul r*i<Acti ihe fed 
that in 4 tt an updated 2x91 pre^fim 
arid lookft Hke it A 3 phite natfat wti 
game which gjvet you command ol ft 
RoyaJ HAvy thip fighting French 
PrliMtrnti. II It A tutlabid gmme for 
an IfLirodudion into the whofe bAllla 
Atralogy irqe. but loo iimpie for 
herderwd verfefAna 


PfC<SuCtif MG Lomi^iM. 4m( £5 M 
Thit Ii a mm nme iimuiaiion ot 
World War I plane to plane ««f M 
combai with you, Ai the pilot of a 
Sopwiih CAmeL pritedagairtti air 
acet of the Germen eirforce A n^ain 
menu ofleri © ophonn: Enaffiy plane 
ftpoiurvg. wNthal lenglh thowtyou 
whal Art enemy plane it do^ iig 

STAphic^iiy. Treimng flight wh^h 
iFf^liAPJset ^ou wiih fhecontroit 
and grAph,ic dL^pifty Le^t of p^y ^ 
|h«re are 19, CAmpAigngiine, in 
whrch tr>emy plenet arAwnt up 
agairvil you. detlgn your own gem«. 
where you can aPler Ihe 
B pacific Ation^ of Che pianei arKi 
p] 013. and Ou tt t rvB ma in probie m 
wiih wtiAl mighi bee reAity good 
game It that the^OCkpit vnew it v«ry 
di »or heni mg Ff a n enemy it behind 
you. you get A view ov«r the back Of 
youf plane, which dpeant laem very 
reahflic — 11 a almoit At though yOu 
were nying beckwerd t or iidewayt 
if you took ieh or nght CorM/oUvrhg 
your aircraft lake* aome geftting 
y»ed lo and Eh« reel lime elernem it 
llkery to put off fhooi em upaddictt 
Howflwfif . for Ihote whoeri^oy 
i4mu lA|;io^t, tti'it On* rvpftHenli 
ieiriy good vAlue fm money 


ProducAf MC LQihii^i«n, 4&H £5M 
A ACenAf J bOf rOWiK$ f r om H O Wettt 
put! you in charge of London A 

defend? ?n:3flini1 Iheinvedlng 
Mtr --^achrnea whitjiiiemh 

ten * ,^ ee-d 1 h reata ni !o p ut 

you^ uruss j^ul of Action at II growt 
dc^o$$ me map, You navn meny ar>d 
nAried unlli ffom heavy Artillery fo 
I lamethrowert \ uied age intt tfie 
redweedl Your enemy l« thro* war 
mediinet anoyour taik ii iq out 
ihiihkthem SmAll bul vPfectm 
grap^iCi And a menu driven gAme 
where you end the Mam tarn lAk* 
your lurptft ^n A very civiNted mAiuiief . 
Fiheen ftkil-l level b lo l#«l ydur 
lACiicaJ abiiiikei Good value fo* thts 
popular gAme. 


This i » «rf or i g i n iP il ritagy/pu rf ifl 
qfini *^*r* you miiiti m-q^v* a Torch 
iroi>nd ihe ed04£ af a 11^ by 12 o^^d 

invkftibE« mirrofi by aoeing Mh wa ihi 
lxHt:h beam In renvcle^ Voy ctr> 

t^« b«flm IS ref Jeclecf whin 1^r«^ 
you miy ih#n «i#ci fa gmesft th9 ctH 
I n wh i Ch th e m I r^ or is pia cad an d 
th#n I Is 1 ng l9 If y oy am nro n g you 
ioe« p^mu anij you ^p^nd ft point for 
*yiefy Fifing of thn lorcn Th» 
graplilcf^ if* simp^t b>ui e^fectiv^ and 
It r«qijir«« guit« a bil oT l^l^king 
LiitAty Id p»ll «itn much playing 
howtvfr Over «u CRASH raUnfiiM. 


In thLa caai of ihouiands it is the l^r^l 
century BC and you are lh# 
E mp^jQf i A worh.i ng kn Diiirf9dg« oi '4 
Claudrus' might b« uipfuf butiin'l 
etstnEFfti)" Wha^ you nave to do ia 
iimpay conquer E«n c<runlNt$*hich 
hiie- you. and c£q tPiifi wiping out 
CtiBir troopi (und^f-paid and u^dor- 
E/ained) with your iO,CK>0 rr en Th4r« 
art nrn« ^en^ralt en your $4d«^ 
mc^Liding yourielL and tB l4f}kOfttOl 
S.OOO men each. Th# id»a ii 10 buM 
up armies ironi Ihi men. appolni 
genera li and Iftunch Cftrnpaigns ti^ 
peftueda Ui« barbarian h^rdei how 
wondfertui life uti^er The yoke can 
be. Thffre l«¥i>Ls Df diffiCijiiy. 

^fotfu«#f. WC Lom^ormn, i^K £5 SO 
V-Dy ar»e SamyraJ warn or Uvutg 
dunng the K amahyra p«4iod in 
Japan t1 1^-1 333] . Tnara art no 
bonif$ point* fof luilhftg Riclvtrd 
Charnbortatn, but ihvr^ ara foe 
dafeatm^ yoyr oppontnta and 
surviving inio o»dag«. Youean, of 
courifr. coinm^ Seppuku If you 
1*0 uid faih#r up against ¥&u ere ai* 
^f'Oups of toandili and nifio olf^sr 
lamgrai otdifferlngapiiitit^. any of 
wliofri Tftfty p« iupAFior to yours*lf 
Cfiairengtq and hunts occur m 
»impi#graptiicaene] are noE v«ry 
good Ras u i it are m d i r ect re la 1 1 on to 
tnecombaianis'atrangtN Sa«ma 


Tri4» can't go under an 'arcade' 
haadkng end sihould probably b# 
c ntigina cl to the dii al bl nan yway 
gut if anything do0i ccfn« into thit 
OirriD It la a toucti of afrai^gy and a 
n»ll Df a lot of luok Tfw object ^i lo 
e«l your «l#clronie coni« dog to Mrd 
a h»iS of aliMp into a pen and 
prevanE tti«m d^rowning or Chomping 
ina cropa ifi all i ncred i bEy aJow and 
IfrdiOuf io play, ir^d very @ASIC 


Pf&Qfyc*f. Richard Sff0pifmii. 4M 

You an otftcer in mm Royat N siry or 
mt I7tft C*niyry. ^n command of a 
tblp 0f m« Hna in Eh# M^^ierraiwin, 
and the otrjcct rs to do batlle wjlh 
Qtbaf aNpa in ord^r Eg win favour 
with yotjf superiors t ne- ship Jn 
quevlion in a cutt«f with a cr#w of 50 
Pre&^Eng any kay g^vea you a g^phic 
^lew oi lhe »«a. If a Bliijp la aighioid 
yo u may engage h e* Or run titiould 
you «ngage you aro icid th« anoimy't 
atrangih. If yoti w^n the «ivcoufiler 
yg y miy ? i n K the ahip Of It may 
turren^r. in which ca^« you win 
prlza money Ail Ffrdil a ralh^r simp^ 
and und«mar^ding gama wiih law 

Fypducar QuvcAfjp/va ^^ ££.A^ 
Hi 1 75^ and you an on e t^unt lor 
B^achtetrtfalamous treftaur«. 
hidden in a CampJex of cav«i on lh* 
nofin Comis^h Coaat T ho program 
buibiwi away at you in ptrateaa* ot 
the'Argh^ Jim iad. me icuppar, thair* 
e be, type Tho top halt of tfi# 
»cr«an Gontaina w«ll ^aaignad ar^ 
inttanlly eppaarmg location 
graphica. but the gama ga^ 
nowhare It avtrnt impoaai^t to gel 
b&yond the firai few loCaliona and 
ihe>n It {leaaat to b^ any lun 


rv« b«an lold ihalt Ihia game It now 
martcaifid by CDS Wicro Sywem* 
but I hey havan'l confirrned that yet 
In any «^i«r^t it i» a ioliy ^f^o orig^nai 
mijctgra of atcade toil* wMh 
lm% E/g raph ics a ^vantura vvh ich 
ihouid k«ep you on your toea uniut 
you're a D^D puful. Tba idaa ha Ip 
taliA your party of atrand«d 
vxplorara acfofa an i viand tnf^iaitf 
w jth h I gh I y intalt^nt widlHt wHh 
university dagr^aa, end baft«f w^th 
nalLvei who lArani to bar^nr aw<y 
th#i r lood and me n 1 r*pi aco thel ' 
eatan by the miin Or the IntelNgenl 
wikdiifa. Onco you iiava vmi%^ a 
vlllaga it d^ppaafa forever 
preturriabiy wip#d out ihrougn fack 
of fvalatinc e to lom a v ii a while 
man a dfv«aaa, but ri teachei you 
caufion Inyoiir^argakning, II you'ia 
gvtting aHortoJ «Kpiore-rs (iweal in 
you^ parly, toamg iham all maana 
d#alh to the p^fsym The mam ob(9cl 
If lo lind the only boat, buy It and 
^aii away Uam tnn hAagni.Fi 
Magnuaton madhouia Ey#ryanimar 
-eneduniarad haiaoma probt«m foe 
you. sometimta tla an arcadv tlyla 
aiiuatiofi,aofi»tim«« iNary wani to 
know thi anvwir TO a difficult 
mathematical problem. If you fail a 

mombar of your party gm^ satan. 
^Jic« ot«ar gripn^^and a vtritabla 
MGM mutical aeora mal^aa iNaa 
M^flfy an^oyat^iagarne 


Proaucw: JRicJftartf Shmphmd, 4BK 
£6 JO 

C rois a nd racrotft th« wof Id m 
a«arcn of D^ Daa4h'i aaerai Idand 
I air F uii of cQdad maaMgi and 
piiz^ioa, myitarlouipackagaa, 
wait rvavos , h otal ma na^^ra. tea i cab 
drivers and th* i ^k* && wa ry of 
iMirc^laand flowars matuKpiod^arid 
watch out lor Di' D«atii i nornd iMUc 
midgut II could t» a lively and fun 

Jiama to play, but m tn« and il Hittlai 
or mef« cdnfuaion which lenda io 
*»v tha player down H you uko thu 
typa of gama, protiabiy worth t1 


^fOddfCflf JU^rpgvrTp 4BK £5.95 
Th ki IS ft game in wh tch you mual 
lifid Ehe piQoai of your cratr which 
h«ve twan acaltamd lhroy||hoiil bni# 
owing lo an aooidant in virarp-apace^ 
ThofughOul your quvst yOu mual 
bafatHi yourialf kom th^irihabttant^ 
of Ihal iTme, such as a bunch of 
lloman aqldl-ara in 137 A0 Tha 
acf ean d tapleys your ettackart 
weapons yoy may pic^ up, and iht 
aaitfagapJabitaof yoyi cfih a* we^i 
as yourself. To tht right ii a atatua 
Eabto and balouir a f«ri#a of l«xt 
options Which are activated by 

Ca4ng iheda«irad initial iatiai 
m optiona allow you to move 
acf o» th« scf 06fi. c hooaa l Na 
dl^rectlon. and attack, pick up. 
change weapons and so on TIvb 
game haa vary limited graphics and 
If nefther aicade nof r^aJiy an 
adv«nlur$ It daimii ro bo m raal time 
(a cfcM^k ficka away witn evary mova 
mi^a) but a$ na tfa^ad ac/oaa aorta 
of time th^ im acarcaly poutb^. 
Poor OrafiK CRASH ratkng ^5% 


Pwducm^Lngmnii. 4SK £t4.§Sffi 
Valhalla Is mucti too lengthy and 
complicated lo go mio in a brief 
r«vi«w It bcsaits iha b«ftt aninufad 
graphics man adventura y«L 
numarout locationa. iota and ^w of 
inia r- read ^ve cfiaraclafs who carry 
onwiin Or* wrinoutyoy. andtciiiaach 
other oft al^ over tha pface Inter rupl- 
opvralad lejit input allocs you io 
type in commanda wTiii* other 
actiona ara lakmg placa and the 
program eo€«pt» eiuii$ compticaifici 
i«rti«tvcaa Thart ar« »iK saperal* 
bul Hnkad quasit although much 
fun may be Had jt«i iivmg JMa aa ii 
ciiifnaa in Vaihaiia Accompinked by 
an excaiiant book i^hrch tniii you aJl 
you nead lo k now i n rfo^ non^^ni^a 
lap^uega Eitptfunre ^m^ worin hi. 
although thar* wtf* minad laaiingi 
about tha u^ lim itt value ul tha 
gama'i ctniral ob|»cil¥«i Overall 
CRASH rating i2%M/C 


PrO^vcm CCS 4WC £3^.00 
Author PA MBirtiwCFW 
The inlay says thai aklli insptfation 
and caicubal«d ^ Mk are Ihe metri 
IngfOdienta of auceeaa ^^ytn Imwiu 01 
play allo^ you lo move and si ore 
floods, buy goodi. sen fhom. buy a 
boat sail n. and tioftauit the banl^ 1i 
ka itiB 19th century and the ob|aci is 
lo amass a ioriuno of £250.000 by 
imupglinggooda In tram I ha 
Madilarfanaan (evo^krvg ^hipapf 
I ht Li rial l^acloff lo )uggke with 
include Cr«w4^oita, commodity 
cotli. i^ort duet, maintananca coati. 
a^ia of veaiai arid how tftr it ean 
aafaly trawl and at what load^rrg 
Random e4amanti inciuidQ f ht 
weaiher. wmch mfty sink your veiaai 
or run il aground, and there are 
aJwnya ina pr^laa lo waioh out for 


Anoltier laxUtrat«gy ^anw Irom 
Lolhiorran 111 th# Fiflh century BC 
and Athans k»bas«i by hoMiie 
arfnlUK and f teats from ott>ar 
powerful Graek stai et as w«4l as lh« 
Persians. AU you have to do la 
SurviH^ long anough lo turn Athena 
Jnto iha n^oai learad aial* m itw 
MAdKlarrftnaan by building warshtpt, 
irainmg troops and fkgtitEng iMttlas 
by sea and by land No mention of 
{]«fnQC racy hare, and pTiiiosophy a 
StriClLy fOf the CLS:Sie» Not OHfl ol 
Iharr baat gramas, but r«asonably 


Prf>dUC9f MC ^OWlf0^iaJl. 4$K |3 50 

Thifi mrgni be seatt as a aeauaf lo 
Samutak Warrior^ a« M la set m th4i 
aarTHi counlf y and Iha same panod 
of t^ma. VoM ru4e a imaii leoastal 
village whkch luppcMi ilsaN by aJave 
labour and by raiding othar imail 
viiiagna in xurn your viilagi» may IM 
raldad tiy oihar i^iiiagaf or by tha 
pirat«s oH tn« coast Tn rs is a 
conaidaratMy txpandad gftm« 
comparad lo 'Samurai W^n&f 
Many ophont allow you lo iram 
Iroops from your villagari, sat soma 
a$id^ for land cuiEivaiion. hir* 
fiwrcaiiantts, attach p^raias. raid 
oliitr villagaa. hire samurai ancf buhfd 
ali4pa Tail only game AverasiB lun 


Ad VI ni Ufa gimti am In ill ^hipm 
mil iteiL Ttaf irt niNrlaintd, 
althouah griphlct art cfiin iditML 
lomairmat lor i tHiiiy ilticl. 
tomftjmit at tn Iniagril pirt of Mu 
ftm wUh tluss f^^t in Itia lait Thtra 
irt HiB in incrtailnj numbir nl 

!' raplilc aiivaniurar which cambini 
t ad^anturi lormjl wllh ar^iia ilyli 
griphl^. Thiy afa all I If* id hf m 
cwmiin Ihifni 0I 1 quaiL i inrch lif 
tiM ii|icl or aim ihrongh miny 


P.O duc^ CCS. 4BK moo 

In a fuddan gorge thiougn irm 
Mountain of the Golden Liofl. Iim 
(tie f orgoi te n AB Y SS @ut bra¥« and 
foolhardy a d^nturaff like you 
lomeiimfn itrive locrosa it, I half 
toi«< aim to dest^-oy the many #¥il 
monstefi Ihal lurk m the thedo*!. 
waif ^ng foi tha n^nl m^ml to (^rm 
sirol^ng acrois Iha many br^dgat in 
tne ABVSS. ScenaFhODv«r. the garrfea 
bagms Thascfaen pri^tantiyou 
with a yellow gf id. each crotalf%g 
point ba^ng a 'lurking' pfa^a 
Movemani n dona by iha cuiaors 
yniii you encoynier a monstf r 
T hea« tend 10 otfar you a range of 
prob^ma^ flka the Qgrv wno can't 
g#t hia aums right— oar* you m i5 
aaeonda? Or i^e arcade s^quain^ 
wherir f^u must tilt five falling 
spiders boforo Ehey re*cn ifm cm^ 
f^Oor Added dangaf a are Cracky 
bndgaa thai may collabpae ur>dar 
you By no mtina a trad4iionii DIO 
advanlurtt, but ear lainly on* fot 
quick ihJnking twols with 'O' IvhtIs 
to pasi< Good valuv lor tne pr bee and 
nosaf alfaaay 


Pro^ycff : Cgrmii. 4Sfi £f 50 
A mammoth yifidaftaking and orv of 
th«ctarl4ftat btg^advanLuraa. Il 
features graph icJi Nimg most oMhe 
acra«n, showing a map of itia 
^anouaiandacapaa ChooHiwhat 
c haractBf you wa nT to tia and lh en 
wade m lo hqt\i lh# inonsitaf& Far 
too comp^«K lo ceo luetics to m mm 


tphic«, byl pf yau m 16 p\mf M Mt 
i^i^ hourt fof ccvnttmplflh^n of ih« 
booh iDr ncTvirl orm rnigirii iviyt wMkii 
ouplivfitAvory'lfiir^ ^ndoed. youarii 

virlDiA itiE^s ind mmlc ov*r lh« 
dvy'i tv«4iti b«lor« p4unf|mg in 


PfOflftic*f CCS. -CflK £5 CWf f J 

ftd^f«ntiiirv. whcffft ttffr b«lll« iivid it 
mi dvpitift of n ID mait in Mrhict) 
virioyi co'npiuilap cqimponfuriti muif 
b« KocBlid ID build your o«n 
co^ptitfl^ Tfwy may b» Eyir^ tboul. 
they may b« hidden 4n^ f ii^tf «% 
thoy 1 m d«l,4n{£a^ by all lOTtt ol 
«factroi^c monsfepri y-^ii muil dff«ai 
Id ifliitiiniiLv«i^d pfognmiL Thf 
Hwn &kii1 l«ir*i» Are ritally 
€i$9t}0rkiii<^ by th« •^phJiTieAiloin ol 
iti# eom|)yt«r yoy i^tr^i to bi^iJd. 
cjch hBving 111 owh tlrfrn^gihi 
chincte^iiUci B»rtiM with ifit 
moi>»l4Fi miy ti^# ttit rarfrt of 
mtntai &q<uI$ tiiit 9p«riiifig t^itt or 
mjlhs qutiliQf^. or m#y fn«y I94 
p^yf i£i! wfiarv, for foMincit yw 
may niipo 10 (Jo i«fiii-4ix*dfr &»iil9» 
with cfoaa tsowi or ftwordi 
0r4phjc;4lly Iha toKl it pr«l1y c[«pr, 
but 1h«> inpuiiir(9 of comrntndt tf 
rith«r krfrialinf mnd 1h«r*'i loO much 
rfvtfM- Oulifn^ SOing on wttich iir«« 
m« tys, liftdlMnilMl r«tpoti«e 
i^m«ik Ovinll CRASH ratirig &!%. 
iv»ra0t GASIC 


CCS 48KE5 00 

Aythtir C Clupmin « G Brookf 

You Arm Arthur Por^Ptgon. ban^h«il 
trom Camf^ol by th^ vi^ii,#d BlACh 
KitpgjUL buT in unNrtoirn tUy htA 
lotin id y Qu 50 bsgi Of §0^ d pkK«t 
Vou my If trflirof ifOUfMJ if»d eoilecl 
i^wn ilvma thai #re huddon rn 
vvtotH GOufif rie« Thftet^i^n 
Ax^Bt wh«rtt you may buy iltmi to 
tivtp you. irid th*ta am oih«r mtm 
himifl Chil^mty A*lp ycm o ^w cotn* 
protHwnt Th«D«^iaimlD«^ii«c4!h« 
t#tf«n it«mtiFid r#^nlvr Giiriilot Id 
bi crowntd King TM fet 1 ffuphlot 
adv*ifiyr9 iivh*f« yoy mon Aitiiur 
and fut b*it^ 01 wamori iroufkd ft 
map tiy uctlng heyi HS E.W Al each 
ttop rht t^i^nt cult to i gripriic 
rtpf«t«nl< ng cftM M . lowfiB mn4 
dtntftni typM o4 l»niiieap«. In i«cl^ 
lh#ri H iOms uroMm lo Ovtrc«in«. 
Ilka i bind of brif irNdi wf^qni yoy 
iriAy fight or flefl Q^iitii tirvngrh a fid 
rtilpfur oh^icts already collvctid 
hilpdfflafniirHi iria outco^i Stiould 
yoii Win ihar* n a MmvtU option for 
motm umiul »lim& Th« graphics ar« 
t^noh^ and cJ«ir, rMporiM Mmm ar* 
f^iirly §QO^ And thii ynconvanllnil 
ad^ntura m»ghi well rr»iM tn 
allraclm chirig« irom iha uiyal 


PfOtftrCir C P Sd^wwrt. 4iM £J.9$ 
4yf^0r; i4d«f loM 
AliK nown ai A^sntuf* T by 
Ab4f toh. ihm it a iradkhdnal ityla 
idwniure iMttir« you muii l^niJih* 
, If aaiyrn l#ei b«hirj.d by a Wtiard. and 
in whii^ yoy w^H rriAvt ifttgont. 
irom. snaliifli and Ofhar dtf h 
d«fi4£«n« lAftfin iha pro^Fam hat 
fiiiifthiNl loadLmgi the AdvtnlyiH 
t^gin* iiftfttantlY wtlhoufl 
iniiruciioni ThvM ari availablw ofi 
eofnmapid Thttgamahtflticlly laxt 
only and Li»t rtptfi ioOfli^on* *h#ri 
If a¥*Fkifig Along, lay. * vaiivy 
Finding me cava m th« fir^i piac* hp 
alraady an adyintu^a ^n iisAif , ifid 
Iha whoii gtifi* may t"k* day*. avan 
wa«4^ to comple^ft Mlitlaclonly 
On* ol thi» ci4itic compyiar 
ip^H4inLuf« gam«t HicOfnmtniM] 

PftMttucmr l?jc^ird£ni«y^<f. 4$K 

A 3D graphic aHvantura whar* yoy 
fROtf* yow MHMf^a diyf f alorig Eht 
m% b«d avoiding alcetrk: a«it and 
crabi. ^oilacl ytsfyl tiwnit i<M 
narpoon gynt and harpoorvt. kn\^f^ 
and cotfnpaAMt. and try lo coll#€l 
Iti* rr«4ayi« hidden iom*wh#fo 
thAfwara lOQiicraifHto^e 
ipiviirtad Th«Mi«^ftgooddftabyi 
Iha graphfss ara Linl^l«o"lng and 
**iy. vary tlow Long load and 
minutaa 10 wan il you am lylfad 
bafor^ anolh»r gama may I14 pliyttd 


Tm« it maant to eonUin iwo gapr»a 
-HKThif y^u ani Brand progratt 
down through ihf dyngegnt, of yoy 
Stan at lti« bollofn and Eiy to gal oyl 
I ihoyght Eh«t it waf ge<n«ralty ih« 
caM wiihany adv^nlura 
10 ba a gflphlc advanlLifa.'bLrl tha 
graptiica ar fiitrictad 10 b\%c^ on 
gi'iiNt^ tquarta rfrpfaMnimg tha 
room yoy ara m and tha ontt niaar lo 
M. Monjlars apptif m Itxl Only ahd 
tva-m diipintmgly aaty IQ It ill Qtt. 
Slow ranpontvt and law I hrd it i^aht 
thki a bdfknnan^niy<nfrodyciion 


Aflic h«ve p^oducf^d five 1*xl only 
idvtntur«i 10 date. itttar*d A to E 
TNt tt ' D Datpila or bttcAr«« of. tna 
la eh of pkciyriii. ai thair ai^anfyrat 
a^a drippifig wiiti varbai almot^^a 
Tfiay contain andkama locat^ont. 
optiont. puf jiin to aoivt And ara 
mvm aV^aid oi th* moan obacur* or 
moat obvioyiof toluilona A^wayi 
t^calFa ns va 1 u* t^ ihit gama yo u ara 
on a rfrconna«miar>c9 iTighi to tpy 
on an trvamy itJand whan you ar* hii 
by f^ra Thaadwirnlui« bagina ko xrm 
plihAat il p^lyngwaarthwardt. 
Thifit ar« many langiat w«tn ina 
panchuift b«f Qf« yotj ra#ch Lha 
g round — Jutt gri bb^ ng It and 
opaniing tha luta^age do<>r raiyini m 
a natty wd meat on iha grDund^ 
From ihera on you myii maha your 
way lo fha h«art of 1h« inemy 
tiFonghoia. tecyf#inlormthon. aiM9 
r»l uf n to yo ur a 1 re r afl carr tar m 
diagy i^^i#, avoiding batng mhol by 
your own iitie BiggtaiMvaa aga^ni 
Ckaar wntJrKg and lait fespomei 
comt3in«d wilh a vartabl-a aPamant in 
rtpiay, maicg itut a veiry wont^whiia 
buy Sai^a gmtm leaiufa- 


Faytrt Folly tt Oyrt^d iomawhaff in 
I hit conga niAl iamt with fait 
rttponaa l^rTiataiid iom* graphic 
Additions Oincayouhiva tOiladdut 
tha u^ocab And found thf ^trarvca lo 
tha ynd«f ground corriplBx. «i't i 
mA1tA< of 1h* cdffi^ impiamantt 
ba4r^ picJta^d up Tha compular ietli 
yoy ihai It ktn'i iwry intallLgant 
C wtiAta^r Sinciiir may tail you} and 
It may hoi linow which way it which 
without i compaat lo half? in al moit 
any locilkoh you can go in aigm 
diractiont. 10 0en I gel Jo»l. Vary 
good for ief<. 


Prodi/car V^igm Ggrrm$, 4BK £$ PS 
Aufhor: Joftrt f*tckfQrd 

QNoit Tovrri it a praiiy accuraia 
copy Qt Phippt Alloc litai Gre#dy 
Gulch', but ^t'9 nowtitra ii«ar at 
much fun Th*ra 1 ih« »ani« old 
»mpty town wtitv m la^uan^itt nvap 
rfnowtne the locatigr^t of the varigyt 
ttlAblitniTi«nt« whvf^ LTteful ^itmw 
and mlormahon may ba found lO 
halp you l<cc«t« ihfli jotd mina in tha 
dasart Onca in 1h# daaati thtt« 
don't ^aem to b« any graphh:! worth 
tpaahing oi At i*Att tna taut it nic«ly 
writian and tha laiponaa Umaaaia 
vgf y good Bui ti I had to §hpo»a It 
would !» 'Orvady Gukn'. Overall 
CRASH raling 43% BASIC 

Pfosfucai Artic, 4Sfi £BM 
Ay mo/- Si/non MfMJworin 
Adw^ntuM'E^ kt Iha iafteii irom Ante 
and Ita mm c&rd am plaint th^ it mi 
only Adv^rityra vary wall — a largfl 
n>antkon, a iNpandamminlainoyt 
ktiandinthadiiitanca Loohtaaty 
yniir yoLi piafi Tha obi^ci it 10 find 
t3 aacr#{ obiaclt. hnd a lala pftaca 10 
tl04 Iham in and do thit through 
tontol location a Finding a key €$n 
bahard ahough, bul fha key you 
rwpd naaf tha itaH of ihi) gam* iA 
hidden m a v4ry obviout piioa — to 
obvboua ybu would nvinar think ot 
looicing th#pa unliJ you ana^zed atief 
tnttfli^g ma — no 1 myan't gLi4 any 
tacraliaway AbtorbingP 


Pm<ktC»f phippM Aaaoeiafat. 4BK 

Tha town ol tha title ii a ghott town 
tai in Iha W^ Id Waal, daaacied now 
^agoldworhingihevafunoyi Sut 
inara it a mina out tn tha 
naighboiinng datarl which ttkil flat a 
loflu n« luclutd away T n« pr sblam ii 
10 find tha rif hi map. g«i acmalhLi^ 
iq cjifry ^at«r m and hil it hnd a gyn 
lor protect ^on and than gai 10 tha 
mine and ttBcH. Whiltl not a 
maujivviy damanding adwniyra. Ii'i 
oectAlnlyan Bbaorbpngqna Tha 

Srtphiev thow you tha map ol 
rvedy Quich Haall, or pant of it. 
witfi tome location graphict tn t^a 
detert Therta#a teverai mytianoui 
BppaarAncat by aomacne you only 
ta« out of thi corn^f of youP eya^ 
Soma probfaitii are vnupjtrio 
ovarfigm* than yoy mhgtit luppota 
— oonfronttd by «■ c^evata a fid 
carrying a plan^ whicn wouldn't 
bndga kl, |ym{|ing acroaa flOivad Iha 
problami dood value. 


P^Odtrcw Aylo^ifaH §4K£tO^QQ(%l 
AulAo/ Pimtff 

Th*fut4 IJlla ol Ihia dKty It. My Name 
It Unci* GtouCho Vou Win A FaI 
Cigar; bul IhattmyCh 10I1K13 lo 
irvtr rafHAi agAin* Liihe ihinrfAPfjout 
Pifntnka. tn* obiact is fo wad* 
it^rough a dryg-in<Su<ad lindictpe 
oi waif dna:}t and imamty, which 11 
typpoMd TO repre^tent Am#fic#. in 
tt^ COfnpAny of Groycho Man ar>d 
nit companron iha Fiman, ditcovaf 
tha lacrai id^ntiry ot a ftmsui 
Hollywood fUr which lA hidden In 
ihe ^ima. artd then wnn Iha iabuioui 
priz* of A trip 10 Boil pood lo m«at 
Ihe t^r in qigriipEion. flyins oui on 

Conoofila and icominig baelv on the 
O© A ragi lo rictiftt f lOry lOf 
iOm#one EriTr|«t bafora t June 
Ntfturakiy, yoy 'w got lo be tolbd 
tKHilEaft to gaf Ji| rktfit. and a 
^•pnanlae to b5^i &ood fun despite 
the Blow rvBponiatim#i Eacatiiant 
graphict and lound Omrmil dHASH 
rating 37% BASIC 


Pnadu^^r. AfaJboyrn* HouaiL 4SK 

To d«l* ma grvii advintyra. biftBd 
on ih« famoui Toiiilen nmal ol the 
aania nem*, which «« in0iid«d for 
the price Thrtpamthttiaiarglah 
voc^uiAry and aiowt Hntatto* wiif 
Itnk wordi AnrEfclAl Inialllganca of a 
ki-nd enin^nt the action a the 
charAcrlert contmij« itieJr ilvat 
ragardlfss of what yoy do. If a 
pouibie \o inter-ralale with iham lo 
tome degree, depending on tneir 
r*elingt toward! you Some «ven gei 
killed without yoy knowing itoylTl 
until yOu ttum^* acroia iNir 
bodiati IVa lorgottan whti the dueat 
It, but Fft hardl-y impoftAni — 
plAymg iht game it Vary long and 
totahy tbsortiing A dBttPC 


Pnpdyca/ Laaerioy/Kj. 4&K £? OD 
CiOudt Obaey«a th* moon and ydii 
ereaiofia in thednadfai hout* — or 
ar* you> Mo you if* not iioive^ 
|hff« 1 tn* nrsad Chmete cook in tha 
g raaay k iictian f o' a ttan olf . p 1 ut 
impa., 9 ho Intend ihmgi that go 
bum pin the night Every room 11 
tevf hing wJth tomethmg or 
•omaone who wen 11 you m pue 
iomething on to lomeor^ or 
iomathmg Simple 3D grephict try 
to *nibw*n the iBith<er pondaroiA 
pAca Average fun 


Produce. Ai»c 43f( £BK 
Thii It A denture 6 . wel^ up Id 
A rtic't utuAl ttandif d of (i£X only 
gamaa Yoy are in the South 
Amehun jurvgif*. near en. at yei, 
yniJiityrbwdlncA Tempi* Intlde 
there tt t lot of treature whieh ^ 
mutt find end bf ing taf aly oyl. Being 
a n I nd I tna Jo net may be of iome 
h#p, bul plll>r>g your bf aina agAinil 
tha *ii% ih*rein i» mcMV pmpc»riant 




Aotnof PC^o^v 

\nmfKib^^ lilind IS tr>s nonnf &| {fie 
pf|!pnfipv« XmiQ tribfl Lft9And rui »l 
(Pi m0f oti»n will) mai tri» x#ro 
gyjiFE^ i^»i9 Irvuum. Your 
j^nAr n«|p li ih« Ufti iTvwUffd ^1 
w^tf rftmout #£^lof«r Or QhumWf 
p*»o HH^. Fifii rirKi the nnn 
paithmanit of Xv qV He was n»v«r 
hwd Irom i^Ain Now it'i y^our liorri 
prog rtiTii from l-hii com piny #lw«jf» 
i«»m to tMkn •ri' 4g« to loid Whv^ it 
i^iS yoi^ irt pr«i«ntad witti a m^i 
tlav Itiet irrd m«l loc#lion 
girtpfibc9 RMftonabtylHt 


AvfAoj' iit«ri|rji DiifVH 
App^fonlly yau Ihrt m t clMtcti ol 
South! 5«« li^nds. c^r%« of wtiich 
Corniiiniflcild Find tho mip, find EN* 
CO^'ncI liUind tnd ^l iKih qu^ch A 
m«iy tnrtidwinturi mtm arcadv 
i«i|iMnei« 10 add lo ^« fun— itiii i 
th« I4#i— tht rtaiity If tom#lhino 
Mi If i hid on# good t«v4w w* \« 
«wi. but ^DOdntsS knowi wlYy^ Th^ 
i«/i'l • r«»l edviniuri ak aH Jn the 
1ifeipira*AI« Vou'ratftdbyChiiTOH 
il^ ifm^iMfmc% guiH^ng pMti uma 
yeu «nd up vintfi an ifiipcmioia 
vcadt ftvquifice wfilch difnandf 
you wy< yowf iftip thf oogh i r och- 
^Iniid «*« Diviitkon from ihm 
ii^har'i irilondad pilh rcpijlif m 
i«pm»nitiing mi gtma E^xcell^nt 
rtiponi* ?N»mi to nawh*rt. Boiry. 
Hi Futibtin. OvafBil CRASH fotir^g 


WNcM lyi^cfo't fivkawtn. ggl i^iry 
in^r^ Bboyt tHii g«ffi«. b4S«i» II la 
mnttwn in BASIC L^if ^^ advarriura 
gamaa if* wtitlari tn QASiC and ara 
•my good, ^f a ttnl4 iJow ai l4rn«& 
TMiHd^or^riigm tOuOAtisa Mti* 
lilin iFid Uilormlnal howivar. ■ 
roraoj niwr d in* r m ucn batiaf 
Qimat 5om*locatJOftaa/ai^mpl>r 
ilMiU'ftad wiih tnmJI fraphbca and 
rh*f« urt mt y»uaL aaaortmant of 
ipail t, weapons and monilafi. f4c}t 
iij bAcf t?v an*^ mvana 


To prova hour muctii fun ■ 3 AStC 
i*fi|tafliatfva>nii>rD can t^e fry tnit 
uniidofiiaaiJc dn^y a» h#n-p«citad 
hi^arid, Hanf y. ataal* yai^r wif a'i 
mof«y. cf aap oyl of Itii iiou«a 
r\ •' lui wAfcifig Biby or irtpptng ovar 
!' - ^miiJigfTiog^. and havaa nigm 
■J uE <] r> f hfl- 1 &wn ml I hi CAi m & iftd 
>iriiris4iTiilifiy Uniavoury Pia-ces 
f hi pfotiiafn m thai yoy r wifa. daar 
Martha, if an *acap«a irom Fridif 
tha f3lti Pan Si a 4b. a homEctdal 
maniac wiih an m^f Good 
vOCaOulifyand a/k invaritbla 
pfognm thai r*»afiibi« a word 
fiu^a Qatimg \h\ n gt i n a baotu^lfi jr 
iha corracl ordar li me rtama df th* 
garna hara Sut if you ara loo cUlvar 
tntf« ara wiry tricky ilHI« Afi;t4m 
laguantvl includad To puriala 
thima may ^ ypiatLmg. fiui ihay d^^o 
iiviri MP thi advanlufi II ^Ou havi 
iri«d Mad Hirtha mn4 anjoytd H Ihafi 


Muchlhi iam« m^n at bafma, 
•acapt Itiia lifnt Hanrv . Mftfiha and 
ton i» on holiday m Spain Mafiha 
Ilia a naJt'-couun, a waJlar callad 
{will rof (1) Manuar Muitia satq qmI 
en a liui losjf wtih har ton. laav^ng 
Minuti ID ^aep an ay# on Hinry, 
«rtio hit I iicriQt rindaivotn wilh a 
SpiPilth panpi^L Hanry laav«« mtir 
h^iv^iilith Mini>0l hot i^nmitraJl, 
Fatiurata biill iigl^r AithHafiryaiia 
int fiar ^wwcAion Hoi lo ba mii«»di 


Pmdixm Ptt^pp^ Aitociafat, 4&K 

Stint oul tha Sccrii of Wifidom in itit» 
laiil idvantura with k^oiiloh 
grap#i4ca Th«ra is tha uauoJ 
ftMorfmam of itamj and monstart, 
baffling pu£ii9« af»d tuddan daalhi 
througfi JnaApariiinca Aaaacmabl* 
graphics ancj m«l:^^um fa»t ratponta 

IkiTbOi An a%i4pragafl-rio«i 

Piwkiemr Mtirrogar^ if K ^ :^ 
Includaa pan Iwq — Ralurn |a Earth 
You>4 making a routina o#^ki of 
Salym wnvr^ a radiatJ&n itorm 
(ofcai you to crath land on ona of 
ihimoorrt Luc kkiy you coma down 
naar an atMnaonael mining boia 
How yoy myal iiC $tl in anarch of Di' 
Lithiym ciyatali lofaiual your 
tltn^ifd ih^p Ralufn SO Earlh' Hilt 
you |>ic:^ in apaca and Eandingon an 
tb^ndonad and d*magad ipaoa 
tiai^on, ^ooHing iof a ^aam ol 
cofTimunicahng wflh &rth Bglh 
advanturaiaravaryitandard. wllh 
not many localiof^ and irritating 
random ila>fn«nii o^ar whicft you 
hava no coniroi Thagamaalatle 
aJtmoaphafa and wdt not accapt 
«l>bf«yiil kona mahj ng you typ# 
avarythkngi out. Tadigua. 


iPrOdtrC*' Sara^/t, ISK £"4 96 

Tha Mnnai ot lylor^a art iti# a^c^m 
homtol Durin't fgilkfr^smTQ^kkan'i 
Lord ol I ha Ring* lor^ 0»*#rtid. 
The minat crania in ol>d hpirdi ol 
lawiit and goid. guardad by tha 
iPKkiDi and ivii (ftfrori of aarii«r 
a gas You'raimida — Ihaprobiam ii 

falling Out aiiva Mofiiiart Lncluda 
ro^m. Ores. Bftirogt or WArga 
Doon can ha opanad by 'prca^ 
tpatli or brioary ol m«door lA^ftr^i. 
Spfflit can ba borgainod fCK from 
Mtzarda, and irmdef » soil you wound 
oknlmant ConlroJ it by thacuraot 
kays. yiiu ^an gg up and down of um 
a warp Which tranapori:! to other 
locai4C^ni9 on a f ar>doin lldcf . Waich 
Oul for 1 hi two-part Eoid Tha gama 
aaalf^iamix Thatcraan ^howtyou 
a plan of ma floor wiih a bat whkih 
lait you iinow tha laval you ara on 
and room numbv dCcu^tad. 
waapohfy and armoFial iiaiut. 
numbar of wounds, ilfangih. goi^ 
co4kactad. iai««4t coliaciad and 
t^iia twaila&i* A una ai ma t^tom 
inlofTTit you oi whaVt gomg on *Fid 
aikt wh#lN#r or not to l^-gM on 
m*ating fnont tars Roomt wiaitad 
Mr% ptof lad on ih# ma^, fiuwing 
imontiarvinMuhiarad Itbacomai 
diffl^uit 10 mafK>«yvra afti' a wfii^ 
A fHionabla f am*, 


^foducar DOmC, 48K £?.«f Tj 
Author ChmOQffssf 
Ufing mt ctuaic D&D tormai, ihia k» 
an artiinatad graphic* advantura 
Yoy mull t#alL \nm antra nee to iha 
cavti in which you are trapped, 
coltaclJng 40 ynili qI Ireituri on 
your way You m y st 4^»^ collar 
iraaiura guamad by four ipa<»l 
montttr^. Tha Mummy, Tha 
Canlauf. ThoFitry Dragon or Tha 
&lac k Kn^g hi With uch g ama ttire 
tayoul ol Ini^ Civil n randomly 
grf naralad !0 mukc eftCh pjiy 
diM«rani If om tha last Command* 
era ftntarad m raionaa (0 a many of 
UmiNtd opl«oni whlcli allow you to 
mo^. raai. asipl^Hii. uH la carriad 
aniclil r. il m iha p^«ianc* of a 
mont !ar f i^ht or run If yoy fttact to 
move tha menu n raplaoadby 
ano^hiif oNaf mg iah/nght/up/dowfi. 
Wtwn "you" move thaf* i» an 
anim^hon loqua-nca wtnich it voiy 
wali dona, axpaclaily tha daacani of 
itairt T?iafighitarafun, bul yi?u 
mutt walch your combat itrangth 
and that ol your opponanl ^ary 
caratully Anotha? point ui tousatha 
aaplorafacilriyaJlthewfiiEo Th# 
§ama grow* on you oi you ba^m lo 

riakaa itapol«#iliai Raaaoivbia 
rat^^ta tima^ good grsphk^aand 
good value tot money DvaraM 
CRASH fating itFk. a^iC 

Pnoducaf. PfitppM AMMoctmm: 4EK 

Maiia yoyrtaif fbch bf plundanr^ a 
lyinuriOMiPharaoh'i iQfnb ^ipps 
hava put l09*ttiQr a wail pianna4 and 
lomalimaa amui^ng advaniura gamia 
hafi, wilh taftt and 4ocauon 
graphici. mUich eia timpty byl 
aiiractha Ratponaaa art vary fan 
and Ehe aipnyipfiira dfawt you ^n 
again and igakn Qqq6 vatua Icsr 
monay and wati^ worth playing 


Produ€»f A u^omofa, 4eK £10.60 
Thara'i no4 much lo l>a taid about 
Fimanliar tha game ihat iouncnad 
ovafnmhl IJ^a mt^gnkliicffnt Pi Mbajq 
fam* and fortuna Tha gama ia 
wacKy. doll. weJrci and inlur^atfnp by 
iy rni an^ TO d»tt lf>a famout pnta 
worth ££,0001 plus indiJt iinking) ha« 
not bi^ n #o n M h pug h \.i t un ■ on 
standard idvaniura game itnaaii 
ta kai liatfiial Ih^nhi fig J n lo I h« rtilflii 
of highef (or parti api crimp] ifl 
Slow fatponiat bul thai hardly 
maRan. Pimania iia diiaata •m^Kh 
ovarcofiias mtMi ifi^ngai 


Adventyra A' f Inda you Ilrand4d on 
an aliah pianat and yoy mutt tim) 
your apica ihip Than a pretty 
ilraightf orward Quait fof one*, but 
the rouii lifer Irom ilfaightforward. 
AimO%i>hanc and chtlling lo p^ay. 
vpy gat dra'wn m by tha wordi 
Plenty ol haxarda lo overcome 
Good vmlua 

Prottucv Hawaortt 4BM£B,95 
Find a map hlddan kn a woirld 
Inhibkiad by gruf^e^na monitara 
guarding thait tarritory and varfoua 
pi«cei ol iraaiyrt To urv^rtakt the 
Qyatl in quaiuon you can chooaa lo 
ba a wizard, a •clarrc. rogya, fig near 
or afmi^aion. aach wiin hit own 
ohara^aniliciind abi4iti«i a tplit 
l«jtt/graphpc gama, ii hai a 
rasofiat»Jy wida rahga of 
vocabulary {|«narally a vary good 
game and t tradntionaJ format 
adv«niyj^ wr^h pianiy oticope Tha 
only aartonri drawback i| ihfH yoii 
can't play anoihar i^irpii. Onc# 
f in^iii«d the program quila 


Prod^jf t^ Mikfog^n. 4$K 139. d5 
\n ihis lasii and toma griphict 
advantur* you ir* laidkng an SAS 
tvam who mutt racovar ina Ruiwan 
Ambaiadof irom kidnappanbifofe 
Iha Ruiimnt like ttia mettar ai in 
act ol war Th«Rus$iinitbatngh«^d 
in a lirmhouia and i^^t% ona la th« 
Bsatult Pan two, on tha ntvana vda 
of tha lipa. c err baa thaactton 
forward wllh yoyr rauriga dapandanE 
upon how w«li you did m pen ona n 
all mo vat along al a fair pica, w^ih 
ta^t daacripbom and pro mpii at to 
mo wfttpona you earri and how 
many Dyriit you can firt. tArrhan a 
tiiuat^on davatopa you ara givan 
lanarad clibOtCM lika tlo l^aclc' or 

Tirt' or 'Wan. In balwaan ttwa are 
Una driwin^i and aoma mapt bul 
mpil of the action ii riportad by Iha 
co^puiir along iha You hit ona arKi 
kitlad him, iir^ai PrariyfAit 
r«i|H9ntai, a liiwly ilory and 
Miiarally nQ4 bans value OvaratI 
CRASH rating Se% WO 

I Pfoaucvf Attfc. 4^n:m$5 ' 

I Adwniura C'taka* you intq s^oa 
ir>d Oh a rtconnaliaanca tf>p your 
ihip 4 1 drawn by a Grtviion o-aam 
onto in aitan cruEur Frad fampm 
ir^foid, n Forms you thai thacfukftir 
la t,n aoarofi of huminoid pittneii lo 
Capture iravea who&abramt will ba 
rep^acad by m^crochrpg tha quait li 
lo tJnd Iha compuiar room and pfi^i 
tha bi4ton to twiich it oil You want 
fo ba wary in an Artic advar^iuta. 
however, of iwtichjmg off loo marry 
computan mould yoy com«acrost 
them In pRa net 1 Daalhinan^i 
compytar which you may ba 
tamplad to dlaconnecl Doing to will 
dump yoy knio a Smcijlir Roworch 


Prodvfar- fenmjiu/. 4$M. C$1^$(iJ 
Thjt gra|3htc» advaniyr* it to 
gnphJCi-Of laniad than i a hardly 
any tax I Eo^oniarfd wiin The vftlaga 
of VLatdoff l^vaa under the itiadow of 
iha yamp*f«'i caatla. and at MayOf oi 
the ^kaga you muii fmd voiumaar i„ 
pfOvida lh*m wUh monay lo buy 
aquipmenE and food, and gal XYvim to 
h«ip you d«itrc^ the ^annpifa 
manace Uiutf Mmpilra ry tea 
apply— mkai through tii« heart no 
fiymg by day, gifiioktapahimai 
bay. The icraafi d^ip^ayt a m^apof 
Viaadon and the tur rounding 
couhtfy »ida with iHjtt i of li la ck 
ihapoi lof buildingt Youconlrol 
your voiy maar by tfia cuftoi kaya— 
ha' I a tmall black dol^and you can 
land him to i^opt to ouy Ihingi |lika 
garlic) J ha boat ^duaa tor a boat lo 
cro44 tha rivfir (thay drown rf ihay 
!aiJ in]. Iha cJiurch Jor holy water, 
and ioon. Iht vUlaga 0f»rat«a in 
raaJ Unw moiling from day lo nignt 
widiiri# usual rapidity ol all go^ 
hc»rrof III ma! An unuiuitipma with 
many oih ar laatyraa and raasor^bla 
vaiya toF inori4y, OvaraU CR^SH 
rahng M% M/C 


Autnarr O^fWk ftra wa^t^ 
No idvenlura anlhology would ba 
com plate without thit orw. Text 
□njy. but iiuid cop^oua itKi wim tatt 
reiponsa ti mat and a atnaa of 
humour fhii takat tome of iha ttmg 
Ifon^ the grimoma al* ol larror 
which lyrki wMhm tha complex of 
Vtmof't LMf Ttwra't i c)aw*r Liie of 
repeal loeiiKoni which maket you 
Ihink you arenH galtkng inywner«i. 
when I n laci you musllcaap ante* ing 
in« lama comrnind lor ti^a or iii 
tiapi The dampens of thtt 
advahiura are a monitroy 3 lol, and 
the goolmi are tncky InKJaaid Clwaa 
yoor c^vractit carafMily. w^iard. 
wiftior or priaii. and w4ich out for 
illuiiont. lArhich abound Highly 



The CRASH HOTLtNE iS youf Top 20 chart of Specie um softwai* — 
ao make aure you rsgtstar yoyr vote new! There s two wayfi you can 
^ i\: enh«f use fhe Gratti HalHna PNMM-bi (Che numt>er is pflnLed 
below); Of use I he postal coupon beFow and Bend It to u& 

E^ch month (he results ot vpur votes will t^ ccsillaC^ anct pubtl^hed 
i n tha n-^)!: i mor^th' s i s$u e of OH ASH a^ the Top 20 prog rams voted oni 
by readefs 



Mattiod 1 

CRASH HOTLINE PHOWEIN Rino the nymber tielow. We tiave had 
lo kn^tiili an answermg machine. After ihe recorded message stale 
your name and acWress nmy ctearlY, sfielikng i1 out If necessary {Lf ii's 
an unusual name!} and then ^tele the live games^, v^iih producer^' 
names, starting wrih nymbef ^ down lo numb^ $. Please d^ this as 
qyicKly as possible. 

0SS4 (Ludlow) 3015 


CRASH HOTLINE WRITE-IN Use the coufxhi below, making eure 
you hllm all the delays vefy clearly. Pop the coupon In a eterfiped 
efkWlope and send it lo us at Khe address o^ the coupon 


V^fta for the neii Issue must be reoelwd no later ih^n Wednesday 
29th February Vote^ received after thai date wiO go totward lo riexl 
month's i$$ue^ 

II you use the phone-in Hotline, you may have tobear wHh us — Hs 
alremJy firovlno very populai, wh^ch meana you may well ilnd it 
efiQaged w hen you ring. Try again 1 eter. a nd J f all fa N s u ae 1 he write- In 
coupon lor safety. 

Whether you phone-in or write In. all Ihe namea Mill 
go into the bag to be drawn monthly, first out of the 
bag receives £10 worth of soUware of your choice plus 
three issues of CRASH for the next three months; and 
three runners-up wilt each receive three free Issues of 
CRASH for Ihe next three months. (Should you be a 
subscriber, then your subscription will beeKlendedfor 
three fnonths). 

Weft, her© it is, Britain's first software Hotline Chart com^ 
piled from your votes! However — a wrod of warnir>g — 
due to print schedules this month's chart has had lo be 
oom piled after only two weeks and, as yet « Ihe system Isn't 
tn full swing. Next month s chart wilJ have had a full 4 
weelcs ot vole collectmg and will therefore be more 
representative. It means that the lower ctiart positions as 
shown here should be taken only as an Indloatton rather 
than as gospel! 


Bgun \n brKkatt ^tf caltft \mt mofAh'm paiitkm 

















fj^^ MANIC MINEH Softwftni 

fM>ATICATAC UlE^matfl 
ri£^>LUNAn JETMAN urumHa 
l!^;} 30 ANT ATT AC tC 

f ^|J€TPACUIIimdlii 
( UI3L0QM Imm^nv 
mtTME nOBm MAlbCHirm 


r S) PENETMTOn M«lt»iirfw 

^/ ARCAOIA imuini 
H scRAieLi ?Mm 

f'ffij JUMPfNO JACK Emulnt 

f3QjlT)MECIATE Qukkiirv* 
H PHtENt?C Moowlodo 
f OJ MAD MARTHA Mlhrogan 



f aiTRAMZ^AMUItimftli 



30 H THFHISTASoll*ir*PTO' 

H SPLAT Jnc^nTivfl 
^4;3fC05MlC RAIDERS 

HAmlEn AHACK Dufrtll 

PUSH OFF So It WW t Pro 
















MvMuf r^ Hm 





Lpviif H 
f29} Bt DWEEP Lothtof l«fi 
H ANDROiOaVort^ 

HOTUNE Wlorfor I hi a rnonth wh 
R»¥ Bl«^4. R«y)^o^. fsMM Th4 
UirHfyfwwirup w«r«, K Wi.nn- 
Ing, HETim Seott VinciHiiL F4m^ 
Mioutl^j Mcfth»9W RitJd. Loru^On 

CRASH HOTUNE WRITE IN COUPON My top five favourite programs in descending order 
Piease use block capitals and write clear iy! 


* 1.^ 'f « 11 C HP I 

I' » » » ■■ -I 



t Name . . 

I Postcode 

I i 

I Send your coupon to: CRASH HOTLINE. PO BOX 10, c 

68 A NitwBfwId Publicaticn 



I f 

« 4 -I ■■ 

*■ * m "» * * ■# '* * 

1 + + + +■'1' l« F##*A'f 







Vm sure lols of you wilt have 
«pott9d the deliberate (ahem I) 
•rror In last month's quli on 
arcade game Inlay cards. 
Q ye St ion 6 rtf^rredi of course p 
to an adventure game and not 
an arcade game. Jus I put In to 
keep you on your toes! 

Anyway, caiTyJng on from \M%t 
issue's th«me> lef s see how 
miich you know about adventure 
games — story lines and inlays. 
&Bnd your answers on a 
postcard or In a letter to this 





1) If you were s«ekl(\g ih^ Scroti of 

Wisdom pWhere would yoii be 

^ ?h^ Ice Glanis cari M A problRfn, 

but io v^hat Q^mBl 
3i U savft. Lokl arrkves/ Wh^e are 


Mounl Elk and surrounded by 

goblins, whose home would you 

have penef fated? 
5) Lois of things hav« been hidden In 

1lme and apace, but what did 

Automata hida in there? 
6} ir yoiJ think or voursell as a Super 

Spy* exaciiy who do you seet^? 

7) Henry end his son Afliuinnot have 
eppeared twice — bul what's the 
f^ame of the wmltaf? 

8) if you round yoyraelf In the Ring of 
File, what would you be on? 

9) En The Sorcerof's Cesttep you mighl 
bump tnto its owner. What 'a hts 

10) TolkJen'a tjOfd of the Rlrvgs ii often 
(eken aa a basis for the adventure 
Wean t^ame two games associated 
wtlh ihe story of lis heroes. 

11} Name the hit pop group who have 
turnad Automate Into a houseliotd 

Enlries rnusl be received by last 
post. Friday iGth. March. The 
first three correct entries drawn 
from the bag will each receive 
£25 worth of software of their 
choice. Results and answers wl 
apear in May's issue. 



Train io sawe CMIisation bf 

Subscribing to 

• Get your copy 
ahead of the crowct 

» Subscribers* Discount - 
50p. off each 
Crash Micro Mail Order 
software item. 

wOtt Ciiiiiis tenon 

UK: 6 i^ues £480 (post free) 12 i»»u«i £9.00(];>o$t free) 
Europe CIS (12 issues post met ) ^_ . 

"irrflASHTo* 6/12 tastes 


Name. -•-• 

/address "* 



H^*-* « ' 

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p « 4 i ■ ^ 

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I CRASH (SuM)^P0.B0/3 

*» ^ — ** ■" "^ "^ 


A Newtf lald Piutiiicitl^n 69 




Producer Abbex 
Memory required: 4ftK 
Rdtall price: CSJS 
Laiigyage: Machine coda 
Author: Paul Reynolds 

First shown at the December 
ZX Microtalr. Krakatoa grab- 
bed the a tt6 ration of most 
passersby because Us 
wealth of detail Is amezing. 
There's such a lot going on. 
Ar^d there's a lot to do In the 
gamSp most of it neatly 
shown in the excellent demo, 
which runs automatically 
after loading and between 

Your task as a chopper 
pilot is twofold. A tanker ts 
sheltering in t^^e bay from at- 
tacks by VI rr^Jssiles and 
submarines armed with 
torpedoes. Across the bay 
the dormant volcano (hence 
the title) has come to l i fe and 
Is threatening to errupt. You 
must try to rescue as many 
people from its threat as 
possible. Your helicopter is 
equipped with a machine 
gun, depth charges and a 
rope for rescuing people, the 
game starts with the chop^ 
per on the ground on the hel i 
pad, beside the workman's 
hut. When youf fuel gets low 
and you return to the halt pad 
to refuel and re-arm, ttie 
workman dashes out and 
does It all in a very busy 
animated sequence. On tak- 
ing oft, you pass out over the 
bay and reach the massWe 
tanker, tt's crew start to leap 
overboard as scK>n as the 
enemy do them damage, and 
so pose another probfem for 
you and your trusty rope? 

Beyond the tanker Is open 
sea, full of enemy, and the 
Volcanic Isfand with Its 
hapfess inhabitants. The 
screen shows alt this In pro- 
fllep scrolling as it goes. 
"Scramble' styJe. To the left 
and right of the display area 
are ammo and fuel bars, and 
below are instruments in- 
cluding a radar display, ar^d 


This has to be one of the 
busiest games In a long 
while! There are such a tot of 
keys to use tliat It takes a lot 
of practice before you can 
even become slightly profi- 
cient. The graphics are really 
exceltenl^ well drawn and 
animated, and there's also a 
lot of detail in the game 


Krakvtd* - ^«ft ivf Jvn ^th^imtt diffifw 0iifl4. 

ideas too. If you accidentatiy 
drop a depth charge on the 
tanker there's a very good ex- 
plosion with chunks flying 
off, and a second iater a crew 
man appears and takes a 
leap off (ha stern and begins 
swimming around, if yoii 
successfully pick him up an 
the end of the lowered ropet 
it is very tricky to get him into 
the chopper as he must be on 
the very end of the rope, 
otherwise he gets knocked 
off as the rope is puiled 
at>oard, and falls tiack into 
the sea! This Is a Cdm- 
plicated and demanding 
game, which I can't see los- 
ing Its appeal for a long 

Krskstoa is both addict i¥e 
and hard to pi&v But f 
thought the keys wer&DooHv 

trol keys on the cassette In- 
tay? During the attract mode, 
the keys are (tsted for a very 
short time and there are too 
many to get written down 
that quickly^ and too many to 
remember. The control keys 
are difllcylt to manage and 
laid out in a rather odd way. 
Once over these problems, 
the game proves to be very 
goodf to play, with loads of 
detail, great graphics and 
sound and a lot of imagine^ 
tion. it should keep players 
going for a fona time J f only 
because it takes ages to 
become any good, and the 
scope for getting better 
scores each time you play is 
enormous with so many peo- 
ple to rescue/ 

Thm byfv workman poliilitft up tfi* ii*lieopt«r j«i Kr«k«tcit. 

laid out and thme is no 
loystick option. TM& makm 
it even more difticutt to p/ay. 
And it's a shame that there 
isn't muoh in the way of in^ 
structions, becai^se there 
ere quite a tew instruments 
which are not explained But 
these are smaft niggies, 
hecau$e the game itself 1^ 
marueltous; Exceflent 
graphics (fantastic explo- 
sion when you are hit), very 
coiourtut and with plenty of 
sound. Watch out for 
volcanic explosions f* 

it's only in some smati 
details that Krakatoa is less 
good. Why, (or instancep 
didn't they print the 10 con^ 


Control keys: 5 - ap, 3 ^ 

down, 7 - forward, bottom 
row = reverse, 9 = fire, 
zero = drop depth charge, 
W s rope down, R = rope 
up, ENTER - pause 
Joystick: nona 
KWjrboard play: undeniably a 
handfyl, but very responsive 
CokHir very good 
Oraphlctr e^tcellent, very 
Sound: excellent 
Skill levels: 1 -- It's enough 
Lives: 1 — It's enough 
General rating: very good — 
highly recommended 

Use of compuler 70% 

Graphics 92% 

Playability 87% 

Getting started 70% 

Addictive qualities 88% 

V a t ue f o r money 90% 

Overall 83% 


Producer Mikrogen 
Memory required: 48K 
Retail price: £5.95 
Language: Machine €od« 
Author G.Smallcross 

HftO€kout Is a game in which 
yoij compete against the 
Spectrum of up to three othw 
players, and is effectively a 
computer version of Ihe 
popular board game 'Re- 

The object is to tx>unce 
balls around a t>Dard and 
leave them within firmly 
defined scoring positions. 
Each player has four balls to 
a frame and opponents lake 
It In turns to piay each ball of 
the frame. 

The screen display shows 
a plan view of the board with 
black walls bant in the shape 
of a tight G, the ball being 
shot from the top right end of 
the G , re bou nd i ng off t he end 
walls and ending up In the 
tail of the G where there are 
two blue areas of scoring 
and three green higher scor- 
ing areas before a ye! low out 
of bounds. 

The player's ball (up to 
tour different colours) is 
positioned vertically tor tts 
Shot, an angle determined, 
and a strength of shot by on* 
screen prompts and the cur- 
sor keys 6 and 7. The bal Is a!l 
remain in pi ay until the frame 
Is completed so there is the 
Chance of knocking an oppo- 
nent's ball, or your own, into 
better or worse positions fOf 
scoring. Players enter their 
names at the start of play 
and the computer scores for 
each and keeps a running 
toiaUf you are on your own 
and only enter one name, 
then you will be playing 
against the computer. 


•You migtit think from the 
title that this is a ' Breakout' 
type of game — but it's not. 
more a new breed of comr 
puter bowlSp the sort they 

Kfiodt^iit ^ wfY tucotfiful, 

hav^ In pubs, 1 Hked ft very 
much, why, I don't really 
know! But W is a very stmple 
gamete play and suitable for 

, dll ages arta all types. Ifsdif 
ficult to say how addictive 
people mfghl find it, but at a 
guess I would say very. If s 
also good that you can play 
by yourself or with others/ 

'The gam^ is played in 
frames up to a m^Kimum of 
nin&. and is a good conver 
slon of a floor or board game 
to the screen. The geme i$ 
quite good to p/ay, Btthough 
not very addictive because 

' the true game cefi$ for 
phy^icat skitt in ptacing 
shots, but the tact that it s 
different placeB it above 

^There*s nothing spec- 
tacular about Knocfroy/: The 

graphics are essentially stnv 
pie, but everything Is 
elegantly planned and Inrv 
plementad. Of all sports 
simulations Fve seen recent^ 
ly, I think this is the most ap- 
pealing and a worthy addi- 
tion to anyone's collection/ 


Control keys: all dona v^lth 
prompts and keys 6 & 7, & Y 
Coloun effectively plain and 
to the point 
Graphics: simple, baH 
rebounds are very good 
Sound: good 

Features: against computer 
or up to 3 other players 
Qeneral rating: an excellent 
Simulation, difftcuit to 
define addlciivity properly, 
but good value generally. 

Use of compyter 70% 

Graphics 52% 

Playabillty 63% 

Getting started 69% 

Addictive qualities 50% 

Value for money 68% 

Overall 62% 


Producer; DK Ironies 
Memory required: 16K 
Retail price: £5.95 
Language: Machine code 
Author: E Hickman 

DK Tronlcs Tiave generally 
tended In the past to vwrite 
good introductions as to the 
objectives of their games, 
bul the recent releases have 
suffered wilh little or no ex- 
planation. Hard Cheese is a 
case in point, where a game 
starts without aims being 
made cfear and where the 
scenario is obviously too 
coimlicated to sort out easi- 
ly. The danger with this is 
that players can run out of 
patience before tapping the 
game's potential 

Opin widt tfwtl pumhf gitif ind 
feit tin jam pm in. 

^* ■-*— 

Appfe Jam Is another ex- 
ample. In this case there are 
noe^planatlons at all. It is, In 
concept, a very sfmpie ganw, 
and the broad intentloi>s of 
the author are immediately 
Clear, or rapidly sorted out, 
but as ai teast one reviawef 
found, points of the game 
still baffle. 

Basically, the screen has a 
lift a1 the tef t. a sauna box at 
the right, a jam dispenser in 
the middle^ overhead, and 
above that, a conveyer belt 
which produces apples. In a 
lower portion is a rat tunnel 
The screen also shows the 
game score and the hi^score, 
three purpte pills ami the 
words HAT BAIT! A little man 
)s made 1o run back and for- 
th. He opens his niouih when 
correctly positioned under 
the dropping point of either 
|am or apples^ Each tirr^a he 
giilps down another 
mouthful, he growa a bit fat- 
tei; To work off the excess 
weight he must enter the 
sauna for a few seconds and 
when he comes out he's all 
slim and wonderful. If he 
fails to go to the sauna each 
! mouthfyl after a certain 
point, it loses him one ol the 
purple pills. When all three 
have gor^d he dies. 

Below in the rat run, the 
mts «fe running. Should the 

man mtss any apples or jam, 
thiy fall throush and the rats 
eat the food. Once this has 
happened they tend to come 
up a floor and eat the man. 
He can escape by getting in- 
to the lift, but that means 
missing more food. Should 
you do realty well against 
these miserable odds, 
there's a giant hornet to 
watch out for. 


'A non-vfolent game for the 
younger games- player, 
that's my Impression. 
There's a fair use of colour 
and the character block 

fjraphics are smooth and fair 
n quality, Ifs a nice touch 
when an ambulance comes 
up to collect the dead hero 
after being ratbHten, but I 
think they cheated by having 
it back-up — 11 could have 
driven forwards and tumed 

'This game made me feef 
quite dense — it looks sirih 
p/e, ft fssirr^pfe, buttcoutdn*t 
work out what was going on 
at ail I never found out what 
tha RAT BAtV was for^ if 
anything, and someone had 
to tef! me what the pHls were 
for ihad figured out whet the 
sauna did, and became 
obsessed with my hero's 
figure^ Consequently my opi- 
mons are somewhat coh 
oured- On the wfto/e, a rather 
poor game/ 

The odds have been 
stacked up too high to make 
this tnto m addictive game. 
Once the rats emerge you 
never have a chance to catch 
more food, or sweat it off, 
and it all becomes pointfe^s. 
It Is, anyway, very repetetlve; 




Joystick; Protek. AGF 

Keyboard play, responsive 

Colour faff 

Graphics: reasof^abfe 

Sound: poor 

Shjll levels^ i 

Lives: endless, but three 


General rating: poor on 

Instruct ronsK a game for 

younger players with a 

limited addict ivity. 

Use of GOmputer 65 ¥o 

Graphics 59% 

Playabllity 35% 

Getting started 40% 

Addictive qualities 40% 

Value for money 50% 

Overall 47% 


Producer: Arcade 
Memory required: 48 K 
Retail price: £5,50 
Language: Machine coda 
Author: Bruce Rutherford 

Uke the majority of Arcade's 
other games, Bubble Trouble 
Is built on a massive scale, 
and consists of 50 screens. 
In effect these are all 
reasonably simple mazes 
made up from all sorts of 
symbols and having a ver- 
tical or horizontal wr^p 
around tunner. The story i^ 
that you le a burglar and y ouet 
Mm in life, not unnaturally, Is 
to steal anything you can lay 
your hands on/This usually 
consists on four valuables 
per maze, and the more you 
steal, the more the points 
you recefve. Ufe cotitd be so 
simple, but of course there is 
a serious problem, and it 
comes in the form of over- 
friendly bubbles who want to 
smother you wilh fove. 
Perhaps the author got the 
idea from the recent re* 
showings of Patrick 
McGoohan s 60& TV series 
The Prisoner, where the un* 
willing victims of *The 
Village' were kept incontrol 
by vast, while balloons that 
bounded after them. | 

Tl^ere is no start and rio 
end to this game, since you 
may select any of the fi^ 
screens for a beginning. 
Once you have collected the 
four valuables in a screen* 
tK>nys points pop up to be 
collected by moving over 
ihem. The screen finishes 
after an elapsed if me limit 
md moves you inexorable 
onto whatever screen 
follows. Your only weapon is 
a dispersal key, but It only 
works once every tO seconds 
and isn't terrible effective^ 


'Bubble Trouble is a Pao 
Man' variant bul an Im^ 
agt native mutation on the 
theme. Nice graphics. I liked 
the burglar, whos called 
Basils reaify a hat on legs. For 
keyboard players, however, 
the cursor keys for control 
are not a good arrangemeni; 
and I thought the key /stick 
responses were a little poor/ 

nather tike The Detective, 
this game works on theprin- 
cipie of wearing you down 



loa oaooa oocq 




Ttm 'Prbonvr ' in tNt i¥iU« - Oubbit Tfoybl*. 

owfB space ot time, sfn^e in 
ttsatf it fs/i'f Btl that dltffautt 
to play. Th0 graphics arm at- 
tractiw and mov& smooth fy, 
bot the game lacks 
SQmalhing to make it r^atty 
addict iw it do^s fiav^ mr00 
skitf iBveis {an extra bubble 
per tevei) but each i&vei also 
moves s/owfff. Irt the end f 
dofi't think this is quite up to 
the afandard of The Detec- 

'Bubble Trouble is tun to 
play, rsmsonably addicKve 
and very simply. It's single^ 
mind^n€&^ is what makes it 
good to play — no concen- 
tration requir€dt &> il fits 
Quit© nicely as a pleasant in* 
terlude between other 
games. Not great, but cer- 
tainly a reasonable game; 


Cofttroi keyt : cureofB with 

zero to fir* n.o( ihe besi 
Joyillck: AGF, Protek, 

Keytjoard pJey: slightty 
Colour: good 
Qraphtes: good 
Soiind: average 
Skllt levets: 3 
LlrMs: 3 
I Scfeens: 50 
Qenwal ratltig: above 

U se o f conn p ul er 56 % 

Graphics 65% 

Playabllity 70% 

Gelt ing start #<l 68% 

Addictive qualities 57% 

Value (or money 60% 

OveraH $3% 

fhm9B§lt takes ahattttm 


Producer Print 'n' Plotter 
Memory required: 48K 
Retail price: £9;95 
Language; Machine code 
Author: Joe Gillespie 

If you've ever tried lo draw a 
high resolution picture with 
the bare and BASIC facilities 
of Ihe Spectrum, you will pro^ 
bably want to investigate the 
appropriate tools and util- 
ities whicti esdst for this pyr^ 
pose Yod have the choice of 
a hardwarebased system 
using a light pen or a digital 
I racer witl^ the required soft- 
ware foutine/utitity, or you 
can go for a less expensive 
software solution auch as a 
graphics handling utility pro- 

Paintbox fits into the se- 
cond category and covers all 
aspects of the Spectrum 
graphics. You may select 




between the cursor keys, 
cursor control led {oy stick of 
the Kempston joyslick to use 
as a 'drawlnQpen". the pro- 
gram is menu driven and 
splits into two major func- 
tions — the UDG creation 
and harvdiing, and the high 
resolution screen plotter. 


The UDG Editor is eKcellent; 
tt allows you to create four 
times as many UDG's as 
there are in the normal Spec 
trum BASIC by storing m four 
banks of 21 UDG sets into 
memory, which can then be 
ceded setectivety into tt^ 
normal UDG area of the 

The Editor allows you to 
view the UDG banks and to 
recall any of the four banks 
foredltinq. Selecting DRAW- 
mo BOARD will display the 
UDC bank, the UDG in 

magnified form, normally 
and inverted, and in actual 
sizep and the deimat values 
for each line. You may call up 
a normal Spectrum 
Character, en e?<isting UDQ 
character or a blank fof 
editing purposes. Using the 
cursor key s^ joy stick and fire 
buttonp you can edit or com- 
pletely redraw the UDG, and 
when tlnlsliedp aiiocate it in- 
side the UDG bank. In doing 
this, t!ie Inverse and rotate (4 
X 90^) and mirror image 
facilities are very helpful. 

Having created all the 
necessary UDG's you can 
save them on tape together 
wiih a machine code routine 
for manipulating them from 
BASIC> ready to be recalled 
in youf own programs^ 


The Precision Plotter ts tt^e 
drawing tool for your high 
resolution pictures^ afid pro- 
vides drawing facilities us^ 
irvg the cursor keys/joystick 
with a constant display of 
the position co^ordi nates. 
Two moving speeds may be 
selected by use of the SHIFT 
key. All the drawing of Spec- 
trum BASIC may ba used in- 
cluding: Plotp Draw, CIrcte, 
Ink, Over, Copy, Save & Load. 
Selection of Paper Colour 
has been omitted from 
within the screen plotter 
quite deliberately to avoid 
the confusions which can 
arise from the low resolulion 
colour map of the Spectrum 
(ie. use of only 2 colours — 
ink & paper within the 8 k 8 
character grid]. 

This user protection may 
be overcome by breaking to 
the main menu and recalling 
the screen plotter, 
whereupon the new paper 
colour may be selected and 
the permanent memory 
screen recalled. 

Addltior^aliy. there are the 
following useful facilities: 
Flii enclosed areas, Erase 
last opefation, Radial Mode 
— retains starting point of 
Ihe drawing line In the 
original plot posit ior^, Arc, 
Cursor Cfioice — cross wire 
or dot, Permanenl MerrHHy 
" retains the current screen 
In memory, Graphics — 
recalls screen. IreAh — 
stores screen in memory arnJ 
returns to main menu, 


The UDG Editor and SciMifi 
Plotter may be combined by 
selecting Screen Planner 
from the Main Menu: all 84 
UDG's may be drawn on 
screen with the high reaolu- 

tlon screen as background. 
The low Tesolutlon print co- 
ordinates are displayed in 
this mode, and Ink & Paper 
QQlour may be changed. By 
constantly swltchli^g bet- 
ween Screen Planner af^d 
PresciSion Plotter you can 
build up a picture within the 
limits of your own Imagina- 
tion and the Spectrum's 
limited screen dlBplay 

The current UDG s may be 
expanded by loading pre^ 
vlously stored UDG banks, 
thus increasing the amount 
of UDG'g on screen. 
Throughout Precision Hot- 
ter and Screen Planner you 
may select to save your ef- 
forts to tape with a 
SCREENS display file save 
or with a normal memory file 
save, which includes the 
machine code roull ne for ins- 
tant recall from BA Si C (using 
The memory file, however, 
must be protected from the 
BASIC area by towering 
RAMTOP to S3069 (with a 
CLEAR command), Tt>e data 
to screen dump foutine may 
be amended so that multiple 
screen files may be stored 
and recalled. 

The program proves to be 
very fool proof in as much 
that If the permanent 
memory does get corrupted; 
there is stii) the £rase 
Memory a? a backup facility, 
so you don't risk losing hours 
of work N even he I ess, tt 
would be wtse to save In- 
termed I ate resu 1 1 s to tape ( or , 
Eroiection against brown or 

A commendable effort by 
Piint *n' Pkitter — now if only 
the package included a 
pinch of artistic taleot, I 
might be able to draw . . 


Control keys: Menu driven, 
self explanatory — 
cursQrs/)oystPck for 
positioning, SHIFT fof slow 
movement. Plot = Q, 
Draw -W, Fill ^F. 
Eraser E. Circle = H, ftad 
Mode - Rt Lirie Mode = % 
Arc = A, Ink = X, Over = N, 
Per meiient Memory = P, 
Grapt!ics-g, Dot 
Cursor- M, Cross wire 
Cursor = K, 

Copy - copy, Save = S, 
Load = X 
Sound: none 

Features: 24 page booklet 
and excellent Demo 
Gtfieral rating: good. 



Producer Mikrogen 
Memory reciuired: A6K 
Language: Machine code 
Author: C. Hlnsley 

MJkrogwi make iittJe secret 
of the fact that thks Js 
another Missile Command' 
copy, stating the tact in iheir 
irilay to the game, In most 
respeols it turns out to tie a 
very reasDnabie version. 
There are the six cities, but 
on!y two laser bases rather 
that the more usual three, 
each one f irjng independeni- 
ly. Apart from the incoming 
ri^tssile trails, there are aFso 
blue torp^oes to contend 


'Of the ones IVe seen 
recently, this game prot»bly 
has the be^t graphics for a 
' Missile Cornmand' version 
on the Spactrym. The 
graphics are fairly dose to 
(he original, In fact the 
atomic clouds on impact are 
an improvement. But control 
of the targeting sight is 
always a probiem. The keys 
are not well laid out (it's dlf- 
ficuii to play this type of 

flame with keys anyway). Byl 
f you have a Mikrogen 
joy slick, then definitely Buy 
this version of Ihe game/ 

'f^BtistiQ explosions and 
hhr^s gr&phics make Cftiise 
Attack look good, but th& 
mov&men! at the cross hair 

i$ tBirly $l0w a/)tf $pOit$ ih& 
playabifity. Af}d fhe right 
hand controls are badifpfBC- 

This Is a very passable 
version of 'Missile Conv 
mend' with very (Ine explo- 
sion eflecis. The major dif- 
liculty is moving the cross 
hair because of the conlrol 
keys, and youi' missiles 
seem to take an age to do 
their job. It seems a shame 
that they havenl allowed for 
more than one skill level, and 
I missed the enemy 
satellites, although they 
would have been hard to get 
without a loystick/ 


Controt keyt: poorly laid 
QUI: Q/A up/down, UP left 
and right, Z fire left base, 
SJS fire right base 
Joyatick: Mikrogen 

m impftkn^fntfil on th« at ifiitil. 

Keyboard play: apart from 

the ergonomics, 

reasonable. The Inlay states 

user-definable kays< but 

there aren't any 

Colour: above average 

Graphics: good 

Sound: average 

Skill tevels: 1 

Uvea: 6 cities 

Qentf at ratine: average, 

U se of compyter 48 % 

Qraphlca 70% 

Playabllity 68% 

Getting started 56% 

Addictive qualities 70% 

Value for money 60% 

Overall 62% 


Producer; Automata 
Memory required: 46 K 
Retail price: £6-00 
Language: Machine coda 
Author Andrevif Stagg 

In a further attempt to under- 
mine the integrity, purity and 
Glean livingness of the noble 
arcade tradition, Automata, 
the well-known TV pundits 
on computerolojiy, have 
released PhEy&d. mis game 
is destined to go straight to 
the top ol the Moral Majority 
Chart of unfavoured pro^ 
grams! It stars none other 
than the Piman, but a Piman 
to whom success has had a 
deteriorating effecl. He's hit 
the bottle and now staggers 
hJearyeyed from pub to pub 
in search of liqurid oblivion. 

The scene is the street, 
and Piman is trotting along. 
If he gets hit by a car he losea 
points. You can lake him Into 
one of the many pubs Nnlng 
ihe street, but he can't leave 
until he has drunk all the 
pints on the bar. This irn 
volves diving in between the 
chatting regulars without 
disturbing them Closes 
points), slipping up on crisp 

Flrvi4i^ in b*r room wmad^t -- Stodk Momf 1 

packets and things (loaei 
points) or slipping on slope 
(more gone}. 

And of course there is atiO 
the by now Ob Itg story treat of 
a boaus hit single on the 
reverse of the tape. Pi Ey^, 
descrit}ed as a heart rending 
message, written by Lurch, 
the ol^trce parrot. 

*Thls Is a sort of 'Froggec' 
both out on the street and in 
the pubs, dodging the cars 
and drinkers. It manages to 
be fun, and the things people 
say in some of the build mgs 
is often funny or ins^jiting or 
both. I round the Piman a bit 
difficult to control when In* 
side a pub. as he lends to f)g^ 
gle when drunk. Also, at one 
bar there was a figyre with a 
dog In the way, and after ail 
efforts, the final pint remain- 
ed unobtainable on the bar. I 
would have to be honest and 
say that this wasn't one of 
my favourite games. 

The grapmos are ve/y 
entBrtaming arid colourfuf, 
and the game am^smg to 
play for a short wft//a it car- 
tainly coutdrt't ba caHad ad- 

dfctrvBlhoughn f would guass 
tt*M the sort of game thai ep^ 
peafs io Pimanlacs as fight 
mtief between tryir^g to wM 
$,000 or a trip to Mofiywood: 


Control ktyt: &7 yp/down 

joystick: Kempston, A6F, 


Keyboird play: fairly 

responsivsi but difficult to 


Colour: wetf used 

Graph ici: small, but neatly 

drawn, although (here Isn't 

much actual animation 

Sound: continuous and 


Skill immlm how many pints 

can you take? 

Lives: never heard of them 

Genera I rating: may appeal 

to Pimaniacs. playable but 

not very addictive 


Getting started 
Value for money 



Producer: Ocean 
Memory required: 48K 
Retail price: tS.tO 
Language: fMachlne coil* 
Author: C.F. Urqyhart 

Hurtchback aatrra to have 
been quite a while a^comlng, 
so it's pleasing to be Able to 
report that it seems worth 
the waning, in some sense 
It's a platform, hole- lea ping 
game that takes place on 
one platform. The story, as 
the title says, is set on a 
greal castle and you are the 
(wel! known) hunchback, 
Quasi modo« Your task Is to 
rescue Esmeralda from the 
stronghold. To do this you 
must Jump, leap and dodge 

your way across no less than 
15 screens of shwr torture. 
The screen shows a large 
wall reaching half way up. 
Quastmodo starts on the left 
and he must reach the t^ll 
rope on the right. At the bass 
of the screen Is a graphic 
representation of the 15 ram- 
parts to be tackled. The pro« 
blema encoyntered include 
tire bills which must be 
leapt, pits to be swung 
across on a rope, and othtrt 
which need several ropes, 
castellailons filled with 
spearmen who raise and 
lower their spears and must 
be )um[Md, and then com- 
binations of all these 
elements. Addltionaliy there 
Is a red knight cdmbmg the 
wail. If he reaches the top 
before Quasimodo gets 
across, he sticks his sword 
Into his bottom! If you get 



through to th^e filial screen 
you art rswarded by the 
tight of Esmerelda stuck in 
her lower, ready for reacue. 


'The graphlci are smooth, 
wen detaited and nicely 
•n I mated, especially 
Oufislrnado, orKl the colours 
are well used too. Quite what 
the tune 1f you go down to 
the woods today. . . ' has got 
to do with Quasimodo I doj^'t 
know, but \t sounds good. I 
found this ganie very 

f)layablep althougti when you 
ujnp across the p)l ofi a 
rope. Itming has to be spol 
Ofi with no + 1 Of - 1 varia- 
lion. I think that could have 
bmn made easier.' 

<At ffrst p faying Hun* 
Chback /s tan and dtfftQult 
but lAe ^cteem are matt^ uf> 
of fB-using the same 
Bf&m&nts in dittBfBnt cgm- 
btfrations and avantuatlf it 
gets \^lsu8tty boring, it cBf- 
taMy d€maods sktiiB of tim- 
ing and fraction, e$pm^iMtfy 
men iumplng over spears 
gnd dodging two arrows or 
ftrBbatfs coming from op^ 
polite directions/ 

'Hunchback looks very 
good, bright, cheerful ar>d 
with a loud tu«>e. I think it 
could have had a bit more 
sound during the frame 
(hough, irs also quite dlf- 
ficull to play well, but in the 
end I think it pa Its as there 
isn't quite enough variation 
in the screerts. Thl^ game 
wlil probably appeal to 
younger players as an In- 
termediate stage between 
very simpta games and the 
more compilcated ones thai 
ar« now appearing. But on 
the whole quite good value 
tor money/ 

Colour good 
Oraphles: good 
Sound: good tunes 
SMII lev^ia: 1 
Ll¥fts:3 . 
Screens: 15 

Oeneral rating: good vatue 
aj>d reasonably addictive. 

Ust of com putsr 72 % 

Graphics 68% 

Playabillty 66% 

Getting started 70% 

Addictive qolltlGS 59% 

Val ue for money 62 % 

Overall G6% 

Pat The 

Producer: Mikrogftn 
Memory required: 4BK 
Retail price: £SJ5 
Language: Machine code 

Pat haa to collect parcels 
from the houses and take 
them to the post office. 
When he hae enough, ha 
must put them on the train. 
Sounds easy? 

There are twelve houses In 
the town, but not every house 
has a parcel for to I lection. 
Fortunately this ^ame is In 
no way a s^mufation of real 
life, for If Pat attempts to col- 
lect a parcel from a house 
that hasn't got one, the post 

office promptly, and Inex^ 
ptieably. bursts into flames. 
Pat must then dash to the 
fire station and get a fire 
engine. II he's In time the 
conflagration ts put out and 
work resumes as normat. 

Depending on the 
selected skill levei Pat must 
collect either three or five 
parcels before they go on the 
train. To make matters 
worse, there are two red cars 
driving around the str^^ts 
like maniacs, and with a nas- 

K tendency of homing In on 
It while he's on his rounds. 


*tt takes a few attempts to 
work out what to do, since 
there are no on-screen in* 
St ructions or advice, and 
nothing on the cassette in^ 
lay, not even the control 
keys These turn out to be the 
cursors, always a poor ar- 
rangement, but made worse 
here by the poor respon- 
siveness. Postman Pat is 
quite a good game for 
younger age groups, but will 
probably appeal to afL It 
soon becomes easy and this 
reduces its addict I veness.' 

ThG graphics are fair and 
would he t>ettef if smoother 
orsttghtty bigger, but ft does 
make for a Ihely screen, The 
game is a good idea, can be 
fun topiay, and would be bet- 
ter stiif if it were more 
responsive. Sometimes you 
press a key and notfiing hap^ 
pern, except a carrur^hihg int- 
to you^ tor the younger 
player mostty/ 

'Thli Is a little confusing 
at first, as there are no in- 
structions as to the aim ol 
the game, but as you get the 
hang of it. It turns out to t^ 
fun to play What spoils il are 
the control keys and the pro- 
gram's respdnsa to them. 
Moderately addictive for 
some, no doubt, but afier a 
while it began to lose in- 
terest lor me. Perhaps more 
objectives would have 

helped, and different skill 
levels with different pro- 
biems to overcome, although 
3 I myst adrnit, I never really 
discovered what the black 
objects that popped up occa- 
sionally on the roads were or 
what they dW/ 


Control kiya; cursors 

Joystick: AGF. Proleic 

Keyboard play: poor 


Colour good 

Graphics: above average 

Sound; not much, byt 

strong when it does 

Skill l#v»]i: 2 

Lives: 3 

SKyreefisT i 

G»neral rating: at^ove 


Use of computer 45% 

Graphics 60% 

PlayabUity 68% 

Getting started 32% 

Addictive qualities 47% 

Vaiue lor money 60% 

Overall 52% 


Producsn Artfc 
Memory required: 48K 
Retail price: E5J5 
Language: Machine codft 
Author J. Ritman 

Suddenly from the outer 
reaches of space, a dot ap- 
I>ear5 on the scanner of your 
fighter craft As you tear for* 
ward, the dots grow unl kl you 
can Qlearly see then^ \n 3D 
form. Prepare for combat! 
Your trembling finger 
reaches for the firing button. 
You pull across (o avoid an 
enemy fighter as II whistles 
past you in Ita kamikaze at- 

The inlay Intro for this 
game is quite pfosalc in oom- 
parison with manyp and 
becomes justified when you 
see the graphic a. Dimension 
Destroctors is a sort of 'Bat- 
tle Zona' game in space, and 
employs three dimensional 
graphics very reminiscent of 
Artie's earlier 3D Combat 
Zone. The object \ s quite sim- 
pie, use the directior^al keyi 
to tine up ihe approactiing 
er>emy fighters (hoUow 
pyramid and diamond 

5t^ap€s) tn the cdfttrat Cfoss 
hairs and then zap thim with 
your laser. This flms twin 
tolls of energy which eon- 
vtrge a d istance ahea d I n t he 

Tha title carcS in very 
bright. weli dmwn, and the 
credit card and points/hh 
acore tal)!e is very ©f f ecHvaly 
done In scralimg letters 
which ruft oil into the 
distance in perspective, 
rather like the titles for Star 
I Wif movies. 


The graphics are fairly 
simple but well animated in 
30 and the enemy explode in- 
to chunks battle zone sty(e» J 
foyr^d it quite e^coif ing to play 
and I think it's one oi Artie's 
best releases yet. The titles 
and hi-score are very im- 
prisslve, If a little slow/ 

'At /asr, a goQ<i 3D shoot 
Bm up — shame you move so 
^iowiy! ThB various mBmy 
cratt hava diffmrant flight lac- 
f/cs. if you're good er^ough 
you witf fM out where tha 
mamy fighters coma from. 
Tha graphics am fair lo^ooti* 
lt*s aifticult to play and m the 
§nd I fauna it a llttla bit bor- 
ing, probably dua to its dif* 
ticutty ' 

Perhaps the lack of a 
landscape makes this game 
less spectacular than Artie's 
3D Combat Zona, but It Is 
much taslef to play and so 
more fun. The graphics are 
simple and BorT>ewhat eol^ 
ourleis as you might expect 
with hot low 3 D, bu 1 1 hey work 
very effectively. The control 
res pen se is very good . one of 
the easiest cockpit view 
games to control Tve ever 
seen. Very playable, but 
perttaps not massively ad- 


tovE QWERTY up. 
ASDFGH down. O- left, 
P = right, bottom row fires 
Joystkk: Sincialr, 
Kempston, Fuller 
Keyboard play: very 
risponsive and easy lo 
Uie of eotmin simple 

Qriphtoi: effective 3D. good 

title cards 

Sound: reasonable and 


Sktit levels: gats harder ^ 

Ums: 4 shields. 5 lives 

Qflfwral rating: above 

average to good 

U se o f 00 m py te r 73 % 

Graphics 69% 

Playabillty 64% 

Getting started 70% 

Addtctive qualities 61 % 

Va I y a for m one y 70 % 

Overall 68% 

Tdacf ^Sman 1 


Producer; Amba 


Memory required: 16K or 


Retail price: unknown 

Language: Machine code 

As it'snamasuggests. this is 
a compendium of three dif- 
ferent arcade games on one 
* cassette. The games are 
Snackmaa, Sub Track and 
Traasura Hunt. 

Snackatart is, quite ob- 
viously, a 'Pac Man" style 
game, which featufes 16 
selectable mazes with 10 dlf- 
ferent playing speeds. Sub 
Track, provides you with the 
opportunity to lay depth 
charges from a surface ship, 
to attack numerous ^ub- 
marines at different depths, 
while they fire back with 
mines. In Traasura Hunt, a 
reasor^ably complicated 
maze is used in a very pure 
way — that is, you must find 
youf way through it to collect 
valuable Items. When one 
has been successfully pick^ 
ed yp, another appears 
son>e where else in the maze, 
and all against the clock. 

Side A of the cassette 
loads all three games into a 
48K Spectrum, and each may 
be selected by pressing key 
7. Each game comes com* 
plate with on-screen^ instruc- 
tions. Side B of the tape will 

D«pthcfurOti iwtv I 

TrM >^ Senan 3 

load each ganne Indivldualty 
into a 16K Spectrum. 


in Snaakman, iha 
graphics are all quite small, 
but they move well a 5d this 
isn t a bad version The 
Dapthcharga Gama is also 
reasonable and has quite 
large graphics. I didn't think 
so much of the Treasure 
Hunt, despite its 2d mazes 
and 144 game variations — 
which must be a record! All 
the games are reasonable, 
but none are original and 
nans of them are brilliant. 
The idea of putting several 
games onto one cassette is a 
good one, especially when 
they are all 'old' games^ I 
won't rate its value for 
money that highly because I 
woulcl prefer one good game 
to three fair/average games/ 

'Anyone wanting a 
reasonabte 'Pac Man and 
the chance of two other fair 
arcade games, will find the 
Triad cassette to be fair 
value. Overatt, the graphioa 
are quite good, but tnera i$n 't 
raaity ariythlng here to thrttf/ 

Joystick: none 
Keyboard play: responsive 
Cgloun ri^asonable 
Soun± varied and 

Skill levels: depends on 
game, but several 
General riting: fair to - 

Use of computer 60% 

Graphics 57% 

Playabillty 53% 

GettiTig stiftftd 60% 

Addictive qyhties 43% 

Value lor money 54% 

Overail 55% 


Control keys: indicated for 
each game, but all well 

Producer: Crystal 


fviemory required: 40K 

Retail price: t6-50 

Language: Machine codt 

Author M.S- Horsley 

Both of Cryilart pre- 
Chflstmas arcade releases 
were copies of well known 
originals from the arcades, 
Invasion of the Body Snat^ 
chas we reviewed in the lasl 
month's Issuer Rommel* $ 
fie^enge is probably the best 
Spectrum version yet of the 
favourite 'Battte Zone^ game. 
There's a natural com« 
parison here with Arltc's very 
successful 3D Combat Zor^m 
and it's a/guabie as to whicti 
is the better since in many 
respects they are Quite dif 

The display IS set on a flat 
plain surrounded by moun- 
tains and even an active 
volcano. Numeraus 

buildings and other objects 
like telegraph poEes litter the 
landscape, in the centre of 
the screen is a gun sight, and 
above it a radar screen with 
sweep arm on which enemy 
tanks are seen as dots. You, 
of course, are In command of 
a tank, ai^d controls allow for 
forward and reverse mov& 
i ment with rotation left and 
right. All the graphics are in a 
hollow 3D which allows all 
sides of an obiect to be seen 
at onca The obfecl of the 
game, qyite simply, is to 
destroy the enemy tanks and 
stay alive. The more you 
destroy the mofe they come 
after you- 



'This Is the best versiof^ of 
"Battf© Zone" with more ol> 
lects like polddp radar towers 
and spouting volcanoes. 
Missiles seem to take about 
the right time to reach a 
target and the gamep 

fjonerally. is faster. Against 
I IS ihe sound, which is poor, 
no noises when an enemy ex* 
piDdes and ority a weak plop 
when you fire ' 

'it's s bit weak on colour, 
ffte 3D graphics #f# very ef- 
fective ena smooth, but 
everything Is dorte in white 
iines ort mue. The tenfis etl 
move 3 bif fasfer than the Ar- 
tie version, as does the tirinQr 
but there aren't as many up 
MQEin^f you Et one go 
^Tt hough it aets progfeBSim- 
ty tougher, nather thin sound 

Strctni but ¥i>ftiit - thfl hit^^ ■ -^** 

end I wee dfseppointea wf*,^^ 
the explosion visuals — the 
erwmy tanks iu^f seem to 
diseppear when hit. ' - 

'This Is a great game and 
very playable. Tne tanks 
aren't as over- intelligent as 
the ones In Artie's version. 
They always managed to 
twiicli out of the way of your 
shots, but In Rommel *s 
A&ve/79e1hey3tlll manage to 
be a matcn. Also the land* 

BCBUB Is mycli more detailed 

— It's fun at first just to 
wander round looking at the 
various buildings and struc- 


Control keys: ZOC teft/rlgm, 
N/M forward/backwards, 
SPACE - fire. In addition 

— 1/2 sound on/off, V = 
volcano erruptlng or not. 

Both of lliest options speed 

yp tile game if not \n use. 

Joystick: AGF. Protek, 

Fuller, Kempston 

Colour poor 

Graphics: good 

Sound: very poor 

Skill lev»lsi 1 

Uws: 4 

Featurvsr note special 

loading program which 

might make you think it 

isn't loading properly when 

it Is! 

Qenefal rating: good 

Use of computer 70% 

Graphics 75% 

Playabillty 78% 

Getting slartwl 50% 

Addictive quitlttoa 58% 

Value for money 58% 

Overall 65% 

Mr. Wimpy 

producer Oceao 
Memory required; 48K 
Retail price: £5.90 
Language: Machine code 
Author: Jon Woods 

Considering how frequently 
Spectrum software houses 
crowd each other wilh ar^ 
cade copies, it seems sur- 
prising that Burger Time" 
typB games are not common. 
Bliby must take the credit t^y 
quite a long mark for thetr 
Barmy Buruers, which sp^ 
peered earlier last year, and 
Is a very good Implsfnenta^ 
Hon. OMsn have attempted 
to go a stage further in Afr. 
Wimpy (whicn actually uses 
Wimpy's famous logo on the 
€Ovef] by releasing a varslon 
which has two separate 

The first screen, reminis- 
cent of Ultlmate's Pssst, has 
Mr. Wimpy attempting to 
assemble the Ingredienls^ 
He must carry a tray from the 
left of screen over to the right 
where there are three Items 
to be coDected one at a time, 
a lump of cheese and two In* 
distinguishable ingredients 
but doubtless things that put 
the ham in burger. The pro- 
blems are three manholes 
(lord knows why) which sail 
up and down and kill old 
Wimp off if he touches them, 
and Waldo the burger thtef 
Mho steals a tray II he runs 
Into Mr. Wimpy, Waldo is talr^ 


ly intaihgent and tries to 
home in. 

II you manage to get all 
three ingredients back 
across to the left, men you 
progress to the Second 
screen, which is the more 
familiar 'Burger Ume' for- 
mat. Here the layers of the 
four burgers you must make 
are kept on separate plat- 
forms, connected at Inter- 
vals by {adders. Segments of 
each layer are made to drop 
one platform by walking Mr. 
Wimpy over them. Kitchen 
nasties chase around deaK 
Ing death and destrucllon, 
although they can be killed 
off by squashing them under 

I a falling layer of ham burg er^ 
Of by a squirt of pepper. 1! 
gets rid of them lor 30 

I seconds. You only have 3 
squirts available unless you 
pick up the txynus icecream 
or coffee cup. which gives 
you more chances to snoot. 
When all four hamburgers 
are fully assembled at the 
bottom of the screen p you are 
promoted to the ne^t levaL 


*This is a very coloiirfyi 
garT>e with smooth graphics 
and good synthesised 
sound. It starts off well with 
an excellent title screen. 
Waldg is an absolute 
menace, pinching your tray, 
and this pari of the game can 
be frustrating because the 
thief is too tnieillgent. Good 
tunas, a fairly easy game at 
first, but It gets more difficult 
at higtier levels, f found It 
tended to lose its addic^ 

A blur of Htinn at t&ur i^uArtsr^pDundiiri wi^ 
Mr VwHif^f , 

«b«tti «naHinl« 

tjveness after 2 to 3 hours ol 
playing though/ 

Trte graphics are eM- 
ceitent and me of colour very 
good, t liked the lunes bet 
ween games, at though dur- 
ing the game the sound /a 
rather poor. The nasties irh 
dude Sid Sos, OgyEgg. Sam 
Sppon and Pam Pickle, and a 
rotten bunch they are. Thisis 
a fun geme to ptey^ Very 

'The graptiics are nicely 
animated and very well 
drawn, which makes Mr. 
Wtmpy fun to play. Added to 
that, I think they've got the 
levels of frustration about 
rlfltil to make it pretty addic- 


CMM Ibvk sensible — SIX 

up/down. HIM left/right, 

A = pepper 

Joystick: Kempston. AGF, 

Protek, Sinclair 2 

Keytioard play: responsive 

CoKHin very good 

Qnphlc«: ex eel lent 

Sound: good tunes, poorer 

in game 

Skill levels: gets haider 

each game 


Q#nerAl rallng: very good. 

Use of computer 76% 

Graphics 82% 

Playabllity 76% 

GtUlr^gstarlftd 75% 

Addictive qualities 76% 

Value for money 78% 

Overall 77% 




All you have to do \% fill in the form below *i*^^ -^--id 

It off. We still offer m FREEPOST ordering $^ 
|>yt pi emit remember that it cmn take three to tour 
r : longer to reach us than ordin.iry r ^law 

i,. If voy would prefer a speedier dels .^.j f>*" 
'^commend you use a stainp. Orders 
N'ith a first class stamp will be 
~ ci d within 24 hours by first class post* 






TdapKone Ludlqw (0114} H19- 
Please lend mr the follow^n^ tJtks: Block capitals please? 

^ w 



Name, . _ „ _ ^ * 

Sul?$crib«r Ho. 
if applicable 

1 1 







Flt4i4 mah;« < h*q urt </r Su b To t sl r £ 
P^emI prd«ri piLr^ibJf t« 

■CJIASH MICIIQ^ from Leii DSicounc £ 
Si#rip.| chv^pn Of TotaJ Ejiclo»d i 

ivffidifHi ind iJKlyrft VAT Cfjih rinro 
G]m«i A<yen mih« no ctiirft Ipr po^ci^t 
inijl^ck«|1n| Cyiiemf4^ in Ewopf 
ify^i^ >dd SOp pwf Ittm for pcrtf *a4 
picirmi Dtiibd* fuf^pit. ^■A.K fvrtt* Ant 



S^i^fw-,^ unlit 1 

"MUF tiAEJi^lMir n*^ i^r/i* 


%^t}^n *f m*|- ttirict (Ml po*i:*f fr fMst. 

«rrr onirt ,.. , ,. , 

CRASH MICRO. FREEPOST{™ stomp ret^uired), LUDLOW, 









jinpfiKs^ ' rMi ami 

THE CRYPT by Sl«ph«n Bei^Ion 

(Ipi^Vli^r * 

irri-ri" I ^^._«jff^,^-jfM, 

*r^^«. THE CRYPT 

P?.K-. 'Ml, £7,SD 

1X81 16K -.-'1 'OnK or i^fogt^^""^ •" 

^i-^- : iM=. :.;, t?,SO •^ ' 

WHY PAY MORE FOR LfSS OF AW ^ Avait*M fw lH* <tK SpKlnifil m 

IIUL JfV;:^}C ^|A: ^i-L^iUHlLiE^S 





4n r-rn^rr^rr *; 

TTffrfHn^ code 

AvP^libl* tQ>r 4«K Siwctrym C5 9S 

vi^icfMinic DMfreeecT volcano oungeon 

ipr^?«4^*«<*m«iim. m«»iif«iiQt'3''i^r A THmOCONTINEFtT SERIES 



,04411- ^fiMbpil 



For Ilic 4dK SpKUum of £X^1 IGH 


f lOOt, m*chEne code arcade Action) 
AvJiMiblfi for 40K Sp«ctrum £5.95 




Ktior>, Atcddc- Qjtm«) 
Avnikiblv far 4aK Spectrum e^.95 

The above are available ttirough mosl good computer stores or direct Irom- 


North Weylands Ind- Esl., Molesey Road. Hersham. Surrey KT12 3PL. 

DEALERS: Conlaci us far your nearest wliolesaler 








)d figi born has been destroyed The 
' al of Berorh has been banished 

i of Evil has been defeated by the 
I Fendal So ends the Third 
-^-? yDu to wn'e your name 
, ._ Fouiih Age of 1'^*=' ^'^'fd 
,, inenr 


itJ will meet Jn^nds and enemies, oi'l aixi 
ie*i. (n the long awaiteci sequel to Volcanic 
D'-ngeon. Using high ie$olution graoics 
and combining the b^ Qualities < k 

C and ' VoicarMC Dungeon ..e a-iJI 

J j.v you to become pan of Iphs taie oi 

"The Wralh of Magra comes as three. 46K 
pr - <r'>mes Off r ^s^Btle, bOMeQ »vrth in- 
£ -mani- book delaiUng the hts- 

bry 0' the Thifd Comtnent and the many 
Selte you vibJI be us»ng throughout the 
ame For the 48K Spectrum $1 £12 50 


Wrath of Magfa iiSi.^ 

•leed not bu> .c,: 
ich Crystal' topiav i? 

A(*a-iat)te from Feb 84 




Micro Speech 


• Ilk 


Micro Speech is easy to use - 
simplv plug irhtD your Spectrum 
and TV and en^jov -a new dimension; 

instant votcing of all fhe keys 

infmite vocabulary at ymir command 

,„, intonation to add charactef [o 

spiech .„„... editing new range of 
sound and tptech pmes „.....,,. 


LET SS^ '^metrrHEEl kritmui" 


Micro Speech talks Through vPtjf 
TV's toLidspfiaker, emu ring top 
cpjality lound. 


Unlimited yocabulary nwans that 
Micro Speech can say anythinfl ..... 
it can even be made to yodel' 
Thift *i nothing it cannot wy! 


m &^ 

■ I, 



P Attic Attack : Lunar Jeiman (Utttmaw) 
fj Coloiir Clash : Shark Attack : 3D Montt«r ChoM (Romikf 
fj Fir« Birdt ; Lunar ReKua (Ly^rrsoftf 
p Voice Chew fArtkf }J Mmed Out f Quick sih9/ 
IjLf Mysterious Adv»ntur«t Part 1 ■ 4 (Digits F^ntniaf 
li The Birds and the Beei I Bug Bt^ttf 
P Biaitermind (Martecft Gam^sj 

Adding a new dimension with 

ciif«ct Uom Cur roll 


or ttlipHoiit NEWCASTLE (0632) a24ea3 


PIttM mn4 m« 

JUICf^O ^EECH umtr 


*i-'j»pi-i-"»4-py»#<+fm-fc!H->^-i-t^ri-ti**ii-i-.hT».dj.*j- m mi i i i .nj i mii bii ri ' i ii iii .**j 

FH-iP*fi»*+»+H + H4-HHi*M1-!-H-»t+l-«+M+P ■**!*• ■*+* "J 


t •fKloM Ctl«qy«/f Dftil Ortlvf jp^ytbilf to ' ^icro S^wtcfr Qffy " 

0* tStbil my BiFciiyc«fd/Aec«94 #ceounl Mo j j | ] 11 I I I I I 1 \ ] 

Stf rn^..., ..».. .,., mm ^n 







SPECniVH DOMINOES 16K/48K £4*98 


ZXai (16K} 






ONLY £4.!>S FNC P«tP 

^ ZX spectrum ^«iv 


FROGGY 16IC or48K 

AP^crmm v£a&4cm or aacwi oami 


tW WWWW CCDf <Mii MJil IP 



ZX81 (16K) 







ONLY £4.95 INC, PSrP 



UM t^m »iU 



' « 


:=*F H 


WILTS SN2 3PU TttI: (0793) 724317 

Ttmt ttifiutiti wtkimi lusfon Order) PlMS« viC {VQO p«r t«p« vtmti | 
D«lif MqLiiriH Tigar Dittribution, 4 Victorii Road. Widnas, Ch»htra 
05V42O MM. I 


fi§fn ..-.-... ...i.uiWi.i 



bm . 

: ^ 

t4fflclDi#ChKfU«>/P0 Pto 

tcif C ....... ,..^. 

PUS* TO PmI. »<#l^«f*. B^ 

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Fbi Hwi PurkOia ■efjQn. J^yt^l^^ V ^^- 
boi^ csnvol. LoQiii l^« Sivddib etn your 
OPiWfV Kwwtf Swur iht it*- nudd«d 

ypur lyglitt intf m^Kl't tfv f4tv tHIttcan ii 
tfwy carn« inTc> iV)^. 


Eirlll'i diltnrws lAd ill tllick^ni) Th« 

citMH. Yqu cfi (MfiT^lUng ih« cilv llrvttt 
In ^H LrtHi Krv4t Tinh wlh lu IvHiOt U 
■If m-itii4«. 

tfuraflirtg ■l0r>g vM obwrrt 1A# UU 
lilf (riipi* Off tht StMi^b ii ihrv tptmm on 

icMlif -KftH Tllf clly. SudilvFily vOu 

•y«r tlM buildJfT^ 10 your rii|ht. H 

planw torEHdo ■! v^Hitr Iflfi^. Vi^ 
^ iUffiifri DQ dfidga but Itv miBJlv tiAdl in 
iftiiififl ys^f tjnh And; ta«vifi0 i 
I boil l« lilt •niKW. 

Ynj unltiih ■ nwifck »nd fuidv H 
It^CMrintlv to ih* tii^Qtt Thfl S 

■ btiginmniQ 





All tftese games are avajUable for ZX 
Spectrum 4BK for the incredibte pnce 
ot only £5. SO each pnduding P&P VAT 
etc. Just complete the mail order form 
for prompt dispatch by return of posl. 

Arcade are oomnUHed to origilnal game 
concepts so look out for new titles in the 
Arcade range. TRADE ENQUIRIES 
WELCOME. Phone Oipington 35639 
10 a,m, - 6 p.m. or wtile to Aroade 
Soflwaf© Ltd, Technology Mouse, 32 
Chtsiehurst Road, Onxngton, Kent 



mtT\ , 



romcT ¥Oti CM ALWiTft om 


a ^Jnqm/psmi ontof nm^mM to mCMe JQfTHrjtftff UP, km 

Nmrn yitMf%Jmm 





Below us the Shadow, 
above us the Stars 



The Profes- 
sional Pro- 

Enter tti« proiasstonal 
programmtn Stdve TyfUNar and 
iiis assistant, Andrew Braybrtsok 
have recantly entered the field of 
writing software for homa 
computers on a full IJme basis. 
Their tJrst program. 3D Space 
Wars has reached new heights of 
realism in Its graphic design and 
Ingenious construction. Andrew 
Hewson writes after his recent 
meeting with Steve and Andrew- 

Stdva Ikvei lr> Ess#?c with Ns wife and Utile 
son, Marh (witK ar>other chikl iKpeclecJ 
ioofi). He waa (Nrty ihis ve-ar, a Tact ihai 
mad€ Stave think carafu^^ adout his 
lulura and dMlde to taka a radical and 
some woiild say r^ss^y slap 

Steve t>&gan to laarn prooramfnlng 
when ha waa aboiit IS yaaf& otd lils 
carttBf in oomputara raaily startad whan 
hi ill^nded one of Ihe early TOPS (Train- 
ing Opportunities Scheme) c<>iirsea six 
ytartago. Alter this ha entered the Dvli 
Service ae a C let ical A wtai a ni . H e q u i ck iy 
became a programmer despite not having 
the naces&ary I wo years experience Ha 
tiacame dis^aiistied with his work 
howav@f and M\ ihe Civil Service iq joir> 
am of t^a world's i^rgeat Insurance 

Ha worked fof four or five year^ making 
fin&nclal d^alopments on ICL and IBM 
mainframe computers. At first he enjoyed 
the almosphere in a big insurance com^ 
pany who m^yre^ .through Lloyda, 
everyiNng up to Concorde and the Spa (^ 
ShuUie He became a apecialist. convex 
tir>g systems from other mechines to IBM, 
aic He was appointed a leam leader, 
working on his ovwn ay^tems. 

Stave haa always Deen Intefeeted in 
bofne computers, and owned a ZXflO for 
Bome years He became more inlereated 
in the hardware — how the i:hips and cir^ 
tuMs work and ao learned about 
assannEslers to help him understand rfK>re 
aboul lU He also tried writing games on 
the ZXao tKjl soon decided that that was a 

When ihaZXSi was introduced into the 
market. Slave decided not to buy 
However, whan the spectrum came out, he 
mutt haye been one of the rirat people to 
tHjy the n«tw model and ctaaiplte working 
full time still, hre laboyred in earnest la get 
the rfiost out of this r>ew machine He 
draamad up some good ideas for games 
and soon lour>d thai to achieve the effects 


he wantedp he needed new lechntQues. 
The games on the marhiet at that time 
ware, in his Qpinion, rather amateurish in 
many case^. For rnohtha, he worked Ir^to 
the smaN hourB ol ihe night perfecting 
new techniques and eventually produced 
a game, unlika any thai had been written 
at that lime He submitted it to tour sotl^ 
ware houses and three wanted to market It 
for him. 

At this point. Steve was beginning to 
leal diAlMusioned with working for so 
meone else He decided that after spen^ 
ding over half his lite enjoying working on 
his home computers in hia own time, he 
was ready to become self employed and 
use his talents (or his own benefit. When 
Hawaon Cdnsultants offered him a con- 
Iract, he decided to si art working full hme 
on writing software for home computers. 

Steve Tumffi^ 

The game he wrote, 3D S^ce WBn took 
about five months to devetop Most of tf>e 
lime was ^peni J n detailed graphic design 
and of couree in devaioping the new 
tet^ihnlquea needed for this powerfLJl 

Same. Since then, Steve has developed 30 
Gid^sb Amc^. This look three months to 
firoduce. most of which was spent desigrv 
ng it. Using many of the techniques learn- 
ed wiih 3D Spsc^ Wars the acluaf writing 
look less tim« than Its predecessor. 

Now Steve is cofioent rating on anothef 
new game, called Ltmrn Attack So far it 
has laken three moniha development ai^ 
Fnvolws a fot more Ihan either of the two 
previous gamea^ because Steve is usir^g 
me full potential of the 48K Sepctrum lor 
the first time Previously, the graphics had 
been compromised so that the games 
would run on a 16K Spectrum. 

Stave has other ideas which at ihia 
stage he is not prepared to dlvuJge The 
market for home computer software, 
Steve feels, is going to change, end he 
wouid like to see the whole standard of 
softwaie Improve. He wo4jld like to see 
more arcade quality programs, profei^ 
siOfiailY produced and less amateur — 
basic progiammirKi which maKes up so 
ms-hy a I present, fhe public has often in 
the past been disappointed by the pro- 
grams which have not matched in pertor^ 
manoe the pretty pictures on the boxes 

In the fulure, Steve Ehlnks Ihat people 
will e IK peel more and morelrom programs. 
He expects more powerful programs witfi 
more depth — more hke novels than sket- 
ches. Me sees the welding of the graphical 
and word type adventure game, ao that 
players can contmue (or hours with tfie 
same program. At present adventures 
games rarely have any graphics — 
perhaps just s tills Steve sees no reason 
why far better graphics cannot be incor^ 
porated. In the long tetm future, Ste^i 
predicts a major revoiutton in the enter- 
tainment Industry. This would ir^volve li*- 

A NvMritId PubliC4lion 


l&ractlve entsffainment: Instead or wat- 
ch in^] 8 rilm, yau II be atila CO taiie pan in 
1 he film and help sal iha courw oin The 
film and TV irvdusifia'S wiM hav« to wofk 
with trve computer Irvduslry Already J n Ihe 
US tn«y art atartmg to uae laiar disc 
cachnoio^y tor lh« atoraga o1 piety r«a. 
This font! 3 a bEckgroynd to 1h« sloryHne 
which la handle^l by a compytm 

Aa a forca on the rnarket. Stave soon 
r«atl»d Ihat his impaci would be greater 
if he could employ othafs of his own 
calibre. He also would find 11 benelicial to 
be able lo bounce ideas of i someone with 
lite iame techr^ical expert lee. So he irh- 
¥lted Z3 year old Artdrew Braybrook to 
worV with hlrn. 

Andrew worked at Marconi In 
Chalmaford, where he M^aa a trainee pro- 
grammer in the computer centre. Using 
CMS, CICS and Cobol, but lew 
aaaembtefB, he worked with a ayite of 
IBMs, Alter four years he had become a 
trainee analyat and progrgmmer, He had 
always written computer games m his 
epare time, using Cotx>l to throw up 
garner rather than text on the firm's corn- 

After two years at this job, hia Dad 
bought Andrew a ZXBl. and he began to 
tiebble In Basic. Andrew bought himself a 
Dragon 32 which he found preferable wiih 
Its belter keyboard and coIoufs lo piay 
with, He eaw Steve Turner's work and 
became interested In it He began to try to 
collate his ideaa on the Dragon to see 

what could be achieved 

Three months ago Steve offered An- 
draw the chance to]oiri up with him in his 
buainess ar>d Andrew took jt up wUhoyt a 
second thoi^ght, Now his computing sKilla 
afe more obvious and appreciated ^an 
when he worked In a big companyp which 
gives Andrew a lot of satisfaction. 

Steve and Andrew find that In the iirst 
plages of designing a game, they work 
mostly Individually, with a strong conv 
pet it I ve BpirJt to produce the be^t idea In 
the f inai stage? of game design they wort 
together with plenty of diacuwion as they 
finest une their games. Steve works for the 
most pan on the Spectrum, whils! Andrew 
¥iorl^e on the Dragon. They ere eacti m- 

perta on thetrowri pretered machir>es, yet 
don' I really know each others machine. 
On the whoEe, Steva does most ot the 
graphical dealgn work and Andrew works 
more on the programming techniques. An- 
drew f dele that the market for Or agon soft- 
ware la very undeveloped wHh plenty o1 
room for his exdting programs. 

Design is probfematio ft la not aasv to 
dreani up a good idea- Steve doean't think 
it is the sort of thing you can teach 
anyone. He doesn t think there are any 
rules He wonders if in the long run It 
needs a different son of person to come 
up with the ideas. He gets some of his 
ideas from the pub on a Sur^ayl 

Steve Is qylte happy to leave the distrib^ 
lion and marketing to the experts at 
Hewson's, so that he can concentrate on 
the afliatie part of producing ihe games- 
He feels that the taieni needed to con^e up 
with these brilliant games la perhapa r>ot 
the &eme as that needed by a skilfed artlat, 
but I hat perhaps the home computer 
game is a difficult medium to use with Just 
aa many challenges as paint and canvas. 
Ultimately we J ike to see something nice 
on the screen. He wonders if one day his 
work wiM be displayed as 20th century art 
in art galleries? 1 wonder what games wJll 
emmon when Steve enters hie abstract 

Head for 
the Star 

At the 9th. ZX MIcrofair In December. Star- 
lone's game ZaxxEn caused quite a stir 
when it appeared on the Crash Micro 
Games ActM^n si and. The gaiYie on which 
it is leased Is, of oOiirstp the lamous arcade 
3D scramble game Zaxxon Since it show- 
ad up in British arcades (and rarely at that) 
Zaxxon has t>ecome a bit of a cuit. Natural 
ly Spectrum owners were eagerly awaiting 
the Inevitable appearance of a version tor 
Ihe^r machine. Months went by — nothing. 
Was everyone frightened of doing what 
would be a very difficult program on the 
Spectrum? II seemed so. But then a brand 
new name, Starzofte, appeared with a 
small biach and white ad for their ZaKXAii. 
Starzone Is not a big, financially w«ll^ 
heeled cornpany at all. in fact they are four 
young men with an average age ot only 
17,5. and Starzone. ^hich has operated at 
a profit and coniinues to do so, was 
started with hardly any nwoey at all- David 
Cowati (the oldest at tei diaarmlngiv told 
ys that the baalc idea had been to raise in- 
syranoa money for cars, which couW bo 
done cheaper through a company! David 
refers to himself as Siar^one'a Co- 
Dfdinator. Tim Laha (16) Is the Advertising 
aiui Promotions manager, which leivoii 
bfolhera Tlitni Mardtxi ar>d Mlat Maidton^ 


A r4«wsii«ie Pu&i4caii^fi 

Thi StBTfcno tdiirt - top: brothift T^m and KM Martian, 
botiomi Tifrt Ui*ti! ■nd pgvid Cc^wcIIh 

Tim, also IB, describes tiJ& fu no lion as a 
son of accountant. vt/NIsi the youngest o1 
the group. Nial (15J is Iha senior program- 
mar. II was NiaJ who wrote Za^xan 

The three older merrtbers aca txetween 
schools 2nd university and intend continue 
Ing with their aduc^Kon despite lt>e com 
pany, MhiM NIal is atlH at Abingdon 
school As th^y talked, it became ap- 
parent Ihai the common tinh is Abingdon 
School {near OxfordK wh#re the other 
EhrM were aisc in attendance. One of their 
oiher garras, D^i&k aar>. has been written 
by another pupfl at Ablngcion, Maksim 
Salmon2. David addad, rather 
apotoo^^lcally, lh»i the third sama, Ri^er 
Ha>d#f. lust happens to be by anotlieT Ab- 
ingdonite. We began lo suapecl that Ab^ 
ingdon is trying to rival Liverpool as 
Silicon Chip Hi it! 

AH four members of Starzone have coiTh 
puter programming eMperjence but Nial is 
the moat experienced m ZBO machma 
code. He used to own a TRS fiO and had 
devefo^d a ^Scramli3e' type game for it, 
but whafi the Spectrum came out ha 
thought onearKJ the firs^t program dona for 
\i was Za^ian. An the TRS 80 and Spec 
I rum i!30th work on the Z80 pfOcessor, 
Lhara waa IrttEa problem tor Nial in ada|> 
Ling to the needs of the Spectrum. 

isxxan was In fact ready quite Mma 
time bacit, but the bo^s A' la vats held up 
dpefations, so that the game was only 
ready to marKel in Septembef, Test ads 
proved thee a wa^ a markei for It, and now 
ttiay have commisaioned full colour arL- 

work for the inlay cafda. 

Meanwhile Nm\ is workmg flat out or^ a 
new game with the working title of Super- 
c/Tflrger. It's a Pole Position type game, 
At the ZX Microfair they had a good 
chance to look at aH me various com- 
petlt04ra in the fletd and decided that no 
of\& has yet come up with the deflniti^ 
Spectrum version, Nial is 'sub- 
conlraclfng' the title screen and sounded 
fects. which are intended to be bq^q- 
tacular, and he is aiming foi a hi:ghly 
playable game incorporaiing teaiures like 
hunrpbaclc bndges, tunnels with only 
headlamps seen» s suspension bridge, 
hills. bend$, an ambulance to watch out 
fOT. and the btst 30 penpecttve view yet 
seen, There wiii be a hi and lo gear change 
with ice on the road as an extra haiard to 
Iha other cars. Ha s also looking Into the 
possibJtity of rain (giveaway mackin- 
toshes with every cassette pernapaT) 

Meanwhile she Starzone team — a very 
calm burKh too — sUtmeiaphoricallyiand 
wait lor the reaction loZa^jran'. They got a 
mixed reception at iha ZX Microtair with 
people either loving il or complaining it 
wasn't enough lihe the original People 
are vary unrealistic in their ei«pectations 
of the Spectrum/ said David Cowell 
philosophJcaNy. But their ZejrjtaD remains 
the only version, and it's a very good one. 
Let's hope Unkersiiy doesn't entirely 
swamp their programming energies^ We 
mustn't be complacent, we need new 
writing talent all the time. 


Next Month 


mem OANEl JCnQM 




In mm G ia t i o n w ith 1 M A G I N E, 
we are giving away a free, 
full size cotour poster which 
shows the 'Arcatiie' landtr>g. 
The poster has been speoiaHy 
designed by Imagme'saft 
department for CRASH 
readers arKi is irt exclusive, 
limited edition. So doo't 
miss out on next month's 
exciting issue j 



A Nawmii44a ^t^ikciiion 6 7 


Scuba Dive 

Producer: Durdll 
Memofy required: 46K 
Retail price: £5.50 
Language: Machine code 
Author: Mike Richardson 

With thfiir latest release, 
DurelL who brought you H^r- 
fi&f Attack and our Establish- 
ed Q«m« oi lh# Month in the 
last ii^sue. Jungle Troubie, 
claim lor it thai il sets a new 
standard for animated 
flraphtcs for the Specirum 
computer, A rather high- 
handed claim, but one that 
eeems amply jusHfied by 
seeing Scuba 0/re. it youre 
one of Ihose peopte who 
squirm wilh primordial hof- 
nor at Ihe Sight of Great 
White sharks, then stay welt 
clear of this game! The state 
of animated graphics tn this 
highty original game is every 
bit as go<xJ as anything you 
will see in the arcades, and 
the jaws agape sharks took 
pretty re a L 

he runs iolo it he gets knock- 
ed out for a few seconds, and 
killed ii it happens im- 
mediately again. The pearls 
can be collected only from 
open oysters.. To fhe right ot 
the display area is a status 
section which records how 
mych oxygeri is used up. It's 
replenished by surfacing and 
finding the boat, which 
wanders off on its own. Only 
by touching the ladder at ihB 
fear of the boat are you safe- 
ly aboard and ready to dive 

Also on the sea bed, are 
Il 01 lows, actually openings 
to u rider sea caves. These are 
prolecled by an octopus, 
whose wavina tentacles 
allow a precarious access. 
Should you get through, the 
bottom of the cave is covered 
with glarrt dams, wtiose 
pearls are more valuable, but 
the clams have a nasty habit 
of snapping shut on you! 
This cave in turn also has 
hot low accesses to deeper 
caves protected by an oc- 
topus each. The deepest 
caves contain treasure 
chests and also spare ox- 

A pltthori of f iilkv animttkifk in Scubt Diw. 

The basic object of Scuba 
Dfv^ Is to leap off your boat, 
dive down and collect pearls 
from oysters on the sea bed. 
If you think It sounds easy 
forget ii! Thfs is no game for 
beginners of the arcade art. 
Fo r a start o f f , t he sea i s af iva 
with fist) of ail shapes and 
sizes, from giant sharks and 
squids right down to tiny fish 
swimming in shoals, and if 
you've ever fallen for Jac- 
ques Cousteau's line that 
they are really very cuddly, 
you can forget that too! 
These guys are all killers. 

When you press the ap- 
proprtate key, one of your 
three divers leaps out of the 
boat and can then be guided 
down to the rocky sea bed. If 

88 A N«wilt#4d PubltcplKJin 

ygen bottles to keep you go- 
ing. And that's it. You score 
points for pearls brought to 
the boat but if you get knock- 
ed out or eaten, you lose the 
pearls you may have col- 
lected. The four skit) levels 
affect your scores, numbers 
of sea creatures, oxygen 
supply and the speed at 
which the octopusses move 
as well as other details. 


'This is an original game 
with excel I en I colour and 
graphics, although it's a 
shame al»ut the almost non- 
existent sound. The llshy 
graphics are fantastic (one 
tends to get Into trouble 

while ad mi ring the various 
forms" of marine lite)'! The 
game isnl very addictive, 
and I would have thought 
there could have been more 
to do like harpooning sharks, 
but anyway t liked ur 

Tfte rfefa// of th^ graphics 
is quite &tagg€fing. No! oniy 
am thBy iarge, tut they're 
also maiisHcaltv wry sfnall^ 
FAe sharks have a ht of 
frames fo mefce the move- 
mant work, incfu(fing a very 
good turning act ion r The 
game !$ tuU of nai^ty touches 
like the giant jeHy fish which 
float on the surt&c^ and hide 
tmhind the boat ¥f ailing fo 
catch a diver as heiumps oft 
The diver's move men f, too, is 
just wonderful , tnith in diving 
off and in swimming. A bit of 
continous sound, me effect 
ot breathing bubbfes 
perhaps, would ha wb^ a 
help, but to be honest, this 
game doesn't need much 
help. Uke Jungle Trouble f 
found it to be immensely ad- 
dlctive — if should probabiy 
be banned as a health risk 
betore it has time to take Qtf! 

'Desptle the simpllcHy o( 
Ihe controls (user defined 
keys too) this is not an easy 
game to play, and on the 
higher skill teveis it's 
downright maddening. This 
really shows what a bit of 
dedication can do in turning 

Spectrum graphics into 
something to be proud of. 
The game is also atjout as 
addictive as any around I've 
played recently.' 


Control keys; rotate 

ctockwjse/ant lc!ockwise» 
accelerate and break. As 
prepropammed very 
sensible^ but may be used- 
defined to cope with alnnost 
any joystick 

Joystick: wilh user-defined 
keys you can set up for 
most joysticks 
Keyboard play: once you get 
the hang, very responsive 
Ck>lour excellent 
Graphics: words fail 
Sound: poor 
Skill levels: 4 
Uvea: 3 divers 
Features: a neat feature 
enables you to save Just the 
hi scores and then load 
them In to continue 
Genaral rating: highly 
recommended and excellent 
value for money 

Use of computer 69% 

Graphics 98% 

Playabitlty 90% 

Getting started 89% 

Addictive qualities 90% 

Value for money 9S% 

Overall 92% 

Battle 1917 

Producer: CCS. 
Memory required: 4eK 
Retail price: £S.0O 
Language: Baste 
Author: Mark Lucas 

TTie author, Martt Lucas, won 
the Cambridge Award for 
writing this progmm„ The 
competition is run by CCS. 
in conjulnctluon with ihe 
magazine Sinclair Use/; and 
the Award plus £1000 goes to 
the winner, and of course the 
winner receives the satisfac- 
tion of seeing the program 
marketed Battfe Wf7iB like- 
ly to prove popular with 
wargamers and perhaps with 
chess players too. as there is 
a re^mblance In part. 

The board, or war zone, is 
laid out wfth the opposing 
forces at the top and bottom 
of the screen, fcach side has 
a King In the centre, pro* 
tecled by arfltlery and flank- 

ed by tankSp cavalry and in- 
fantry. Each unit, except the 
King, IS subdivided into four 
chafactefs. The characters 
move as a group, but can 
easily get split up by the ter- 
rain. Each unii also has a 
fight mg strength and a 
movement allowance. 

The battlefield. 21 by 32 
squares Earge, is dotted wilh 
obstacles like rivers, forests, 
barbed wire and minefields. 
Tanks aren't bothered by 
wire or trees, but cannot go 
through water The rest can't 

Bo across any obstacle, 
linefields have a percen- 
tage chance of eip fading 
when contacted. In addition 
to moving aroundp the ar- 
llUery can (tre in any of the 8 
compass points desired, 
although extreme short 
range runs a risk ot self 
destruction since shots may 
not land on the exact square 
Ihey are supposed to. 

A prompt at the bottom of 
the screen tat I s each pi ay er 
which piece Is to move next 
and reminds him or her how 


• ♦ 5- 





^^i?d ^ 

Qmm mMts wiroiiiii* In aurard^lniiliii Bitfli 1t17* 

many squares it can travel 
and asks (or the direction 
■Minted. When one playar 
has moved all his pieces, it is 
the second piaysr's turn. 
When untts of opposing 
forces meet, battle ensues 
and is won or iosi by adding a 
random figure for each, from 
one to five, to the unit s oU 
ficlai fighting slfength. The 
higher figure wins. The aim 
of the game Is to kiJl off the 
oponent's king. 

Di feci Ions are inputted ua- 
Ing the numeric Keys 1 to B. 1 
bemg North and 8 being 
Nofth-West. There is an on- 
screen compass prompt as a 
quick visual aid. 


1f ehese appeals to you, 
you might like ttiis, although 
ft hasn t got the same sort of 
tactical clarity as chess, i 
thoughl the graphics were 
rather average and the 
moves and goings on rather 
slow. Ai least 11 does allow 
two people to compete 
against each other — really 
the cornputer is only used as 
a playing board and score 
keeper. It mtght have been a 
good idea to have a single 
player versus the computer 
option ~ alter all you have to 
have an oponant also ad- 
dicled to play properly and 
that's not always so easy/ 

It doB^ take quite a tong 
time to pl0y — but then, so 
etoes chess Whether it's as 
good as chess, Tm not bo 
sure^ It hB$ mom ¥Mfiety than 
chess but also & strong ele- 
ment ot fuck BSto who wins a 
battte. Thts does rather 
a&stfoy the tecticaf value 
eomewhat. tt certainty isn't 
what you would c^tf an ad- 
dictive g^me, and! thirrk you 
would have to piay for son\B 
time in two before deciding 
whether it had real lasting 
value as a game. 

'DeliniteTy a game for the 
atrategy, wargamer freaks 
l"m sura it has lots of scope 
for them. It left me cold as I 
never quite know how to take 
this sort of game Ttie 
graph ic8 are pretty good, 

although only character 
squares which vanish in one 
spot to reappear in pnothec. 
nothing is realiy animated. It 
does have very amusing in- 
structions in the 2-part load 
which involve some 
graphical shenanigaiis.' 


Control keys: 1^ 

Colour: quite good 

Graphics: fairfy small but 


Sound: very little 

Gentf al rating: good of Ks 

kind, but a special Ised taste 

Us« of CO mpulflr 7S % 

Graphics 54% 

Playablllty 58% 

dAlting started 65% 

Addictive qualifies 55% 

Value for money 68% 

OYerall 63% 


Producer C.R.L 
Memory required: 40K 
Retail price: £5.95 
Language: Machine cade 
Author ;f)kchard 

We're at war again and 
fa net i ca I ele ments have seiz- 
ed control of a heavtty 
defended complex contain- 
ing the ultimate nyclear 
deterrent, a Ooomsday 
device const ructed to cause 
wortdwide devastation. The 
timer on this bomb has 
already started and is set to 
explode in twenty five 
minutes. You must pilot your 
fighter bomber to the 
building and destroy II. 

Omega Run hovers bet- 
ween being a flight Simula- 
tlon and a stratghtforward 
game, but In the end, due to 
the fantasy nature of the 



THE Gam 6 OF 

T NC mmn ICONflMT m T H t Du 




HisTDeiiAiis a AN mmki 

PIRftmilANCi nAtMG AftI ALL 
Aflf DOING HOil mm tIARS 

FHEEiNS«r Paclti&Hatta 

mta (SIS 





Al IVii BlHAi 1 Im liiHMlft 

cjiii p i li l mmm§ m mH ihc 

KIOiinTtiil «1 Kii 4 lift liril sT i 3 

Hiiiiiiflfth mik^mm'B cluitntP 

IfieffvErat IT zmM Im Hhinligtatni 



fc^.y )!_..,# 


iift SPEcrnuju CHALLiwi^t 
rfiOM ii»f C£^mv£ sorrwARt LfO 



am OP rKE nasi original 




tdicltvt pmti I hitft ffi. , 
«niht4e4^ SPECTRUM Mil 
t^w0if rfw AK}ii DrifiAar 

NOW A V Aki A61 1 P HOW WN mi T H 




All programs run m th« WK ZM SPECTRUM o^nd Are avmime Irom ^t'I 
good COrnpyt^r ^0ps In ca$s oi ditficuiTv pl939fi 49fct0r direct u^^f ^ 
itm CQ^p0n Mow 

Please send me (lick box I est required} 


All at £B 50 b^kAi (mchisive of VAT amJ 1si class pfssidget 
I efKkise cheque P O *cm f cur debu my Accms AccowF^t Ho 

I I I I I I I I I I I I I iT-n 


Address . 

Reading RG1 4SQ. Tel; Reading (0734) &9167B 

setnirio and th# facf that I 
the instfumaniation ta not 
based on anything actual, 
v^t decided to siot tt>m under 
a game heading. 

The screen displays a 
wide cockpit view wilh Irh 
etruments below. The 
enemy's defences are pro^ 
diglQus and consist of laser 
fields, which shoot beams 
up Into the sky, and which 
must be avoided by dodging 
around them; fighter aircralt, 
which may be dodged but 
should be shot down other- 
wise they just keep on your 
tall; anll-alrerafl fire which 
homea in on you if you fly 
above 350 feet; and ground^ 
to^air missiles, which are 
more frequent lower down. 
Another probfem Is tliat your 
aircraft carries insufficient 
fwl for the run, so you must 
rendei^-vous with a tanJker for 
in-flight refuelling. 

Your instrument at ion pro- 
vides a clock with minutes 
and seconds left beiofe ttie 
Doomsday bomb explodes^ a 
compass with your heading 
indicated* an ailitu^de meter, 
a tanker/target locator, 
which is kept centred tor an 
accurate heading, a miles 10- 
tanker/target tndicatof. and 
three bar codes (or fuel level, 
ammunition level and 
damages status. Thefe Is 
also a rear view screen warn- 
ing of enemy fighters with 
message display. 


'Omega Run' has an ex- 
cellent on-screen introduc- 
tion, which not only 
describes th© object of the 
game ruMy. but 

demonstrates tt\e in- 
StrymentSt how they work, 
and what the cockpH view 
tooks like when you are fly- 
ing in various aspects. All 
tti# lostfuctlon screens 
dissolve one from another 
lil^ein a film, and when it'sail 
through you can then alter 
the conditions, like distance 
to target numbers of enemy 
fighters and laser fields, and 
target run up. 

90 A Nt wtl H^ld PuDliCilton 


Lining up i #kjI on mn ■ntrrw 

It keeps you on your toeB 
Qkey, fighters, lesers, ac*- 
ac^p missiles, &H coming 
thfck and fEster as you rmar 
the targBt; which iB a red 
btock. The instrufnents 
simpitty your task and are 
very weft designed f tlked the 
view, a dark bfue, ftecked 
with whiter a$ though yot/ 
warn flying over the sea at 
night Th0 sky teem$ to light 
up when the A A guns are fir- 
ing at yoii^ Perhaps it's ask- 
ing loo much, but it would 
have been nice to see enemy 
aircraft firing back at youf As 
it is, the screen hashes when 
they are. I found It highly ad- 
dictive to play with plenty of 
scope for improving skilf^ 
What would be good in one 
of these flight games, Is If 
they used a perspective grid 
to indicate the ground in 
lieu of any realistic land* 
scape, that would realty f/h 
crease the feeling of speed:" 


Control keya: cursors and 

zero to lire 

Joystick: Kempston, AGF* 


Kaytward play: very 


Colour very good 

Graphics: very goodp with 


Sound: good effects 

8UII iweli: S selectable, 

with additional 


Lives: percenlage o( 

damage allowed 

General fmtir>g: pleyablep 

addictive and 


Use of computer 78% 

Graphics 90% 

Playability 83% 

Getting started 96% 

Addictive qualities 82% 

Value lormoney 90% 

Overall 87% 


Producer: C;D.S. 
Memory required: 16K 
RetaiJ price: E5.95 
l-anguage: Meohine code 

This Qame is a good copy of 
an old arcade favourite, on 
the whole a rtot much copied 
game as yet. Blaby did a ver- 
Ston, called Gold Digger, and 
in most respects this fs wry 
similar, although it boasts a 
rather splendid continuous 
music sound track. 

The object of the game Is 
to control your Utile wizard 
Mel tec through underground 
caverns which he himself 
creates as he goes. Dotted 
about are lumps of lead, 
resembling blue diamonds, 
which are to be collected for 
points. There are also red ap- 
ples (underground?! which 
can be pushed along an ex- 
isting tunnel and made to 
squash the meanies by drop- 
ping them down a shaH, o? 
one can be used to block a 
tufinel by undermining it. 
Meanies can also be k tiled by 
firing one of your five crystal 
balls at them. Killing 
meanies adds to your points. 
There's also a cherry on each 
screen which must be cot- 
lected. This goes wandering 
at>out !he place in a most 
distracted, not to say 
distracitn^g manner. 

Clear mg a screen of lead 
and cherry takes you on a 
level to more meanies. 


'Cutting out t^e story of 
wizards good and evil and 
dark ages when they spent 
their ©ftorts Obtaining iead 
to transmute into gold, 
wtiich sounds like an adven- 
ttiie game. Magic Meanies is 
an arcade game. It's only a 

reasonable game H but ff s fiun 
to play/ ' 

'The gfephlcs are quite 
small, one-character size 
and they ntove quite ierkllYf 
tut they sre caiiBd on to do 
very little, since much of the 
game's attraction lies in the 
skill and quick thinking re- 
qui red Once on the move 
your man can only be stop* 
pad by running up against an 
a/^ple, or by con s tan tfy rever- 
sing his direct ton, It^s a sim^ 
pte game but manages to be 
addictive in playing. Nice, 
bright colours, and an Insis^ 
tent and continuous music 
track that can be turned off if 
it*s driving anyone else 

'Despite the simplicity of 
this type of game. It fsn't 
easy to ptav, requiring quick 
reflexes. C.D.S. have atso 
provided nine playlrig 
speeds as well as rising shift 
levels. At the slowest speed 
the §ame can become a bit 
repetetive, but at medium 
fasi i1 is quite demandina 
The highest speed level Is 
st>aer madness. Fairly addic- 
tive, and a good veision/ 


Contnil keys: 0/Z up down, 

VP teft/rtght, M fires 

Joystick: Kempston 

Keyboard play: very 


Colour average 

Graphics; small. 

1 -characters size, but quite 


Sounds good 

Skill levels: 9 speedSt rising 


Lives: 3 

diffitral rating: above 


Use ot computer 60% 

Graphics 45% 

Playabflfty 68% 

Getting started 58% 

Addictive quiftles 60% 

Value tor money 55% 

Overail S8% 

Hot an Y^ur uil cvrn* lh« Mugic M»initt. 


Introducing five great new games from 
CCS guaranteed to give you plenty of 

You'll get no peace in the prohibition 
days of Gangsters - if the cops don't get 
you, your rivals will. Try keeping your 
head above water in Brewery - a game all 
about liquid assets. ^^ We'll try our 
hardest to sink you j^f in Plunder - 
a world of Elizabethan piracy. And 
we're sure Battle 1 91 7 is more than a 
match for anyone - it should be - it won 
the Cambridge Award. 

As if that's not enough, we've even 


created Abyss - a feast of excitement 
and hidden danger for those who dare 

defy the evils to be found beyond the 
Mountain of the Golden Lion. 

So if you want trouble - we've got 
the games. 


All available for Spectrum 48K at £6 
(Abyss £5). Selected titles available 
from W.H. Smith, Boots, Rumbelows, 
Greens and all good computer shops 


Cases Computer Simulations Ltd., 
14 Langton Way, London SE3 7TL 




i •— -^ 1 



t917 ^ 






L _ 1 . 




CC Strategy Games. 
They're no pushover. 

A Htwtfmd PubNCItkOT 



contmuedlrorit p«g« 34 

^*IOtiima tway' \o ^orK on 
B^iHimafmtcfi wtiich ahoy Ed hm 
ready someiim^ Erogrvd May. 

Wh«rn th# oeme i^ 1ifi(ihad it 
g«fs pfay tratod' by a pAn«i of 
20 local garnfis plpyef? which 
Imaolnt ums. Th^fr 
racofumafVtUiUons wHI then be 
ysed to mahit aiiaratjons to th6 
game bafore ^t can ba ralsased 

From tha qulai. cafpated 
iplandour of the main office, 
Bfyca Evartsi am plained that 
Imagine have had to employ a 
lot of top manat)err>fint estparta 
In racent months to guicte Iha 
ocmipafiy as it eif panda. 
Balii«efi those new managara 
thef a aia a lot of degrM^ m 

science, paychoiogy and 
bMslneee managemanE. Thay 
know an awful lot aJboul 
computers and software, but 
very I If tie atx>ut games. To fill 
in this gap in i heir experience H 
seems CRASH Magazine 4s 
baing used as a 'training 

Just as Epstein and I he 
Baal las created an awareness 
in Livarpool and then 
ihroughoyt the world about 
popular British music:, so the 
guiding hand of Bruce Evefiss 
and lmagir>e have created an 
awareness first in Liverpool 
and now ihroughoiii the v^or^d 
aboiiC Sntish games software. 

Aeonw el imfialne'ft Ttehnlcal tuppwi 

Mllitoriiire loufKief. M»fk liiii>«r ihund«rs rrom Mt €ij»lqm-budl moniiar uki 


t em wrilmg lo you for Adrk^ I 
' would iihe io imow wt^y. *hen i leed 
ATIC AT AC with my Cyfrah 
M^reapaecli unit lAugged 11% ttie 
(Hiitie«f«oiiiet wfw^ I praaa e to 
lUrt. Ttia Curah mwnimfrm^t 
nmm ttut AIC ATAC and LUNAf^ 
JETMAN ii* ua^le, UlNAR 
JETMAN worl^^ to why doaifi'l 
ATlC ATAC? Hope you can fm\p tm. 
U. a«pon, Ryion^ Tyne d Wear 

I mink if fou m^ !iimugti tfm mfiww 

why A TfC At AC catMfims nrUe*! 
ploywd with r^tf ami m r^f 
Sfiicifvm ^"m only a frey pn^Av^ 
mftm^i, M^ ttt&ni koow w/til oeaa 
oninsidmt^^^9Mng$4i*itf m§t$ 

9a4mA itmiw m§t A TfCMTAC Is 
€Gmt>Bfib^. VMci99Ck tnio rm. tut I 
wipacr f^ laiiwi f$ Mimpi^ th^t 

§gFmmmntB wmw i 



cofi^inued from page tO 

» n » n n >i n » > 

Ao/fwiiv Adusffs fftaf txffain gMmas 
woyk^ UM€ itm /iart>^ AliCATAC 
wat a itttM dMiyetf m ^ts ^afaaaa, 

c/femiMTnt fn«d9 iri r^ /jjr /nomeni 
ro tfi ftmptogfsm mio 48H wnicn 
mmtSt if impossibfm to plMy wHPf ttlm 
MtCfO^)99Cfi i/fiii But of ct^u^te, tf 
that iim^ fftt Cu/rafl' ads www 
mtmrndf m mmgmzlffBS 


tfvhy do ififtwar* iiM^as tiava to 
change so much f of their lohwaie 
tipai? Moat tapet «e ptcad amiin^ 
rive te ilx poyndt, rer i w yeu 
usually gel a f«vv ni4nutea of tape 
with M. program rscor^ad ofi<e Of 
iwlce on eech side- ^of mmqu^ t*w 
same prioa you can puichasa a 
muilc ca^e tie wiih much mote 
valuft fcsf mooey. 

Gongraiuiatioir^s. CRASH i$ 
lantastii:. il ia just what peiipia nead 
to rea^ mm^ ihoy spand itmt 
money on cempu^ tapes, 

S. Hall. Bla^k^ooh. Der%stilr« 

ft iMi}'t iwm^Y fMifr to comf^m « mmic 
mMmftw vr^tn m lomvare onv Ev^rt a 
rviio^Able music MttH^m ^i 
mifmcmd ID a^fi MifC^ui ritMit t mHiofi 
0&0$$ it^ m (itm timw — chMit 
t^pfimm ae// sewfU' riinss mMt 

A ofon^l^ le unofficiM n^ur** 

cas^0ltms wt#e soZ-^iin fifte^ASf ^2 

a^/ri/«y?rd^ r5 fofi mining mu^ 
albums. A^ yCHf kfiOW. trnf^ MWV 

f^sf ynui' What a nT#«ni. is thmfan 
int^ivt^tmi Irfrie. evefl spop^rareii«, 
if n'r te^/^^ m i/w oid/ii^iii«s i 

iifrg^t, ih9^ me/cinrry of SpKtwm 
caiatrr*! am mfa0niY 'rr r^ UK 
iNow tf y^u t0Qk at how thm "ca**' ii 
siiC^ Up. M& IA#^ jay. fdttf « tApa 
caiHiAgp C5 £16 Mjtckt^ of ttm VA t to 
trntm a pr^w a/ r^ i7. Oi* courrse rise 
4ofrvrttfa ftciww tfps«ii I {Fsi lAar ~ 
ar 1/^ f 'ma rM rata// a^ 
wifoi^Mfm tnd ^iributof tmvw 
l«A#v^ tmr wi f^ sefrwifffl ^iise 
jvcei^es about 40% oi th9 pfita, oe 
€2, 0? Off f Ws !h&y Ftruf r ^o^ itm 
crosf or ^fihcsitofi, cas39ttw and* 

aojr aod* inlay prinl/ng, ^y SOip f h«ff 
Iftiy sja p§ytng th^ author a ^ya^ly 
Off tfm mitiiw fific* of pra^ab/y r^% 
fiSf^ Wf^h Nvvea iJ*wffl ^tiit am. 
Oat of fhis '0toiff muti com^ irt# 
0Q4f Qf Mdv^ftmng and ih^ o^^rhwa^f 
coBtM asaodired mm nmrni^ m^^ 
Oaa^rmm tfkm mimrws. jwii ai^ At 
fOu ^n imaging, at r/ie attd of ffm 
Af tfm itottwam f^ou^ /fit'l Mt 
wffft mfi that much Of coursa, tf iftaf 
coi/^ saif a miitioh on oh^ h tia 
aiona^ it mi§ni te a cfiMrenr tM^tmw^ 

We ^^nt 


"mirths rs*^' 

ystEms ^ 
Wit.H B^« 





A NtMlwlil PublWMkon 



Fighter Pilot 

Producer: Digital 


Memory required: ABK 

Retail price: £7.95 

Language: Machine code 

Author: Dave Marshal] 

II you havt evef hasitated 
ovar buying a flight Simula^ 
liOR progfam on the grounds 
that it will be too slow to 
make an interesimg oamet 
FJf^er Pilot will probably 
chanQe your attitude (or 
shoultJthat be altitude}? This 
simuialion moves at 802 
knots (at sea level, full 
reheat) and can cfeate total 
panie at a moment's raotioe! 
m game allows one player 
to control a jet fighter plane 
in several modes, which (rv- 
elude landing, taking off and 
air-lo-air combat. 

Yoijr machine is a McDon- 
nell Douglas F15 Eagle with 
2 Pratt & Whitney F 
; 100-PW-1OO turbofar^ power 
plants, and the program 
writers otaim I hat the simuta- 
tlpn is as fealisltc as Hmita^ 
tlons of the computer allow. 
When loaded you are pre- 
sented with a menu; 1) Lan- 
ding Practice 2) FlyJng Train- 
ing 3) AiMoAir Combat prac- 
tice 4J Air to^Air Comt>at SJ 
Blind Landing 8) Cross 
Winds & Turbulence 7} Skill 
levels8)ODntrol detection. 

Before we take a iook at 
the options more ctosely. 
let's examine the aircraft's 
equipment. In the cenire ol 
tha instrument panel is the 
Artificial Hodzon, showing 
the roll angle and pitch 
angle. An aircraft symtHD-l 
rotates to show wing angle 
relative to the graund, and a 
moving tape in degrees In- 
dicates whether the aircraft 
is flying nose up or no^e 
down. When it's blue you're 
riyir^g nose up, when It's 

SI low, nose down. To the 
1 of the AH is (he M«#d In- 
dicator in knots. To the right 
is the Altitude in feet and 
beSow is the VSt — Vertical 
Speed Indicator, which gives 
rate of climb or deecem in 
feet per second. Below the 
airspeed instrument are the 

flaps, and below the AH is 
the engifvt Ihrgst indicators 
bar sea le run ni ng f ro m % to 
lOOVe with a red section for 
reheat- This boosts the 
engine but uses up much 
more fuel. There Is also a 
radar and compass with 
t>eacon selection, and an lb 
S/ Right Compuler. The In- 
strument La naing System of- 
fers runway approach 
guidance or it can be switch- 
ed to Flight Computer to 
show your precise ground 
position from any beacon 
within a 6 mi le radius. It also 
indicates the altitude of an 
enemy aircraft when in com- 
bat nrwrfe. The remaining In- 
struments are a (ue( 'guage 
and tseneath it^ the undercar- 
riage indicator, showing up 
or down. 

To control your aircraft 
there are fifteen control 
keys, although fortunately 
these are not used all at 
oncef Joystick left, back, for* 
ward and right is controlled 
by the cursors (or by a 
ioystickEJ and CAPS SHlFltl 
moves the rudder left and 
right- QiA increases or 
decreases engine thrust, 
W/A puts the flaps up or 

of the runway and ready to 
take off. Air-to-Air Combat 
Practice pas It ions you two 
miles behmd an enemy air- 
craft and you catch up. 
select combat mode and 
open tire when he appears in 
youf sights. The enemy will 
not fire back — at least p not 
untH you opt for staightfor- 
ward Alr-to-AIr Combat. In 
this scenario you must de- 
fend four airfields; you are 
scrambied, must locate the 
enemy with your radar and 
engage He will lock on to 
you when there is less than a 
mile and 5000 feet attitude 
difference between yoii. 
Four strikes from him Is 
fatal If you break off the 
enemy will pursue his mis- 
sion once again, and you 
may find the airtield damag- 
ed- The remaining option, 
Wind Landing, renders your 
vfewscreen useless, and 
forces you to land on In- 
alryments only. 

There arethreeskill levefs. 
Leader/Ace to choose from. 
Kempston, Sinclair, 
AGF/Protek Joysticks or 
keyboard are seiectabie. 

The display through the 

Air-io-*if ^fnii«t m thif BOO lcnot4a^ vmulatiDii. 

down, U raises and lowers 
the undercarriage, B puts (he 
brakes on and Is Indicated on 
the instrument panel as a red 
light. N selects the nmt 
tMacon and M switches the 
cockpit view to a map. SYM- 
BOL SHIFT switches bet- 
ween ILS and Flight Conv 
puter, and finally zero fires 
Hie guns when incomba! 
mode, which is selected by 
pressing G. 

Back to the menu Selec- 
ting Landirtg Practice im- 
medialeiy positions you at 
1700 feet and 6 miles from 
touch down with the under- 
carriage down. In Flying 
Training you are on the end 

windscreen is fairly simplep 
green ground, blue sky. The 
other feBlures are the rurv 
ways of the four air bases 
named BASE, TANGO, 
DELTA and ZULU, these are 
seen in full, correct perspec- 
tive with centre lines, 
distance markers and end 
lights. Additionally, you can 
see enemy aircraft as you ap- 
proach p also in Mi perspec^ 
tlve. The tape is accom* 
panled by very clear instruc- 
tions and technical delails. 


A fuii evaluation of 
Fighter Pilot, would take an 

age as the prog ram has enoc* 
mo us potential for playing. 
Also, flying my F15 was not 
an easy task. The set up for 
landing sounds soothingly 
simple. But in eight initial at* 
tempts we nost-dtved with 
loss of all aboard! I had a go 
at a dog fight It took some 
time to find my enemy — get- 
ting the hang of banking and 
turning takes time — but 
when I did we had a jolly time 
and I went down In flames 
after a few hectic seconds. 
I'm going back for moret* 

'The m&p facility is ex* 
C0fhnt in this game. An B<f 
ifan/aoe m that fou can 
switcn io map without tosittg 
your instruments — you can 
see where you are and keep 
t tying, rathm important at 
800 knots ! The map provides 
a $cale, focatiom ot the air- 
fields and their beacons, 
which can t>e setected by 
number to get the correct 
heading, end it shows two 
ranges of mountains with 
thmr heights- Whet struck 
me about this Bimulation is 
its cvefatt speed^ You can sit 
back and relax to some 
degree on the tonger training 
flight, but mostly it's hatd 
work and H alt happens pret- 
ty fast. Very good resolution 
on the graphica and inatr^ 
ntent diuspiays/ 

*Delinately (he best 
simulation for the ^ecirum 
yet, and one of the most ex- 
citing to play. Key cor^trol Is a 
fraction slow, you have to 
keep a Hey pressed for 
results, but with so many 
keys that's not surprising. 
What does work well rs that 
the instruments respond 
very well with quite a tot of 
fine tuning possible. I'm no 
pilot, but Ifeckon this lead 
very realistic/ 


Control keys: see review 

Joystick: see review 

Colour very good 

Graphics: very good 

Sound: rtone 

Skill levels: 3 

Uvtt: 1 — how many more 

do you want? 

General rating: an excellent 

Simulation and game — 

highly recommended- 

Useofcomputer B2% 

Graphics 90% 

Play ability 85% 

Getting started 90% 

Addictive qualities 85% 

Va I \M for tnon ey 85 % 

OMrall 86% 


A Ntwifttld Publiciiion 


uefi of tti» pftoftomtriftl intim 
in home computers has to do with 
their expo sy re in the high streets 
of Bfitam, ami few chain stores 
have cton# as mu€h to pmmote 
that tntemst as W,H. Smith and 
J. MenzJes. This month our roving 
raoorter took a whirlwind trip 
a roynd sym ol W,H. Smith's 
bigger compyter shops 

Mtm RowIackI the Byyi^g Manager *^f 
W.> ' who haads a dyfiamic yoyag 

Tafi' *H?i? !h* fKMTjf* ttimpuim has 

y©y impute^ mt »^tio, aiv 

noyc^ i>> :n# pfOMlm^y ;?! Ih© toy difiaft^ 

mf*nt. ^'jiknfi for rt to be movod awav^O he 

M." >U >:>.■• 

also M 

knrf 1 1 niSirriifiii 

■ u 

John ROi^iiiiia. H#¥iC«iik 

b^Mt selling shop, l 
Edinburgh. Mancheil#r ^ 

also very big." it ymJertj. -.. 
\\f^\\p' th^i rhore^mamijaeti 

f »i? on tha^f I 

r iQ >n the Houi. n^y^ d^ 

jompuium B4^ any^ner^ 
poot, wlnai. 

irtaof soitwar^v :m 

of fhf?!Jf» ^iflii W ;? 

ggmt : 

'■ c-in\ 

mattiCNMHHHIbii Hamm«riml|h wm 

■^*^ Tt rin^fosHnn =^L;ccf^s5 But 

»d off AC) 

V ;ir it 

tpU Jita(<ler' 

^hat ifit fTN^? 

- '- 

r »-i-,/-. f-,1-* f^,., ; 


J^HAks. shops or« lEec . 

Bill ^ow0, il«rt) and hii tue 

Roy Hnwktr^diKtiaicofTiacliipKiv mattnriat 

94 A NiwtiHi^d ^ui>iic:ation 


Tlw mw WH Smil^ Qonrip^ttt Sf^op, at Lovidon't H««crwow airport - 
•If viflg iravQJ -weary compiftHr frtt#ki, 

tiifp »s W H Sm-th mmpi/tflpf thopt in the 
ikp^' mm, To dare 


firiinf) (}ep«nm#nt 

Thfly nay© 

tfft e?on*tj ill iv^l^s can slllf s©© 

fjy c^ii during t ha ctay 

J on aar^d from M^/eh Hoy H^^mkm lakes 

df raspcKi'. 


^f^f Cf}nyii(^i' 


mvirK.t»y iriarui- 



Jt mletit Mftm ^ 

!;ttGDB at 3irrjC!i^5 i^tiauTrl nr ova so popular. 

jfiaa ia t*ta! a 
a thai a larga 

pi omars ara 

» t -.>. ^^ r-. .-r, , 

u»s m 

g ii miictiiim ox K^fiwafa for 

Th4» decisJi)' tjt compyior atiopa 

a^^t'ja!^^ tnsicf- nlnal louno«$ was 

^a ffimbta. Thraa 

< H a «maN Bhelt 

^ at H&att^fow 

'^ 0var was 


-a tMMfi! 

- awaranesaat 
w ;an ba f teitia in 

compyiar bacom#5 a ussfuls iooi then If 
has a iong fy|: y ua^ aa a loy 

it's nof fi3 gQO- o_ ■^; . -iailiai fs renown- 
ac3 idi" 

Parhaps rhagFowihofad _^ ..^ 

wart ^dl iialp ens^jra tha fuiyre c 


of tha eiiucanunai ^ 

/^ar 13 going to ba tf«; i 

oomlMrdad by it." n& »> ^^fe 

Eybllihtn of any s kza saam s . nd to 

nfig out edLfcatkmal programa 
Tfiara are, ol coursa. fada in iinvthif 
and computars may prova to t 
lafani, but wo at CRASH ^^^h.vv.. . ^,^ , 
gamaa mirlcal 19 hara f> r a loni 

time, becauaa all aorta 1/ ut.-.r: - • 
are faking placa all tha whMa. v 
complaialy ravolultonlaa tha gamt^ >c.y 
can byy and fJia machkna:s ymj bir»ii i>9 ubi^ 
to play t ham on, Me > 
the ratall outNits U 
lunlllea lot yqu Id fina nni^idi you vi«ii 
avan in ihosa borfnQ mfnuti^ fci€=?e^t- • 
ofl a! HaatHrow 
Prasad wiih ih> 
carta mly (ty^ng Nghf 

A ivPicailv bii^ dlav ai on« of thi Compuier Shopf in a largef WH 
Smith high itmt itore. 

A#l*w«ri«ld Pubiicaikin 06 


» • • 





it leaves iKe rest at the 


runway threshold M 


i '■fidlAf t»«-4n ii>wm m A* ilftm^- 3-{i ir| 


w - 




DfG/ML :., 


48k Spectrum 

\y Joystick compatible 

AH prices include VAT snd p4p (ovDrsflA^ add S5p per casNSjpiit} trade & ex port #fH]U]nM welcome— 

AM casselles caffy a Nfet<m& guaraotee MaM qrtfor or check vour local coiTtputif ilore 


A N«wtfi««d Publication 


With compuiers m)w 
a£K}ynding in BflUsh schools, 
there is a Qrowmg awarenMi 
I hat computer games can bt 
mucfi more ihan a play toy. Tha 
computer can act, quile 
un;que^y, as boLh leacfror, 
{^alculatof. biaiCKitKiard and 
enterlainer all at the same 
Lfirtie, To match the swellmg 
Inter^at m eduoalion by 
CiQiTipuler, more software 
hguMs are pfodycing more and 
more teaching maLefJals in a 
games form. To rehocl this 
tmnd CftASH win be doing 
regyiar arlides on oducmtTonaE 
games and reviewing programs 
n they b«{]ome aval lab! @. 
Thes^ revieM^s. lik^ all others, 
w^ll also be entered in the 
Qutda Secltofi as we go along. 

One o1 the f krsi softwart 
houaiis to spaclalise in 
programs foe yoong children in 
Wlaglt Sottwartt They have J ml 
anDMn^OAd th#r two n«wMt 

tltles(onasingla!apo) The 
Humpry Dumpty M^fi^ry and 
Who Hified Cock Bot^in are two 
d^leciive stories lo develop 
ahfiila m logical ihlnMng (see 
Ihe review in ihis Issue! This 
latest tape is only one of a 
fanpe of seven thies which 
Wragh have felea$i9d over the 
past six months. Counfmg, 
Adding i Sutfraamg and 
Quickfhmkmg 1 which is 
published by Mirmrsolt) are for 
developing numerical skills. 
Spatial Dbservaiion and skills 
are devek^ped with Sh^p^ 
Sorlerand Psf Minder A lurlher 
title in this sehes will be 
released before Easter 

There are plans io reEea$e 
more titles early Jn 1964, and 
also to convert e^istinj titles to 
the Commodore 64, BBC Model 
B and Electron. Mike and Tina 
tkrlheridge. who run Widgit, 
have increased iheir 
progfamming workforce to 
meet the^e needs, bul they atttt 
maintain a very firm editorial 
Goniro^ The programs must 
meet Ihe W1 jgH criterion of 
giving the player enjoyment 
and moEivDiion bm at the san^ 
lime having a reai educational 
content to develop a child 
itntelleciuairy Widgit programs 

The Humpty Dumpty Mystery 

Prod uc or: Wldglt 
Metnory required: 4flK 
Retail price: £6.25 
Group: Vory early 
rtader^-- lOytars 

Sid© A ot the tape, Humpty 
Dumpty, contains two pro- 
grams, and side B contains 
Who KUlea Cock Robin, The 
programs are aimed at 
devetoping skills in logical 
thinking and require tile 
player to ask questions and 
make guesses based on 
answers. The mystery —7 
' Which of the king's men 
pushed Humpty off the wall? 
After a graphics sequence of 

Humpty being ptiShed off by 
a mystery soldier, aEI twelve 
men appear and the player 
may either ask a question 
prompted by the words, 'Did 
he have . . . ' , of take a guess. 
Each of the Iweive men have 
a name and some chara^ 
tertstic which distinguishes 
them, so thai askir\g ques- 
tions immediately elimi- 
nates some of Ihe suspects. 
^ The second game loads 
with a program contained !r> 
game 1 Here the player is 
given a glimpse of the culpril 
and must describe him. rive 
dlstinguist^ing cliaracteris- 
tics must be entered correct- 
ly to describe the colour of 
the suspect's hat, badge, 

are tried out in schools and are 
modified according lo l^e 
r^actiQns of teaciiers and 
pupits Tina says thai general 
siandarda \n educational 
software have risen a bt In Ihe 
last few months ami that 
Wtdgfl are intending vary 
definitely to k^ep in 1h« 
lonslront o1 devatopments and 
provide programs of high 
qua illy and good yaiuo for 
money for home and school 


It's a bit of a moythfyt. but Tha 
Na I ton si Magazine 0>, under 
the imp rim ot Ebury Softmire, 
sre soon planning to leltase 
titles under the heading of 
Good HauaakM]Mna Softwara. 
The Buries is lied together by a 
mascot caited Wr.T. 

The trrst six I it las ara Mr. Ta 
Aiphat^t G&mes, Mf. T's 
Number Games, Mr, T TeHs f/ra 
Time, Mr. T"$ Money Box, Mf^ 
T'A Measurmg GBm0s and Mr, 
T's Shape Gam^5- Thase $re 
curreniiy avaJlaDle on the BBC 
M^cro, but Spectrum vefsions ^ 
shouJd l>a ready very soon. Mr. 
T T9itM Tht Tfiim ar>d Mr Ts 

Mor^ey 8om ara already in tha 
shops fof the Specitym. Th« 
games come very nicely 
packaged m large while video 
style b0)ces an<; include a 
data] led parent' a man u at wtlh 
comiprahenaive operailnQ 
Instructions and a stip'by'Slap 
guide to gattif^g iha h$&\ out ot 
the proijiam 

Good Housakaaplnp 
Sol t ware reckon thai the child 
should not t>e ief I isolaled at 
Ihe keyboard , but that the 
parent sriould ioin in the 
0amos. discuSiS^on and 
activities piomgied by ihe 
fames, Mr. T is a^so dealgnad 
to act as a lrtef»dty guide 
er>abling the child to play not 
against 1h{j cold, inanimate 
computer, but in the company 
of a lively and personable 
tat low wtK> reacts with 
encounoernent pr sfighl 
dismay at tha child s choice. 

Mr. T programs are aimed al 
Children between the ages of 
three and E\n. The cassettes 
retail at Cl2.d5, ^nil are 
avaNabJe at leading computer 
Shops and compulfir 
departments of major High 
Street retaiiera. and run on a 
46K Spectrum. 

eyes, mouth and Jacket. Bot^ 
programs allo\M for children 
of developed spefling ski! is, 
and for earfy readers as in- 
puts may be speft out or 
selected by using the colour 
keys. Two skill levels make 
for easier and harder games. 

Who Kitted Coclc flobm 
asks the daunting question, 
can sparrow's confession be 
befleved? The player must 
find out who kilted the robin, 
where and when by using 
clues and logic Some 
reading ability is requlrtd 
and there are four skill levels. 

The quality of the graphics 
In these games is very qood, 
lots of large drawings, 
brightly coloured and with 
some simple animation 
Describing the identity of the 
culprit in tne second Humpty 
Dumpty game, is quite a 
Skilfull process, and surpris^ 
ingiy difficult to get right, 
even for adults! 

I tbifik n WM 'lufi" - bm wai it? 

French Is Fun 

Producer: C.D.S. 
Memory required: 48K 
Retail price: ES.95 
Group: VarJoue 

This Is a French learning 
package with considerable 
versatflity although It only 
teaches some basics, 
phrases and vi^rds which 
may be helpful to beginr>ers 
and tourists. The pfojgram is 
menu prompted offering: The 
House. The Countryside, The 
Beach. The Cafe. The Street, 
The School, Numbers and 
Time. Whichever topic Is 
selected you are then 
presented with four options; 
1) Pictures only — which pro- 
vides graphics, slowly 
building up, each new item 
annotated at the top In 
English and French.^ 21f PIC'^ 
tUfts with test — the 
graphics are repeated and 
you may opt to type in the 
French when the computer 
prompts with ihe Engiish, or 
vice versa: 3) Phrases only — 
no graphics here, but a range 
of useful phrases in English 
like, *\s I) possibte to go 
riding?' which may be 
translated into French by 
pressing key C: *) Pielures 

A H^w^m^ Pum^^i ion 97 


and phraset — whtcti runs 
throiigh the piclyres again 
and then Into the phrases 
wilh your memory refreshed. 
Under Numbert, the 
screen displays imperial and 
metrtc equivalents whilst 
large figures at the top count 
up from t, giving the French 
spetiing beside thefn. Under 
Time, the display giras the 
days of the week and the 
morLths in English and 
French, displays a clock face 
and invites you to ask the 

tlm«. You can key In a time, 
say 12.30, and this is then 
dfswn on the clock face, and 
the French speljing for the 
lime given. 

The program contains a 
lot of QuHe attractive 
graph fcs^ some with simple 
animation, and it m\\ ol> 
yiOiisiy be valuabte for young 
French beginners as wet) as 
adult starters. It wont, 
however; do much for your 

Robot Runner 

Prodycer: Longman 
f^emory required: 1$K 
Retail price: E7J5 
Software: by lUltcromega, 
Tony Poulton 

Robot Runnw Is a numlDer 
game for chiidren aged S 
years and upwards Piiot 
your robot across the 
number wa^ of Androfi 
You'tl need to know your 
tables and be prepared for 
unknown dangers of a far off 

When the tape has loaded 
the player s name can be 
entered, after whtoh a menu 
comes up asking which 
multiplication tabTe yau 
want to use from 1 m to 9x or a 
mixture. Having selected the 
taWe the screen cuts to the 
coi cured number ways, five 
in all. The robot runner 
stands a1 the bottom, 
waiting to enter the llrst way. 
Down this first way comes a 
sum, say 2 )« 7. Using the cuf^ 
50f keys 6 {down} and 7 (up) a 
figure at the top left can be 
made to increase or 

decrease. When it reaches 
the right figure (14 in Ihis 
case}, your rolxjt may cross 
safely. Now in the second 
way another sum appears 
and you continue in this 
fashion across the ways'. 
When he has reached the 
fifth way vou may guide htm 
to one of several treasures 
on the right of the screen; 
when these have all gone, 
you progress onto another 
and more dangerous screen. 

The cursor Keys S (left) and 
8 (fight) are used to guide the 
robot across the ways To 
make life more eKciting there 
are de-enefgising obstacles 
that live on 1h© ways and 
float down, ihreatenlnfl the 
robot unless you can gel the 
sym fight quicldy and move 
on. but the cursor keys are 
also used to avoid them it all 
else faiis^ 

The game )s accompanied 
by parental program notes 
and full Instructions for us- 
Ing the game. Loading 
scfens are very good, and the 
use o1 colour throughout is 



Producer: Artie 
Memory requifed: 48K 
Retail price: E6J5 
group: Ag#s 5-8 

This program Is aimed at 
primary school children 5-6 








F" ;Tr J "^ 


j OONCf , 


I I 


2 if fof ZYLO PHONE ^Xhim XOO. 

years old, and is designed to 
Improve spelling sklils. You 
are ashed to ^press a letter'. 
Dependtng upon which 
alphabet icey is pressed, the 
screen displays a drawing 
and a large graphic of the let^ 
ter chosen, and teMs you 
I what the drawing Is. For in- 
stance, pressing V resutts In 
a van being drawn. At the top 
It says ^V is for VAN', and at 
the bottom, 'Now spell VANV 
These details remain tor a 
few seconds so they may be 
digested, then the word 
disappear and the child may 
press the keys V-A^N, If the 
word js incorrect the com- 

fmter beeps as soon as the 
ncorrect letter is pressed. If 
spett correctly the child is 

rewarded with flashing 
border colours and a tune. 
There are several tunes In tfi# 
program. Although moal 
words incorporaled are very 
simple. CAT, DOOR. FISH, 
there are longer words (Ike 

XYLOPHONE included. 

This program Is certainly 
for younger children and wilt 
undoubtedly prove an entef- 
tain ing way of doing element 
lary spelling, A drawback to 
(ts durabilKy might prove to 
be the tunes, which rapidly 
become repetetive, although 
they are all popular nursery 
rhymes It also seems a little 
pricey for what it does, but It 
is a very easy program to 

Special Agent 

Producer: Helnemann 
Memory required: 48IC 
Betail price: £9 JS 
Software: Five Ways 

This gam« is designed lo 
develop the ability to read, 
understand timetables, fn- 
terpfet information quickly 
and maKe logical decisions 
based on information in a 
situation where there are 
many possibilities. It in- 
cludes Insights into the 

relative speeds and costs of 
air and rail travel, and lets 
children become familiar 
with the positions and 
names of Europe's cities and 

The game connes tn a large 
plastic folder with the 
cassette tucked in one side 
and the large format, colour 
book (16 pages) in the ott^r. 

The game is played on a 
very farge scale, and in fact 
comes very close to a miK- 
ture between adventure and 
strategy games that might 
well appeal to much older 
people. Basically you stt in 
your control centre of Spy- 

A i^iMlitld P|^bPiC«1k]F1 

jng with a map ot Eiarope. 
Belo^ the map all sorts of 
reports com© in from secret 
agents In the various ioca- 
tions. These may be In clear 
Qf code (which can be 
dteciphered bil by bill Infof- 
mat Ida may well be from in- 
fonners {which must be pur- 
chased) Of it may teli you a 
spy tias been eliminated. 
More spies can be hired. 

II you decide you must go 
to a c i t y t o make c ontaet wi 111 
your agent there, a sheet of 
various timetables can be 
disp fayed and jourrries may 
be undertaken by various 
modes of transport relative 
to speed, cost and conve- 

The graphics are very 
detailed and complex, but 
the game is tun to pfay, back- 
ed up by a heavily lliustrated 
book with background to 
»pies in tact and fiction as 
well as information on ttie 
many cities ajid towns In- 
volved In the adventure. 
Despite the slightly high 
price, this is an undoubtedly 
excellent package for the 


Producer: Widgit 
Memofy required: 16K 
Retail price: £5.9S 
Group; Ages 4-9 

This tape contains four pro^ 
grams based on maze struc- 
tures and L3 designed to help 
children develop spatial 
skliis and forward planning. 
In the first you must guide a 
rabbit through a maze, 
eating carrots on the way. 
This IS fairly easy, the idea 
beirig \o look ahead, and pick 
thestiortest route to thee^it. 
There is only one propef 
route Ihrouph. T!ie second 
ma^e game is much more ad- 
vancad. In Ihis one, a 
karigaroo must be guided 
through, but the player must 
program the moves by selec- 
ting the recjuired direction 
and then Inputting how many 
moves are needed. The 
SG<^e ofthe game expands 
with the players growing 
, skill, since the kangaroo*s 
i route through tlie entire 
maze can be planned and In- 
putted before executing. To 
begin with a sing le move at a 
time can be executed by the 

computer Incorrect entries 
ar^ Immediately highlighted 
on sound as well as on 
screen, while tHe entries 
made are slowiy added in a 
coiumn to the right of the 
display a^a. 

The t h If d program I s € a I led 
Picnic Guide a hungry 
monster through a park and 
let him eat his luninh. The 
idea is that the monster 
should eat tour Iteme dotted 
randomly in the park', by 
visiting them in a pra^set 
order, and that this shou \6 be 
done v^^ithout crossing his 
own trail or reversing on tiis 
trail There are two levels, 
one with t he p lay tng squares 
clearly marked, and the se- 
cond where the park is a 
solid area. 

The final gam^ is Frogs. 
Guide a frog across the pond 
and collect frog friends on 
the way. The 'pond' is a grid 
of 7 squares by 10 across. In 

Citrots prov« fmtim th^n ftiekf 4t fofmrd plinning. 

some there are water lilfles. 
and in some there are frogs. 
The object is to discover the 
best way across that allows 
you to collect more frogs on 
the way. remembering that 
you cannot cross a square 
with a water I Illy In It. This 
becomes a surprisingly sub- 
tle game, since not alt the 
frogs are collectable — 
some may be unreachable 
because of the positions of 
the water fillies. 

All four games use the cur- 
sor, or arrow keys, which are 
easily identifiable by the 
child playing. The graphics 
throughout are targe and 
brighliy coloured. These 
games should pfove very 
enteftaiinjng to play as well 
as providing a very real 
challenge. The Kangaroo 
garT>e actually leads the 
player in the direction of pro- 
gramming as weJI. 


IttBft H H H ffBft H tflft 

Sff tti i Bit t? rtfffli Tfi 

■'«■■■«■ ■ ■ ■■«« «■■■ «■■« 

■ m m Hri tta a^t^ 

■ ■ ■ ■■■■ ■ «■■■ ■■■■■■■ 

■ ■■■■ ■ ■■■■«■■ ■■■■■«■*■■ 

If ?■♦ f ■ft 

|t f B? f t f St f f f B^ ^ B^ ^ B^ ^ B^ * ^ ^ 


|f T f f BT T f f T f I 

a Table' Man" stands ready 
above a tabie of numbers to 
9. On the riphi is a paddo^^ 
with a bull in it. As soon as 
Ihe game starts, the t>ull 
charges at the paddock wall, 
slowly eating chunks out of 
it. The object is to get ten 
sums correct before the bull 
breaks out and destroys the 
numbers. The game is per- 
sonaiised by the child when 
he or she l^s asked (o entef 
their rtame at the si a ri. 

After Ihe work comes the 
play. The two programs 
fol towing are games. NIm 
Uvti provides the task of 
catching twenty mice. You 
are a cat, your enemy is a 
bl^ck dog. the mice are dot- 
ted about the screen and the 
cat must po round touching 
them, avoiding the dog. who 
will chase the cai. Three 
bones per life are the best 
way of slowing the dog down 
for a moment. Any mice 
touched by the dog are sent 
to safely. 

Candyman it for two 
players, who must get their 
'men' through a series of 
opening and shutting doors. 
They can see how long it 
takes Ihem as tt>ey afe play*' 
ing against the Clock. 
Throughout aM three pro- 
grams the simple graphics 
are very entertaining and 
move nicely despite the pn> 
gram being written in BASIC, 
The package offers good 
value for money. 

Bull Tables 

Prodycer: Lotus- Soft 
Memory required: 16K 
Retail price: £5.50 

Bull Tables contains three 

Programs on one cassette, 
ull Tables itself is an 
arithmetic game. After 
loading a menu offers the op^ 
tion of addition, subtraction, 
multiplication or division. 
When you have made your 
choice you can select be!- 
ween 6 leveis of skllL At the 
highest level questions can 
be as difficult as 23 x 35 ^ ? 
At the easiest level, as sim- 
ple as 1 5c 3 - ? The screen 
displays the sum to be done 
al the top left. At the bottom 

CtfKfy G»iDur«tt ^f i|»s - tyn ifttr teif ntirvn your iButIf Tibt»t> . 

Educational Reviews 

Due to shortage of space we have been unable to includa 
more than a I recti on ot the review material received, but we 
shall be wading through more in future is$ues of CRASH. 
Mi y we ta he this op po r1 u ntty to tha nk a 1 1 1 ha s o f t ware hou se« 
who have been sending us gameSt your co^piration is vtiy 
much appreciated. 

A JNAwiriAld PubKGai^on 


Mountains of 

Producer: Inctntlvt 
Memory required: 4AK 
Retail price: £5.50 
Language: Madiine cQd« 
Aulhor R A McCormack 

Mount Bins ot Ket is the first 
part of the Km Trftogy. Each 
adventure ts complete in 
itself, although one follows 
on from th^ other. The nej^i 
two parts are to be releaaad 

Just t^o weeks ago you 
were framed wiih a murder 
and senlenced to death, but 
pardoned as ion a as you 
undertCK>h a dangeroys mi^ 
s ion. To ensure your loyalty a 
magic assassin bug has 
b#en impianted In your neck 
which wiM kill you at the first 
sign of doing a bunk. It's cali- 
•0 Edgar (or Spectrum to 
you)l Your mission is to 
reach the far side of the 
moufliains alive and lo do 
this you must locate the 
secret entrance at the base 
of the Mountairis of Kel. 
These lie a short horse ride 
east of the small vlltage, 
NaturalJy, lots have gone 
before, but none tiave ever 


'This Is a text adventure^ 
where your constant compa* 
nion, the implanted kilier bug 
Edgar, is none other than 
your favourite Spectrum, So 
all the descriptions come 
couched in terms of ' we^ us'. 
If vou dally too long, Ed^ar 
will get Impatient and tick 
you off. The problems are 
traditional In as much as the 
village and its inhabitants 
can provide you with essen- 
tiat equipments such as 
weapons, food and a horse. 
The initial problems are to 
discover how to gel them to 
pan with all this gear. I 
managed lo buy an dxe from 
a shopkeeper, but when I 
wanted the lamp there was 
no money Jeft, so I tried using 
the aKef Adveriture 
chafaoters seem to have got 
very used to the bloodthirsty 
ways of Spectrum users who 
wander into the«r lives — this 
shopkeeper was more than 
ready lor me! The statistics 
told riTie the sad story — my 
prowess and energy levels 
were ali less than his and 
whereas my luck level was 

TOO A Ne#ili«le[ Publicii^on. 

high his sakj 'fK>l applicable* 
which I thought sounded 
very ominous! He won/ 

'me fexf is a// nicely teid 
out Bnd the program has 
whBt seems to be & 
masor\ai>iy large vocabulary. 
Entries are proceBsad in- 
stantly, so f here's no waiting 
about, tt you get Into a fight 
the statistics appear at ttm 
top tefting you your chanoea 
ot Winning, and the text Is 
very lively in describing the 
blows, ottering you fast op- 
tions an continuing or wnn- 
tng. Otherwise it continues 
round by round until one of 
you runs or snuffs it. t haven 't 
got bH that tar yet, but thaw 
certainly seems to be a targe 
number of locations contatn^ 
ed in the program. A map 
helps. This is certainty one to 
ponder over and come back 
to. tt can be saved fortunate- 
fy so you cen cogitate in bed 
at night. Looks like more 
slBephss nightar 

Play ability 68% 

Getling started 79% 

Addictive qualities 65% 

Va I ye for m o ney 60 % 

Overall 73% 

Robot Riot 

Producer Sllversoft 
Memory required; 4fiK 
Retail price: £5 J5 
Language: Machine code 
Author: Patrick 

Working for the Acme Robot 
Manufacturing Co. is not an 
easy business when the 
robots keep running riot. 
You're tn (he contn:^! room 
one day when you notice the 
robots are out and playing 
dangerously. The only 
answer Is to send out the 

SHwrsott have taken a 
well worn theme, turned it on 
its head, and come out with a 
new type of game. For want 
of a better compaf ison this is 
a t^ackward Pac Man' type 
game. Instead of eating dole, 
here you lay them* 

The screen represents the 
factory corrtdors, a 
reasonably complex maa* 
When the game starts the 
bomber, 'you^ must move 
round the corridors laying 
mines. To complete the 
screen every corridor must 
be laid^ This tempts the king 

Th« FD l>ur'-. „ 

robot oyt of his central lair, 
so that you can get In and 
progress to the next level. 
What you* re up against Is a 
handful of different robots 
tghosts backwards? J which 
start to materia I lie In the 
four comers, until the screen 
Is running with them For- 
tunately there is also a 
power mite, which 
replenishes your rapidly 
fading supply when you run 
over it. As soon as you do. 
another material ises 
somewhere else. Another 
unpleasant probiem is that 
al) round the central 
enclosure the corridors are 
Ciit off by several sliding 
doors which open and close^ 
Not only does this hinder 
your mine^laymg pro^fam, it 
also can get you nastily trap- 
ped tf you're not careful. 


'An original Idea, and a 
good one at that. A bit slow 
at first, but as the game pro- 

Sresses the action gets 
velier^ Quite tensSi when 
having laid the ^ast mine, you 
have only 30 seconds to get 
Into the control room once 
the king robot is out ' 

It's stmitarity to *Pac Man' 
is a bit oft putting at first, but 
t warmed qwte rapidly to fhiS 
game after 10 minutes play 
mg. Although it isn't exactfy 
fast, it turns out to be quite 
demanding on the player. 
Perhaps better suited to 
younger players than 
hardenxl addicts, but ac> 
tuetly quite addictive 
anyway. Nice colours and 
amusingly animated 

A good use of colour and 
nice* smooth graphics oonfv 
bined with the continuous 
sound, make this into a 
good-average game. An ad- 
vance on 'Pac Man\ It is one 
of those maze games that 
will probably appeal to 
many. I didn't find it all that 
addictive, although very 
playable after a few minutes. 
The opening and shutting 
doofs^ adds a touch of drama 
toOp especially as it can put 

you In a tight spot, and 
irustratingly cut you off at 
the last second trom your 
power mite! Not bad at all/ 


Control kiya: very good. ZM 
left right, K/M up/down 
Joystick: Kempston 
Keyboard play: responsive 
Cobur: good 
Graphics: good 
Sou^d: continuous, average 
SkitI levels: 1 
Lives: 3 

Scfieni: miilliple 
Qeiwral ratifig: above 
average, wery good for 
younger players. 

Use of computer 65% 

Graphic! 68% 

Playabillty 75% 

Getting started 78% 

Addictive qyalities 66% 

Value for money 65% 

Overall 70% 

Speed Duel 

Producer: OK Trenics 
Memory required: 4iK 
Retail price: ES.95 
Language: Machine code 
Author: K. Larter 

Speed Duel is OK Trortlci 
contribution to the elusive 
Spectrum version Of the 
famous Pole Position' type 
game, where you roar around 
a race track in pursuit of. or 
pursuend by, other racing cars 
in an attempt to reach the 
fltiish line first. 

This versi^on features sotid 
30 graphics, complete with 
bends, movinp horizon and 
the road seen in perspective. 
Thefe is a choice of live cir- 
cuits to choose Irom and you 
can race against a choice of 
computer cars ranging from 
one to five. 


Overall, the graphics 

aren't bad, i^ith qutte a larae 
car, thoug)! smaller than the 
ones, \n Grana Prix Dtiver or 
Road Racw^ a bright blue 
road witJfi centre Unes, 
clouds In the sky and black 
fnpuntatns In the dlslance. 
The road is in perspective. 
but it doesn't narrow dowrt 
all that much before hitting 
the horizon. There are no 
gears to change, which 
should make the game 
easier to pSay, but \n fact thd 
€ar tends to be very u noon- 
troll abte, wobbliiig from left 
to right mych too quickly/ 

good touch. The arapnics are 
reasonable and tTie 30 works 
at>out as #eli as any other 
spectrum version, but it was 
irritating that you kept 
crashing when your car 
hadn't even toucftod the 
edge of the road sometimes. 
This se^ms to depend on 
your angle to the verge, and I 
presume the program is 
reading character blockSn so 
that sometimes you actually 
have collided when it looks 
as if you havent, A 
reasonabte racing gamep but 
only an average game/ 

5|M*d Dlh>I - fm Ihft cfHIiti^ir lu cvmiral 

The graphtcs are falriy 
$moolh and there's a good 
use ot coiouf too. You must 
complete 3 cifGuits ot the 
track before the computer's 
cars. This is more ditftcutt 
than I first thought because 
berfds coma upon you arjd 
athw no time to think This 
m&fiBS the game rather 
unreal i Stic, On top that of 
you travel at not more than 
50 m.p.h. Of you er}d up in a 
mangled heap ot steet and 
rubber f An important point 
to make is that the ca^BBtte 
mlay says this is a J6K and 
48K game, but on the 
cassette itseff it clearly says 
48K only. Which Is it?' 

There's quite a lot of good 
detail in this version, 
although I still think Road 
Race/ is better. The choice of 
circuits and oponents is a 


Contml keys: CAPS/2 




Joystick: unstated 

Keyboard play; difficult 

Colour good 

Graphics: reasonable 3D 

Sound: average, continuous 

Lives: 5 

Screens: 4 with scrolling 

General rating: average. 

Uwof compirttr 58% 

Graphics 70% 

Playabllity 62% 

Getting started 35% 

Addictive qualities 53% 

Vil ua far m oney 58 % 

Ovdrall 56% 

Freez' Bees 

Pro dye er: Si I verso ft 
Memory required; 48K 
Retail price: E5.95 
Language: Machine code 

ffBBt bees adds another 
i vefsion ot Pengo' or 'Peng/ 

to the SpeclrurT> file. The ob- 
jetrt ot the game is to walk 
youf penguin round ttie ice 
fieldSp bturning away the ice 
blocks to create space, or 
send them shooting o<t to try 
and crush the nasty snow 
b^s who are out to get you. 
Features in this version if\* 
elude the penguin's ability to 
elactrlty the fencap stunning 

Oil* iMnguin dfod m% m dodo in FmH^^Bflttt, 

the bee that touches if for a 
monnent, and the illumina- 
tion of ice blocks containing 
bee eggs at the start of each 
phase. Voy receive extra 
points for Clearing ttiese 
blocks before the eggs hatch 


Tfie Qfaphlcs in Freez' 
t>ees are very nice, quite 
large and very colourttal on a 
white ground. They move 
smoothly as welf, and at a 
fair pace even on the slower 
ot the ten speeds, t quite erv 
joyed playing it and the ganr^e 
itself is vary addictive when 
you get fluent at controlling 
the penguia/ 

'Once a snow bee fs on 
your tail you may as well give 
up as lt*$ hard to get away, 
end extremely difficult to get 
round a btocK turn and fire at 
your tormentor. Apart from 
this aspect, which i thmk 
spoils the game's piayat?iti* 
ty, this type of game is really 
very simple and not worth 
buying This version has 
good sound though. ' 

'This version is frantically 
difficult to play — perhaps 

too hard to keep yotir att«fv 
tion — so it's as well that 
there's a rai^ge of speeds to 
select. The colours and 
graphics are good, so's the 
sound and tunes. M youVe 
looking for a 'Pengo' gamip 
thtfi thfS Is a good and hard 


Cwitral keys: Z/X left/tfght, 
K/M up/down, L= stide or 
I crumble an ice block 
Joystick: Kemps ton 
ICay board play: single hey 
actpon, but fast 
Colour simple but bflght 
Graphics: good 
Sound: very good 
Skill levati: 10 speeds 
Uv«e: 3 

Qenaral rating: reasonable 
implementation of talr 

Usoofcamputer 60% 

Qraphics 57% 

P(ayability 59% 

Getting sladed &3% 

Addictive qualities 63% 

Va I ue for mon ey 57 % 

Overall 61% 


Producer: Rabbit 
Memory required: 16K 
Rdtail price: £5.99 
Language: Machirie code 
Author: J.F, Cain 

M gels awfully lonely sitting 
on your own m a bunker until 
the enemy decides to drop 
Int 'Your bunker' is in Fact a 
field gun which you control, 
sitting in the bottom centre 
of the screen. Al>ove youi in 
the sky. helicopters stream 
by in both directions, spew* 
ing paratroopers out on top 
of you. Their object is to get 
three men sarely on the 
ground, at whicti point they 
stride off and return in a 
large tank against wHich yoy 

am defenceless (and deadt) 
ai>d that's that . Your aim 1$ to 
prevent them from landing 
any men and you score for 
paratroopers destroyed arid 
neN copiers knocked out. 

The game continues on 
after loss of life, resetting 
the acorn to zero, quite 


'Your field gun can b« 
iraversed to cover most of 
the screen, but you must be 
accurate as firing reduces 
your score. The graphics are 
quite good and the game Is 
fun to play ' 

The animation of the gun 
is very good. The sense of 
perspective Is a clever cheat 
since both height and rota- 
tion of the gun are onty done 
With a left and right key, but it 

A N«wifl»l<l Public4lJ{>^ 


m&ans the drawing of fA# 
gun must go thfough whs^ 
looks like $9v@n d$tt&f^fit 
■frames' to e/Mie the itta- 
sion. Th0 details of 
p^fMtroopers and 

helicopters are afBo good, 
with mm^ par^s opening 
their chutes immediat&iy, 
other deteyirtg to the last se- 
cond, and Bome poor dBVtls 
whoBB chutes tail to open 
and get splatted on the 

Sjrour\d. You're dead if thpee 
and successfiftty, or it one 
lands right on top of you^ 
fun, but perhaps not vary ad* 

^This is quit© a neat idea, 
which scores with its fine 
gmphics, but there wasn't 
quite enough depth to the 
idea to keep me enthralled, 
and I thought the sound 
could have been better — no 
gunsnooting noisa tor Iri* 
stance. The user-defined 

heys are a good Ideal 


Contrat keys: user-defined 
for teftiright/lire 
Joystick: Protek, AGF 
Kevtoird play: responsive 
Cotoun reasonable average 
Graptilcs: good, well 
Soynd: befow average 
Skill levels: it s nrtain 
drawback — only 1 
Lives: 1 

General rating: good, but 
not very addictive, 

U se of CO m p titer 70 % 

Graphics 68% 

Playabllity 66% 

Getting started 62% 

Addictive qualities 49% 

Value lor money §5% 

Overall 62% 

Tiw fumt tif th* iwfrt if « Hood aim - Pif«trcioppr$. 


Producer: Imagine 
Msmory required: 46K 
Retail pflce: £5.50 
Language: MachFne code 
Author: John Gibson 

ifi an unusually terse and to 
tl>e point scenario introduc- 
lion. Imagine ifiform you that 
you are poised on the very 
brink of battle — the enemy 
have had their port and HQ 
under siege for weeks, and 
now Is the eve of the battle. 
As commander of your 
forces, you must oul-lhink, 
out-manoeiivre and out-f ighl 
your foe, 

Stonkers is a graphical 
stfategy and tactics garne 
between the player and tt>e 
computef. Unlike many 
popular war games already 
available, in Stonkers you 
are not expected to spend 
ages setting up the scenario, 

102 A Newif;«id FubNoACiOTi 

Stookinpilofigwitli Imcfin*. 

dlslributing weapons and 
moving your forces unit by 
untt. Botti of you and the 
enemy already have tanks, 
artillery and infantry post^ 
tioned round the coun- 
tryside, and the enemy's 
forces are on the move as 
soon as the game com- 
mences !n tact, this turns 
out to be a very fast movfng 
game of an almosi arcade 

The war lone ts large, and 
is shown on screen in two 
ways; a large map which 
shows total pfaytng area — 
two chunks of land, divided 
by a rivsf estuary and con 
nected by a bridge; and a 
large scale map, which 
shows a big close up with 
graphical details of the 
various units. On this map. 
when a unit is being 
deployed, you can see it mov- 
ing, its sp^ depends on the 
terrain which is also shown 
as contours. On the total 
map a cross-hatched cursor 
block, indicating the area of 

the large scale map, can be 
rapidly moved by directional 
keys. Pressing the fire key 
switches maps. On the close 
up map a X cursor is moved 
with directional keys, and if 
positioned directly strove a 
unit, will cause it to start 
moving towards the coast 
when the ft re key is pressed. 
Below the display area» a 
ticker tape keeps you inform- 
ed as to what's going on and 
how you have been Stonklng. 

Keeping up the strengths 
of your forces is done by 
moving supplies from your 
port (when the supply ship 
has docked) to where they 
are needed using your 4 sup- 
ply units. If a unit fails to 
receive supplies in tirrie it 
will be lost for good. 

The game moves at a fast 
pace and holds a number of 
undisclosed surprises. 


'The game is tong and fair- 
fy "deep" due to the task of 
destroying either the 
enemas Port aod HQ or hfs 
forces, and also due to the 
scale of the war. You may be 
needing Infantry down on the 
coast 1ast» but can it be 
spared (or even get there in 
time) from the distar^t 
highlands? Sfonker$ appeal- 
BO to me much more than 
most of the other wargames 

I due to its higher quality of 
graphics, large scale and 
simple controls. Very addic- 
tive — I found myself having 
a bash during any spare 

'The graphics arnt ov&relt 
presentation are exc0ttent. t 
like the ticker tape which of- 

l fers you the setection menu 
for keyboard, joystfcks end 
skiit fevels^ t was surprised 
by the speed at which 
Stonkers moves once alt the 
various units ere being 
deployad. it gats to the point 
whera you Barely have ^ny 
time left to thinK and you're 
punching keys all the while 
There are 2 skill ievels. the 
harder oniy atiows you to sea 
an enemy unit It one of your 
own units is in tfje same 

vicinity, and this certainly 
stretches the tactical 
attlities to the limit. An ex- 

1f only Imagine can get rid 
of the program bug which 
causes it to crash on occa- 
sion, Stonkers is set to be the 
best wargame i\e seen yet. 
tt keeps you on the go con- 
stantly without havrng to 
wail while the enemy "has 
his turn". The simple con- 
trots help a lot, too, In mak^ 
Jng this game very playabtep' 

After ctittddf^ irith hn* 
agtne. we have been Inlorm- 
td that the first two batches 
of tapes they received did 
have a problem which 
causes the program to crash 
inexplicably. Tnis has now 
been corrected. If you have 
en countered this problem. 
yoii may ret urn the cassette 
to Imagine and they will 
rapiaoeTt. Byl anyone buying 
Stonkers now should *n* 
counter no problems. 


Control keys: CAPS, X,V,N 
ieft; 2.C,B.M right; 2nd, 
row - upr 3rd. row = down, 
lop row = fire 
Joystick; Protek. AGF, 
Faller. Sinclair. Kempslon 
Keyboard p^ay: responsive 
and fast 

Colour: very good, lots of It 
Graphics: very good 
Sound: not much, but whal 
is used is high Quality 
Skiir levels: 2 
ScrMns; 2, with smooth 

Qtfierat rating: excellent 
bat tie game which manages 
to be very addictive. 

Us«ot computer 90% 

Graphics 70% 

Playabllity 70% 

Getting started 58% 

Addictive qualities 90% 

Value for m oney 87 % 

Overall ^ 78% 


Producer: SCR 


Memory required: 4flK 

Retaif price: £8.95 

Language: Machine code 

Author Sheppard, 

Cummins & Richardson 

The task In this text -only 
id venture, which fs the first 
of a planned series of 
Artemis Quests", is lo enter 
Castle Blackstar at ihe 
behest of a beaulifutp 
mysterious woman glimpsed 
in a dream. There you must 
recover her power orb from 
the vast underground 
caverns. To achieve mas^- 
imum points all treasures 
found must be cleaned of 
Iheir evii all puzzles solved 
and the orb returned to our 
dear lady, who is, of course, 
r\o less than a Goddess — 
Artemis. She promises to 
cover! ty help you during your 
quest. The maMimum score 
is 240 and, If successful , you 
may keep alMhe loot! 

A note in the accompany- 
ing d-page booklet says thai 
the driver software for CBstle 
Blackstar Is based exten- 
sively on the Ad¥en-80 pro- 
gram developed by Peter 


'As a text-only adventure 
amongst the new wave ot 
graphFc adventures, CasVe 
Black $m manages to hold 
Its own very well. Tfie loca* 
tion descriptions are nice, 
detailed and manage 10 
create atmosphere In simple 
lefms very well. The com- 
puter's repties to ofie'a more 
nonsensical commands 
have a good touch of 
humourp and with fast 
machine code response I hie 
works very entertainingly/ 

f quickly fouoa th^ €a$tte 
Bt ihB beginning ot the qumf, 
but having strayed two 
mov0$ away trom It into th0 
forest f i found the compaSB 
dtractions magicatly fad^d 
and t couldn i get back. 
Twenty steps tater t was still 
itumbting blintify through 
thick forest. 'CUmb free* to 

get a better view oniy elicited 
the respor^se that such a 
dangerous undertaking was 
osefess and f woufdn t find 
ar^yttiing up there any way! 
Starting to think the forest 
was intended as a death 
trap, I suddenly cafn^ upon a 
Gingerbread House in a 
cfesfing — and that was a 
death ftoM — three moves 
later td tmer^ turned into a 
wriggling worm artd ended 
up inside some bird's turn- 
myi Greatr 

'A good text adventure 
beats a mixed graphicsiteKt 
one anyday, and Castt^ 
Bfackstar ranks with Artie's 
best. But SCR had better 
reconsider their pricing — 
E8.96 ts way over the top for 
what they offer. Otherwise a 
great start for a new com- 
pany and I look forward to 
Artemis Quest 2. Exploring 
the Inside of the castle was 
great fun, and ( was impress- 
ed that turning a winch In 
one room actually operated 
something four or five loca- 

tions away without my even 
knowing it until later when 
my apparently meaningless 
activity proved valu ablet 
Bewa/e of the fierce musical 
eagles (neat), and I hope you 
have more luck than me in 
getting a source of light to 
set atiout exploring the dark 
lower regions (sorry. 
Artemis, lei you down there 
. . ;) Great game, pity abou! 
the price/ 


Graphics: les<t only, very 
si mpfe, black tetters on 
white ground, clear and 
easy to read 
General rallng: a good 
adventure, but pricey. 

U se ot CO m py ter 80 % 

Playability 80% 

Getting starttng 69% 

Addictive qualities 83% 

Value for money 45% 



Dodge City 

Producer: Pho«nTit 
Memory requifed: 48 K 
Retail price: 

Language: Machine code 
Auliior; Fraser Orr 

Dodge City comes packaged 
in a large video-style plastic 
box and contains two 
cassettes. The first Is an ac- 
tion game, the second an 
adventure game, each inex- 
tricably tied to the other. The 
object is to master twelve 
skm levels In the action 
cassette, and if you do you 
will be given the running 
coda for the adventure 
cassette. Without this secret 
code you will be unable to 

play the adventure. At the 
end of each skill level you 
will be given a clue, and all 
the clues are vital to solving 
the adventure. 

The action tape shows you 
a Western desert plain with 
mountains in the 
background, and you' are a 
Pony Express rider. The aim 
Is to collect four mall bags 
while avoiding the baddies 
on black horses chasing you. 
They shoot at yotii and you 
can shoot back. If you hit 
one, he falls off his horse amj 
dies, only to replaced a se- 
cond later by another. The 
other problem takes the form 
of cactus plants — running 
into one results in a prickly 
end. On the first screen you 
find yourself chased by one 
baddy at a time, but on suc- 
ceeding screens there are 

A Millmwi'i gotti dQ whit a male miiii'i notu do. 

more baddies to contend 
with. These may be rotten 
cowtxiys, bandits, Mexicans 
or Indians and mfxtures of 

You lose a life if hit by a 
baddy, if you run into a cac- 
tus or if you fall lo collect 
(our consecutive mail bags. 
Between each skill level the 
picture cuts to the office, 
where a message has arrived 
for you — a c^ue to col tect for 
the adventure. 

When the adventure is 
loaded, you are asked for the 
code, If you get It wrong the 
program NEWs itself. The 
scenarto for the adventure is 
that you must prove your In- 
nocence In the murder of 
Dodg& City's deputy sheriff, 
who has been found dead in 
your hotel room with a pearl 
handle gun, presumed to 
have kilted him, lying at your 
feet. Now. read on. . . 


"The graphics of the 
horses are very good, 
smooth and quite reaitstic, 
and those of the adventure 
are all quite detailed, taking 
y p the top thi rd of the disptay 
area, in the action sequence, 
tlie pursuers fire very quick- 
ly, eometimes when they're 
not even on the screen. I 
thought the adventure waA 
quste a pood one. but it takes 
a long time to get into as yoii 
must master 12 skill ievels In 
the arcade tape. This Is a 
daunting task, (t only manag- 
ed five, but the producers 
were thouQhifui enough to 
provide me with the secret 
code so I could get to see \fm 
adventure. Frustrated adveo- 
turers should send a 
stamped addressed 
envelope and fifty pounds 
to.,.) Seriously though, I 
think there is a danger of 
becoming bored with the ar- 
cade game before you 
manage 1 2 levels. If yon want 
an adventure buy one, If you 
want arcade, buy It. The idea 
of Dodge Ctty is debatable 
because unless you manage 
the first you cannot see the 
second, and I wonder how 
many adventure fans wilt 
want to wade through hours 
on an arcade game. Never- 
theless, both games are 
above average In quality.' 

*Both games have a nice 
wnse of humtour — the title 
pagB to the advanture is very 
good, and so iS the first loca^ 
lion which tells you 'Dodge 
City wetcumes carewi 
drQmrs\ A warning whm 
entmmg the secret coda — 



the charactBr^ &nt€md don t 
appear written on the screen^ 
onty dashes eppem, which 
may confuse you into an er- 
ror The idea is a good one, 
Btthough it probabty won't 
appeefto sBfious adventure 
tans because of the arc&de 
gan^e coming fitstr and it is 
difficult to get through the 
BdventurB without tho&e ¥ttal 

'The action and adventure 
graphics are pretly goodt but 
therms noi much sound The 
worst (hing is the poor In 
St ructions which don' I tell 
you Ih^ DonUol keys, which 
are numerous in option and 
very badly laid out/ 


Control htys: porfy 
po6lttoned:t0lt = 
mfSNlSISYM SHIFT, right = 
down= 3/eD/X/l/K/M, up = 
4/R/F/C/N/J/U,flfe = 
Joystick: Kampston 
Keyboard play: responsive, 
although confuting vvilh the 

Colour: good 
Graphics: good 
Sound: fair, none on 
adventure tape 
Skill levels: 12 es&entlal 24 
tn all (arcade tape) 
Uves: 5 (arcade tape} 
General rating: above 

Um olcofTipuler 45% 

Graphics 70% 

Playability 85% 

Getting started 40% 

Addictive qualities 57% 

Value for money 64% 

Overall 57% 


Producer: Incentive 
Memory required: 4flK 
Retail price: £5.50 
Language: Machine code 
Author: RMH Carttf 

When George Orwell finish- 
ed his famous riovel Bbou\ 
the future in 1948 It seemed 
logical to reverse the last two 
figures and cai I il l984.Sfnce 
then the date has had a ser^i- 
magical connotation, WetL 
now it is 1084, and 10 mark 
the oQcaslon, Incentive (who 
brought you Spiat) have 
released this governmental 
strategy game — a game of 

104 A Ntwilktid Pul^ii&iiion 

economic survival 

The object is to prove that 
yoy can do better than oyr 
existing poiitidans. You, of 
course, are to be Prime 
Minister, Can you ride out 
three terms in power and sur^ 
Vive two General Elections? 
At the start you inherit cer 
tain figures under the 
headings Sources d1 
Revenue in millions of 
pounds, and Details of Spen- 
ding, also in millions. These 
include (Revenue) Corpora- 
tion taXp Val ue Added Tax, In- 
come tax, Customs & Excise, 
and Loans: (Spending) 
Govern men! contracts. 
Grams to industry. Public 
Sector spendmg. Govt, 
Department wages. Pen- 
a Ions, Unemployment 
Benefit. Child Allowance, 
Foreign Aid, and interest on 

This ^reef> ^s followed by 
tUiajor Indlcaton, a chart of 8 
items which chart your pro- 
gress, and which can be call- 
ed up ai any time to see how 
you are doing. This is follow- 
ed by details on the 
Minimum L^endlng Rate, set 
at a given figure, btJt which 
you must adjust to suit you 
requirements^ There is a bai 
code chart which indicates 
how well the economy is 
balanced between Govern- 
ment. industry. Popufatlon, 
Banks and the World. If any 
one of these sectors gets 
dangerously out of balance, 
you may be forced to reslpn 
— a ftagging Industry, for m- 
stance, may be given a boost 
by an increase In the Grant to 

The game also incoi ^ 
pG rates the major nightmare 
of any modern governmenl, 
the wages cfaims. You have 
to deal with those in ttre 
Public and Private sectors as 
well as Civil Servants. You 
must decide on the levet of 
Government Investment in 
banks, balance the effects of 
raising money through in- 
dustrial levies, keep an eye 
on the funding of your own 
government departments, 
sort out the budget for each 
year^ organise the 1 eve is of 
toreign aid, subsidise in- 
dusfry through grants, and 
finally, attend Cabinet 
Meetings on a wide variety of 

The game is accompanied 
by a detailed 13 page leaflet 
called A Pocket Guide To 
Running Britain, which b^- 

plains the various functions 
of the game and the 
economy generally. 


After an ominous titfe 
screen of the Houses of 
Parliament, the nightmare 
begins! The game proceeds 
alonp very sensible tines, in- 
forming of the next problem 
to be faced, and offering 
some prompts for beginners. 
I was doing really weH, I 
thought, as I added nominal 
amounts to my departments 
(Health. Education, Housing. 
Defence etc.) but then a 
notice informed me that 
runaway government spen* 
ding had brought me down! 
Well of course^ I'm honest — 
politicians are. 


Colour and graphics; ail 

very clear, with weH used 


Sound: useful emry beeps 

and the sound of Big Ben 


Skill levels: 1 — and that's 


Qemral rating: an excellent 

strategy game with tons of 


Us© of computer 75% 

Graphics ^% 

Playability 85% 

Getting started 79% 

Addictive qualities 63% 

Value lor money 85% 

Overall 76% 


Producer: Mioromftga 
Memory requFred: 1SK 
Retail price: E6.9S 
Language: Machine code 

Author: Derek Brewster 

You are test -flying a new 
Starfighter in what was sup 
posed to be amply space, 
when you are suddenly 
jumped by an Imperial Strike 
Force which has Jumped 
from hyperspace. Tough 
luck. You can t outrun them, 
so you'll just have to fight it 
out alone. The enemy 
Mothership is protected by 
four waves of fighters. The 
object of the game is to 
destroy each wave in turn 
and fight your way through to 
the Mothership and then 
place a laser bolt in 

whictiever of her two power 
cores is active. Added dif- 
flciiities oome in the form of 
meteor showers. 


This game has been taken 
fight from the arcades. 1 
can't remember the arcade 
version name, but it's l>een 
around a fair time now. The 
graphics are smoothly mov- 
ing and quite detailed 
characters. A problem you 
must watch out for is the am* 
mo supply whioh runs down, 
forcing you to be accurate. A 
good, piayabfe game, but it 
might lose its qualities after 
a Wt/ 

ft ioof(s deceptively s/m^ 
pte at first. The waves of at- 
tachers don J seem to mow 
eH that fast, as thay jig tfmir 
way down, but their ooncen- 
tra ted tire power homes in on 
your position, $0 you can't 
stay stm for a moment, and 
it's easy to get trapped bet- 
ween tighter fire and the 
fiamfng meteors that a! so 
descend thici^iy from above. 
Reasonabty addictive to 

'Slarciash Is a shoot em 
up Invader' type in which 
each attack wave is more dif- 
ficult to destroy ttian the 
last. It's not easy to get 
through to the Mothership at 
atl. I would say this is weM 
above the usual galaxian^in- 
vader game standard, 
almost a scaled down ver- 
sion of the arcade original 
Altair Quite good/ 


simple, well 
placed — Z/X lert/riohl, 
SPACE - fire 
Joystick: Kempston 
Kevtraard play: responsive 
Coloiin average to good 
Graphics: good 
Sound; conlinuoiis, fairly 

Skill level a: each wave 
Lives: 3 

Screens: 4 waves plus 
Qefierai rating: above 
average type good shoot em 

U se of computflf 72 % 

Qrapttlcs 69% 

Piayabllity 65% 

Getting started 72% 

Addictive qualities 63% 

Va I ue for men ey 70% 

Overall 69% 



— •^H 



5 Sif "nionias Stnsrt 
Lmrpaol ^Vfxy^de LI 6BW 
Deeier Enqina CorlBct 
OM Stetos w 051-236 8100 (20 ttvs) 



mR, PlLi£N LIFE 

106 h N«wttiii<i PubiicAiion 



W^ftamAmsm Horii <rf i gran mkmmn U'jfMoikS^tmu 
« M kv iliript fiffiw DHL IM Crttt' ttrMp 

iiBim 1Q the iwijita n dii l^t Kims Mtfi«d tte III 

\MlTNTH6/y^^ WiTHMft \NTHE 



eflmBl-^N&, B£^N PlRVING THtS 




^Ll RRE 

FROM fi 

QOS&F P ^f1Nt>R£LI. iS 




A MtwfMd Pu&iiCAliOfi 107 


108 A N«WflfiV^^ Put^^icillDfi 






More thrills and gruesome 
spills next month! 

A NflwMfi f^bOutior^ 109 

This is Winged Wariords' a brand new 

Arcade Adventure game from CDS. 

^ Just one of a new range of exciting 

new ^ 


ONLY £5*95 each at W.H.Smrths. JohnMeniies 
'Boots, and other leading Computef Stores, or... 

Available direct from CDS Mkro Systems 
Send Cheque or RO. To COS Dept.YCl 
lO.Westfleld CloseJickhilLDoncaster 

• SdKt«dtifi««onJy DNll 9LA. Tel; {0302)744129. 




Spectrum Adventure 


Take SI g?3mt step cltwer to rraJity with 
Newr' CientTatkm ?>()lm^arc. The ^O 
fimphics cif Ncv^" (jcncraticin [irisi^ntfTi^ 
t>ring the stTe en aJive and ni^ikt > uihet 
pniL-^ kM)k ds fbi as snakes ,md laddiTs. 

!^pectruim <m-nef!i will find tluLt ssedng 
i^ helievtnR when ^hcy tipen the door on 
iHt (;nRKilK>RLsuF Gfn(i\'. the btesi 
cft-aiion from New CieneratkMi, You wiU 
bt^ ^Having the I ni verse fr^jm ihr e% il that 
iKiw c'ontroLs all tiiin;;^. Bui beware - the 
MMind erf fi:j<>lMep*i approaching could be 

Ci*mduf^ i if f irfhwi fi M- IHK SpecfTum i5. W 

/J is a suiMrrhpffigrum. ami a uvlf 
€vm:ruv^ pii^ Briiikint'' ViAiuefor 
trnme^- l«f/t. Ht^mtr Compiiiing W^tkfy 

*D TUnmH i^x 1 6K, 48K Spct.i:nim A5.*5 

Hurtle into a %^id leading a inul for 
yuut unseen pursuers in 'KNOT IN 3D: 
W'ea\ c your s^-3.^ thrtmgh up to five trjuk 
but be tzareful, you could g^t knotied! t)r 
travel thniugfi ihc^ depdisof a moving 
tunnel 111 II of hats, ms. spiden* and itsads in 
■3D n XNTi-, with a speciaJ sutpriM; in the 
-18 K ver^on. 

Stain inab the \itaJ ingredient of 
'Es(:\PE\ as youll be venturing into the 
fllaize pursued by walking and Hying 

ZXSI owneo must be prepared foe the 

Fjicapr i JT KjiK Spectrum JM ,^ 

4}tu* itfitt ttit 4trui fim^t fxifsituii games 

u r *wi V Jivvf Jlir iJbv SfHtman ' Mmiair t Mrr 

30 Mimaer Majic ^ r6K yiXJ4 i Mm 

Hrifiumi HnlHuNt Hnflumt . / 

PofmhiT ( .t imfmtm^ W ti-*/r 

5D r>L-fcmkr i >f K>K /„\H I Jt^.9^ 

shock of coming face to &re with the 
T Rex iliat leaps out from "iD Mdnstth 
Ma/i:\ "30 Dkhmt* R^ takes you out erf this 
world and plungers you mto sp^e in a fa!^ 
moling game to defend your he jme planet 
against aiicn spaeecraft in a hlnv. c#f 
explcK^tion^, plasma blas^ and photon 

Alt tliese exciting 3Dg?tfnt-s tuau- iHxrn 
desigried b>' Malcolni Evan^^^ the 5l> 
expert, The>1l have you leaping out of 
your seat because you don't jU2^ pta^' New^ 
Generation g^nie^ you Irre them. 

ProdiKb jiV^AbLe fnun 
IV H Smith, ikiot^. 

t^i ^ P I ^ /*! it*! ft I GnJ"p. Kl^tV', And 


*Pi M 





Anmn HinMmmn 

dtfondma fito hh^ Fmnt off 

49K SPECmifU 

Aimor Owfd Sham 

mmmsfisplmttm (ft Rsymonti 
mig^ amaiiF^Mucce^iiM 








imcm ftm brntMii l^rim» 


Mnnidst moewfXfu& fr) 
ghMtfygho9t§, bats 








lO Soar*. Wlit^Kmmt>orftBA2i rpv 

Mm, Hmmfajm, -Mm itfwte. €^m^m» fty All mn6 mil i 
9p0CfMiimf »m|»r|»r #ftic*:l*r*.